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10/15/2021 Six years into this now obvious scam and nothing has changed. She never went to the eating disorder clinic even though people raised over $200,000 for that purposes. She hasn't gained weight or gotten healthier. She's continued to beg for money, gifts and gotten them. Anyone supporting her today is just enabling Rod and Rachael in their money and attention scam. 

11/14/2020 I knew this was coming. Rachael is now using the church and religion to con people out of money. She says she's working with Celebrate Recovery and Pastor Rick Warren. Rachael has no intention of ever recovering. She and Rod are using this scam for money. Rachael is not a licensed or certified psychiatrist, counselor or therapist. She's probaby giving really bad advice that could harm people. 

10/09/2020 Rachel is now offering ... Zoom exercise classes. She's also offering a "support group" for people with any illness and religious people. She introduces herself with her name and a list of illnesses, i.e. PTSD, ED... She's become a professional "disabled" person. Playing people for money is her job. Fleecing people with stories to get donations is her income.She will never get better as that is not her goal.  Her goal is money and attention and easily influenced people are giving it to her.

09/11/2020 Rachael is super thin again. She's playing to her audience by being super thin and eating on video. That gets her the most attention. People are leaving concerned comments. Some said she must be purging. Rod responds by saying she hates throwing up. We all know they lied about doing drugs and everything else so who would believe this new lie? No one should. They're still begging for money. 

Below are some comments made on the  video in question. 

Becky Marie
5 days ago
Can anyone fill me in? Did Rachel relapse? It seems as if she is in very poor condition.. is it a health issue causing the weight loss?

16 hours ago
Rachael's Road to Recovery - her labs are off because she is so malnourished- those are not causing her weight loss!  Kidneys and liver go and then it’s the heart.  I’m sorry but there is no way that she is mentally well being in that advanced state of malnutrition.  It isn’t humanly possible.  I’m really sad to see the state that Rachael is in.

16 hours ago
Taureanfitness - no weight gain isn’t everything but it’s a huge part- esp when so underweight.  Of course mentally we feel better being underweight because that is how we are comfortable and that is what our ED wants.  Good positive mental health and recovery comes when weight restored and one can still feel “mentally the best yet”, or “clear headed”, or “turning the love back onto oneself”.... one can not support others in recovery when they are clearly so very stuck.

5 days ago (edited)
Are these small groups run by people in solid recovery or professionals? I just worry that because they might not have an experienced moderator, they might be harmful.

I also worry because it doesn’t appear that you’re doing very well, despite everything you’re saying. Perhaps leading groups right now might not be the best thing.

reni macintosh
5 days ago
Rachael, I have the impression that you live in kind of a fairy tale world :   In every vid you are looking thinner and thinner.   You remind me more and more of this  Terry Wyndham (Anorexia rebooted)......   wanna be healthy  but  as  skinny as possible at  the same Time.

Skye Dawson
3 days ago
Oh Rachel. Why do you look like you've lost so much weight. I can only see bones again. Please please be truthful and let us know what's happened. Much love

Jules Mo
5 days ago
Sorry Honey,but I dont understand it....You eat,but still You are just skin and bones....

Truth be Told
1 day ago
It is almost 2021.......waste of life Rachel

Rhonda Smith
4 days ago
@gold seraph Being someone who suffers from anorexia too. I have to admit I was put off by this video and not sure I will tune in for anymore. It would be so much more beneficial to me and im sure others who are suffering if she were totally transparent and forthcoming about where she is right now in recovery. Instead she's in this hyper state talking of small groups that honestly make little sense to me.

gold seraph
5 days ago (edited)
I noticed her demeanor too.  I thought perhaps she is back on the ​Fentanyl patches.  And what's going on with the mask?   It's only her and Rod filming.  Is that supposed to hide how thin her face is. Why do they show her shoveling food at the beginning. She is only throwing it back up once the camera is off.  I mean really, it's gotten to the point that they are insulting our intelligence...and for we donate money?  I don't understand what they are trying to do.  I practically  bled my heart out on the previous vid. Begging her to reveal that she is purging.  We all see it.  I gave her a hint on how to overcome guilt from the past.  Not a word of thanks.  They ignore all the posts that mention she is getting thinner.  I hate to be a downer but this just isn't conducive to healthy living or even attempting to live healthy.  She is not addressing the real issue at all.  The issue that will kill her.  I feel like I'm banging my head on the wall.  I don't mean to be offensive...I love the heck out of that girl.

T Wils
4 days ago
@fourangelsmomma Something is definitely not right with this situation. I have been trying to be positive and hopeful but there is no way if they have been putting in the efforts they say they are, she'd still look this way. I first donated in 2015 and have followed her since then. I've seen small steps forward and then what seems like 10 steps back. I have been praying for her and so hopeful for 5 years, yet every time I see her she is the same. Perhaps it's because she not in a recovery program in a facility. Perhaps it's something else entirely but not only is It is very disheartening, it's also suspicious.

Eileen Hurley
I hate to say it but this reporter Mary may be right. If you Google Rachael Farrokh scam, there are more articles about her and Rod scamming people for money. It's obvious that she's ill but why hasn't she used the money donated to go to a clinic. Rod is not an expert/professionaL I no longer believe it's because clinics refuse to take her because she's too thin. It doesn't make sense. That's the purpose of the clinics. She needs to stop playing with her life and get some actual real help or stop taking people's money. I don't think it's right to have people donating to sustain an environment of illness. I wish her well and I'd like to see some real and lasting progress. Another article.

04/02/2020 She's lost weight and is trying to blame it on edema from refeeding syndrome. Scroll down to see what refeeding syndrome actually is. It happens within two weeks of starting to eat again. This scam has been going on since April 2015, five years. Either she went back on drugs or this was intentional to get more donations. Rachael is intentionally using light to make her look as thin as possible. She's wearing clingy clothes to show of her thinness. The ED experts who used to send in notes about this case have stopped long ago as they realize it's now a scam. Notice how much Rachael loves the attention she gets in her live videos. I'm shocked I ever believed this person.

03/21/2020 Off with the face mask. She lost weight and lied about it. She said it's from "refeeding syndrome." Any people who still follow and believe her must just want to believe her lies. Maybe she's back on drugs. Maybe she lost weight so people would donate more money, send her more gifts. Who knows. By now it's clear she does not want to gain weight or get better. 

03/15/2020 Drama queen is wearing a face mask in her own home with Rod. That won't protect her from the corona virus but it's a nice prop. She claims she's still in refeeding syndrome and gained 40-50 lbs of water. She said she just lost the water. She said the water weight was breaking her bones. She said her face looks bad after getting infections. Probably just a cold sore. Refeeding lasts five to ten days. We're going on year two now at least. It's been five years since this started and no recovery. Why? Because that was never the goal. The goal is money and now attention. It was also to keep getting the fentanyl to which Rachael was addicted. 

Rachel says she doesn't allow bullies. What about her husband who has bullied me and posted false and defamatory things about me? 

12/27/19 Rachael said she had 40 lbs of water weight. She said she lost most of it. Sounds like she's going to get skinny again so she can beg for more money like she did after Portugal. Rod talked about being more "transparent." Rachael talks about her fractures. If she had fractures, they would have healed by now. Previously she said her bones have less than the lowest bone rating. She said her bones are bending. People with osteoporosis don't have bones that bend. They have bones that break. So many lies. Only true suckers still believe these two scam artists. 

11/30/2019 Rod and Rachael are complaining that their not getting the medical care they need. Rachael has Medicare. They give you basic medical care. If they wanted to go to an eating disorder clinic, they should have paid to go to one back in 2015 when they received over $200,000 which was specifically donated to go to an eating disorder clinic. If her insurance thought she really needed to go to an ED clinic, they would pay for it. They refuse to pay for her to go to an ED clinic. Rod just made a dramatic video like he's shooting a reality tv show. This is a well calculated money scam. If people were to give her another $200,000 today, she still wouldn't go to an ED clinic. She's only whining about it to get donations. 

