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Loma Vista fatal auto crashes in Beverly Hills - Mary Cummins, real estate appraiser

By now most people in Los Angeles have heard about two fatal auto accidents on the same street in the same location within the two months. Two LAPD officers were killed in two separate incidents. They were both killed when large trucks lost control going down the steep street and crashed into the cars. From LA Weekly,

"This is the third accident on Loma Vista involving a heavy haul truck in the past two months. On Friday, March 7, a Los Angeles Police officer was killed and his partner injured when a runaway truck collided with a patrol car. On Friday, May 2, 2014, a cement truck was traveling southbound Loma Vista Drive when it struck several parked cars along Loma Vista Drive. The truck driver sustained non - life threatening injuries."

A car and a regular truck were hit head on by the large, heavy trucks which had lost their brakes because of the weight of their vehicles and the steep grade. The car and regular truck were crushed by the trucks. More from the LA Weekly below.

Crushed car, Loma Vista, Beverly Hills, Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates
Crushed car, Loma Vista, Beverly Hills, Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates

Crushed car, Loma Vista, Beverly Hills, Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates
Crushed car, Loma Vista, Beverly Hills, Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates
Here is a terrain, topographical map of the area. I grew up in this area. There are some steep, narrow streets. Loma Vista is actually a wider street. Both cops were killed at the bottom of the hill.

Loma Vis
Below is an article that describes what happens when a large, heavy vehicle goes down a steep grade.

I believe this street has a runaway ramp on the west side near the bottom. It is not big enough for a truck but it might stop a regular car. I personally feel they shouldn't allow large heavy vehicles down this street. They can go up but not down. Obviously if they can't go down this street, they will have to go down a street which is not as steep which will be a longer route. I believe there are already signs in the area that says "no vehicles over ... tons." Perhaps they can make steep streets one way only going up.

Beverly Hills released this statement,

"The City of Beverly Hills is aware of the concerns from the community regarding commercial vehicles traveling along Loma Vista Drive and surrounding streets. This is a critical public safety issue, which the Beverly Hills Police Department and other City departments are aggressively working together to mitigate future accidents. The police department has significantly stepped up traffic enforcement and commercial vehicle enforcement efforts in the Trousdale area since the beginning of the year. They have also deployed two speed radar trailers on Loma Vista."

Having speed radar trailers will not help at all. When a big truck is careening down a steep street totally out of control knowing how fast he is going won't stop his truck. I think the cement truck tried to slow down by hitting parked cars. That probably slowed him a little. But when he got to the curve at the bottom his truck tipped over and landed on the regular truck crushing it. He tipped because of his speed, weight, center of mass and the curve. I personally don't take that street because it's so steep. I also never drive on La Cienega to Sunset because that street is also very steep.

The first accident was a Beverly Hills trash truck. Obviously they must pick up trash on both sides of the street so they have to go down the street. Perhaps they should go down the street before they go up so they will have less weight. Or they could make everyone put their trash cans on only the up side of the street. They will have to do something now because you know the first officer killed by the trash truck is going to sue the City. Below are some ideas.

1. Don't allow heavy trucks, RVs, large moving vans... to go DOWN the very steep streets in the City. They can only go UP those streets. It would be one way only for large trucks. Trucks don't lose control going up, only going down. This would mean residents on those very steep streets should put their trash cans on the up side of the street.This way trash trucks only have to go up and not down. There should be a "no parking on (whatever day is trash day for that street)" sign on the up side of the street so there's more room for trash cans. This should be based on the angle of the incline and curves in the road besides the distance. The longer you are in a steep decline, the more likely you are to lose control. Plus the greater the speed you will be going at the end of the decline.

2. Don't allow heavy trucks on any steep streets in the City. This might be easier for truckers to understand than just not allowing them to go down. Post signs.

3. Make the super steep streets one way only going up. Offer residents and their contractors other routes on less steep streets. Not all truckers would see a sign that says up only for trucks especially if they don't speak English. If you made it one way for everyone, they would see that sign and understand. Of course it'd be a hassle for some residents.

4. Add parking signs which instruct people to angle their tires into the curb if they park on steep streets. Common sense says one should do this but most people don't. Trucks and cars have gone out of control down steep streets while unoccupied especially if it rains or floods.

Homes located on steep hills are generally worth less unless they have a killer view. People do not like living on steep hills. Runaway cars is an issue even for a parked car. Plus, you will get more rain run off, possible landslides, flooding, mud.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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