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The Vineyard Beverly Hills available for one billion dollars (?) from convicted criminal Victor Noval

The Vineyard Beverly Hills, California, billion dollars, Los Angeles, Tower Grove

UPDATE: 11/02/2020 I've been told that the FBI is seizing Victor Noval's property including property he was hiding in his son's name. They have the same name. I think it's related to the Kuwait embezzlement scam which involves Victor Noval. Finally Victor Noval publicly living in ultra luxury catches up to him. He already had a huge judgment against him for stealing from the government. That judgment was following him for life due to fraud. 

Below is the forfeiture of the real estate, car, yacht, plane, personal items....

09/23/2020 This ignorant person stated the property sold for $100,000.No, it didn't. Yahoo will share any article without any research or verification.

Someone is trying to impersonate me.This isn't my blog. Sounds like my stalker wrote it especially with all the misspellings, poor grammar and false statements.

07222020 More info about the embezzlement and lawsuits. Victor Noval Sr had no assets in his name. He used his son and ex-wife to hold assets. I believe his most recent wife divorced him. They may still lose their own assets just for aiding and abetting. They knew Victor Sr was involved in fraud. Victor Sr is setting up his son Victor Jr for a fall. He doesn't care for this particular son for a specific reason.

07182020 The feds sue to seize the property. There are issues here. It was legally bought by the debt lien holder recently which is the estate of the dead Herbalife owner. Noval took that money and spent it long ago. They should seize Noval's assets which he most likely has hidden by his son. Noval Sr can't have any assets legally as he has a judgment for life for committing real estate fraud against the government.

 02/13/2020 The Enchanted Hill which is 120 acres in the same area just sold for $90,000,000. There are four build-able sites and two entrances, one of Tower and the other off Benedict. It previously had homes and already has retaining walls, driveways, utilities, grading. So if 120 acres sold for $90,000,000, 150 acres would be worth at the most $135,000,000. It would not be a billion :-D  Now that's a comp!

02/10/2020 Con gets conned by a con. Imagine that ;-)

Who knows if this is true or not. Maybe Victor Franco Noval aka Jr Conman didn't get ripped off and he's just using this as an excuse, cover to hide money from people he owes money or the FBI and IRS. Nobody really knows.

Allegedly Noval Jr loaned millions to a convicted criminal orthodox Jew in the diamond biz. Noval took as collateral a Bugatti and some diamonds. The repayment was missed so Jr sold the Bugatti and asked for the rest of the money. The con man told Jr that he'd give him the money if Jr gave him back the diamonds first. Dum Dum Jr gave back the diamonds without waiting for the check to clear clear. What an idiot! This is why I think it could be fake. No one can be that dumb to hand over diamonds before the check clears your own bank and the bank upon which it's written. The check could be stopped after it was deposited and cleared the first bank. That means it won't clear the bank upon which it was written.

Whatever the case if someone's only "legitimacy" is hanging out with the Kardashians at a party for a few minutes you are going to get ripped off.

08/22/2019 Here's a more thorough article about the history of the property up to today. Basically con men used the property to get "investors" to invest in the development project. They had no plans to develop the site. They sold more shares than existed racking up liens around $200,000,000 which is more than what the property is worth. I have people from different countries call and email me asking where Victor is so they can try to get their money back. The Feds are also after Victor. He's still on the hook for his last real estate scam which landed him and his partners in prison.

08/21/2019 I'm running out and will verify later. It was sold at auction for $100,000 but there are $200,000,000 in liens against it. It was bought by the original Hughes trust who owned it.

02/20/2019 Price drop on The Mountain from $1B to $650M! :-D Such a deal. It was originally listed at $25,000,000 then $99,000,000. Tons more liens and judgments on the property. They raise list price to make it appear there is equity. No, there is not.

10/31/2018 Article about the mountain. It's pretty funny. Noval states it's worth $1B and he owns it. He doesn't own it. It's not worth $1B.

09/13/2018 A little birdy told me that things are not going well in the Noval household. Victor Noval may be having issues with his marriage to Hannah Fenwick. It looks like divorce time. I posted about how Hannah down below years ago. There were online reports that she helped Victor drug women then he sexually assaulted them. Allegedly some women tried to press rape charges but nothing happened. Anyhow it looks like Hannah could be in trouble for Victor's debts and actions. I actually warned her through her dad years ago. She knowingly still married Victor. As we all know Victor took the money that was supposed to be used to build the Vineyard. His name is no longer in the deal. The property is still consumed in litigation. By the time litigation is over we'll be in another real estate slump. I also don't think you are allowed to build on mountain ridges anymore. I will check the plan for the area. Update. Property is in baseline hillside ordinance, hillside grading area, hillside ordinance area, earthquake induced landslide area. There are a few cases and ordinances related to the property. They're llucky they graded years ago as they wouldn't be able to do that same grading now.

07/31/2018 The Hughes trust won an order in the bankruptcy court to remand the case to LA Superior Court. Tower Properties filed an appeal June 2018. Property is still tied up in litigation. Even then $1 billion is ridiculous. I bet if anyone contacts Aaron, he'll say it's a "pocket listing." Litigation is still ongoing.

I think this is just a publicity stunt. The last transfer of the multi parcel property was in July 2016 for allegedly $62,500,000. It was not a real transfer as the assessed value stayed the same at $2.5M. This was before the most recent lawsuits. Victor Noval used the property as a means to scam people out of millions of dollars. He sold "shares" in the property. There are a lot of liens against it.

Sale Date: 07/20/2016 Document #: 16-0850551 Sale Amount: $62,500,000

Assessment & Tax Information
Assessed Value: $2,568,851 Land Value: $2,568,851 Imp. Value:
Homeowner Exemption: % Improvement:
Tax Amount: $30,848.10 Tax Status: Current Tax Year: 2017
Tax Rate Area: 0-067 Tax Account ID:

Below is the last transfer document a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

The "Vineyard" has been renamed "The Mountain." It is now allegedly for sale for $1Billion ;-) It was listed at $99Million and didn't sell. Let's raise the price ;-) It's not in their website and clearly not in the MLS.

Let me check the legal and title situation.

09/22/2017 Victor Noval sued again. For the life of me I can't understand why anyone would ever do business with the guy. He's currently using his son's name to hold, move assets. I believe the strip clubs are in the name of Victor Franco Noval the son. Sr is Victor Jesus Noval but he legally changed his name to his dead dad's name Victorino Noval to use his good credit and reputation.

I just pulled up a case with The Hills Settlement and the property. It dates back to 2011? Case Number: SC112396, Case Title: THE HILLS SETTLEMENT, LTD. VS. 1141 SUMMIT, ET AL It was filed in 2011 and dismissed in 2014.  I don't see a current case in LA County with The Hills Settlement. I do see that The Hills Settlement sold the house to 1141 Summit LLC for $20,400,000. There was a $12,000,0000 private first. Per the article there was a $5,000,000 payment that was supposed to go to the Hills Settlement as part of the purchase. That may be what is in question today.