10/29/2019 I commented on a post Rod made on his FB page couple of days ago. He replied by posting false and defamatory things about me. When people don't have facts or an argument, they resort to personal attacks. 

Rod was complaining that the Denver ACUTE clinic wouldn't take Rachael, allegedly. They agreed to take her April 2015 but Rachael refused to go because she was/is a drug addict. Rachael was given $200,000 to go to Denver. She refused to go then spent the money on herself. Rachael has Medicare insurance. It pays for all the bills. She doesn't need money for healthcare. Rod and Rachael used that money for personal expenses. 

Rod and Rachael went to the ER the other day. ER couldn't find her a bed. They did EKG, xray and blood.They found nothing wrong with her that they could treat. She allegedly has edema, bloating. It's not from refeeding. Rod keeps saying that Rachael needs refeeding. Previously he stated he's a nutrition expert. He will refeed Rachael. Now that the donations aren't flowing in Rachael wants to go to the hospital so she will appear ill so people will donate money. 

Hospital sent her home after doing tests. This proves there is no dire medical condition. Rachael and Rod are just acting. 

10/25/2019 Many different experts and websites have stated Rachael Farrokh and Rod Edmondson are running a gofundme scam. Here are a few. The first is from a lawyer. He calls out the major inconsistences in Rachael's story, namely that the money was raised to go to ACUTE but Rod said she couldn't go because of the elevation. It was a lie.

Rod posted on his Facebook page that he and Rachael never lie. He posted they always told everyone about her drug addiction. He states the Denver clinic is the one who turned them away the first time. If you scroll down, you will see that a representative from the Denver clinic stated Rod never contacted them to see about Rachael going three. Rod and Rachael continue to lie in order to scam people for money. Again, Rachael is not currently suffering from "refeeding syndrome." That is a one to two week event which happens immediately after an anorexic starts to eat again. Remember Rachael once stated she was totally paralyzed for months yet didn't go to the hospital at that time. Scroll down to see that. The Rod and Rachael money scam continues. 

Rod is fake crying to get more suckers to give them money. People gave them $200,000 to go to the Aspen ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders ED clinic but they refused because Rachael was actually just a drug addict addicted to Fentanyl which she didn't even need. Rod says the hospitals are mean for not treating her now for free. If they gave the Aspen ED the $150,000 which was intended for them, they would have had treatment. They lied and made up story after story about why they couldn't go. The elevation was too high! Such insulting excuses. By now the only ones who still believe would believe anything they said. Someone needs to file a police report for fraud. All that money meant to be spent for ED help was spent on everything except that. Rachael finally admits she had full insurance all along which paid for everything. They kept the $200,000+ and spent it on themselves. Rod even posted on his personal page right before he started this scam that it will either go really well or really poorly. It's done both depending upon what the goal was. Rod and Rachael fleeced people for $200,000 with the lie that Rachael needed it for an ED clinic. 

Rod says he needs the hospital to refeed Rachael. Refeeding was over a long time ago. Plus Rod and Rachael claim they are experts at refeeding, nutrition, diet.... 

Rod is now ranting against the hospital for not giving her a bed and keeping her there. They released her as she does not need to be in a hospital. Rod is lying about her condition and the hospital. Refeeding syndrome is a short term condition. We're talking one to two weeks. Rachael is long passed that. Rachael has swelling which happens when you intentionally starve yourself as Rachael has done. Remember she wore a fitbit to calculate her calories so she could lose weight. It was part of the plan to make the video and make money. It's now been 4.5 YEARS since the money scam started. The media is hip to it. People in the know are hip to it. Hospital is hip to it. Aspen ED clinic is hip to the scam. There are just a few followers on Facebook who still believe Rachael and Rod's lies. 

10/24/2019 Hospital discharged Rachael as they could find nothing wrong with her. Clearly Rod and Rachael went to the hospital without having a real concern. They just wanted some drama to drum up more donations for their scam. They needed pics of Rachael moaning in a hospital bed and Rod crying into the camera in the parking lot. Rod just said two more ED places refuse to take Rachael. More stories just like the first time April 2015. It's now been 4.5 years of this money scam for a drug addict pathological liar beggars. 

10/23/2019 Get ready for the story of stories!!!! This one is a doozy!! Rachael and Rod need more money!!! They called the Denver ED clinic whom they say is the best ED clinic in the world. Rachael is now over her "trust" issues and is willing to go. She has allegedly doubled her weight at home states Rod. The clinic turned her away because they don't take her insurance which is Medicare. Remember, she had $200,000 to pay for the clinic in cash which they spent on living expenses and drugs, Fentanyl, drugs, drugs, clothing, jewelry, food for Rod, rent.... 

Rachael and Rod have been building up the drama and shit to beg for more money. They now claim the Denver ED clinic is evil for refusing Rachael. Rod states that Rachael claimed disability in 2015 for her ED. She received Medicare insurance which is common. This means ALL of Rachael's medical bills have been paid for since the very beginning. She begged for money for medical bills which her insurance paid. Rod says the Denver clinic won't take her insurance. Of course not. That's what the $200,000 was supposed to pay for. Maybe Rod thought it'd be free?! ;-) This gig is up. Throw in the towel. 

Rod states Rachael is in dire straits. She's been at the ER since yesterday trying to get a room. They don't have a room for her which means it's not an emergency. If it were, they'd find her a room. Clearly this is another pity play for money. Rod states they're running tests but can't find anything wrong yet. Rod gets melodramatic and states they may be told to go home and figure it out for themselves. These people have no shame. Rachael and Rod are shitty actors.

10/22/2019 Rachael Farrokh is acting, being dramatic and lying again. She says her bones are "bending" from the water weight of 25-30 lbs. Previously she said she had a -5 bone density reading which doesn't exist. It goes down to -4 only. If she had a -5 reading, her bones would break and not "bend." 

The human body is 50-60% water. If someone weighed 100 lbs, 50-60 lbs would be water. That's a normal range. 

Rachael keeps talking about how she's helping people with ED. She's actually harming them. She says she's "beaten ED." She has never beaten ED. She still has ED. Rachael clearly knows nothing about overcoming ED as she has never done so. She keeps posting videos of her poor acting skills trying to be dramatic to get money from people. Remember everyone, she was, maybe still is, a Fentanyl addict for years. Fentanyl causes anorexia. It'll be interesting to see how this scam ends. If Rachael were ever to overcome ED, people wouldn't be giving her money anymore. 

10/17/2019 Rachael continues to intentionally post photos that make her appear sick. In one video she is clearly standing while she allegedly just get out of general anesthesia. A regular person who got out of general anesthesia would not be standing and mumbling gibberish. Bad action

Rachael now says her bone density is -5.0 when osteoporosis is -2.5. A bone density score of -5 is so low that it's off the chart. The lowest it goes is -4.0. That means this is probably a lie like when she said she weighed 42 lbs. That was also a lie. A t-test of -5 would mean she lost 50% of her bones.  She is the one who starved herself while exercising while wearing a Fitbit on her wrist to calculate calories burned. She and Rod are both "certified" nutritionists and sports exercise trainers. 

Rachael is now getting "medical" help at a chiropractic center allegedly named OC Sports Rehab Center in Lake Forest or at least that's when Rod is standing while making the video. It's possible Rachael doesn't go there at all. So many lies and stories you can't believe anything they say. Rod says she is getting lymphatic treatments there. He also says she's jumping on a tranpoline to relieve edema. If someone has osteoporosis, why would they be jumping on a trampoline? Rachael keeps stating she can't stand even while she's standing. 

09/22/2019 Rachael is on The Josh Show on YouTube again. The show enables Rachael to continue this money scam. They make money off the show. 

09/11/2019 Is it possible that Peggy is back in Canada trying to treat someone with ED? The Canadian criminal justice system already ruled that Peggy cannot legally treat people for eating disorders or anything related in Canada. Peggy is not licensed in Canada to treat anyone. Canada shut down her eating disorder clinic years ago in 1999 because of many violations. People's lives are at stake. Here's an article about Peggy being shut down in Canada. Peggy was chased out of Canada and ran to Portugal where they have loose regulations. 

