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UPDATE: Carol Boas Goodson did not run for re-election in 2018. Los Angeles is free of this horrible Judge. Over the years I received many communications from many people who stated Judge Carol Boas Goodson did not rule according to the law or evidence. They also stated many times that she appears to hate Plaintiffs if not all parties in restraining order cases. Many people stated that they felt she was the most evil judge they'd ever encountered even the fake Judges on TV. Glad she is gone.

ORIGINAL: I am gathering information to make a report to the Judicial Commission about Judge Carol Boas Goodson.  In my opinion she has committed the following misconduct.

• Abuse of contempt/sanctions (She sanctioned an attorney $100 for requesting oral argument. Ordering me to pay legal fees of the other side when I should have received the restraining order is an illegal sanction.)
• Bias/appearance of bias toward a particular class (She made fun of an Indian person's accent in court in recorded minutes)
• Bias/appearance of bias not directed toward a particular class (She was certainly biased toward me in her behavior and ruling as per my motion to reconsider evidence and argument)
• Demeanor/decorum (She was extremely rude, cut me off, would not let me continue, said I was annoying before I even started speaking, she said my TRO application was annoying)
• Failure to ensure rights (She did not let me present my case, give oral argument, show evidence, show the video of me being hit. She did not let me record the audio of the hearing even though the law and court website said I am allowed. I did not receive a fair trial. She also did not rule according to the law,  evidence or even her past rulings. You do not have to show physical assault in order to get a restraining order. In my case there was a physical assault.)

I will be posting reviews, comments and reports made by others against Judge Carol Boas Goodson. I found these in books and on the Internet. I will post links to where I found them.

1. From Google book search: Book: Title "California Courts and Judges, Volume 1." Authors: Helen Y. Chang, Kathy Morris Wolf, Kenneth Jams Arnold. Publisher: James Publ. 1998, 1996.

Pg 370. GOODSON, Carol. Boas. JUDGE SUPERIOR COURT, Los Angeles County. Appointment/Election: Appointed by Governor Brown Jr. Jan. 11, 1981 (date of oath Jan. 13, 1981), elected in 1982, and reelected in 1988, 1994, and 2000.

Education: J.D. (1970 magna cum laude). Western State Univ. College of Law. Fullerton. (member of school's first graduating class): B.A. (1968, cum laude, Anthropology), Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles (Westwood). (Completed last 2 years at UCLA concurrently with first 2 years at Western State Univ., graduating from both with honors): Attended: Hamilton High School, Los Angeles. Carol Boas Goodson Bar Review (Contracts; Torts; Criminal Law). Fullerton, Calif , and San Diego, Calif., ... Born: April 27, 1947; Los Angeles, Calif.; Married to Lawrence J. Berkowitz, Three children (Caroline, Lauren, Alexander by Jonathan Goodson). Interests: Enjoys children, art, and travel."

"But a lawyer who represents tenants said that in one trial, she treated his client so harshly that the client suffered a seizure right outside the courtroom, collapsed on the floor, and had to be carried out..." Lawyers who represent tenants in disputes with landlords said they think Judge Goodson is "nasty," "heavy-handed," "horrible," and ..."Her fiercest critic among interviewees said, "She doesn't belong [on the bench]. I think she belongs in a prison guarding violent prisoners. That fits her personality. She's...""She is that vicious. Two attorneys recounted instances in which Judge Goodson called them liars in open court even though they said she had no basis for making the accusation. Even defense attorneys, who are much more favorably disposed toward her, agreed that her temperament is "questionable," and "on the strong side," "stern," and "critical." Lawyers said she can be quick to impose stiff sanctions."

Here is a jpg of the snippet of the book. You have to search a few phrases to get the whole section.
Judge Carol Boas Goodson Los Angeles Superior Court photo
A Judge needs to have been admitted to the bar for at least ten years before they can apply to be a Judge, "An official of the judicial branch of government with authority to decide lawsuits and preside over trials brought before the court. The term “judge” may also refer to all judicial officers, including Supreme Court justices. An applicant for appointment as a judge must have been admitted to practice law in California for at least 10 years."

Judge Carol Boas Goodson was admitted to the bar June 1971. She became Judge January 1981. It wasn't quite ten years. I also can't find any legal experience as a lawyer. Why did she instantly become a judge instead of practice as a lawyer? Perhaps she would have learned how to be a fair judge if she practiced law before becoming a judge. I also wonder if she legally was allowed to join the bar when her law school was not accredited. Here are current requirements to apply to the bar. Back then it was probably more difficult.

