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Edward Katz Hair Design - Mary Cummins v Edward Katz. I sued Edward Katz and won. Edward N Katz went bankrupt

Edward Katz, Edward Norman Katz, Edward N Katz, Edward Katz International Hair Design. I am making this post because someone posted that I sued Edward Katz and lost. I sued Edward Katz and won. He ended up paying me a lot of money and going bankrupt. 

Edward Katz, Edward Norman Katz is a public person. He thrust himself into a public controversy. Edward Katz is mentioned in newspaper and magazine articles. I am posting about issues of public concern. Everything that I am posting is 100% the truth backed by his bankruptcy documents, corporation status (suspended), legal filings, photos, letters... I am also posting my personal opinions and beliefs about Edward Katz of Edward Katz International Hair Design. If you see an error here, email me with proof and I will edit or delete it. 

UPDATED: Ed contacted me begging me to call him. I refused. Then he emailed me and said this page is hurting his reputation. No, he hurt his reputation by committing bankruptcy fraud, ripping off clients and trying to rip me off to my face. Now he is defaming and cyberstalking me online. I think he is upset because this post shows he lied to his wife. I think his wife is also upset that I posted her bday because she lies about her age. Edward Katz and his wife Ann Marie Katz have liked ONLY plastic surgeons pages and their own hairpiece pages. They overly photoshop all their photos. Their bios are crazy fake over the top. Who would do that?

UPDATED: I updated this few months back by reposting with added info. You can see the original post August 2011.

Edward Katz has defamed me to others. He also tried to rip me off and not pay back the money he owed me. I had to get a lawyer to sue Edward Katz and finally got the money he owed me. I post my lawsuit against him down below.

I was doing well in real estate in the 1980's. Edward Katz in Los Angeles, California asked for a loan because he wasn't doing that well. I was doing private real estate loans. He told me he used to sell insurance, actually tax deferred annuity funds. They were basically investments. I know because I took my first big commission checks and bought two though not from him. 

He said after a few years the insurance commissioner made these investments illegal for insurance agents to sell because people were being ripped off. These are investments and not insurance. He'd spent all of his savings and wanted to start a new business. I was suspect of him starting a new business but he had equity in his house so I loaned Edward Katz $40,000 which became $80,000 in 1985 against his home at 544 N. Huntley, Los Angeles, CA 90048. 

Immediately he had problems paying me. I then took a look at his business and he had no idea what he was doing. He also got in a fight with his brother Ronald L Katz who lived at 11211 Sunshine Terrace who was his business partner. He would be penniless in two months if I didn't step in. He offered me money to help. I basically took over running the company 1985 to 1988. 

Edward Katz did not invent this product. He was a client of Don Jeffries who made the product. The product is just a lace front hair piece identical to the ones used in movies. Ziggy made the same pieces. The base is just a little thicker and stronger so it'll last more than one day. Don Jeffries just decided to attach it with silicone that you buy in a hardware store so it'd stay on longer. In the movies they use a temporary glue and only use the piece for a few days. Edward Katz stole the product and method from Don Jeffries. He also stole his main employee a woman from Columbia who ran the factory Melida and a hair stylist who became the girlfriend of his brother Ron named Denise. In the beginning in December 1985 there were just Ed, Ron, Denise, Melida, Evers and me. The old factory was at 1010 Victory Place in Burbank. Bruce Bellin was our landlord. Edward Katz stiffed him in the bankruptcy filing. 1986 we hired six more people including Amira, Charlene and Katalin in the salon, Patricia, Zoila, Norma in the factory.

Later on Melida ripped us off so I guess it's even. She was making Don Jeffries' and other's pieces in our factory with our supplies. I went there on a weekend to get something and saw Tony Curtis' hair in a package with his name on it. He wasn't a client of ours. Then I looked around and found William Shatner's hair. He also wasn't a client at the time. I could tell a ton of stories about how horrible and cheap William Shatner is but another time. Leave it to say William Shatner is a horrible person who treated his wife and others terribly. This is the wife that was ultimately found dead in their pool.

Edward Katz's expenses were way too high. I probably cut his expenses in half within a few months. His product was low quality. He was using industrial Dow Corning silicone 732, 734 that you buy at Home Depot. It was illegal to put on people's skin. It actually burned their skin and the fumes were toxic. One is self-leveling, the other is not.

