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Michael Brown, a horrible tragedy. My two cents - Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates

I believe the death of Michael Brown was a horrible tragedy. No one wants to kill an unarmed man or any man. His parents and others don't believe the Officer's story because it sounds a little crazy which it does. Brown's behavior made no sense. Why walk into a mini-mart, steal $45 worth of cigarillos then grab the shop manager by the collar and threaten him knowing you are being videotaped? Here is photo of Brown doing this from the security camera.

Michael Brown robs mini-mart, Ferguson, St Louis, Missouri, shot dead, Officer Darren Wilson
Here is video of what happened in the convenience store. He grabs one pack of cigarillos and hands them to his friend behind him. His friend looks at the pack. Ultimately his friend put the pack back on the counter. He obviously did not want to buy or steal them. Then Brown reaches over the counter and grabs a big box of packs of cigarillos. He clumsily drops them on the floor then picks up the packs. Then he walks out the door with the store person trying to block his exit. Brown shoves the person, goes to leave, turns around and goes after the clerk again. This is not normal store robbing behavior. A sane thief would have just grabbed the item and ran out the door. They wouldn't have merely walked or shoved the clerk or come back after the clerk.

This is Officer Wilson's description of what happened next. After robbing the store Brown walks down the middle of the street. Officer Darren Wilson approaches in his car and asks him to get out of the street. He doesn't. Officer tries to get out of the car but is blocked by Brown. Brown then puts his upper body into the Officer's Tahoe SUV and starts punching him. Officer Wilson draws his gun and says "get back or I'm going to shoot." Brown states "you are too much of a pussy to shoot me" and grabs Officer Wilson's gun. Brown's DNA is found on the gun. Finally Officer Wilson shoots Brown in the hand. Brown still goes after Wilson then Officer Wilson shoots again and misses. Brown takes off down the street. Wilson gets out and tells him to stop with gun pointing at him. He again says "stop or I'll shoot." Brown stops, turns around then starts charging Officer Wilson. Wilson shoots him in arm, chest but Brown continues charging. Finally Wilson shoots Brown in the head and he drops down dead.

The above scenario makes no sense. A normal sane person would not rob a mini-mart for $45 worth of cigarillos, walk down the middle of the street, cops asks you to get out of the street, you don't, instead you charge the officer, grab his gun, try to shoot officer, get shot once, keep hitting officer, finally you run away, cop tells you to stop or he'll shoot, you turn around and charge officer, get shot a few times and keep charging until you are shot in the head and drop down dead. I can clearly see why people think the cop's story is crazy because it is. Nonetheless, multiple eye witnesses, evidence, autopsy report supports this crazy story.

Here is the toxicology report of Michael Brown. Only drug in his system was marijuana. He didn't even have alcohol in his system.

Michael Brown, toxicology, cannabis, cannabinoid, thc, ng/ml
This other young healthy man ate an edible cannabis cookie. He had slightly less THC as per ng/ml in his system than Michael Brown. Because it is ng/ml it takes into account difference in sizes. "They showed a Delta-9 THC reading of 7.2 ng/mL and a Delta-9 Carboxy THC of 49 ng/mL." Brown had 12 and 45 respectively.

A man took a "bad batch of synthetic marijuana" and went crazy, "Michael Daniel, 22, allegedly smoked spice in his Waco, Texas home before he assaulted his housemates and then ran out of the house into his yard, where he began crawling around on his hands and knees. He barked and growled at a neighbor and chased him back into his home.Daniel then allegedly took his housemate's dog, a medium-sized spaniel mix, out onto the house's porch. He allegedly beat and strangled the dog, according to Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton, and then began chewing "hunks of flesh" from the animal."

I personally feel that Michael Brown was acting erratic because he may have had a cannabis edible, cannabis oil, synthetic cannabis or other undetectable drug which caused him to temporarily act insane. I totally understand why it's so hard to believe the Officer's story. I know that racism exists. I know there are some really horrible police officers who break the law and kill people. Still, the evidence supports the Grand Jury's ruling. If a police officer feels his life is in danger, he can use lethal force. Brown had his hand on the Officer's gun. Based on his behavior I believe he was going to try to shoot the Officer. The Officer followed the law. Brown unfortunately did not. I believe he didn't because he was under the influence of a large dosage of cannabis or some other undetectable drug. I would bet he used cannabis oil or had an edible. You're much more likely to have a crazy, violent reaction from the oil and edibles. If not that, he had another drug in his system which current toxicology cannot detect.

I'm sure most readers remember the case of Rudy Eugene who ate homeless man Ronald Poppo's face.

The only thing in his system was also marijuana. One expert stated he could have had a drug which current toxicology tests cannot identify. The families and friends of Michael Brown, Levy Thamba and Rudy Eugene all stated that they were acting completely out of character like demons. Hopefully they have preserved blood samples which they can test at a further date when the labs have better blood tests.

Wu-Tang Rapper Andre Johnson smoked some marijuana, went crazy, cut off his own penis then jumped off a balcony to try to commit suicide. He admitted he smoked some pot and obviously had some very strange and violent thoughts.

Young white girl bought some legal synthetic weed from a store. She took some, went to sleep, woke up hallucinating and violent. Parents called cops and paramedics. She was trying to attack and bite people, just like the guy who bit off the homeless person's face or the one who bit and ate the dog. They put her in a coma, a lot of brain tissue died, she's now blind and paralyzed.

Drug dealers keep changing the formula because each new chemical becomes outlawed when ER visits spike. There are no lab tests for all synthetic marijuana or drugs. Some can be 100x as strong as per the article. One type Bizarro Incense killed a young man.

Research has shown that cannabis intoxication can lead to acute transient psychotic episodes in some individuals. I personally believe this was the case with Michael Brown.

"There is little dispute that cannabis intoxication can lead to acute transient psychotic episodes in some individuals (D'Souza et al, 2004) and that it can produce short-term exacerbation or recurrences of pre-existing psychotic symptoms (Thornicroft, 1990Mathers & Ghodse, 1992Hall & Degenhardt, 2004)."

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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