Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Marie Juliette Cummins Schott Sponsel is a tax cheat

UPDATE: 177 hits on this post. That is the most of any other post. If you are thinking of turning her in for tax fraud, it seems someone already turned her in to the IRS.

After someone called me today about "my" house at 9170 Thrasher Ave, I did some research. My grandmother named Mary R. Cummins bought this house in 1965 for about $20,000. In 1975 she gave it to my mother in a living trust. That means when my grandmother died June 4, 1991, my mother got the property. At this time the tax basis should have changed to market value.

My biological mother born Marie Juliette Cummins September 1936 is a tax cheat. She did not record my grandmother's death. Instead in 1994 she said my grandmother "gifted" it to her for a nominal amount. It wasn't a "transfer." My mom then gifts it from her Schott name to her Cummins name in 1995. Then in 2002 after my grandmother has been dead over ten years my mother then forges yet another document and states my grandmother gifted it to her in 2002 for again a nominal amount.

She continues to transfer the property for nominal amounts. This way she doesn't have to pay a stepped up property tax or any other transfer taxes. All the while she keeps refinancing it. It was free and clear when she got it. She then took out a $2,000,000 loan on the property and it looks like it's in my grandmother's name. She finally transferred it into her current holding name of Cummins Gift Trust then takes out a $3.1M 1st. September 2013.

Her annual taxes are $3,900 when they should be $60,000. She's been saving $55,000 a year for 22 years not to mention transfer taxes for all the transfers. She's done 100x more fraud than this besides stealing from me, my sister, grandmother, government, other people... The document below shows a summary of some of the transfers.

Marie Juliette Cummins Schott Sponsel is a tax cheat.
My grandmother is dead. Here is proof.

Mary R. Cummins is dead. California death index.

Mary R. Cummins is dead. Social Security death index. 

And last but not least here is my grandmother's grave. My grandmother is dead. I can't believe my mother has been running around for the last 20 years pretending to be my dead grandmother. Actually, I can believe that.


And here is my grandmother's headstone. She is dead.

I just did some more research. My mother states in the MLS it's a 4 bedroom 5.75 bath home of 5,020 sf.  In tax records she states it's a 2,801 sf 3+3. I looked at the photos from the lease listing where she wanted $30,000 a month. It is indeed 5,020 sf. This means the additions she made were illegal and unpermitted. It also means she is not paying taxes on the illegal additions. She was reported to authorities for additions without permits. More property tax fraud.

I believe she kept transferring it every time there was at least $250K to $500K in appreciation. This way she can lie, state it was her primary residence then not have to pay capital gains. That's probably why she deeded it to her husband then to her husband and her as a couple. She saves paying tax on an extra $500K. She was not living in the house. She and her husband Clifford Sponsel live in Santa Barbara. That means she also lied when she filed an appeal of a permit approval. She stated she and my sister lived in the house when they do not.

Here is the agent detail of the MLS listing from 2005 when she tried to rent it. It's probably rented. I doubt she pays tax on that income.

9170 Thrasher Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069

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