09/10/2019 Rachael is laying on the theatrics to beg for money. She feels "claustrophic" in her own body. This is just the usual Rod and Rachael show where they create a non-existent problem. Only your love, and money, can save Rachael. Now Rod says they didn't go to the ED center because they had trust issues. They didn't go because Rachael was a full on drug addict who was totally addicted to Fentanyl. She had been for many years. That is why she was so thin. Fentanyl causes anorexia. 

08/16/2019 Rachael is now just being an "actress" with ridiculous props and snap chat filters. She's so desperate for attention. She even started another fundraiser because $200,000 isn't enough money for doing nothing except being a Fentanyl addict for years and lying about it. 

Rachael claims to be helping people with ED. She most certainly is not. She's harming them. She is just helping herself by taking money and gifts while lying. This is just the Rachael show. Couldn't make it as an actress so she started a pity party show talking about her potty. This really needs to end soon but there are suckers out there who believe her crap.

07/27/2019 Rachael gets rid of her remaining Fentanyl. She gave them to her pain doc. She was taking Duragest 75 mcg/hour, "DURAGESIC is indicated for the management of pain in opioid-tolerant patients." This is from Duragesic website. WTF? "If the patch falls off before 72 hours, dispose of it by folding in half and flushing down the toilet." " Patients should dispose of used patches immediately upon removal by folding the adhesive side of the patch to itself, then flushing down the toilet." They should not be throwing it in the toilet. Treated sewage does not filter out medications. The drugs end up in rivers, the ocean and in ground water. They end up in human drinking water. This is what you should do with meds. 

"The most common adverse reactions ( ≥ 5%) in a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial in patients with severe pain were nausea, vomiting, somnolence, dizziness, insomnia, constipation, hyperhidrosis, fatigue, feeling cold, and anorexia." 

The pain doc in the video is one of the two docs who refused to treat her until she got off drugs. Those two doctors were given a tip about Rachael's years long drug addiction to Fentanyl. They did the right thing. The recent CDC guidelines also forced them to reduce her Fentanyl.

07/20/2019 Rod and Rachael are allegedly nutrition experts yet they're stating things which don't make any sense. She was taking promethasine with codeine after the fentanyl. She still takes 5-325 hydrocodone at night and other pain meds. She now says she has pancreatitis again. Earlier she stated she almost had pancreatitis. She's taking CBD oil extract. So many stories. The only thing I do notice is that she's not as anorexic since she cut down the Fentanyl. Thank god for the new CDC guidelines or she never would have cut down the dose. She may still go back. 

07/13/2019 It turns out Rachael lost her GP because they realized she was a drug addict. She tried to get another but they wouldn't accept her because she was a drug addict. When Rachael said she had to get off drugs before she could get more treatment it was because of the new opioid regulations. She was forced to get off drugs. Now that she's off drugs she can now eat. How much longer will this con last? People won't keep giving her money unless she has medical issues. 

06/25/2019 Rachael Farrokh fell down or maybe they just said she fell to get meds? She sounds high in the ER. She's not making sense, "helping others, helping each other, all of us." Hard to believe anything they say today because they have lied about so many things. 

06/17/2019 I've been told that Peggy Claude Pierre is being investigated in Portugal for homicide, fraud, negligence and more. She was investigated in Canada and found guilty of various things. Will be interesting to see what Portugal does. 

06/10/2019 Two patients at Peggy Claude Pierre's place in Portugal have died. I've been more have died soon after leaving Peggy's place. Why is this unlicensed person allowed to continue harming people with eating disorders? She sees to prey mainly on people who don't speak English. Maybe because they can't do the research to find her past. This is translated from portuguese.

"False psychologist. Two young women die from anorexia. It happened in the daylight in the Algarve, between several apartments, for six years and culminated in the death of two young victims of anorexia. Peggy Claudepierre, a false psychologist who set up a clinic of horrors in Portugal, managed to fool Ira Nikkoy's parents with dozens of others.
She traveled to Holland and assured them that for 30 thousand euros a month she would cure her daughter through a method developed by her own, accompanied by a medical treatment. 

When they arrived in Portimão, Ira's parents found only one vacation apartment. From there until they were sure the achievement was too late. 

After the death of the daughter, in January of 2017, they presented / displayed complaint by mockery and homicide to the Public Ministry. The case remains unresolved. Peggy remains free and speaks to Friday at 9."

05/26/2019 Rachael does FB and YT live. Someone asked why they didn't go to Denver. Rachael makes up a story. First she said it was the ONLY place that could help her. Then she lies and said she contacted them but they didn't get back to her. Not true. Rachael then said she realized she could get local treatment in California. 

She talks more about her drug problems. She said because it's a patch she doesn't get a high. She stated she has a high tolerance level to opiates. She's trying to wean herself off but it causes her to become anorexic. She doesn't want to be anorexic so she keeps the patch on. Whatever.

Someone asked why aren't you in the hospital. She replied with jibberish. She blames it on the fentanyl patch and doctors not knowing how complex things are. 

If you remember around January she was going to speak at an event in March about EDs. Didn't happen. 

05/11/2019 And Rod took down the two not 100% positive posts. Thankfully I saved them below. 

05/10/2019 Her acting is so bad, i.e. "oh, we're rolling?" Rachael has allegedly been going through withdrawals and was vomiting. A rehab facility would be a better place for her but then she can't make fake videos to beg for money or keep taking drugs. 

05/09/2019 More gofundme comments that I'll repost before Rod takes them down.

22 hours ago

For those who read this before Rod gets a chance to delete it. Rod is deleting comments that tell the truth. Updates about what is going on that is bad for Rachael are deleted from this fundraiser. 1.) Not only did this couple refuse professional treatment once they were given the money--into the six figures-- for it years ago, breaking a promise to those who donated...2. ) She has been on Fentanyl the whole time (this is what killed Prince). And it kills the appetite--the reason they don't want to deal with a good doctor--he would insist she get off it. 3. Also, if he is her husband, and a personal trainer, why the hell did he let it get this bad? 40 pounds?! The way we saw her in 2015. (And this man is...a personal trainer, his profession is supposedly all about physical health!) Please, do your research outside of the sites they control, sites where they delete comments that tell the truth. ( Mary Cummins in particular. You will do this if you truly care for her. Rod let her get this bad, and let her stay on a deadly, appetite killing drug for years. Donating to this gofundme is letting Rod win. Rod wins only if he keep her skinny. Please, keep an open mind."

05052019 These comment from the gofundme page will probably disappear like the other negative ones. Everyone can clearly tell what is happening. Anyone who posts a negative comment gets reported to gofundme and ends up blocked.