I just searched court records. Here are some new lawsuits involving Victor Noval. His son has the same name. Victor Sr has been using his son to do some of these deals.

Case Number:  BC636286

Filing Date:  10/04/2016
Case Type:  Mortgage Foreclosure (General Jurisdiction)

Case Number:  BC585505

Filing Date:  06/17/2015
Case Type:  Fraud (no contract) (General Jurisdiction)

I searched federal records and there are no new filings. Just the same bankruptcy cases. Maybe the case hasn't been filed.

Victor Noval purchased the Summit property in January 2017. It's in the name of the fake charity Victorino Noval Foundation.

08/03/2017 Is this a scam? Victor doesn't own or have control over the Vineyard. The last party they had there was a dump with porta potty problems and bad food. Do they even have a permit? Wonder how much they are paying someone to use the land? Wonder if it will be considered trespassing?

Saturday, September 23rd at 6pm

Special evening with GRAMMY award-winning Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band and Sasha's Bloc

On top of one of the most picturesque properties in Beverly Hills, with panoramic views of downtown Los Angeles to the ocean

Tickets include a buffet dinner, catered by Wolfgang Puck's Chinois on Main

Open bar with wine and beer

Complimentary parking

Tax-deductible donation to KJazz

03/25/2017 Another huge judgment against Victor Noval. Kyle B Rowe v. Gary Noval et al. Any property owned by Victor Noval and his new wife Hannah Fenwick Noval can be seized. They can also seize any property or asset Victor Noval is hiding in the name of his son Franco Victor Noval. Victor transferred a lot of property to his son for this reason. Victor realizes his son could go to prison for hiding assets yet he doesn't care. This judgment is only for about $1M. Meanwhile Victor and his wife keep buying expensive things, going on expensive vacations, riding in expensive vehicles... They even admit they are buying all of these things. Karma is catching up with this convicted criminal.

Docket of the case. 

Judgment against Victor Noval.

01/17/2017 Victor Noval convicted criminal continues to defraud people with his fake charities. Victor Noval, Franco Noval do not have a non-profit organization. They keep saying they give and raise money for charity. Not true at all. Let's start off with this press release for a holiday party to raise money for charity.

Noval claims he raised money for this charity "Global American Health Alliance." That charity is not a 501 3c. It doesn't exist. Go to and search the name in quotes.

It is a for profit corporation which was formed days before the party was announced.

"Global American Health Alliance is an entity registered at California with company number C3970990. Company is incorporated on 22nd December 2016. Current status of the company is Active. Registered agent is Alexander Gershman, 8631 West 3rd St Ste 900 Los Angeles CA 90048."

It wasn't even legal until first week of this year. Alexander is the CEO, agent for service. Irina Borodyanskaya is the secretary. Sergey Lyass is the CFO.

The address is the address of Dr Alexander Gershman. Noval had this to say about Dr Gershman.

"Dr. Gershman’s efforts have been ongoing for more than 12 years through GAHA. He has created alliances with academic institutions such as UCLA, USC, CSMC and more to create joint programs that monitor in-hospital treatment & rehabilitations. GAHA has also worked with leading pharmaceutical companies to help patients receive medicine at lower costs."

The for profit corporation was formed mere days before the press release not 12 years. It wasn't legal until after the party. Dr Gershman is not building a cancer center to treat people for free. Dr Gershman is a urologist from Russia who works at Cedar Sinai. He is probably the doctor prescribing Viagra and other drugs (roofies maybe?) to Victor Noval. He talks about male menopause.

License Number: 53738 Current Date: 01/17/2017 05:25 PM
License Type: Physician and Surgeon A
License Status: License Renewed & Current
Expiration Date: 05/31/2018
Date of Graduation: 01/01/1984
Original Issuance Date: 12/07/1994
Address of Record (Required) Address
8631 W 3rd St Ste 900E

He has some bad reviews namely for being rude, incompetent and overcharging.

This means the charity fundraiser was not a charity fundraiser at all. If any money was made, it went to Noval and his urologist. Look at these smug people holding a fake big check supposedly going to a fake charity. Dr Alexander Gershman, Hannah Fenwick, Victor Jesus Noval convicted criminal. They put out a fake press release about their fake charity.

Dr Alexander Gershman, Hannah Fenwick, Victor Noval, 

The story gets even worse. Victor Noval is notorious for lying and not paying his bills. Noval said the Vineyard property had been in the family for years. Wrong. Noval and his family have never owned it. They've just been squatting on it and renting the squatted property to others illegally.

Everyone remembers this story, "Rihanna hosted the first ever Diamond Ball supporting her Clara Lionel Foundation." It was held at "The Vineyard Beverly Hills" which is not a vineyard and not in Beverly Hills. An event company merely rented the site illegally from squatter Noval. The event company invited all the celebs, built the banquet hall, stage, catered it ... Noval just mandated that he be allowed to attend the party. Noval did more than that. He kept saying it was his property and his party and his celeb friends. Nope.

In true Noval fashion Noval hired people for his holiday party. He hired caterers, photographers, publicists, decorators.... He told them all it was a charity event. All proceeds go to charity. He asked for a discount for this reason and got it. Noval promised all the people that they can mingle and take pics with his many celeb friends he invited who would be at the party. He said it'd be good for their media exposure, reputation... I bet Victor just copied Trump's identical party scam. Trump did the same for his last wedding.

The vendors put on a spectacular party for the charity at Noval's new house. No celebs showed up. Noval had one story after another saying they're coming. Weeks go by and ... he stiffed some of the vendors.

I originally posted this page so convicted criminal Victor Jesus Noval would not be able to continue to rip off real estate investors. It did prevent a lot of people from being ripped off. I posted about his fake charity here so people wouldn't get sucked into his fake charity scam. I was hoping that anyone who is about to do business or anything with him would Google him and see this honest, researched information. It has saved some though unfortunately not all. No one should ever do business with Victor, his sisters, his sons or his wife. They are all con men aiding abetting other con men. What Victor and his sisters did to his father was the worst.

 01/12/2017 It seems Victor Sr is buying a home. As he has a huge judgment against him and can have no assets, his son will be buying the home. His son bought the last home on 1124 Marilyn. Supposedly Victor Sr is buying a more expensive home in Bel Air. Here is an article about that purchase.

01/01/2016 Update on the bankruptcy, foreclosure of the Vineyard. It gets a little tricky. First some history. Mark Hughes owned the property. He died and left it to his son Alexander Hughes. The person controlling that trust gave a lease with option to buy and build on the property to Chip Dickens of Tower Park. Chip had no real estate experience or licenses. Ultimately the deal fell through and Tower filed for bankruptcy. Through reorganization and new loans from the lender a plan was put in place in 2010 to develop the land. July 2016 and no development was done to the property as agreed. Tower then transferred the property to SCP without any approvals in violation of the contract. SCP is controlled by Victor Noval aka Victorino Noval.

Defendants in the case never paid a penny to the lender, Hughes trust. They also never developed the property even though the trust gave them loans to do so. Instead Victor Noval Sr gifted the property to his family members per tax documents. SCP failed to pay property taxes. The property was set to be auctioned off October 2016 as taxes had not been paid in over five years.