Edward Katz Hair Design "secret" adhesive - silicone form the hardware store

Edward Katz Hair Design "secret" adhesive - silicone from the hardware store

Don Jeffries also used regular silicone. This was the "secret adhesive" which Edward Katz claimed to have invented. He'd have it shipped to his house then scrape the labels off the tubes so people wouldn't know what it was for fear they'd "steal his idea." A few guys recognized the smell and said "is that silicone?" Edward Katz said "no, this is my own formula which I invented myself!" Tell that to Mr. Dow. I instantly switched to medical grade silicone. His base material was inferior, shiny and shredded. I found a better material. His ventilation method made the hair look like doll hair in rows. I found a better method that produced natural looking results. I also had the people in the factory change the pattern.

Here's another inside tip. The solvent used to remove the silicone is xylene. Extremely toxic, horrible smelling, will make you sick. Even with gas masks on it was lethal stuff. I cleaned a few units and was sick for the entire day. The silicone and xylene are very toxic. The other "adhesive" he sells in the shop is regular hair piece glue. It's not the silicone.

Edward Katz's method for taking heads molds was the worst you could possibly imagine. He would put cellophane on their head, put clear tape over that to try to give it shape then draw the hairline with a water proof marker. Then he'd build up a styrofoam head with masking take to try to make it fit the cellophane. I changed from silly tape on Styrofoam wig heads to plaster casts with foam forms that perfectly matched their heads. I still have my two inch notebook on all the research I did into improving the product with photos. Most of the things I did were ideas borrowed from other good companies which I researched then I'd make adjustments to improve on them.

FTR Edward Katz did not do anything himself. He tried to take a head mold once and it was a disaster even though it's an easy process. He never cut hair, never ventilated and never once put a strand of hair in a piece. He only did consultations though he'd stand next to me when I was working on some clients.

He was using synthetic hair back then, still is today. Problem with the hair is you had to bake the curl in a very special super hot oven. If it got hot and wet, it would become stick straight again. That's why Edward Katz keeps them short which I feel looks shitty. I remember once when the employees at the factory in Burbank on Victory Blvd reheated their pizza in the hair oven. The next batch of hair they baked on metal rods to put in the wave all smelled like pizza permanently. I obviously told them never to use that oven and got them a microwave.

Synthetic hair has a few problems. If you rub it, it gets super frizzed out in a totally unnatural way. If it gets hot and wet, it becomes stick straight. When I first took over this was unacceptable. Who would want to buy this product if it gets frizzed out or stick straight permanently. I did some research into other companies and found a way to get rid of the frizz and put the curl back on or off the head with a steamer. You obviously had to be careful if you did this on the head. Another problem with the synthetic hair is that light colors fade to an unnatural dull light auburn. That was permanent. We couldn't put the color back. We'd have to ventilate in more hair to try to hide it. I suggested using human hair for lighter colors. I don't know if the factory that makes the hair fixed these problems. I can only hope so.

Back to the business and legal issues. Edward Katz was addicted to Crown Royal scotch and valium. He once had a panic attack, stormed into a pharmacy and physically demanded valium. He called me from the pharmacy. The pharmacist gave him some valium. It was that bad. He was seeing a psychiatrist whom I think gave him the valium. He did not do the actual design, fabrication or cut-in. He only gave consultations. His bio in his website makes it sound like he did everything when he most certainly did not. I had to teach him how to pump his own gas. He did not know how to pump gas and he was 35 years old. His mother spoiled him and did everything for him.

We started making a lot of money and he got lazy and stopped showing up for work. Instead he'd go to Las Vegas and gamble. Other times he'd be at Hollywood Park gambling. He and his brother used to go to Hollywood Park a lot besides play tennis.

We were doing ads to get more business. In the beginning he did LA Times ads but they barely brought us any business and cost a lot. I did a test of magazine ads keeping track of every call. We stopped LA Times ads and only did LA Magazine ads because the return on investment was 100x better. I brought the ad company in house and did it myself to save the 15%.

In the very beginning we were new and no one would write editorials about us. I had to force Los Angeles Magazine to do an editorial on us. We were buying monthly ads from them. They agreed. I probably forced the first few articles then everyone wanted to write about us.