16 hours ago

I have followed your story for way too long now without saying anything. Oh GOD, please forgive me!! No, i can't fix Rachael but it is my responsibility as a friend & Christian that I faithfully pray for the both of you & plead with you Rod to get her HELP!! In your last update, you snapped a selfie of yourself while saluting your famous love sign & saying that Rachael is OK. NEWSFLASH, she's NOT ok. Forgive me if I sound mean or not caring. That is farthest from the TRUTH. I strive to love as Jesus loves & lay down my life for anyone. (John 15:13) I will not deny that your story makes me want to SCREAM while it makes my mind incredibly livid & my heart burst into infinite tears of sadness!! You may think you are helping Rachael, but you are NOT. She needs INTENSIVE hospital care where she can be monitered 24/7. THANK God I never hit 40 lbs, but I battled chronic anorexiabulimiaoverexercise ect. for 20+ years. Im 40 now. I hit 80 lbs, 6xs thru out the wicked ED'S & was puking up to 30 times a day. I DEF understand the demonic hell & torment that goes along with it all. I caused a HUGE list of med problems & was always in the hospital. I never got better until I finally surrendered it all to GOD. He is our HEALER. (Psalm 30 & 103) My body SCREAMS in AGONIZING pain today from all the trauma I put my body thru since I was a kid but PRAISING God im still alive!! He has NEVER left my side. (Joshua 1:8-9) WHY isn't Rachael in a hospital?? Its NOT cuz no one will take her. Don't believe that. Plus, Adrianne Whelan who is a nurse at John Hopkins left a comment on this page & clearly says they WILL take her. That was 4 years ago!! You've been collecting donations for over 4 years now & Rachael is still as BAD as ever. Wake up my Brother!!! She's HORRENDOUSLY underweight still. Maybe she put on a whole 5 lbs or so. She's still DYING!!! You making her soup full of green beans & tomatoes wouldn't suffice an infant. Do your research. Let ED'S specialists help you BOTH. It takes over 5,000 calories to help restore weight in anorexia but proven some need 9,000 a day when in hyperburn/hypermetabolism. Just because people see her eat a frie or two DOESN'T mean she's recovered. She's so incredibly sick!! You guys raive about your silly pooping unicorns when Rachael is in CRITICAL medical need. Her brain is so malnourished. I've seen the walking interview a few years back when she was restoring weight. Her mind was finally becoming clear. She wasn't incompetent like she is now. You joke & take pics of the cyst on her eyelid when pulling out eyelashes/hair is SERIOUS as well, you pose while holding Rachael in diapers; (first video asking for help) and Rachael is always half naked. We don't need to see details of her bones. It's clear that she's emaciated. Then she says her butt is filling out. Get real. She has body dysmorphia & is mentally unstable. This whole fentanyl withdrawal has been going on for how many months??? Yet she doesnt shake when you have foreign tv interviews. PLEASE go get HELP!!! I don't believe your drs are real because no dr in their right mind would let Rachael do physical therapy or chiropractic. She says her teeth are her weapons but she's NOT eating enough for a mouse to survive. WHY doesn't she have a feeding tube??? There are millions of people who cant eat because of med problems but are NOT underweight because they get adequate nutrition in their tubes. Have you applied for Food stamps, Medicaid or social security Disability??? They would clearly ACCEPT Rachael!! How about A&E Intervention tv show?? They will pay 100K for treatment. I was ONE step from getting my anorexic friend Scott on the show BUT his own mother rejected IT!! She's no diff than you in my eyes. You are ONLY ENABLING Rachael to stay sick. You guys are codependent on ea other. You say Rachael almost died from too much water yet another video she is chugging water saying she needs it. You say you need a food Bank to help w money yet Rachael always has her hair dyed and manicures. She's wears the same black & pink hoodie daily. Im NOT trying to tear you 2 apart. My heart, soul & spirit area SCREAMING out to GOD that you get Rachael HELP now!!! You have a HUGE variety of resources. Please STOP trying to do it on your own while trying to get donations. This has gone on too LONG!! Rachael's life DEPENDS ON IT!!! Asking GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT to HELP, DELIVER, HEAL & LEAD YOU BOTH!!! (Jeremiah 33:3, Hebrews 4, Psalm 121, John 14, Romans 8, Jeremiah 29:11-13, Proverbs 3, Psalm 91, Romans 6, Psalm 23) ALL MY LOVE & PRAYERS 4EVER!!! +alissa+ John 15:13, Matthew 5:16, Isaiah 6:8, 1 Corinthians 13"

04/30/2019 Rachael has gone dark on her FB page April 19, 2019. Rod posted yesterday that Rachael is fine but nothing more. Maybe she is in the hospital or finally went to drug rehab. Maybe she OD'd on Fentanyl. We have no idea. 

03/18/2019 Sounds like Rachael got in trouble over the fentanyl. She stated she had to withdraw from fentanyl a little before she could get her treatment team back. Sounds like her doctors knew she was a long time fentanyl addict. 

03/07/19 Rachael claims she over exercised to appear ugly so she wouldn't attract attention. She stated she was sexually abused at her work. She contacted HR and they did nothing. She said it started at 27. She's 41 today. She said her OCD kicked in. She met Rod at the gym. Her ED started before Rod. 

02/27/2019 Rachael claims to be having tremors from trying to wean off Fentanyl. She hasn't been eating she says. She's been having diarrhea and dry heaves. 

Doctors recommend treatment for Fentanyl withdrawal. As her symptoms are lasting longer than 48 hours to a week she is clearly still taking Fentanyl. 

She offers this address if you want to send her gifts. 

NightWing B&B 23615 el toro road ste. X#248, lake forest, Ca 92630

02/26/19 Rachael needs to take some acting lessons. She said she stopped wearing makeup because she didn't like getting attention . She dyes her hair, wears jewelry, always wears new tops, does her nails. And why would a makeup person want to accentuate her sunken in eyes?

02/24/2019 Rachael said she had a therapists to whom she spoke to about sexual violations and damage that was done to her. She said her therapist was a clock watcher who cut her session short so she needs a new therapist.

02/23/2019 Rachael claims she is not weaning herself off Fentanyl. She is detoxing. Detoxing is what your liver and kidneys do. She says she's all for transparency. Then why did she lie about her Fentanyl addiction many times? She didn't admit it until months after I posted the 911 call. This is still a scam. People are giving Rachael money to buy Fentanyl. Fentanyl causes anorexia. Anyone donating to her gofundme is aiding and abetting a drug addict. She needs to go to rehab.

02/22/2019 More staged acting. Rod pretends he's secretly spying and videotaping Rachael. It's clearly staged fake reality tv. Rachael cries while pretending to pray to god saying "help me, please." Rod says this is Rachael going through withdrawals. No, it's not. She wouldn't be eating while experiencing severe withdrawals. These people have no shame. 

02/15/2019 Another fall. Another fracture. Why not show the xray if she really had one? A way to get more pain pills. Rachael said she once didn't see the sun for three months. Who believes any of these ridiculous lies at this point? Still begging for money in every video and post. Some really bad acting here. 

02/13/2019 Rachael is a bad actor. A long time after I posted the 911 audio where Rod admitted she'd been taking Fentanyl for many years she finally admitted to being a drug addict. Previously she said she takes no drugs at all because she has no fat to absorb them. How is anyone still believing this scam? It wasn't her choice to get off Fentanyl. Her pain med doctors didn't want to get in trouble for prescribing Fentanyl to a drug addict. Notice she was pain doctor hopping.

02/11/2019 Rachael admits she's dependent on Fentanyl and having withdrawal symptoms. A regular person would go to rehab but not Rachael.

02/07/2019 Rachael says she's experiencing withdrawal symptoms from Fentanyl. She said she almost went to the hospital. She needs to go to rehab and an ED clinic. 

Instead of going to a hospital or doctor she has Rod videotape her while she moans and groans in black and white. Bad acting. If she were really going through withdrawal, there is treatment for that. I'm starting to think she may be lying about cutting back on Fentanyl. She's known she was addicted for a long time. Now she says she didn't realize all the side effects of Fentanyl addiction. Rachael and Rod read this blog. 

Rachael now states she will always be emaciated for the rest of her life due to refeeding syndrome. Refeeding syndrome is a temporary conditions which improves as one refeeds. It's not a life sentence. Clearly Rachael wants to keep getting donations for life. 

They are removing ALL negative comments on Facebook, YouTube and GoFundMe. There are MANY negative comments being removed. Most state this is a scam. 

01/18/2019 Rachael Farrokh posted the German video in allegedly English. She said she lost weight because she didn't want attention. She says this while wearing a tiny tank top a snug leggings to show off how thin she is just to get attention. She also has a recent hair dye and wears jewelry. Rachael was able to walk when they shot the footage of her in a wheel chair and basically being carried into the house. That was for show. Rachael posting this video is not for "awareness" as she states. This video would trigger an anorexic and Rachael doesn't care. She posted this video for attention and donations. Rachael posted this along with this video, "The German version was also requested so we hope you enjoy it." Enjoy?!

12/21/2018 She has high blood pressure, high pulse, can't sleep and is nauseaus. This is Fentanyl withdrawals. What is difficult to understand is that both Rachael and Rod are "certified" fitness instructors and nutritional experts per their own resumes. Yet, Rachael acts like she doesn't understand basic physical therapy or anatomy. Clearly it's an act. And again she intentionally shows off how skinny she is by wearing shorter leggings and tight tank tops. 

