Monday, April 20, 2015

Michael Higby author of Mayor Sam blog is dead. MayorSam, blog, michael higby, defamation, troll, flame wars

Michael Higby, Mike Higby, Mayor Sam, blog, blogger, los angeles, politics,, campaign, vicious, defamation, libel, attacks, lobbyist, advertising, evil

I just heard that Michael Higby the author of MayorSam blog is dead. This obit below leaves out a whole other side of Michael Higby. Michael Higby allowed people to post defamatory, obscene, disgusting filth about many people on his blog. People threatened to sue him for defamation. He would back down when he got a letter from an attorney which stated they're filing a lawsuit against him. He knowingly posted totally false and disgusting things about people.

Michael Higby revealed to me that he made some of the nasty posts as another user just to get the threads going. He made money off the ads on his blog. He also would advertise for politicians and campaign for them. He would use his blogs to attack their rival posting false crap.

Michael Higby in public said he welcomed open discourse about City Hall. He stated he didn't support or represent any politician treating them all fairly. Things could not be further from the truth. He was a hypocrite and a liar. He was paid to attack politicians and others. He'd intentionally spread false rumors about candidates cheating on their wives, having sex with employees...when he knew it was false.

Michael Higby asked me to hook him up with one of my girlfriends. I politely said all my girlfriends are married when it was not the case. The guy is a mean asshole. I would never hook him up with one of my girlfriends.

I'm not the only one who feels this way. I got a bunch of emails this morning from other people he attacked. They all said "Good riddance!" Michael Higby here even let Dan Guss be an admin on his blog. Dan Guss would attack everyone in City Hall. He's also a convicted criminal who stole someone's dogs and refused to return them even after he was in jail.

I asked Michael Higby many times to remove the obscene, death threats, defamatory posts about me but he refused. I was forced to crash his blogs repeatedly until he finally removed the posts. Yes, I was the one who crashed his disgusting blogs. I posted the definition of "love" over and over until I overloaded the servers and page.

Michael Higby attacked Mike Gatto relentlessly. Here's a response to his attacks. Michael Higby created many enemies by attacking people for money or just for fun. Like I would ever hook up a loser like this with one of my friends. I'm sure there's a very hot place in hell for this guy. Buh bye!

Here's a blog which exposes Mike Higby. After Higby's nasty attacks against me from 2005-2008 I stopped following the blog. He is a racist. He hates blacks and Mexicans. He would post nasty shit about me being part Mexican in one of his many user names. Then to be even nastier he'd pretend to be me and post anti-Mexican posts with a pic of me wearing a sombrero. Nasty, disgusting, useless piece of shit. All I can say is Karma! I'm sure the stress he created was part of the reason he was morbidly obese and died in his car.

People keep talking about the fact that Mike had lymphedema. His morbid obesity was the cause of his lymphedema. He only became morbidly obese in the last 15 years of his life. He caused his own health problems. I would bet that his morbid obesity and lymphedema is the cause of his heart attack which killed him. He'd post pics of himself at dinner eating very unhealthy foods in mass quantities while drinking alcohol. He basically committed a very slow suicide. I'd bet the psychological problems he had is what caused him to enjoy attacking others with outright lies. He told me he knowingly lied when he said a politician was cheating on his wife. He knew it was false yet he posted it. I don't agree with people who post false shit about others. That's why I only post the truth.

I was just informed that Michael Higby had been posting about me continually from 2005 up until he died, ten years straight. I hadn't posted on that blog since 2008 maybe yet he continued to talk about me as one of his "regular posters" for the past seven years. When he was in one of his anony user names he'd post misogynist crap about me and to me.

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