I also did the PR myself after these two nitwits who worked in the building gave us a ridiculous PR proposal. They wanted $2,500/mo to do PR. I asked them to write a sample press release after telling them everything about the business. They wrote a PR saying the product was "water soluable" instead of "water permeable." They got so many things wrong that I told them to leave. I did the PR myself getting us in Playboy, on TV, magazines and in books including one by a dermatologist to the stars. The news contacted us anytime they did an article on hair loss.

We were approached to do TV commercials on cable. The sales woman convinced Edward Katz to do the ads himself. They do this to sell ads because supposedly people like seeing themselves on TV. I told her it's not a good idea because he's addicted to valium and slurs his speech. He also has a problem speaking. She didn't listen to me. They tried to tape him doing the ad for two hours! He couldn't say more than three words in a row without fumbling. He refused to stop trying. Finally they left the room. 

We got someone else to do the ad with before and after. Phone rang off the hook. We also advertised in Beverly Hills 90210 with the most obnoxious ads you've ever seen. The ad said "if you can afford a Mercedes, Rolex, then you can afford..." There was a photo of him posing with his hand to his cheek showing off his Rolex. The Rolex was FAKE! It wasn't just a fake Rolex but it was a cheap fake Rolex. On that note so are his teeth. A client said his teeth and nose looked crappy so he had a nose job and put veneers on his front 16 teeth. His teeth were brown from constant coffee and cigarettes. They were also really short because he would grind his teeth. After he had the nose job I set up a referral system with plastic surgeons who did hair replacement. I told them I'd refer surgical candidates to them if they referred non-surgical candidates to us. Worked out well.

I would write articles and press releases. Edward Katz said he had to take credit because he was "Edward Katz." I said okay. Edward Katz was asked to write an article for the "Hair Loss Journal" American Hair Loss Council Newsletter in 1987. I wrote the article and Edward Katz signed it as the author. We were invited to the hair loss conference held in Century City because of the article I wrote. They asked him to speak. I told them it's not a good idea because he's not a good speaker. They did not listen. I have a copy of the newsletter with my article in it. Just posted it below.

Edward Katz got nervous and got loaded on valium. He got up there and slurred his speech for 30 minutes until they had to physically remove him from the stage. They asked him to leave twice but he refused. They had to grab him by the shoulders and shove him off the stage. He talked about "we should call it a unit and not a hair piece or toupee"... for thirty minutes! I was so embarrassed that I had to leave the room after ten minutes. They never asked us back again. Below is the cover of the newsletter announcing the symposium. Everyone else was professional and a good speaker.
Edward Katz, Edward N Katz, Edward Norman Katz, Edward Katz International Hair Design, symposium 1987 flop

We then had more business than we could handle. All of this success went to Edward Katz's head. He stopped showing up for work save for raiding the kitty. Many clients paid cash. He also stole directly from the accounts. He would double and triple bill Burt Reynolds. I told him he can't do that. It's illegal and wrong. He also ran up huge gambling and credit card debts. He was gambling away money in Las Vegas. I finally had to sue him because he was commingling, double billing clients and stealing which is illegal. I can't be involved in that. Below is a summary of my lawsuit. I'll post the entire thing later.
Mary Cummins sues Edward Katz, Edward N Katz, Edward Norman Katz of Edward Katz International Hair Design
He locked me out of the building. Fortunately I'd taken detailed photos of everything and copied all the books. The employees also let me back in. I could have legally gone back but I would not be a part of the business if he was going to break the law and steal. I just wanted the money he owed me. I went back to real estate where I made even more money. 

After I left the business instantly started failing. I ran the business, was the secretary, cut hair, prepared hair, designed units, oversaw the factory, did PR, advertising.... He stole all the money and payroll checks bounced. He asked me to come back and help him. I was making more money and said no way. He told me he was going to go to Las Vegas and gamble to make back the money he lost gambling. I said "whatever." Of course he lost more money.

He tried to get out of paying me, credit cards and Las Vegas gambling losses by going bankrupt. He said to my face while smiling "I will never pay you back the money I owe you!" Well, he did, and then some. I knew he was committing bankruptcy fraud and had the proof. In bankruptcy docs he said he had no inventory. He said he closed down the business, sold all the assets, the business no longer existed. He filed for Chapter 7 which is liquidation, dissolution of business. All he did was move a half a block away. He took all the inventory, clients, accounts....with him. He did not liquidate or dissolve. The name and phone number was the same. He moved from 3575 Cahuenga to 3535 Cahuenga. The business at the end of the hall had been begging to buy our lease for a big profit because they needed the room. I bet Edward Katz sold it to them and kept the profit. I threatened to turn Edward Katz in for bankruptcy fraud if he didn't pay me. He paid me. I still had a deed on his house. When he refinanced couple of years later he paid me even more money. I made out very well.