Here's a nice part from the docs. Victor lied about developing the lots. That's a breach of the bankruptcy plan and loans.

"The Property should not be entrusted to Noval, a convicted felon who served several years in prison related to multi-million dollar real estate/mortgage fraud, or his son. The Novals have stated that they have no intention to develop the Property’s lots into luxury “mega estates.” Rather than develop the property as anticipated by the Plan and subsequent Settlement Agreement [BK Dkt. No. 386], the Novals have stated publicly that the Property is to be used solely to host charity functions and private events."

Noval filed a suit to merely string out the lender, plaintiff. The foreclosure of the Vineyard has nothing to do with his company going bankrupt. He has no legal claim. I hope he gets sued for fraud and theft in relation to his taking and giving of property he didn't own to himself and his family members. In the docs they keep valuing the property at $90 million. They state it's in Beverly Hills. It's not. It's in Los Angeles.

Here are the documents.

Points and authorities to support motion to remand.

Motion to remand case back to superior court so foreclosure can continue.

Docket for the case up to today.

All I can say is Victor Jesus Noval has a lot of nerve. He just steals property out in the open. That would be like me filing a grant deed to put the White House in my name as a gift to myself. No one should ever do business with Victor Franco, Victor Jesus Noval or his sisters Lourdes and Tania. The only good Noval is Hector Noval. It's probably because he's the youngest and was the closest with his father Victorino Noval. What Victor and his sisters did to the father just to get their inheritance early is beyond unforgivable.

12/26/16 I finally got the fake Victorino Noval Foundation page deleted from Wikipedia. The evil members of the Noval family, i.e. Victor/Victorino Jesus Noval, his son Victor Franco Noval, had been using that page to help them defraud people. They also formed the fake foundation "Victorino Noval Foundation" to fleece people. They want to come across as philanthropists. That is the last thing that they are. They were asking for donations for their fake non-profit.

12/20/16 Victor Franco Noval started an LLC corporation. It's called "Victor Noval Foundation, LLC." It's not a non-profit. It's only a limited liability company. The corporation number is 201030810203. The address is 1124 Marilyn, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. This is the personal residence of convicted criminal Victor Jesus Noval. Victor Noval changed his name to his dad's name after he was released from a years long stay in prison. He now goes by "Victorino Noval." He wanted to use his dad's name because his dad is wealthy, was a major philanthropist with a great reputation.

This new LLC has a filing date of January 19, 2016. The "Type of business" is "Creating awareness of community issues, PR." Victor Franco lied and said the purpose is to honor his dead grandfather. You wouldn't create an LLC to do charitable things, like Victor Jesus or Victor Franco would ever do that anyway. You would have created a non-profit. They won't create a non-profit because non-profits must post their 990s. The only board of directors, managers are Victor Franco Noval the son of the convicted criminal. Here is that corporation.

Victor Noval, Victor Jesus Noval, Victorino Noval, Victor Franco Noval, convicted criminal, prison, convict, criminal, beverly hills california the vineyard beverly hills, con man, scammer

Previously Victor, Victorino Jesus Noval started a regular California corporation number C3338159. There is a filing of Jan 13 2011. CEO is Victorino Noval the son, Secretary is Deana Elmblad and CFO is again Victorino the son. Agent for service is Deana Elmblad. The address is a P.O. box at the Postal Place. #1074. Here is that corporation.

Victor Noval, Victor Jesus Noval, Victorino Noval, Victor Franco Noval, convicted criminal, prison, convict, criminal, beverly hills california the vineyard beverly hills, con man, scammer
The idea that Victor Noval would create a foundation to "honor" his father is beyond surreal. In the civil case it's alleged that Victor conspired with his sisters to kill his father so they could get their inheritance early.

11/29/2016 Victor Franco Noval Jr, Victor Jesus Noval Sr sued in bankruptcy court over the Vineyard. Here is the complaint just filed. Victor is dragging his son into a life of crime. Because Victor has a life long judgment against him he's putting property in the name of his son who has an almost identical name.

Here is his reply. Victor put the property in the name of his son who has the same name. Because Victor Sr has a life long judgment he can't have any assets in his own name. That is why he was using his kids. They could be prosecuted for aiding and abetting.

Here is Victor's reply. He says the property isn't undeveloped. Yes, it is.

There may soon be a criminal case against Victor Noval for the death of his father. See below video.

08/14/2016 The US government has requested the banking, asset, debt...documents of Victor Noval and his spouse. They need a list of all of their possessions. Thanks for posting photos of all those expensive wine.

YouTube video of the murder of Victorino Noval.

08/13/2016 Victor Jesus Noval just got married to his girlfriend Hannah Fenwick the tall 28 year old blonde from Idaho. She's the same age as Victor's sons. In fact one is older than her. Victor is almost double her age. Victor is older than her mother Christy Olson though not as old as her dad Dr Loel Fenwick. Hannah Fenwick graduated from Moscow High School in Idaho in 2006. Hannah is bragging that they got married. Does she not know how to Google? Victor is still on the hook for the $60,000,000 he stole from the US government. In fact he has yet another debtor's deposition in court soon, see below. Because Victor the convicted criminal intentionally defrauded, scammed, swindled the US government in a huge government backed real estate loan investment Victor is on the hook for life. He can never have any assets. That's why he was sent to prison from 1997 to 2006. Go here to see his release date. He is Victor Joseph Noval.

I think Victor married her so he could continue to use her as a pawn to hold and transfer property. He also uses his sons and other people. Pretty handy when his dad Victorino Noval and he have similar names, Victor Noval. This is why Victor changed his name to Victorino so he could use his credit, history, finances... That way he can say "I'm Victorino Noval, not Victor Jesus Noval who was in prison." That's probably why he named his son Victor Noval. Then Victor the criminal can "say" he owns the house at 1124 Marilyn where he lives when really his son owns it. The house was bought most likely with funds taken, um "inherited early" from his father. Hannah should research how Victor's dad died. He was basically murdered by his children so they could get their inheritance early. Father should have disinherited those children publicly. If he had, he'd still be alive today. The son Hector Noval was not involved in that dirty deed. He tried to save his father from Victor, Lourdes and Tania.

Victor Noval has yet again made a ton of websites, blogs which say he's wealthy, a movie producer, successful, friend of Donald Trump... I don't know who she be more embarrassed about that, Trump or Noval.  The websites talk about the fake non-profit foundation made in the name of Victor's "dear father." If his father was so dear, why did he kill him? Here is a blog article written by an independent person about the murder of Victorino Noval. Hector has been fighting his siblings and the hospital in court over this horrible situation.

Hannah Fenwick now Hannah Noval is now bragging about the house where they live and the expensive wine and champagne that Victor buys online. Does she ever wonder where the money came from? How can anyone enjoy blood money?

Victor of course also rips people off in fake business deals. Victor dresses up, goes to fancy parties and just talks about all the money he has. Idiots wants to do business with him thinking he's successful when he's really deceitful. Sucker born every minute.

