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20 year anniversary of murder of O.J. Simpson's ex-wife and her boyfriend - Mary Cummins real estate appraiser Los Angeles, California

O.J. Simpson murder "Trial of the Century"
Nicole Brown Simpson, Ronald Goldman, OJ Simpson - Mary Cummins, real estate appraiser, Animal Advocates
Nicole Brown Simpson, Ronald Goldman, OJ Simpson - Mary Cummins, real estate appraiser, Animal Advocates

Nicole Brown Simpson, Ronald Goldman, OJ Simpson - Mary Cummins, real estate appraiser, Animal Advocates
Nicole Brown Simpson, Ronald Goldman, OJ Simpson - Mary Cummins, real estate appraiser, Animal Advocates
It’s been twenty years since the white Bronco carrying O.J. Simpson in a surreal, low-speed police chase left a permanent mark on our collective psyche. O.J. the NFL Hall of Famer armed with a gun, his passport, cash and a fake beard was threatening to kill himself after authorities decided to arrest him on suspicion of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, 35, and her waiter boyfriend Ronald Goldman, 25.

Simpson’s friend Al Cowlings piloted the white SUV from one freeway to another as an estimated 95 million television viewers were glued to their TV sets. First O.J. drove south to the Orange County area where his mother lived. With police tailing him while he talked on his cell phone he eventually turned around and drove back to Los Angeles.

I remember the day well. I was driving to a boyfriend's house in the Palisades and encountered out of the ordinary traffic. As I drove over the 405 on Sunset I saw people lined up on the sides of the overpass trying to look at something on the south side of the freeway. Then I saw police cars with flashing lights behind me and helicopters above me. I continued on to my friend's house to find him watching the news. Seems O.J. was directly behind me going from the 405 to Sunset to his home.

My boyfriend and I had reservations at Michael's restaurant in Santa Monica that evening. The TV sets were all tuned into the O.J. story as in unfolded in a semi-stand off at his home. It was pretty surreal to see people whom I knew and places that I'd visited wrapped up in this news story. I frequented the restaurant where Ronald Goldman worked and had met him. I knew Nicole Simpson from going to parties in Brentwood and Bel Air. I knew O.J. from two not so pleasant earlier encounters with him and singer Al Jarreau. One of his lawyers Robert Kardashian worked out at my gym the Sports Club LA. I'd go to Christmas parties at his home. Johnnie Cochran and his wife were at the Christmas parties along with OJ's friend Al Cowlings.

The shockingly bold slayings took place June 12, 1994, just steps from the Brentwood, California, condo while the young Simpson children slept upstairs. Police eventually found two bloody leather gloves and a trail of bloody Bruno Magli shoe prints, evidence that would factor prominently in the televised drama that was the People vs. Orenthal James Simpson.

The  “Trial of the Century” ended October 3, 1995, when a jury of nine blacks, two whites and one Latino found the Heisman Trophy winner not guilty. Everyone who knew O.J., Nicole and even the lawyers thought O.J. was guilty. I remember Kardashian's expression when O.J. was found not guilty. He too was in shock.

I believe the reason he was found not guilty was the result of a few things. There was sloppy evidence collection and retention which put doubt in the jurors' minds. The prosecutor should have never had O.J. try on the glove. Of course a leather glove will shrink when wet. There was the race issue. And lastly Johnny Cochran did a damn good job putting doubt in the juror's minds in regard to the evidence and testimony.

For many years when O.J. walked around town or played golf everyone thought, knew he was guilty. He was shunned by a lot of people and rightfully so. Then of course in 2007 he stupidly tried to "retrieve" his supposedly stolen sport's memorabilia from a dealer. I guess he thought if he could get away with murder, he could get away with anything. Karma didn't agree. He was charged and convicted of kidnapping and attempted robbery with the use of guns. He's appealed this sentence twice and lost both times. 66 year old O.J. is currently serving his time in prison with the earliest release date of 2017. He will be 70 years old before he's again a free man.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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