As far as I can tell Rachael has gone through five pain doctors recently. It sounds like she was shopping for Fentanyl then finally was refused. 

Rachael continues to say that she is helping people with ED. She's been in this shape for over 13 years and has never recovered. She is not a good example but a bad example. Not only that but this was at least partly caused by drug addiction to fentanyl.

12/19/2018 I just did some research into current opioid prescriptions. Seems doctors, pharmacies have recently been told not to fill certain long term users high level Fentanyl patches. That would include Rachael. People with valid prescriptions are being turned away from pharmacies. Rachael most likely was not allowed to fill new prescriptions. It appears it may not have been her choice to stop Fentanyl but her doctors and the pharmacists. Remember all those times Rachael would fall, have accidents and have to go to the doctor? She may have done that to get more Fentanyl. And remember that Rachael denied taking any drugs just a few months ago. I saved the video in case she denies it. This was all clearly just a money scam. They asked for money to go to one specific ED clinic. When they got the money they didn't go to the clinic. They made up excuse after excuse. Then they said they were home treating. After APS arrested Rachael and took her to the hospital is when they finally fled to Portugal in the middle of the night. Such scammers. 

12/05/2018 The German interview show RTL PUNKT 12 just aired. Rachael has been an anorexic for 15 years? Why are people giving any money? She just gets thinner because she's addicted to Fentanyl. Their acting is just atrocious. Maybe they should gofundme for acting lessons. Rachael goes from fake half dead naked and shaking to giddy with laughter and big smiles. FAKE. And for what? For money to fund her drug habit. 

Rod continues to delete comments off their gofundme. I'm going to start saving them and posting them here. 

5 hours ago

For those who read this before Rod gets a chance to delete it. Rod is deleting comments that tell the truth. Updates about what is going on that is bad for Rachael are deleted from this fundraiser. Not only did this couple refuse professional treatment once they were given the money for it years ago, but she has been on Fentanyl the whole time (this is what killed Prince). And it kills the appetite--the reason they don't want to deal with a good doctor--he would insist she get off it. Also, if he is her husband, and a personal trainer, why the hell did he let it get this bad? The way were saw her in 2015. Please, do your research outside of the sites they control, Mary Cummins in particular. You will do this if you truly care for her. Rod let her get this bad, and let her stay on a deadly, appetite killing drug for years. Please, keep an open mind."

Rod and Rachael have violated the TOS of gofundme. They raised the money so she could go to an eating disorder clinic. She refused to go making up one lie after another. She keeps saying she's too thin to go and ED centers have refused her. That is a lie. They have publicly stated they will take her. Rachael has been using the money for Fentanyl not help for anorexia. Fentanyl causes anorexia. 

Here is the original video where she states she needs the money to go an ED center. She never went. As I rewatch this video I can see the ridiculous acting job. She's been anorexic for at least 13 years. 

12/02/2018 Rachael is now walking around in San Clemente at a holiday event. I wonder what caused her to admit she's a Fentanyl addict? Maybe losing some free medical health care? Maybe docs got wise to her and stopped prescribing it? She was appearing to fake falls and injuries probably to get more Fentanyl. Remember the back fractures? Maybe she's actually going to appear to get better so she can speak at that event March 2019. 

11/30/2017 Rachael admits she's a drug addict addicted to Fentanyl. She said she took it for pancreatitis originally. She said she's not psychologically addicted to it but her body is addicted to it. It finally comes out after she denied using Fentanyl or being addicted to drugs. She was addicted to it years before she started this campaign. She was never going to go to an ED because they won't let her take drugs. Previously she said because she has no fat she can't absorb any medication. The stories. She's twisting and working this one for sympathy and donations. She should be charged with fraud for lying to get money. 

I saved a copy of the video where she states she doesn't take drugs because she can't because she has no fat and can't metabolize them. Such a liar and a scammer. 

11/19/2018 Rachael is trying for an Oscar with black and white video focusing in and out. She's acting like she's cured when she is not. And if she is trying to look ugly why does she dye her hair or wear jewelry and cute tshirts. The way she goes from dark and dramatic to light and fluffy is so telling. Crap acting. 

11/16/2018 Rachael getting dramatic in black and white video in the middle of an empty field nowhere near her home. My sis was an actress, a bad actress. I know bad acting. And when did Rachael start exercising too much? When she met Rod a fitness instructor. Rachael has to get food from a food bank but can afford to multi process dye her hair, wear jewelry, new clothes... So many websites state this is a scam. It is but Rachael is still putting her health in jeopardy all for attention. Rod goes along with it. This video is a new level of low.

11/13/2018 Rachael is posting as if she's cured when she hasn't even improved. She hasn't made any mental or physical leaps. It's been three years plus another ten. 

"Rod takes Rachael out to pickup a light bulb and she reveals how change works for her. Recovering from anorexia nervosa is a complex situation and fighting forward together has helped her make mental and physical leaps that stick!"

11/10/2018 Rachael has allegedly been invited to speak at the UAND March 2019 conference by Angie who made "The Post that shocked Rachel." Found the video. It's here. Angie says, "Rachael's recovery is CLIPPING ALONG BEAUTIFULLY! This is not only a miracle unfolding before our eyes but it's also science!" Clearly Angie is a joke. No professional would ever say that. In 2012 when this started Rachael had had a major ED for ten years. That means it's now been at least 16 years. She's thinner than ever. That's not success. Rachael believes, states that if she goes and speaks, she will prevent everyone else in the world from going through what she has gone through. She does realize that she's thinner and sicker than when she started this "whatever" years ago? She has never been cured. She's only gotten worse. I can only hope it's actually an intervention or that Rachael will actually try to recover by the time of the meeting. Right now Rachael is NOT the poster child of a recovered person with an eating disorder. Just last month she denied her addiction to Fentanyl giving the excuse that she has no fat therefore she can't absorb any drugs. Then why did she take Fentanyl for years?

11/03/2018 She has to go to a food bank but she can have a multi-color hair dye for a German interview. Rachael clearly loves all the attention she gets when she's thin. It's more than any attention she got from her acting. It's over three and a half years and she's thinner than when she started. She has no desire to gain weight and lose her "Rachael Show" on Facebook. Yesterday she stated she will no longer to going to the doctor. She's getting "home care" when the doctors, nurses go to her home instead. Sounds like someone may have lost a doctor. Maybe they were upset that Rachael was using the doctors' offices as sets and props for her Rachael show. Maybe she had to change doctors yet again. It'll be interesting to see the German shows spin on this 3.5 year saga of weight loss. Rachael is bragging about the interview show like she's getting an award like an Oscar. She is proud and happy she'll be on German TV talking about anorexia.

Other symptoms of fentanyl use, tremors. Rachael has been showing off her tremors on video. 

10/25/2018 Rod posted this image of himself as Mr T in black face for Halloween. 

10/09/2018 Rachael blocked me on Twitter and Facebook. I didn't realize it until today. She is posting on both. She knows I exist and am on to the scam.

09/24/2018 More pics today of Rachael wearing a tightish top and short shorts to PT to intentionally show off her skin and bones to get donations. In the video she pretends to just barely be able to stand up. She was previously running around at that weight. She again states she just wants to help others with ED. How, she has never recovered. It's now been 3.5 years and she's thinner than when she started. That's what happens when you're addicted to Fentanyl which causes anorexia. Why do these doctors keep giving it to her or does she get it illegally? Scroll down to hear the 911 audio of the last time she was out of it on Fentanyl and paramedics were called. Rod admits she's had the patch for years. Rachael is now using EntecorePT to push her ED story for donations. They probably shouldn't allow her to videotape there. It will only give them a bad reputation as helping Fentanyl addicts. 

09/06/2018 Q and A or Q and lies with Rachael Farrokh. Q "Are you addicted to Fentanyl?"  A "You need fat to absorb medication. I don't have any fat so I can't absorb any medication." So then why has she been on the Fentanyl patch straight for many years. She also said she doesn't get high off drugs. Take a look at old video and pics and come to your own conclusion.