I would like to note that her father Maxwell S. Boas founded the law school and was the dean. The school was not accredited until partially in 1998 and maybe fully in 2005. How real is her law school degree if she was the first graduating class of a school founded by her father that was not accredited? That means she could only take the bar in CA and most law firms would not hire her. Why would she go to a new law school that is not accredited? Why not go to UCLA? This school also has a bad history with students dropping out, few passing the bar and many not being able to find jobs. Google the school and you'll see the reviews. You can pull up a 1977 article where Maxwell Boas states they don't care about grades, degrees or transcripts when they accept students. He said they want to make "nuts and bolts attorneys, not supreme court judges." You got that right. He said most applicants were rejected from other schools, are 28 years old and have only gone to two years of college. Did he create this law school for his daughter Carol? And also to make money from people who weren't qualified to go to law school, may not pass the bar and might not get a job? Is this like the Barbizon School of Modeling scam? "Everyone can be a model if you just give us money to take classes on posture!"

And it's in Fullerton in Orange County and San Diego. How did she go to UCLA in Westwood and this school in Orange County, San Diego at the same time? Twice as much schooling with a huge commute? They lived in Cheviot Hills at the time. San Diego is 120 miles south. Orange County is 30 miles south.

I tried to verify her education through year books and school records. She went to Palms Junior High in Los Angeles class B-9 of 1962. Here is her public class photo from a public source. Pretty on the outside.

Carol Boas (Goodson) Palms Junior High School, Los Angeles, California 1962
Alexander Hamilton High School was a senior high school at the time. I see no records for her but that doesn't mean she didn't attend. I also don't see any records of her in the UCLA Yearbooks. I just searched the name and checked the rear index of students for all years she should have been there. Her name is not in any of the yearbooks. This means she wasn't involved in any social activities, sports, clubs or sorority. It also means she didn't take the free graduation photo shoot and did not show up for graduation. Maybe she lacked proper early socialization. That is I'm sure one big reason why ***has been stalking, harassing, threatening, defaming, libeling me and sending guys to hit me. *** dropped out of the eighth grade and never leaves her cave. Even her board of director told me she lacks basic social skills which is why they generally do the training and speaking.

2. "Now if you get a limited civil case downtown, your choices are so limited. If you ding Carol Boas Goodson, the most evil, biased judge I've ever seen, you may get this ding bat."

3. "This woman is rich bitch incarnate. All she cares about is her daughter and horses. Her husband is Mark Goodson of tv fame. She is pro large corporate parties and very anti-underdog. She will try to set you up and play games. She is lazy and should not have anything to do with the law.

Given the above, she has a single redeeming quality, while her nebeshy law clerk works up all motions and seems to make all decisions in the cases, she will fax tentatives several days before the hearing and you can submit without appearing. The problem is if you do not submit, once you appear at court you will NOT even speak to the Judge. She will not entertain oral argument unless you push hard or cite a statute requiring oral argument on that particular type of hearing. You will be forced to tell your argument to the law clerk (I think his name is John) who goes back into Chambers to see the Wizard (Judge). The law clerk comes out again and says sorry, tentative stands. I think I saw her sanction an attorney $100 who insisted on oral argument before the Judge. File your 170.6 as to this woman."

I'd first like to note that this is 2004. I noticed that she used to handle civil matters. Now she only handles restraining orders. I have a feeling that's like being in waste management or animal control in the City, i.e. the lowest Judge position except for maybe traffic. That may be why she's so mean but the book written in 1998 shows she was just as mean back then when she handled limited civil cases. Of course now that there are no court reporters she is free to say and do anything she likes. She lied in my court order and said I gave oral argument. I was not allowed to give oral argument. I was only permitted to ask one question which she didn't even answer honestly.

Judge Carol Boas Goodson is rich and some have used the other word as well. Here is her list of investments in her 2011 financial disclosure. 
Notice she owns shares of some truly evil companies, i.e. Monsanto, Phillip Morris, Coca Cola... She also owns bonds for the La Canada school system where attorney Dean Rocco's children go to school. It probably also doesn't help that he looks exactly like her nephews one of which is a lawyer. Dean Rocco also used to be an intern at LA Superior Court for another judge.