UPDATE: I will post about how things worked at Edward Katz Hair Design when I was there. Each client had to buy two units generally. They ran from $1,800 to $3,500 depending upon size. We had to pay by the square inch for people to put the strands of hair in the piece 1-2 strands at a time. One unit would be worn while the other was in the factory being cleaned. They would add new hairs as needed.When you clean the unit with xylene and a brush to remove the silicone it also pulls out some of the hair. This must be replaced. Back then we charged $35 for cleaning and reapplication with a haircut and shampoo. Sometimes when Ed was being really nasty he'd intentionally pull the hair out of some guy's units so they had to pay for repairs. After I left I was told he just padded the bill saying there was repair when there wasn't. Very unethical.

I personally would not recommend Edward Katz's product/service for a few reasons.

One, Edward Katz is unethical. He used to pad some client's bills especially celebrities or wealthy people. It's also expensive. I'm sure there are others out there making a similar quality product for less.

Two, this product is delicate. The mesh frays easily because there is no real base under the mesh. When you use xylene and a brush to remove the silicone it pulls the hair out. This has to be replaced which costs money.

Three, synthetic hair is not that great. It gets frizzy or instantly becomes stick straight when introduced to warm water, sweat. Some lighter colors fade to a very unattractive color. If I were to have a piece, I'd go with real hair. If you use this piece with only tape and remove for sleep, showering, jacuzzi, it wouldn't be as bad. I don't know if the synthetic hair has improved or not.

Four, the silicone is not legal to use on skin. It's very caustic. People's skin would burn. Also, when it lifts it turns white. You can see the white through the base. This is even worse with people with dark skin. I actually found, invented a new adhesive which is legal on skin and doesn't turn white when it lifts.

If you are thinking of getting a piece, here is some advice. The most important thing is design and color so it will look natural. You want the right density, hairline, color that matches your age, head, face and existing hair if you have any. I may write an article on proper design and color later. If the piece is too thick, hairline too low, it's only one color that is too dark for your age, it will look unnatural and that's the main thing you do not want. Remember, people only notice the bad ones. You don't notice the good ones. William Shatner looks like shit. It is soooooo obvious.

You also must cut in the piece properly. If you are blending with existing hair in the back or sides, you have to feather it in a little. You don't want a line of demarkation. You don't want the hair on the edges to all be the same length. Remember you hair will grow. The piece will not. You need hair of various lengths on the edges to properly blend in between hair cuts.

Here I am at Burt Reynold's Jupiter Theater in Florida. He invited me there to do his hair which I did. I did his hair for a few years. In fact I did most of the clients' hair myself for a while. I have many more photos.

Edward Katz, Edward N Katz, Edward Norman Katz, Hair Design,  back room

Edward Katz, Edward N Katz, Edward Norman Katz, Hair Design, office

Edward Katz, Edward N Katz, Edward Norman Katz, back room

Edward Katz, Edward N Katz, Edward Norman Katz, office. Some of those autographs Edward Katz forged. He forged Cybille Shepherd's autograph. A client said "doesn't she have an 'e' on the end of her name?" As soon as the client left Ed took the photo off the wall and fixed it. 

Edward Katz, Edward N Katz, Edward Norman Katz, lobby. I would post our articles on the walls
Edward Katz, Edward N Katz, Edward Katz International Hair Design, Burbank Factory

Edward Katz International Hair Design, Edward Katz, front door

Edward Katz International Hair Design, Edward Katz, entrance. Ventilator dropping off a head to pick up a check.

Edward Katz International Hair Design, Edward Katz, office, forged autographs

Edward Katz International Hair Design, Edward Katz, phallic shampoo bottles

Edward Katz, Edward N Katz, Edward Norman Katz, Hair Design and Mary Cummins
Burt Reynolds head, toupee, hair piece, Mary Cummins. I found Burt's head mold which I took. This was just the first layer of design. You see direction of hair and density. I hadn't written highlights, gray...anything else yet.