Victor has a debtor exam for a new $850,000 judgment from a Texas con case. The judgment is in California. It lists the house on Marilyn.

ORDER RE CONTINUANCE OF ORDER TO APPEAR FOR EXAMINATION RE ENFORCEMENT OF JUDGMENT by Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Chooljian: granting 14 REQUEST to Continue. IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the Order to Appear for Examination re Enforcement of Judgment as to Victor Noval, originally scheduled to be heard on May 17, 2016, in Courtroom 20, at 9:30 a.m., to be heard at the Spring Street Courthouse, 312 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, California, is hereby continued and shall be held before this Court on October 11, 2016 in Courtroom 20, at 9:30 a.m. at the Spring Street Courthouse, 312 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, California. (hr) (Entered: 05/13/2016)"

Here is an updated list of lawsuits involving Victor Jesus Noval in Federal courts as of today 08/13/2016.

Bankruptcy Results
Party Name CourtCaseChDate FiledDate ClosedDisposition
1Noval, Victor Jesus (dft)cacbke2:11-ap-0244807/06/2011
2Noval, Victorino (dft)cacbke2:11-ap-0244807/06/2011
Civil Results
Party Name CourtCaseNOSDate FiledDate Closed
3Noval, Victor Jesus (dft)cacdce2:2014-cv-0448789006/11/201409/08/2014
4Noval, Victor Jesus (dft)cacdce2:2004-cv-0749151009/09/200412/02/2004
5Noval, Victor (dft)txndce3:2004-cv-0187514008/27/200406/06/2005
6Noval, Victor (dft)caedce1:2005-mc-0005211/28/2005
7Noval, Victor Franco (clm)cacdce2:1997-cv-0909069012/11/199710/27/1998
8Noval, Victor (dft)candce3:2005-mc-8028011/28/200505/07/2008
9Noval, Victor (dft)casdce3:2005-mc-0076799912/05/2005
10Noval, Victor (dft)cacdce2:2015-mc-0028489011/20/201511/23/2015
11Noval, Victor (dft)cacdce2:2016-cv-0186489011/20/201505/23/2016
12Noval, Victor (dft)cacdce2:2005-mc-0013999911/28/200511/28/2005
13Noval, Victor (dft)cacdce2:2006-cv-0567047009/08/200605/31/2007
Criminal Results
Party Name CourtCaseDate FiledDate Closed
14Noval, Victor Jesus (dft)cacdce2:1997-mj-0221710/02/1997
15Noval, Victor Jesus (dft)cacdce2:1997-cr-0100510/16/199709/22/2003
Appellate Results
Party Name CourtCaseNOSDate FiledDate Closed
16Noval, Victor (pty)09cae07-55941347007/05/200712/03/2008
17Noval, Victor Franco (pty)09cae98-57005269012/29/199808/09/1999
18Noval, Victor Jesus (pty)09cae02-70249102/15/200204/15/2002
19Noval, Victor Jesus (pty)09cae03-50180104/24/200305/22/2003
20Noval, Victor Jesus (pty)09cae03-71784104/29/200306/24/2003
21Noval, Victor Jesus (pty)09cae05-55051251001/12/200510/12/2005

10/20/2015: Seems others read my articles and wrote new articles about this comedy, soap opera, crime story. Hollywood Reporter, LA Curbed and many others added my info to their stories. Because of that Victor Noval had a guy write a press release which was printed in the BH Courier a cheap throw away rag in town. It's a ridiculous press release. Noval did not put $100,000,000 into upgrading the property. That would be stupid as he tried to sell it for $95,000,000. He was foreclose upon because he didn't put any money into the property which he promised to do. Just more of a con job.  Here is the BH Courier press release. He also had another tiny party on the lot.

Here is Victor Jesus Noval's family tree. He took his father's name i.e. Victorino Noval to try to get away from his horrible criminal past. Victor tried to get rid of his criminal history and prison record but was denied a few times by the court. Victor PLED GUILTY TO FRAUD against the US government. The plea agreement which I've linked states he admits he was guilty and acknowledges he can't appeal. He still appealed twice and lost.

Victorino Noval, Victor Noval, criminal, felon, convicted, fraud, real estate, the vineyard beverly hills, los angeles, california, HUD, con, scammer, prison, jail, guilty, 
UPDATE: 08/10/2015: I've been getting some calls from a few people. People are interested in the status of the site and possible value. I believe it's .... not worth one billion dollars! ;-) The property appears to still have a lis pendis as of today. Also still has same owners. I will next check the litigation. It's probably still tied up. If it weren't, the ownership probably would have changed.

I just checked the lawsuit. Nothing has happened since March 2015. Here is the current docket as of today 0811/2015.

I will never state who contacted me. As a real estate appraiser even as a gratis appraiser there is a limited fiduciary responsibility. If someone wants an appraisal on this property, feel free to order one. I do land appraisals and am probably most knowledgeable appraiser when it comes to this property.

03/09/15: Property is still in bankruptcy. It was owned by Hughes trust. Entities offered to buy it from Hughes if Hughes took back the paper which they did, The entities were supposed to put money in the deal and develop the property. They didn't honor their contract and filed for bk. Hughes should take the property back and sell it. We shall see.

"The Vineyard Beverly Hills" is not a vineyard and not in Beverly Hills. This property exists but it's not really for sale. It's been involved in complex litigation for years and probably will be tied up for years longer. There are more loans and liens on the property than what it's worth. Victor admits there are liens of at least $55 million and I think the whole thing "might" be worth $25M if it was ready to develop which it's not. Victor Noval does NOT own it. He's offering to sell percentages of ownership of holding companies which own a percentage of yet another holding company. If you were to buy a percentage of this, you would just be buying the opportunity to owe money because of all the loans and liens. Looks like a ponzi scheme where he just keeps the money people give to him. The property is in bankruptcy, foreclosure and probate proceedings. His "foundation" is also not a non-profit. Does he keep the millions he raises? He appears to have no other source of income.

The Vineyard Beverly Hills, one billion dollars, not a penny less, convicted criminal Victorino Noval, Victor Noval
The Vineyard in Beverly Hills is supposedly available for one billion dollars minimum. This is pretty funny because it's unofficially listed for $95,000,000. If he won't sell under a billion, why is it listed for $95,000,000? A billion is 1,000 million. Perhaps he meant 100 million? 95 million is less than 1/10 of a billion. Victor is obviously shitty at math. The last time this property was listed it was listed at $29,000,000 down from original list of $35,000,000. It was on the market over two years with the same photos in the same condition. It is not legally listed in the MLS.

1652 Tower Grove, Beverly Hills, California, The Vineyard Beverly Hills, Victorino Noval convicted felon
There is a huge sign in front of the property saying it's "A Victorino Noval Foundation Development." It's supposedly listed by Hyland and Hilton. Victor's son is an agent there. That is the 250 N Canon address. Hyland and Hilton is part of Christies. His other address on S Canon is a p.o. box, not a suite.

