Saturday, July 12, 2014

Diane Gail Stretton, Nanny from Hell has a long history of lying and suing people

Diane Gail Stretton, Nanny from Hell, Diane Gail Richardson, vexatious litigant, pro se, indigent
By now everyone has probably heard about the story about Diane Gail Stretton the "Nanny from Hell." She agreed to work as a nanny in exchange for room and board. She was great first two weeks then just stopped working. Now Diane Gail Richardson Stretton is claiming she was abused.  This is difficult to believe.

Diane Gail Richardson Stretton born September 7, 1949 is a vexatious litigant in San Diego County. She has sued her mother's (Clara Schmok Richardson 1923 to 2003) and father's (John S Richardson 1922 - 2002) estates and her sisters for more than the last ten years. She keeps losing and keeps appealing. She's also been sued for not paying rent on storage units she illegally put into her name from her dead father. This is why she was intentionally kicked out of the will and probably why her husband divorced her.

Diane Stretton, Diane Gail Richardson, Michael Stretton, Erin Stretton, nanny from hell, divorced, bankrupt, vexatious litigant, john richardson, clara richardson

Search her name and probate, appeal, vexatious...and you can see her long history of abusing the judicial system. Here are her civil cases in only San Diego, County.

Case Number  Party Name Matches  Opposing Party  Case Location  Case Type  Date Filed  
SC162976 STRETTON, DIANE  SUNBELT TOWING INC  Kearny Mesa  Civil  05/27/2005 
GIN036640 STRETTON, DIANE  CHABALA, JAMES V DR MD  North County  Civil  04/12/2004 
37-2014-00300194-SC-SC-NC STRETTON, DIANE  CALIFORNIA TICKET KING  North County  Civil  01/29/2014 
37-2014-00011558-CU-PA-CTL STRETTON, DIANE  BREVOORT, DARLENE  San Diego  Civil  04/16/2014 
GIN018563 STRETTON, DIANE G  RICHARDSON, JOHN  North County  Civil  01/31/2002 
SN003513 STRETTON, DIANE GAIL  MILLER, RUSSELL L  North County  Civil  04/07/2000 
SC102514 STRETTON, DIANE GAIL  VOGELMANN, MONICA  Kearny Mesa  Civil  04/07/2000 
N78435 STRETTON, DIANE GAIL  MILLER, RUSSELL L.  North County  Civil  06/24/1998 
GIN034974 STRETTON, DIANE GAIL  FREEBURN, ELIZABETH  North County  Civil  01/13/2004 
GIC810354 STRETTON, DIANE GAIL  FREEBURN, SHARON C  San Diego  Civil  05/07/2003 
37-2009-00099046-CU-BC-CTL STRETTON, DIANE GAIL  DOOR TO DOOR STORAGE INC  San Diego  Civil  09/25/2009 
Diane Stretton, vexatious litigant, nanny from hell
She has seven more cases in Riverside. She lost them all, i.e. eviction, small claims, probate, eviction...

Photo of her from Garden Grove high school as Diane Gail Richardson her given name.

Diane Gail Stretton, Daine Stretton, nanny from hell, homeless, vexatious litigant
Diane Gail Stretton, Diane Stretton, nanny from hell,

More lawsuits. She filed for bankruptcy but it was dismissed due to failure to prosecute.

Bankruptcy Results
Party Name CourtCaseChDate FiledDate ClosedDisposition
1Stretton, Diane Claudette (jdb)mebke2:09-bk-20144702/06/200905/11/2009Standard Discharge 05/06/2009
2Stretton, Diane G (db)cacbke8:03-bk-15131707/09/200309/24/2003Dismissed for Other Reason 09/03/2003
3Stretton, Diane Gail (db)cacbke8:03-bk-15131707/09/200309/24/2003Dismissed for Other Reason 09/03/2003
Civil Results
Party Name CourtCaseNOSDate FiledDate Closed
4Stretton, Diane (pla)cacdce5:2009-cv-0170945009/08/200905/24/2012
5Stretton, Diane (pla)cacdce5:2012-cv-0214248012/05/2012
6Stretton, Diane (cc)casdce3:2011-cv-0077189004/13/201101/25/2012
7Stretton, Diane (crc)casdce3:2011-cv-0077189004/13/201101/25/2012
8Stretton, Diane (crd)casdce3:2011-cv-0077189004/13/201101/25/2012
9Stretton, Diane (dft)casdce3:2011-cv-0077189004/13/201101/25/2012

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  1. We have had a Vixor in Ventura County for decades His name is Carroll Dean Williams He harassed the Ventura City Council, Vta Board Supes so much that they have changed the rules to limit oral input to 5 mins total per citizen per meeting.
    He has disappeared for a few yrs now. He was a perteptual loosing candidate too!!

  2. The nanny was completely "healthy" until enough time had passed that she knew she could take her employers to court for trying to get her out of the house. California has some really scary laws that give the "squatters" a lot of power.