Burt Reynolds autographed photo. I didn't ask for this. He gave it to me as a gift when I went to his house to do his hair. Turns out an old lady signed these things for him because she had nice writing. Mary Cummins, real estate.

Burt Reynolds autographed photo. Mary Cummins

When I left he immediately went to Florida to meet with Burt Reynolds our client to beg for money. He met a hair stylist there. They ended up getting married 25 Nov 1992 in Nevada, Ann Marie MacDonald. It says "religious celebrant" but he's Jewish and she's Catholic. How did that go? Now she's his Vice President I think. Looks like the same person. It's a good thing because he can't run a business by himself. All that shit they wrote in their biography is obviously bullshit. I have all of my lawsuit documents to prove it besides photos and my research notebook. Below are his bankruptcy documents which also prove this. 

Here is the docket for Edward Katz's bankruptcy case. 

Here is Edward Katz's notice of bankruptcy filing

Here is Edward Katz's bankruptcy creditor list. You see my name and the name of my lawyer in there. We got paid part of what was owed. The rest didn't. As soon as I showed my physical proof of bankruptcy fraud which he committed, he paid me. He really should be in prison for bankruptcy fraud. He should also be there for bank fraud. He lied on his credit card applications. This guy is just one big story. Gordon Gitlen and Cheryle White in the list are my lawyers. I also won legal fees against him. Oddly enough even though both of these lawyers are my age they both died of rare illnesses.
Edward Katz, Edward N Katz, Edward Norman Katz, Hair Design, Bankruptcy

Edward Katz, Edward N Katz, Edward Norman Katz, Hair Design, Bankrupt

Here is copy/paste of the text of the filing. I just noticed that he also took his insurance company bankrupt. This is bankruptcy fraud because he went Chapter 7 which is liquidation. He did not liquidate. He kept the business, name, phone numbers, employees, clients, inventory...and moved half a block away.

1:88-bk-20106-AG Edward N Katz
Case type: bk Chapter: 7 Asset: Yes Vol: v Judge: Arthur M. Greenwald
Date filed: 09/22/1988 Date of last filing: 04/21/1995 Date discharged: 01/20/1989
Date terminated: 04/20/1995

Parties with aliases

Edward N Katz
544 N Huntley Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90048-1923
SSN / ITIN: xxx-xx-xxxx
Edward Norman Katz
Dba Edward Katz International
Fdba Edward Katz Insurance

The funniest part is I see him sometimes at a gym on Beverly and Sweetzer. He walks around bald. If his product is so great, why doesn't he use it when he's not in the office? He claims you can swim, play tennis in it but he won't even walk on a treadmill with it on.

That said I would prefer a man trim it short or if he's lost most of it, shave it off. I have never cared if a man has hair on his head or not. If a guy really wants to wear one, fine, just get one that looks natural.

I never signed a gag order. I could reveal all of the clients but I most certainly won't. Burt Reynolds admits he wears a piece and has taken it off on Johnny Carson a few times. William Shatner was not a client at the time. Everyone knows they both wear pieces and have since they were very young. Edward Katz told the Los Angeles Times May 2013 that Burt Reynolds and William Shatner are his clients. I signed a non-compete for five years which was up in 1993. I have no desire to go back into that business. I could never tell anyone what I did for a living. I never put this on my resume.

I'll post more documents later. I was really hoping to forget about this experience but some crazy lady is posting that I lost the lawsuit. I won the lawsuit against Edward Katz.

Edward Katz owns and lived at 544 N. Huntley Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90048. I had the loan on his house. He finally paid me off in 1994. The attorney David Gill was a school friend of Edward Katz. He helped him commit bankruptcy fraud. Sure there is a statute of limitations so it doesn't matter if I post this. He then bought a house at 1621 Magnetic Terrace, Los Angeles, CA 90069. He owns both with his wife. I think this is the hair stylist he met in Florida. The name Ann Marie sounds familiar. Burt and my employees both told me he found a hair stylist in Florida and married her. It's just so funny reading Edward Katz's website and seeing him taking credit for all of my work. I'm sure his wife must be the one running the biz because Edward Katz is not capable. His birthday is October 2, 1948 so you can tell him apart from the many other Edward Katz in Los Angeles. His wife's name is Ann Marie MacDonald born March 27, 1965, lived in Massachusetts and Jupiter, Florida.