1652 Tower Grove, the vineyard Beverly Hills, convicted criminal Victorino Noval, Victor Noval
The approximate address is 1649-1699 Tower Grove off Coldwater Canyon, Beverly Hills, California 90210. This is Beverly Hills post office, not actually Beverly Hills but Los Angeles. The property is not blocks from the Beverly Hills Hotel but miles. I have not verified the story below. There are two websites and Here is the web archive of one. As this is connected to Victor Noval I believe an attorney told him to take it down. He put a website up for a property he does not even own trying to sell it.

It's currently listed for sale here for $95,000,000. This person was one of two listing agents when it was listed years ago for the estate of Mark Hughes.

I guess if I wanted to I too could list it for sale in my website. Here's the image in case that goes down.

1652 Tower Grove, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 criminal Victorino Noval, Victor Noval
It is supposedly owned and managed by Victor Noval of Noval Development LLC
The Vineyard Beverly Hills 250 North Canon Drive  Beverly Hills, CA 90210  888-285-0009 Media Enquiries  Penelope Francis & Co 323.655.4424

The owner is Tower Park Properties c/o attorney Barry Weizs in Century City. There is a mechanics lien on the property for landscaping. It was in foreclosure. It's zoned RE40 which is large estates. Each lot can be no smaller than 45,000 sf. Below is a map with plat overlay. It consists of eight individual properties. They are apn 4384-034-002 to 007 and 13, 14. Here is building and safety profile for 1652 Tower Grove. This is not actually a real address at this time.

He's currently being cited for an illegal sign on the property offering goods and services. He must remove it. It's a 8' x 12' sign in a residential zone shown above.

Here are some permits, expired, denied, approved, withdrawn. All they did was grade the property for six homes years ago. They don't have utilities only temporary power. They have problems with water drainage, no fire hydrants approved ... I will bet that this property sells for $25 million max. The owner will subdivide it into six properties with a HOA then sell the properties.

This property is involved in litigation stemming from the death of Mark Hughes of Herbalife. It's odd because I met Mark for lunch years ago at the Four Seasons. We got along great but our lifestyles were not compatible. His only heir was his son Alex. This property is tied up in probate and bankruptcy and has been for many years. It appears Victor Noval is involved in yet another real estate scam. He's raising money saying he owns this property. From complaints, "be aware of this crook and crimianal, do not let him fool you with "Don Perrenion" and stollen Gold Cartier watch on his wrist."

Even worse this guy supposedly drugs and rapes women. I know quite a few of his friends. I asked them if they knew he was a convicted criminal. They said yes. They also said they weren't stupid enough to buy part of his imaginary kingdom.

Victor Noval claims to have a real estate, finance and real estate development company. As he is a convicted felon convicted of financial real estate fraud he could NEVER get a real estate sales, broker, appraiser, finance, contractor license. That means all of those companies he says he owns and runs are fake. This guy looks like a major con to me. The government agrees.

I just checked. He had a real estate license but lost it when he was sent to prison.

His sons have licenses. One works for Hyland which supposedly has the pocket listing. Jon Hunter Noval.  His son Jake Harrison Noval had a license which expired. His sister Lourdes had one which expired.

It seems he somewhat recently hooked up with his sons again to use their names to hold title to property. Pretty easy when all the males in the family are named "Victor." I'm also from a hispanic family which means all the female first names are "Mary," "Maria." Some of the Americanized middle names of males in our family is also recorded as "Maria."

One such property Victor is using his son is 1124 Marilyn in BH where I believe Victor resides now. Half of the property is owned by the Rexford LLC which is the last place Victor rented. So many holding companies and especially LLC holding companies. He's also using one of his son's real estate licenses to presumably fleece investors and to pretend to be part of Hyland and Hilton real estate in BH which is part of Christie's. They really need to disassociated from this convicted financial criminal now.

As I read all these documents I think Victor is a conniving ring leader who convinced his sisters to kill their father so he could get money. I think he is also using his sons to pretend to be a real estate broker, developer with a BH real estate company. He had his sons form a foundation to honor his dead father which Victor fleeced and most likely orchestrated his murder! And now Victor has assumed the name of the father he probably helped murder in order to help his reputation. Otherwise Victor would only be known as a convicted felon who fleeced the government for over $60 million dollars.

An email he supposedly sent to an investor.

"From: []
Sent: Monday, December 28, 2009 11:53 AM
Subject: Please review

Dear Arsin

I have tried my best to be 100% clear on how I have managed to set up the purchase of the remaining 60%.

I have also explained to you that the BK filing was a great strategic move in order to be able to renegotiate the first due to the Hughes Trust. I have attached a copy of the pleadings for the January 6th court hearing to finalize the transaction.

It is important you understand that my family trust owns 40% regardless of what we can do together. It is also important for you to understand that the money invested go's into an attorney trust account and is not touched until all parties sign the documents releasing every item. At the end of the deal we would own 100% with only the first due to the Hughes trust of 58Mil or less inc interest,and the second for 7Mil that they are funding for our use all other claims would be gone prior to closing.
The law firm I'm working with will guarantee that the Bankruptcy makes it more clean that a regular transaction as everything is on the table and that no money moves till everyone signs.

The owners are 40% Advisors (My Trust) , 40% Chip Dickens (3.5m buy out agreed to), 20% David Ruddick

(1.5Mil agreed to). The other claims are from Barone 3M, Sahagen 1M , Taxes 2M, Miscellaneous 4M.

I have always used the 20M number to pull some money out for me but that is not necessary.

Looking forward to meeting you this afternoon.

BR, Victor Noval"

"57 Acres of Undeveloped Residential Property in Los Angeles, California
In re Tower Park Properties, LLC (Bankr. C.D. Cal.) Case no. 08-20298. Tower Park Properties, LLC recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and, although no sale has been announced, the Debtor’s assets may be available for acquisition under the right circumstances. The Debtor owns 157 acres of undeveloped residential real property located at 1652 Tower Grove Drive located in Los Angeles, California, valued at $90 million."Victor Noval doesn't own it.

Victorino Noval, Victor Jesus Noval, convicted criminal, felon, prison, fraud, real estate, beverly hills, california, los angeles

Victor Jesus Noval, criminal, fraud, the vineyard beverly hills

Victor Noval is the supposed owner. I say supposed because he seems to have a sordid history."Victorino Noval Foundation was founded by Victor Noval, a Cuban-born man convicted of tax evasion and fraud against the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, a crime that was called the “largest in that agency’s history.”At the time, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Shapiro called it a “classic Ponzi scheme with a real estate gloss. In 2003, Noval was sentenced to 57 months in federal prison and ordered to pay $20,733,000 in restitution."

Here is his plea agreement. Even though he signed this he still appealed twice and lost.

US is after Victor Noval again to try to collect their $20 million judgment. Here he is living the high life when he's supposed to be penniless. He obviously got money from his dad's estate and most likely stole money from others.

Here is text of article to make it easy.

"2 Men Charged in Alleged Scheme to Defraud HUD
Court: Prosecutors say they bought apartments, inflated their value and recruited others to apply for loans to buy the same properties. One is still at large.

Federal authorities have charged two men in connection with an alleged $60-million fraud scheme against the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, believed to be the largest in the agency's history.