Here's another question. Q "Why aren't you in an in patient facility?" A She said she doesn't weigh enough. She also said they would only accept her to the hospital if she has an organ failing. Those are both lies. There are three in patient ED centers near her. None have weight minimums. She apparently likes to stay home and take Fentanyl. She can't take drugs as an in patient. It's now been 3.5 years and Rachael is thinner than when she started. It's a money and attention scam. Keep sending her cash and prayer shawls. Anyone believing Rachael at this point is like a Trumper believing Trump. There have been way too many lies. The "I can't absorb medication because I have no fat" lie is an insult to any conscious person. Then why give her any medication at all? Also if she has multiple back fractures why is she doing this exercise? You would wait until the fractures are healed. Who stated she has fractures? Her chiro. Makes no sense. 6:18 to 7:30 in video.

06/19/2018 Rachael says she's "white knuckling it through recovery." Then you see video of her laying down in an open MRI machine. There is no way the machine was really on because Rod would not have been allowed to stand there with a camera. It also was not an xray machine for the same reason. This is just more bad acting by Rachael. 

Rachael continues to state she's in a lot of pain. She says this so she can get more Fentanyl which she's clearly been addicted to for years. And again, Fentanyl causes anorexia. This is why she will never go to an ED clinic. They won't allow her to take Fentanyl. 

Rachael is not in recovery. She never has been. Rachael uses her weight to get sympathy, attention and money. Rod admitted before he debuted thin Rachael that he was working on  a "project" they will either do really well or really bad. The "save my rachael" is that project. They hired professional photographer, videographer. You can clearly see her costume changes in the photos and the pro lights. 

Rod is now saying Rachael needs dental implants as she has no rear teeth to chew. He says she has to chew with only the front teeth. That's a lie. He previously showed her getting dental work. She has rear teeth. Not only that but she could get a bridge or something else. Dental implants aren't covered by insurance. 

06/07/2018 Rachael is burning through doctors. She probably loses them when they find out she's addicted to Fentanyl which causes anorexia. Here she complains about nausea. Fentanyl causes nausea. No endocrinologist would allow her to keep taking Fentanyl. The doctors are probably also learning that all her little falls and accidents are probably so she can get more Fentanyl. 

In all these videos she acts like she has already overcome anorexia. She hasn't made any progress. She says she wants to help others like her. How can she help others when she can't even help herself. The real answer of course is that she doesn't want help. She just wants Fentanyl.

She talks about her "recovery." She hasn't even started recovery because she doesn't want to recover. She keeps talking about her "back fractures" and pain. She probably complains about pain to renew her Fentanyl patch prescription. She's been taking it for years per Rod and the 9/11 call. 

In the video she pretends to shake. Withdrawals from Fentanyl? She starts every video like she is startled by the camera and didn't know it was on. Donations dropping. People see the scam. Notice freshly dyed hair yet she has to go to a food bank for food?

05/16/2018 Rachael now states she has six back fractures. Her doctor gave her a back brace for the fractures. That's not how you treat back fractures. It doesn't matter as there are still a few people in the world who believe this bullshit. She said she's going to her pain management get more Fentanyl? Fentanyl causes anorexia. Rachael says she has the bones of a 90 year old. If she does, it's because of her own behavior. 

This is choice! She states her ED is similar to a drug addict. She actually is addicted to Fentanyl as she's been using the 24 hour patches for years. 

The chiropractor is there again. He says he doesn't know for sure her diagnosis as he hasn't seen the xrays. Then how can he say she has fractures? My chiro takes my xrays and looks at them. Why would he treat someone with massage for fractures? My Nana had a vertebra fracture. She was confined to the bed until it was mainly healed. Then she did physical therapy.

She has a lot of stretch marks. That shows she has quickly gained weight in the past. 

She cries about the MRI machine. You don't lay on a hard board. I've had a few. It's no big deal. Then she lies and said the nurse said most people stop the MRI at 30 minutes. No they don't!

05/12/2018 And the money scam continues. The acting is getting worse and worse. People are realizing it's a scam.  Video hits appear to be going down. In the latest one Rachael tells everyone that having an MRI is like being in the war. She said all these alarm sounds go off along with what sounds like gunfire. It's an MRI machine. That is what they do. I've had a few. No big deal. I almost go to sleep in there. It's like taking a nice nap yet Rachael thinks it's akin to torture. I can only watch a tiny part of her videos because it's so pathetic. This is all an act. It's been an act since the very beginning. Rod even told his friends he was working on this "project" which will either go great or bomb. The "savemyrachael" is the project. 

04/20/2018 Rachael is being seen by chiropractor Dr Darius Veleas in Mission Viego for her "fractured spine." Is a decompression table the right treatment for "spine fractures?" 

This is her new doctor.

License Type: Chiropractor
License Number: 27555
License Status: VALID Definition
Expiration Date: April 30, 2019
Issue Date: March 23, 2001
Address: 62 POTTERS BEND
State: CA
Zip: 92694
County: ORANGE
Actions: No
Related Licenses/Registrations/Permits
Number Name Type Status Actions

04/13/2017 Many more people are calling Rachael Farrokh a liar and a fraud. 

An attorney states that Rachael Farrokh is a gofundme scam. Some of the people donating to Rachael are poor. This is truly a shame. Fentanyl causes anorexia.

04/12/2018 Here are some pics of Rachael trying to look as thin as possible. She always wears leggings and a tank top to show off her thinness. Rod always intentionally takes the most unflattering photos and video. In the pic below she's at a chiropractor's office getting treatment for "spine fractures." That is not how you treat spine fractures. We are now at the three year mark since she started begging for money. She is thinner than when she started. 

04/05/2018 Yesterday Rachael said she had multiple spine fractures. Where is she today? Doing physical therapy. Even though she can easily stand she is now pretending to not be able to stand. My sister was a shitty actress though she made money. I know shitty acting when I see it. This is such shitty acting. If she had "multiple spine fractures" she wouldn't be at a PT clinic pretending not to be able to stand. Listen to the audio track on the video. Rod added audio. Next scene they're at a church getting free food. At the same time you see two iPhones, new clothes, jewelry... She is again requesting a prayer shawl, blanket. She already got some! Here she says she has no money for food yet she is buying ads on Facebook to promote each post and video. SCAM! It's now a three year old scam.

04/04/2018 Now Rod says Rachael has fractures in her back. Rachael says she has "gravitational acid." She says she's combating nausea. If she stopped the Fentanyl, that would stop the nausea and cure her of her "eating disorder." The recent video is some really horrible acting. Now she says she needs to get some teeth so she can eat. Then she talks about needing money. She says she's adjusting to a new "pain threshold." She's probably getting a higher tolerance level of Fentanyl. Could be withdrawal symptoms as she misplaced her bag of drugs yesterday. The last scene of the recent video is of a goldfish in a teeny tiny way too small glass orb. The goldfish needs at a minimum a 10 gal tank. She said one goldfish jumped out of the bowl and died. It did that because the bowl was way too tiny. I bet the other one will die the same way. 

03/21/2018 Here is Rachael wearing a hat to stay warm. You can see she had a sweater and a blanket which she took off to show off how thin she is for the video. That's why she wears leggings and a small tank top. It's cold outside yet she is wearing this to get sympathy. Anorexics generally wear layers, baggy clothing and full length coats to hide their anorexia. Rachael is showing anorexia porn which could trigger anorexics. Rachael says she's doing this to help anorexics but she's not. She needs to go to rehab and get off the Fentanyl.

What happened to the dietitian she was going to work with? Where is the pain doctor chiropractor? Why did these people leave? Is it because of the fentanyl dependency? Fentanyl CAUSES anorexia. No sane doctor would continue to prescribe it. Per the 911 audio Rachael has been on the Fentanyl patch for years. 