I just pulled up some more lawsuits against Edward Katz. He stiffed the guy who sold him a pool table and lost. He appealed then he finally agreed to pay the guy the money he owed.

Case Number: 06M11584 ACME BILLIARDS,INC. VS. KATZ MR., EDWARD Court: Stanley Mosk Courthouse
Filing Date: 08/17/2006 Case Type: Small Claims (Limited Jurisdiction) Status: DISPOSED BY JUDGMENT

He also tried to stiff the Pacific Bell Yellow Pages and lost.

Filing Date: 07/31/2002 Case Type: Breach Contrct/Warnty(Sellr Pltf) (General Jurisdiction)

I just read more of his website. He states he's a philanthropist who helps out his employees and causes? When I was there he did not want to give the employees health insurance. He also hired illegal aliens. On top of this he paid them cash under the table to finish units at home. I had a fear some employees were taking them home and making their kids make them. I told Edward Katz that I was going to tell the employees that we don't allow kids to be working on the units because child labor is illegal. He told me to shut up. I also told him that we have to tax or 1099 them as independent contractors. Again he told me to shut up.

Here are photos embedded from Edward Katz Hair Design website. The first one shows shitty shampoo with a fake plastic trophy. He bought that fake trophy on Hollywood Blvd. Notice he covers up the label. Who puts their "products" with a fake trophy? Speaking of products I used to order the shampoos and conditioners. It's regular shampoo that companies buy at a huge premium and sell for a huge profit. The shampoo sells for $12 but it's worth $1 max. You'd be better off buying the cheapest shampoo at Ride-Aid.

Edward Katz, Edward N Katz, Edward Norman Katz, hair design, shampoo, condition, crap

This next photo is again embedded from Edward Katz website. It shows frightened most likely illegal aliens in the factory being paid minimum wage with no insurance. As I look at the factory I can clearly see they are using the same head molds and designs I developed, used from when I was there. I see no improvement at all in the product. After 20 years they have not improved on anything since I left.
Edward Katz, Edward N Katz, Edward Norman Katz, Hair Design, frightened Mexicans
The more I read on his website the more revolting it is. I bet he went back to using regular cheap hardware store silicone after I left. I have a feeling his wife wrote this website. It's full of spelling and grammatical errors. The grandiose and completely false claims are nauseating. "He's the best wig designer in THE WORLD!!!" "He is an artiste!" She says she went to Boston University but I see no evidence of this at all. I'm starting to believe her education is as fake as his reputation, history, "inventions."

Within the coming weeks I've decided to post how everything is designed, made and cut in. This is just a regular hair piece with no sub-base that is glued to the scalp with silicone or at least it was when I was there last.

I just went through my huge notebook. I scanned factory and salon work flows which I wrote. I also scanned the supplier list and a letter showing I was the General Manager. There were three months when Edward Katz didn't even show up for work. I also found the article I wrote for the magazine which Edward Katz took credit. I have some old ads and a pic of him on the flyer for the hair loss seminar where he bombed.

A quick story. A business celebrity made an appointment under an assumed name. He asked to meet after hours and wanted the office clear. I did that. He walks in and I instantly recognize him. I actually never knew he wore a piece because I never got that close to him. He goes to consult with Edward Katz. Ed comes out and says "give me Burt's file." I said "hell no!" He said "the guy doesn't believe we do Burt." I said "he knows we do Burt or he wouldn't be here. This is a test to see if you will protect his identity or share his file with someone else." Then Ed grabs the file, I grab the file, we wrestle for the god damn file while I'm whisper screaming at him telling him to let go. He of course is stronger than me, grabs the file, puts it on the table open in front of the celeb. The celeb instantly gets up and runs out the door. I didn't even have to say "I told ya so!"

This is what an idiot Edward Katz truly is. He would constantly reveal our clients to people! He didn't just reveal celebrity clients but also regular clients. We had two models who agreed to be before and after models. We could reveal those two people. I told him he has to stop revealing the clients. One time a tv show writer came in. Edward Katz stupidly showed him the file of another client...who was also a tv show writer that the other person knew. The client then said "hey, if I become a client will you also be showing my file to people?" Edward Katz said "nooooooooo, of course not." Not true. We had polaroids of clients without their piece on in the files! Edward Katz would share these. I was totally against this practice. We obviously fought about these issues. He is so incredibly unethical and doesn't care about people at all.

