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Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates

Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates

July 17th my vet called me about a wolfdog which needed around the clock care. It seems his owner did not feed him properly and his bones were very weak. He stood up and broke all four of his legs. He'd just had surgery to pin one leg and could not walk. I agreed to care for him. He was born 5/7/10 and was 11 weeks old and weighed 17 lbs. Mary Cummins

He was not allowed to stand so he was confined to a crate. I had to move him every two hours, carry him out to pee and poo, hand feed, water and clean. I could not let his feet touch the ground as he couldn't put any weight on his legs. I'd let him lie on his side or back on the couch to exercise him. Mary Cummins

His owner had been feeding him milk, eggs and meat. As the puppy was under weight he also was not being fed enough food. The vet put him on a new diet of Innova XL puppy food soaked in water, puppy vitamins, vitamin C and Calcium powders and raw chicken necks. He loved his new diet and very quickly put on weight. Mary Cummins

Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates
After two weeks he was xrayed again. His bones showed marked improvement. The bone density increased and the breaks were healing. His baby teeth were still see through and pink. His baby teeth were breaking because they were so thin because of lack of calcium. I only allowed him to have soft bowls and toys for this reason. Mary Cummins

After a few more weeks I slowly let him put a tiny bit of weight on his legs. Then I'd let him stand but only on the couch. Slowly I let him stand more, then he started to walk. After a month he was free to walk about the living room. During this time he became friends with the cats and Lyle the bunny. The cats slept next to his crate, so did Lyle. Here is a video showing him running and jumping September 7. Sirhan video

Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates
September 25th we took Sirhan back for another xray. By now he was running and jumping around the house. His coat was finally full and plush. His adult teeth started to grow in and they were solid and very white. His xray showed that he was perfectly healthy and did not need any more surgery. We were all thrilled. He now weighed 42 lbs. Mary Cummins

Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates
We contacted the owner who wanted us to ship him over seas to where he was currently living. We got him ready then the owner started stalling. October 5 he told us he didn't want him any more. We would have to find him a new home. October 6 I emailed a few wolf and wolfdog rescuers to see if they knew anyone who would want him. Mary Cummins

I emailed Mike Lehane of Wolfdog Rescue Resources. He put me in touch with a woman who rescues wolfdogs and knew me and my vet. Turns out we'd known her for years but didn't know she and her husband rescue wolfdogs. As luck would have it her husband was driving near my house that same day. Mary Cummins

He came and met Sirhan. I have never seen Sirhan happier! Sirhan was jumping for joy and dancing around him, rolling on his back, showing his tummy, playing with toys and his hat. He agreed to take him. I gave him one last kiss and hug. Then we put him in his crate and loaded him into his SUV with his box of food, toys and nutritional supplements. He already had a few wolfdogs sitting in the back seat. Mary Cummins

I waved a quick goodbye with some happy tears in my eyes. Sirhan has the best home ever! He will live in their house but also have access to their HUGE enclosures with others just like him. He's only an hour away and they told me we can visit him. Sirhan is one lucky wolf. Things could not have worked out better. I will still miss his howling whenever he heard a police siren. Mary Cummins

*All videos and photos are copyrighted. Do not use for your own use without permission.

**Sam Blake, Samuel Blake of Never Cry Wolf Rescue had nothing to do with Sirhan. He stole my photos of Sirhan as a puppy, put his domain name on them, told people Sirhan the puppy needed medical care and they should donate money to Sam. Sirhan is healthy and doesn't need medical care. I cared for Sirhan at my own expense and I'm a non-profit. If he wanted Sirhan to get the funds, he should have told people to donate to me but he didn't. He also offered up Sirhan for adoption with an adoption fee again showing his puppy photos even though he was much older. Sam never had and never would have Sirhan. I asked Sam to remove my photos and his fraudulent story. He refused. Facebook took my photos off of his page along with his fraudulent story. I also asked him to return the money to people. Again, he refused stating because he's a 501 3c, he has the right to solicit donations any way he likes. He does not have the right to defraud people. I've since reported him. Do not give money to Sam for Sirhan. Sirhan is in a good home now and is healthy.

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