03/17/2018 Rachael and Rod release another pathetic video acting, begging for money. Because no one would do a reality tv show about them they are making their own. It starts with Rachael saying she fractured her back. Then she says she popped her floating rib. She's going to see a therapist as she has PTSD (from what?). She goes on to say she's thankful for the food bank which gave her bread, eggs and diapers. She doesn't wear diapers as you can see when she is wearing her leggings. The diapers are all for effect. Then she says "I'm thankful I have another chance at life." My sister was an actress, a bad actress. I know bad acting when I see it. This scam has now gone on three years already. Rachael has no desire to get better. When she gained weight last time the "donations" stopped so she lost the weight again. Then she lied and said she lost 40 lbs of water weight in a day. That's impossible. She had hoped to get on some TV shows with her "success" story but they all said no so she went back to skinny Rachael.

Below is an ad that Rachael and Rod paid for with a credit card. They paid to have their video begging for money promoted. They can't afford food but they can afford to buy ads on Facebook? Scam.  

03/02/2018 Three years later and Rachael is thinner than before. Here she is at a gym doing fast cardio bicycling. There is obviously no physical therapist there. No one would tell her to burn calories. Her acting is really bad. It's so obvious.

01/07/2018 Almost three years later and Rachael is still thinner than when she started begging for money with a professional anorexia video. Rachael states she is so poor she has to go to the food bank. Next thing you know she is spending money on Facebook ads so people will watch her dance. Notice it says "sponsored" which means  they paid for this ad to be shown. No money for food but she has money for ads. If you click the link to the ad, you get video of super thin Rachael dancing.

In the next video she's at a restaurant eating and telling us that she has Trichotillomania, i.e. pulling her own hair out. She has to go to the food bank but then goes to restaurants. Clearly, the scam continues. Rachael has never had this much attention in her entire life. She won't be stopping this. It will continue.

11/29/2017 Here we go again. Rachael is the oh poor sick me again. She's a drug addict addicted to Fentanyl. The only way she can get donations flowing is by saying "Look, I'm eating! Getting better!" then she says "I'm sick from eating." The drama, the fake shit. People realize it's fake. Notice all of her doctors, nurses who were notified that she's a drug addict are gone. Also note that when she was an "actor" she didn't get 1/1000 of attention. She loves that attention. Rachael is manipulating everyone to get attention and money for her drug addiction to Fentanyl. Someone told me almost three years ago that Rachael was a drug addict, they met her in rehab. I didn't believe it as I didn't have proof but now I believe it. Anyone who donates to support this drug addict who refuses to go to drug or ED rehab is complicit. Stop. You aren't helping her. 

This is from the beginning when it started. So many people rightfully doubting the bogus story. I'm not the only one. There are now many groups on Facebook talking about this con job. 

"Lauren Bruno‎ to Rachael's Road to Recovery
June 12, 2015 · 
What’s wrong with this story?
1.) All this money is supposedly needed when the lawsuit in California probably would pay for Rachael’s treatment, even in another state
2.) Even if it didn’t, she has now raised nearly $200,000 PLUS more donations from Paypal
3.) The GoFundme somehow wasn’t good enough. Rod started another GiveForward site asking for an additional $500,000
4.) Rod said the GiveForward is for international donations but GoFundMe accepts international donations. 
5.) Rod refused to answer the door for Adult Protective Services at least twice
6.) Rod said no hospital would take Rachael because she was a liability to them, but Rachael was in a regular hospital twice last week
7.) Rod said Denver was the only hospital qualified to handle Rachael’s severe case of anorexia, but other specialized hospitals have offered to take her
8.) Rod previously said he hadn’t heard from Denver but Denver indicated that they hadn’t heard from Rod or Rachael
9.) Rod claims he is trying to get Rachael into a facility in San Clemente after claiming that Denver was the only place qualified to help Rachael. 
10.) Rachael is “too sick” for Denver but well enough to plan a trip to Disneyland
11.). Rod says only Denver knows how to re-feed Rachael, yet he claims he is feeding her protein shakes and French fries
12.) Rod said no (regular) hospital full of equipment is adequate to treat Rachael because she is a liability to them, yet an (imaginary) home care team of physicians is willing to treat her at home because somehow she is not a liability to them. 
13.) The photos of Rachael were professionally taken. Why wasn’t a regular photo good enough since it should show her in her daily—REGULAR condition without professional lighting, etc.
14.) Rod promised updates and reneged on his promises
Now, can you see what’s wrong with this story?!"

11/12/2017 Rod gave an update two days ago. He said he was picking up Rachael when she had some tweezers in her pocket. Her tweezers "punctured her rib." She then had to go to her pain management appointment. Tweezers puncturing a rib? It sounds like an addict making up accidents in order to get more drugs. She has been "falling" a lot more recently that her doctors were notified that she's addicted to Fentanyl. Where will this story end?

11/08/2017 Back in hospital to move the pic line. She said they can only put them in her arms as "all other veins collapse." I doubt that. Now she talks about opiates, how she wants to feel pain so she can feel hunger so she can eat. She said opiates also cause constipation which is true. 

10/28/2017 Rachael must realize people are on to the scam. She's finally posting video of herself eating food. She must realize that if she doesn't gain some weight her donations will dry up.

10/23/2017 Rachael had her bday party on Saturday and posted the pics. She again is showing off her thinness with leggings and a tank top. She had a great time at the bday party. She loves the attention her thinness brings her. She loves the gifts, donations. She was also probably high on Fentanyl.

rachael farrokh, rachael's road to recovery, rod edmondson, scam, anorexia, save my rachael, california, fentanyl addiction

rachael farrokh, rachael's road to recovery, rod edmondson, scam, anorexia, save my rachael, california, fentanyl addiction
rachael farrokh, rachael's road to recovery, rod edmondson, scam, anorexia, save my rachael, california, fentanyl addiction

10/09/17 Tonight on Rachael's Road to Fentanyl she and Rod will do an FB live to talk about all the lies she's been telling her doctors to get more Fentanyl. She will tell more lies to the viewers so she can get more money donations. They have realized every time she goes to the hospital she gets more donations. They are now using 911 calls and hospital trips to make money. Rachael has health insurance. I bet she has Medi-cal which is paying for everything. Rachael's Road to Riches is being paid for by the California and Federal budget. Rachael does not want to get better. If she does, no more donations for Fentanyl. She is now claiming pain, pain, pain for everything. Rod admitted a few months ago she was prescribed Fentanyl for a rash in Rachael's mouth. Fentanyl would never be prescribed for a mouth rash, if Rachael even had one. Fentanyl is stronger than heroin. And again, no doctor would prescribe Fentanyl to an anorexic as Fentanyl causes anorexia. 

10/04/2017 Rod said he called 911 because Rachael was in pain. Then he showed a pic of his wife wearing diapers curled up on a hospital bed in the ER. Sounds like someone wants more fentanyl for their addiction. Rod told people to "Help spread the word!" of her fall so she can get more donations. They admitted she has health insurance. What is the money for? I won't repost that pathetic photo. Rachael is the worst actor. 

09/15/2017 I checked corporation records. Rachael started a corporation. Rachael is the CEO and Rod is the VP. On FB live Rachael stated the non-prof is to help other people with ED. Then why is the name of it "Rachael's Road to Recovery?" It's a public benefit corporation. She cannot benefit personally from it. She started this scam April 29, 2015. You can search here to see the documents. 

Registration Date: 12/01/2015
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Status: ACTIVE
Agent for Service of Process: LEGALINC CORPORATE SERVICES INC.
4778 DEWEY DR 
Entity Address: 23615 EL TORO ROAD STE. X#360
Entity Mailing Address: 23615 EL TORO SUITE X#360

I checked with the IRS. It's not a non-profit. The California corporation says it is. Someone forgot to contact the IRS. They also forgot to file 990s. They also forgot to register with the California Attorney General charity program.