The two men allegedly bought inexpensive apartment houses all over Los Angeles County, worked with appraisers to inflate their value and then recruited low-income people to apply for HUD loans to supposedly buy the properties.

But it was the defendants who obtained the loans and pocketed the difference between the properties' actual value and inflated market value, federal authorities allege.

Indicted were Victor Jesus Noval, 35, of Los Angeles and James Weatherley, 45, of Hidden Hills. Both have been charged with 10 counts of mail fraud, and Noval with an additional five counts of filing false statements with HUD.

Noval, arrested Oct. 3, is being held in a federal detention facility without bail because he is deemed a flight risk. Weatherley remains at large.

Federal prosecutors say Noval and Weatherley set up straw companies to buy apartment buildings, typically worth $100,000 to $180,000, and hired corrupt appraisers to inflate the value of the buildings. The pair then recruited low-income people to apply for government-insured, Federal Housing Administration mortgages for as much as $150,000 over the actual property value. Prosecutors say they forged tax forms to make sure they qualified for the loans.

Then the bogus mortgage applications were submitted to the Allstate Mortgage Co., which approved the loans, according to the indictment. (The mortgage company has no connection to the Allstate Insurance Corp., a spokeswoman said.)

"We became suspicious of how the same straw companies always appeared to be buying FHA properties for $150,000 and turning them around within days," said Assistant U.S. Atty. Jonathan S. Shapiro. "The straw companies appeared to be more than just lucky."

According to the indictment, the corporations that purchased and resold the properties included United Car Wash Corp., Southwestern Associates, South Central Investments and NOVCO Financial. State records indicate the businesses are all owned by Noval.

After skimming thousands of dollars of equity from the loans, Noval and Weatherley rented the small apartment buildings, authorities said. Shapiro said the pair managed to remain current on their mortgage payments by taking out more loans in other people's names.

"This is a classic Ponzi scheme with a real estate gloss," Shapiro said. "The more loans they got, the more fraudulent loans they needed to stay current."

In court transcripts of Noval's arraignment earlier this month, prosecutors said Noval told friends he would flee the country if his scheme was uncovered. They also produced evidence that Noval had allegedly transferred millions of dollars to Mexico and Switzerland."

Another mention of his arrest here in the HUD website page ten.

Victor Noval, Victorino Noval, convicted criminal, beverly hills, the vineyards, con man, scamer

More on the crime. Mortgage brokers were involved. Victor Noval's wife was also arrested and charged. Does Hannah Fenwick Noval know about this? She could go to prison with Victor Noval because of his current scam involving The Vineyard. Hannah is wife number three. Guess who ratted her out? Her husband.

"4 Sought in $60-Million HUD Fraud
Crime: Three members of a Whittier mortgage firm and the wife of man who already pleaded guilty are fugitives after indictments.

The president of a Whittier mortgage company and three other suspects are fugitives after being indicted in what authorities believe is the largest case ever of fraud against the Department of Housing and Urban Development, officials announced Monday.

A federal grand jury last week indicted Douglas Alfonso Estrada, 52, of Whittier, the owner of Allstate Mortgage Co., who prosecutors said fraudulently obtained $60 million in federally insured loans during the last year.

Estrada and two of his loan officers--Alberto Jose Rivas, 31, of Pico Rivera, and Louis Alberto Vallardes, 44, of Hacienda Heights--are charged with 30 counts of mail fraud and money laundering for using straw companies and phony buyers to inflate the value of Los Angeles residential buildings, then securing loans for those properties, Assistant U.S. Atty. Jonathan Shapiro said.

Also indicted was Shirley Da Silva, 36, of Los Angeles, the wife of an accomplice who has already pleaded guilty to mail fraud charges.

"We call these cases equity skims," Shapiro said. "This is the granddaddy of them all. This was the Rose Bowl of the equity skims. They were into volume."

Here's how the scheme worked, according to Shapiro and the indictment:

Straw companies run by accomplices Victor Jesus Noval of Los Angeles--Da Silva's husband--and James Weatherly, 45, of Hidden Hills located apartment buildings mostly valued between $100,000 and $180,000. They enlisted phony buyers and forged paperwork qualifying them for HUD loans and assessing the properties at $100,000 to $150,000 above market value.

Allstate Mortgages, a multimillion-dollar mortgage company, received the loans to cover mortgages on the properties, Shapiro said. Allstate Mortgages, which is not connected to Allstate Insurance Corp., sold those loans to funding companies.

Such scams "put at risk the whole HUD program," Shapiro said. "That money is supposed to be going to pay for legitimate houses for middle-income families."

Noval and Weatherly were indicted on mail fraud charges in October and pleaded guilty to five counts. They are scheduled to be sentenced in February.

Thom Mrozek, spokesman for the Los Angeles U.S. attorney's office, said the indictment against the remaining defendants was handed down Thursday but authorities withheld their announcement in the hopes that some of the suspects would turn themselves in.

The four current defendants were each charged with 20 mail fraud counts, which carry a maximum of five years in prison apiece, and 10 money-laundering counts, each carrying up to an additional 10 years.

In a statement, HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo said: "Any con artists who try to rip off HUD and the American taxpayer will be caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

His name is Victor Jesus Noval born October 15, 1961 in Cuba. He lies about his name and age. He made a foundation and website for himself. Based on this guy's history I don't suggest anyone buy any real estate from him. How in the world does this guy think he can come back after such huge fraud against the government?

The foundation corporation was suspended. It was also never a non-profit.

Victorino noval foundation, suspended, convicted criminal, victor noval, victor jesus noval

Here is the current situation with the BH property. Victor was again found to be lying, cheating, defrauding people in the deal. The property is owned by the Hughes estate. Victor made a lot of promises to buy and improve the property but he did nothing.

Another article about him. He's really trying to fix his reputation. Why is someone selling the property for $95,000,000 when he says he's selling it for at least one billion dollars? Is he trying to flip it? Rip people off? Maybe he just rented it for the party to get suckers to give him deposits.

This is even stranger. It looks like the father was worth $60,000,000. His children supposedly killed him for their inheritance. They wanted the money now. Crazier than I ever could have imagined. People need to stay far away from this family. Notice the first born son Victor was not named as executor. Even his father didn't trust him. The youngest son Hecton had the power of attorney for medical decisions. Obviously Victor and the sisters are the evil children and Hector is the only one the dad trusted. All the money Victor has now he probably got from someone killing his father.

Below is an appeal by appellant Hector Noval against his brother and sisters. In this case he states that not only did his sisters conspire to kill their father but they also raided his home and safe while the father was still alive in the hospital. They knew they were going to kill him and he wouldn't be returning home. How are the sisters not in jail?

Here is the complaint

Hector Noval, Victorino Noval, lawsuit, kaiser, murder

Not just a criminal but a stupid criminal.

Here is his Facebook page. He doesn't own the home where he is living.