The addresses of her daughters homes are on the bottom, so is her current home address at 541 S. Rossmore, 90020 because she has a financial interest in the properties. Her father Maxwell S. Boas was a wealthy lawyer and then she married Jonathan Goodson the son of Mark Goodson who made money in the TV game show business. They divorced many years ago. In fact Judge Carol Boas Goodson has sued her husband a few times. She filed for divorce in 1984. Jonathan has a new wife Nancy and daughter who are the ones into horses. Judge Carol Boas Goodson is currently married to attorney Lawrence J Berkowitz. Just wanted to get the little facts straight. I grew up in Beverly Hills so I've run into the family before. Her daughter is Caroline Boas Goodson also an attorney. Judge Carol Boas Goodson was born April 27, 1947. Her daughter was born October 3, 1977 so you can tell them apart. This is all public information found on the Internet.

4. Minutes from the proceedings included in the appeal of R B v. William Mears B222991. FTR I am not friends with R B. I don't even know her. I found her case researching for my appeal. Everything I used is only found in the public record of her appeal. She and I have nothing to do with each other. 

Judge Carol Boas Goodson made fun of the woman's accent. That is racial discrimination, bias toward a particular class, improper court room demeanor/decourum, failure to ensure rights. R B won the appeal. Three appeals court judges agreed that Judge Carol Boas Goodson did not rule according to the evidence, failed to ensure her rights. They reversed the order. I mentioned this case specifically in  my hearing and the Judge said "I don't remember it." I then stated that three appeals court Judges unanimously reversed her order and the case is identical to mine. Then Judge Carol Boas Goodson said "it was an  unpublished opinion. It's uncitable." Who cares. Three appeals court judges reversed her order. And that is not the only orders that have been reversed. There are many. I may post a few of the  more outrageous ones later.

Go to the link and read the minutes included in the public opinion. Here is a summary of the appeal.

"Plaintiff and appellant Radha Bharadwaj appeals from a judgment of the superior court denying her petition under Code of Civil Procedure section 527.6 1 for an injunction preventing harassment against her by respondent William Mears.   She further appeals the grant of attorney fees to Mears.   Bharadwaj contends that during the hearing conducted on her section 527.6 petition, the trial judge exhibited bias against her, in part based on her ethnicity, in violation of her constitutional due process right to a fair hearing.   Bharadwaj further argues that the trial judge engaged in acts of judicial misconduct and committed errors of law that deprived her of a fair trial.   We do not reach the question whether Bharadwaj's constitutional due process rights were violated because we conclude that a new trial is warranted under section 657 due to irregularities in the section 527.6 hearing and the court's erroneous exclusion of evidence.   Because we vacate the judgment, the attorney fees award in favor of Mears is necessarily vacated as well.   We further exercise our discretion to remand the matter for a hearing in front of a new judge.

Bharadwaj filed a “motion for a new trial and/or in the alternative for reconsideration” alleging that she “was not given a fair opportunity to present her case,” and that she and her counsel “had to fight through a one-sided onslaught of hostility, impenetrable skepticism, sarcasm, mockery, insult and interruption from the court.”

Bharadwaj also contended that on at least three occasions during the hearing, the court “attempted to mimic in a mocking fashion the ethnic accent of [Bharadwaj], a foreign-born naturalized U.S. citizen.”

Only a few minutes into the trial, Bharadwaj's counsel objected, “Your Honor, I declare a mistrial.   You are not letting me continue.   I want this on the record.   I ask for a mistrial.   You know, you have interrupted me at every single stage.”   A few minutes later, Bharadwaj's counsel again protested:  “Your Honor, I haven't had a chance to finish.   Every time I say something, you have cut me off.   I would like to try my own case.”

I'll add more reviews later. I am truly shocked after this appeal that Judge Carol Boas Goodson is still on the bench. I did notice that no one has run against her in a long time. While she is paid $179,000 a year being a Judge for restraining orders probably is the lowest gig in the court house. I bet she was demoted because of her extremely bad behavior. Maybe they hope she'll quit. I bet she originally aspired to be a Federal District Court Judge or maybe an Appeals or Supreme Court Judge. She's just a judge handling restraining orders. Her rulings have nothing to do with the law or evidence. She favors city, county entities.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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