I dug up more information. Edward Katz's brother was Ronald Lee Katz born 1943. He died in 2000. They originally called the business Katz International Hair Designs. His brother didn't have a hair problem. Their mother's name was Blatt. She died from diabetes, old age around 1989. The people in the Burbank factory were Melida from Colombia, her mother Maruja, Zoila, Norma, Evers, Patricia. We also had a Korean contractor named Choo. I also found my profit and loss statements. We were grossing $40,000/mo, netting $17,000 after expenses with ten employees. I also did all the accounting and banking.

It seems I have a copy of all the client sheets we had at that time. A few of the celebs are dead. I'll post my work flows in a few minutes. I won't be posting the client files.

Going through my notebook I found the new adhesive I was working on right before I left. I have an adhesive that is safe, doesn't turn white, lasts longer and is approved for human skin. I remember when I left thinking "I finally have the holy grail of adhesives and I'm leaving." Edward Katz International Hair would truly be a top contender if they had this adhesive. I also found a ton of base and hair samples plus all the how-to's that I wrote for procedures. Going through my notebook makes me sick that Edward Katz took credit for all of this.

Here are my written work flows. I also made all the forms. As you can tell Edward Katz did nothing but consultations. We'd have one or two a day. Every month I would go over income and expenses from a chart I made monthly. I still have these. I would note new clients, where they came from, number new orders, reorder... After two months he said he didn't give a shit. At that point I took over everything including hiring new people when needed.

If you look at the last page you can see our shampoo order form. Back then we sold it for $9/bottle. We bought it for 75 cents a bottle from a company who probably paid 10 cents for it. This is regular shampoo, nothing special. We just specified type, scent, bottle, bottle top and our label. In the beginning we (me, obviously) put the labels on by hand. We finally got another process later as I did not have the time.

I found some labels in my notebook. The bottles were brown, 8" tall with a gold pop top that had a round end. The shampoo was white. Edward Katz chose the bottles and shampoo. Yes, they were extremely phallic. It was so over the top that I thought it was ridiculous but everyone thought it was pretty funny. This was the first time they had pop top bottles. Photo of the bottles above.

Someone who worked at the company contacted me from this blog post this morning. They told me they haven't changed anything since I left. I left in 1988, 25 years ago. I improved the product 500% within the first year. They've done no improvements since then.

The letter below clearly shows I was the General Manager. All Edward Katz did was consult. In fact I hired someone else because Edward Katz is the worst person to model the product. He has almost 100% hair loss. He also grinds his teeth so the muscles on the side of his head would cause the unit to pop off every day in the front and sides. He had to reglue daily with regular hairpiece glue. He'd do a shitty job getting glue all over and always looked horrible. He still looks horrible. The reason his hair line is so far back on the top and sides is because it would instantly pop off if we placed it on his normal hairline. His ego is the only reason he's still the "spokesmodel." They need someone else. His unit also looks ratty, dry and spikey like William Shatner's. That's because he's using synthetic hair which straightens out if you get it warm and wet, i.e. shower, jacuzzi, sweating while playing sports...

Edward Katz Hair Design - Mary Cummins is the General Manager

Edward Katz Hair Design - old ad
I'll try to find the stupid Rolex ad. It was so obnoxious that we actually got hate mail which was great for business. It's the same photo but you see more of his super FAKE Rolex. I think that is Ed's old nose in the photo above.

His corporation is suspended by the State of California.
Entity Number:C1408837
Date Filed:06/03/1987
Entity Address:*3575 CAHUENGA BLVD., W-#660
Entity City, State, Zip:LOS ANGELES CA 90068
Agent for Service of Process:JEFFREY F. SAX
Agent City, State, Zip:LOS ANGELES CA 90017

Here is his insurance license information. 

License#: 0420510
Resident Insurance Producer
License type: Accident and Health
Status Date:
Expiration Date:
License type: Casualty Broker-Agent
Status Date:
Expiration Date:
License type: Life-Only
Status Date:
Expiration Date:
License type: Property Broker-Agent
Status Date:
Expiration Date:
Business Address: 544 HUNTLEY DR LOS ANGELES, CA 90048
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Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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