Wordpress blog

You can see he was released from prison in 2006. He was supposedly in prison for over four years. Go to this link and put in his name.
and you will see this

Victor Jesus Noval, Victorino Noval, prisoner, criminal, felon, guilty, prison, convicted criminal

His non-profit organization which asks for donations is not a legal non-profit. Back to prison. Notice he only came back on the scene after his dad died and left him money. He also changed his name from Victor Jesus to Victorino his dad's name. I found the name change. It was in San Bernardino in 2010. Saw criminal and civil cases in there for Victor's sons, sisters. John Hunter Noval charged with assault with great bodily injury. Lots of speeding tickets, fail to stop, lack of registration. Victors Look at all the celebs including some of my friends that think this guy is for real. Wonder what he actually did with the supposed $7 million he raised at his party?

He filed for bankruptcy 2011.

1 Noval, Victor Jesus (dft) cacbke 2:11-ap-02448 07/06/2011
2 Noval, Victorino (dft) cacbke 2:11-ap-02448 07/06/2011

Here are some of his Federal lawsuits.

Victor Jesus Noval, Victorino Noval, convicted criminal, tax evasion, fraud

More sordid history of this family. Again, people, stay far away from this con man and the sisters .

Here are just some of his lawsuits in Los Angeles alone. 69 cases of contract fraud, restraining orders and collections. If anyone does business with this person, they are an idiot. He seems to prey on people from other countries who speak other languages.

NOVAL VICTOR AKA NOVAL VICTORINO COLLECTIONS CASE (Limited) 04/07/2008 Santa Monica Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR FRANCO Trust Proceedings 05/12/2006 Santa Monica Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR FRANCO Breach Contrct/Warnty (Sellr Pltf) (Unlimited) 06/28/2010 Stanley Mosk Courthouse 94
NOVAL VICTOR FRANCO Contractual Fraud (Unlimited) 07/22/2011 Stanley Mosk Courthouse 39
NOVAL VICTOR J. Injunct Relief-not Dom/Harrassmt (Unlimited) 03/06/1995 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR J. Commrcial Compl-Not Tort or Complx (Unlimited) 03/09/1995 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR J. Commrcial Compl-Not Tort or Complx (Unlimited) 10/13/1995 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR J. Other Compl-not Tort or Complex (Unlimited) 08/04/1995 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR J. Eminent Domain/Condemnation (Unlimited) 06/19/2003 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR JESUS Civil 10/29/1991 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR JESUS Civil 05/30/1986
NOVAL VICTOR JESUS Contractual Fraud (Unlimited) 07/27/2011 Stanley Mosk Courthouse 42
NOVAL VICTOR J Civil 06/20/1990
NOVAL VICTOR J Civil 04/18/1991
NOVAL VICTOR J Civil 05/08/1990
NOVAL VICTOR J Civil 07/23/1990
NOVAL VICTOR J Civil 01/24/1985
NOVAL VICTOR J Civil 02/08/1990
NOVAL VICTOR J Civil 05/07/1990
NOVAL VICTOR J Civil 11/29/1989
NOVAL VICTOR J Civil 02/05/1990
NOVAL VICTOR J Civil 03/16/1990
NOVAL VICTOR J Civil 08/31/1989
NOVAL VICTOR J Civil 07/16/1985
NOVAL VICTOR Other Promissory Note/Collections (Unlimited) 10/03/1994 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Other Intentional Tort-notPI/WD/PD (Unlimited) 01/28/2000 Santa Monica Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Commrcial Compl-Not Tort or Complx (Unlimited) 08/18/1997 Santa Monica Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Other Compl-not Tort or Complex (Unlimited) 10/30/1990 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Small Claims 04/30/1997 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR U.D.- RESIDENTIAL (Limited) 05/13/1993 Culver City Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Commrcial Compl-Not Tort or Complx (Unlimited) 01/29/1998 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Other Compl-not Tort or Complex (Unlimited) 02/18/1998 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Commrcial Compl-Not Tort or Complx (Unlimited) 03/04/1999 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Collections Case-Seller Plaintiff (Unlimited) 07/16/2009 Santa Monica Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Contractual Fraud (Unlimited) 04/27/2011 Stanley Mosk Courthouse 92
NOVAL VICTOR Othr Breach Contr/Warr-not Fraud (Unlimited) 08/08/2013 Santa Monica Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Civil 10/11/1990
NOVAL VICTOR Civil 02/15/1990
NOVAL VICTOR Other Compl-not Tort or Complex (Unlimited) 10/15/1991 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Commrcial Compl-Not Tort or Complx (Unlimited) 07/24/1992 Torrance Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Commrcial Compl-Not Tort or Complx (Unlimited) 03/21/1996 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Small Claims 10/07/2002 Torrance Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Civil Harassment (Unlimited) 04/11/2006 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Civil Harassment (Unlimited) 04/20/2006 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR UD/Residence (not Drugs/Evict) (Unlimited) 04/17/2006 Santa Monica Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Other Real Property Rights Case (Unlimited) 04/19/2006 Santa Monica Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Civil Petition - TRO/Dom Violence 04/12/2006 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Other Intentional Tort-notPI/WD/PD (Unlimited) 04/23/2009 Stanley Mosk Courthouse 6
NOVAL VICTOR Breach Contrct/Warnty (Sellr Pltf) (Unlimited) 06/28/2010 Stanley Mosk Courthouse 94
NOVAL VICTOR Civil 11/29/1989

NOVAL VICTOR Civil 12/13/1989
NOVAL VICTOR Injunct Relief-not Dom/Harrassmt (Unlimited) 09/19/1997 Norwalk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR UD/Residence (not Drugs/Evict) (Unlimited) 11/04/1992 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Small Claims 12/27/1995 West Los Angeles Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Small Claims 04/29/1994 Van Nuys Courthouse West
NOVAL VICTOR Eminent Domain/Condemnation (Unlimited) 06/19/2003 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Contract - Tortious Interference (Unlimited) 03/16/2006 Stanley Mosk Courthouse 384
NOVAL VICTOR Other Intentional Tort-notPI/WD/PD (Unlimited) 05/07/2007 Stanley Mosk Courthouse 49
NOVAL VICTOR Civil Petition - TRO/Dom Violence 09/13/2007 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Othr Breach Contr/Warr-not Fraud (Unlimited) 01/29/2013 Santa Monica Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Breach Contrct/Warnty (Sellr Pltf) (Unlimited) 01/27/2014 Van Nuys Courthouse East
NOVAL VICTOR Civil Petition - Other (Unlimited) 03/12/2014 Santa Monica Courthouse
NOVAL VICTOR Civil 02/09/1990
NOVAL VICTOR Civil 11/10/1988
NOVAL, VICTOR BREACH OF CONTRACT/WARRANTY - CONTRACT (Limited) 06/13/1997 West Los Angeles Courthouse
VICTOR JESUS NOVAL Contractual Fraud (Unlimited) 09/20/2004 Stanley Mosk Courthouse 32
VICTOR NOVAL BREACH OF CONTRACT/WARRANTY - CONTRACT (Limited) 06/13/1997 West Los Angeles Courthouse
VICTOR NOVAL BREACH OF CONTRACT/WARRANTY - CONTRACT (Limited) 06/11/1997 West Los Angeles Courthouse

Merv Griffin did indeed once own this property. He bought the 157-acre site in 1987 from the sister of the late Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi of Iran, In 1997 he sold it to Mark Hughes of Herbalife.

It was, is, listed at $95,000,000. 157 Acre Mountain Top Compound, $95,000,000, 1652 Tower Grove, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Rihanna had a diamond ball there Decmeber 2014. The party was paid for by the charity foundation. Victor had nothing to do with it. He merely rented the land to the foundation who handled everything.

They put up a glass tent for the event.

The Vineyard Beverly Hills, Rihanna, party, 
Here is a video. Why does he even call it the vineyards when there are no vineyards on the property?

The Vineyard Beverly Hills from Vineyard Beverly Hills on Vimeo.

Here is a map to the exact location

The supposed planned development is below. They can only build six mansions. Mansions this size completely fully built appliances...with occupancy permits go for $20 million. That means if there were houses built on the land they'd sell for $120,000,000 total. Victor thinks the land alone is worth $1 billion dollars! Currently it is accessed at $22 million for the land. If it were worth less, they would send in an application to get value reduced to save on taxes but they haven't. If you look at the ridiculous video they made for the property they show a vineyard yet there is no vineyard. They also show pics of mansions built and owner by others in different cities as if to say they have already been built here. How is this person not in jail?

The Vineyard Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Tower Grove, 90210
Article written about the property. Sounds more like promotion to me.

Beverly Hills, the last frontier
By Meg Clifford

"After more than 30 years, the last true frontier in Beverly Hills is under development. Just blocks from the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel and moments from the world class shopping district of Rodeo Drive, the 157 acre (63.5 hectare) hilltop estate off Benedict Canyon will be transformed into the world’s most exclusive and private residential enclave. Overlooking a working vineyard, the estates, fittingly called The Vineyard Beverly Hills, are already attracting strong domestic and international interest according to Noval Development. However, it seems even the most powerful and influential leaders of the world’s stage may face some tough obstacles in their effort to secure one of only six uber-elite mountaintop residences. While living in Beverly Hills is beautiful, these 30,000 to 40,000 square foot (2787 m² - 3716 m²) estates will boast unparalleled panoramic views of Los Angeles all the way to Malibu!

Along with a 24-hour concierge service, the development will be equipped with the world’s paramount security and high-tech installations. Perhaps the most unique highlight for a residence in Beverly Hills is the working vineyard. The vineyard is to be cultivated on the estate, employing one of Napa Valley’s star vintners. The private reserve wine will be bottled in the Napa Valley and distributed to residents annually. Development President Noval explains, “we had considered landscaping the four acres, but felt this was such a great amenity — and an exceptionally rare one.”

Recently, on a typically sunny California day, I was invited by Noval to walk the site with the elite team he assembled for the development. I took the seven-minute drive from The Beverly Hills Hotel, through Benedict Canyon, up to The Vineyard with California’s eminent homebuilder to the stars John Finton, of Finton Construction, the most successful executive in the Beverly Hills real estate community Jeff Hyland, of Hilton & Hyland and landscape Starchitect Mark Rios, of Rios Clementi Hale Studios. My first reaction when we arrived was that I was facing a near impossible task having to recount what I saw and felt looking out over the city. Simply describing the views as “unparalleled panoramic views of Los Angeles all the way to the ocean” falls short of the almost “god-like” experience had by each of the privileged few who have accessed the site.

Despite being located in the prime of Beverly Hills, the land remained vacant for several decades, making The Vineyard Beverly Hills the last of its kind. Originally owned by Princess Shams, a sister of the late Shah of Iran, the property passed to the Shah himself who intended to retire in a $20 million USD palace he planned to build there. Following his death, the parcel of land was sold to American media mogul Merv Griffin in 1987, whose enthusiasm and significant financial backing had all the necessary elements for a successful development. Blueprints were drawn up for a 58,000 square foot (5388 m²) estate complete with “…a helipad, a couple of lakes, and a Palladio-style villa, like those you see outside Venice (Italy) but with a variation, because we’ll need lots of glass for the views,” announced Griffin in 1987.

Momentum for this estate quickly diminished for Griffin, whose attention diverted to his new interest in hotels after securing The Beverly Hilton just one month later, and he quietly began looking for a buyer. In 1997 he sold the land to Herbalife founder Mark Hughes for $8.5 million USD. Hughes debuted on the Los Angeles real estate scene in 1983 after his newsworthy purchase of the legendary American singer Kenny Rogers’ famed Lionsgate estate in Bel Air. Unfortunately Hughes passed before construction began on what was rumored to be a $75 million USD project, and the property became part of the Hughes trust. The land was later acquired by Noval Development, who were granted the rights to develop the land. Says Noval “The site really is the last of its kind, so we wanted to make sure that The Vineyard lived up to the extraordinary possibilities of the location.”

The Vineyard and its six residences have been contracted to Finton Construction. “What we will build — using some of the most sought after architects, designers and materials — will never be dated. It will be as timeless now as it will be in 150 years. These will be classical homes and they will be classically correct in terms of the materials, which will come from all over the world,” said Finton (, who has built homes for some of the most discerning clients such as Simon Cowell, Jennifer Lopez, Barbra Streisand and Forbes captains of industry.

These houses will be inspired by the style of a French Chateaux or a Mediterranean Villa, while taking advantage of flawless Los Angeles weather. They will reflect the perfect marriage between classic architecture and the distinctive relaxed lifestyle in California. Finton notes that in comparison to the near-by Beverly Park, “The Vineyard offers a level of security and privacy only heightened by astonishing views that cannot be matched by any other development in the city, or the country for that matter.”

Each of the six estates in The Vineyard are estimated to be priced among the most expensive new homes in the world. “The residences will be constructed to the highest quality imaginable,” said Hyland ( who will market and sell the homes in conjunction with Christie’s International Real Estate (

“Really, this is it in terms of the most exclusive estate living in America,” Noval said. “You can’t get any better in terms of the services offered, the quality of construction, architecture and design, and at the highest vantage point in Beverly Hills the view is indescribable, it’s truly magical up there.”

Construction is to be completed by 2014. For more news on The Vineyard please visit "

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

Mary Cummins, Mary K. Cummins, Mary Katherine Cummins, Mary Cummins-Cobb, Mary, Cummins, Cobb, real estate, appraiser, appraisal, instructor, teacher, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Brentwood, Bel Air, California, licensed, permitted, single family, condo, pud, hud, fannie mae, freddie mac, uspap, certified, residential, certified resident, apartment building, multi-family, commercial, industrial, expert witness, civil, criminal, orea, dre, insurance, bonded, experienced, bilingual, spanish, english, form, 1004, 2055, land, raw, acreage, vacant, insurance, cost, income approach, market analysis, comparative, theory, appraisal theory, cost approach, sales, matched pairs, plot, plat, map, diagram, photo, photographs, photography, rear, front, street, subject, comparable, sold, listed, active, pending, expired, cancelled, listing, mls, multiple listing service, claw, themls,


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