09/14/2017 Rachael, Rod and Josh tell people the $200,000 raised was spent a long time ago when Rachael "went in for treatment." They need more money. They are making a documentary about how Rachael's alleged anorexia has destroyed her life, Rod's life, everyone's life. Rachael says she's nauseous all the time. Nausea is a side effect of Fentanyl. That's why no real doctor would ever prescribe it to an anorexic. Looks like they're building up for the release of the "documentary" aka new professional gofundme reel. Josh at least admits they have health insurance. He said "they have to know who takes what insurance." Josh admits Rachael has set up a non-profit for EDs. Josh just admitted they will raise money to make the documentary. Previously they said they already started making it. 

08/27/2017 Rachael now states she just discovered she has a milk allergy. Her family just told her. This is why she can't drink protein drinks. This is another lie. Previously Rachael said she drank protein drinks that Rod made for her. If she doesn't want milk in a protein drink, she can drink vegan protein drinks, meal replacements. Excuses.

Rachael said Rod is in charge of her IV line so he can't have a job or leave the house. He is only a caregiver. Rachael said she had a nurse whose job it is to maintain her IV and other line.

Now she says her taste buds don't work. She doesn't get pleasure from food. Previously, recently she talked about having pleasure eating food. 

April 29, 2015 this whole scam started. It's been almost 2.5 years and she's thinner than ever before. 

08/21/2017 Rachael went back to the food pantry. She filled her cart with cupcakes. She says the pantry makes sure you meet income restrictions. Let's see. Rachael got $200,000 over two years. That's $100,000 a year.  She can walk but the prop of the wheelchair is more pathetic. She can afford manicures, pedicures, hair dye but not food which she doesn't eat anyway. It's clear that Rod is eating the cupcakes. 

08/14/2017: I started this blog a while after I discovered Rachael Farrokh and her money generating scheme is a fraud. I get a LOT of emails and comments which they ask me not to post. Most are from people with real eating disorders, their relatives and experts in EDs. They all state that this is a professional money making scheme. Real anorexics, real people with ED do not do or say these things. Rachael and Rod have made up many medical conditions which didn't exist. Someone with a real ED who wanted treatment would use the money on actual treatment. Rachael said she wanted the money to go to a special clinic which she then refused to go to. 

08/11/2017 Rachael has a new nutritionist. The woman Michelle Nemeth is actually someone who helps people lose weight. She calls her business the "Lean Team." Is this really the best person for the job? She states she is a certified dietitian and nutritionist yet doesn't display her license numbers. I can't find her name in the list of licensed individuals. She states she was trained in Canada. Maybe she was licensed there but not here. Rod was a certified fitness instructor and I believe nutritionist and he wasn't able to help Rachael...because she doesn't want help. 

0723/2017 Rachael is a horrible actor. Rod and Rachael's stories and lies are ridiculous. Her Facebook live home "reality show" is pathetic. Who is she to try to help anorexics when she can't even help herself? Two years, $200K+ and she's thinner than ever before. She has not gone into a treatment center. She doesn't dare as they wouldn't let her take her beloved Fentanyl. There are many, many people contacting me about this scam. One second Rachael doesn't have any money for food. Next second she's showing off her freshly dyed hair, manicure, pedicure, jewelry, Fitbit, new clothes... When will the scam end? 

07/22/2017 Rachael Farrokh is now saying she has to get food from a food bank. She's obviously not eating the food. How can she have money to dye her hair, fresh mani, pedis all the time yet not have money for food? She's wearing a fitbit, has jewelry on, wears new clothes.... Sounds like people are realizing the sham and donations are dwindling. Again, the more money you give her, the thinner she gets. Click below to hear the 911 call where Rod admits she's been on Fentanyl for years. No pain doc should be prescribing her Fentanyl as it causes anorexia. 

07/19/2017 Here is the redacted version of Rachael Farrokh's last 911 call April 28, 2017. Rod states Rachael is on Fentanyl. I can now post it as Rod has publicly stated she's taking Fentanyl. I redacted her home address. Everything else is public information. Rachael has been taking Fentanyl for years. A doctor would never give an anorexic Fentanyl as it causes anorexia. 

Here is the incident report redacted. I redacted her home address here as well. 

Sounds like Rachael's docs are on to her addiction to, dependence on Fentanyl. She needs another authorization to get her meds. Again, doctors should not be giving her Fentanyl. You never give Fentanyl a very strong opiod that killed Prince to an anorexic. It causes anorexia. She needs to be in a drug rehab facility away from Rod the enabler.

"Published on Jul 12, 2017
After Rachael's main pain medication randomly needs another prior authorization she goes through excruciating pains and an immune system shutdown. Unfortunately she acquired the flu and is battling to get her appetite and energy back before she experiences weight loss." The "flu" is probably withdrawal symptoms. At the end Rod begs for money for her drug habit. When you tell the 911 operator that your wife has been taking Fentanyl for years and they ask if she OD'd, you will be reported as possible drug addict with Rod as the enabler. 

07/05/17 Rod and Rachael now state Rachael "fractured her back." Then they videotape her getting a lidocaine, steroid injection in her back muscle. Her doctor does not say she fractured her back. Dr Badday says she has some pain from tight muscles from myofascial pain. This could have been caused by her addictive exercise. It is not a fractured back. Dr Badday allows Rod to be in the room while he gives the injections. I've had four epidurals which includes injection of lidocaine and steroids. The patient has to have a hair cover, hospital gown. There is an anesthesiologist if the patient will be given light anesthesia. The doctor has a cap, face mask. They don't allow people in the room if they aren't involved in the procedure. All wear clean medical clothing. In the video it appears Dr. Badday is using an ultrasound device to visualize her vertebra and muscles. Maybe he did the injection before or after the ultrasound. Hopefully Rod was not in the room for that. Dr. Badday accepts Medicare. 

Rod typed right under the video that they need money for her medical care. I'm pretty sure Rachael is on Medi-cal. They both don't work. Medi-cal pays for ALL medical procedures. They don't need money for medical care. That's just a story to get donations. And again, please note that the more money she gets, the thinner she gets. She's been a very thin anorexic for about 12 years now. Money isn't curing her anorexia. 

07/01/2017 Rachael now says she is "finally" able to walk again. She was walking and standing before she went to the hospital. It was only after the 911 person thought she may have OD'd on Fentanyl did she go to the hospital. Then she was released, then she wasn't, then she had a tracheotomy (she didn't) to have a nutrition line inserted (nope). So many stories. As an EMT the medical things she is talking about make no sense. 

06/16/2017 Rachael goes through another set back. Even though she says she's wheel chair bound she managed to stub her toe. She claims she broke it. I doubt that. I sprained a toe once and my entire foot swelled and turns black. While she shows you her normal looking toe one can't help but notice the french tip pedicure. 

Rachael today tries to rationalize her "home treatment" verses being in a hospital. It of course makes no sense. She most likely wants to stay at home so she can take Fentanyl. Again, she and Rod admitted that she's been using 24 hour Fentanyl patches for years. In fact when Rod called 911 the operator thought it was an overdose call. 

Rachael says she's finally ready to get all better. It's been over two years since the beginning of her begging for money tour and she weighs less. Obviously giving her money makes her thinner. Stop with the "donations." They're going toward Fentanyl. She probably has a few doctors to get a few prescriptions. No doctor would prescribe an anorexic Fentanyl as it causes anorexia. As time goes by Rachael is looking more and more like Ackmed the dead terrorist especially when she moves her eyes left and right.

05/08/2017 This is truly theater of the bizarre. Rachael goes from allegedly "almost dead" with an alleged fungal blood infection to poking food on a plate but not eating it to trying to stand to high as a kite probably on Fentanyl rap dancing. Folks, this is some Kabuki theater of the absurd. That Fentanyl sure cured her anorexia. She probably should have Googled symptoms of the diseases she states she has so she can mimic them. You know it's a con job when she yells at the end "Yeah, I get to live!" She's so happy to have pulled another stunt. This is the frame. smh

Remember Rod said she had a tracheotomy. Why is there no mark on her neck? Because Rod lied. Rachael is back at home taking her beloved Fentanyl.

05/04/2017 Rod posted on his gofundme this morning that Rachael is in the ICU. He's trying to squeeze out more donations. Rachael is in the ICU at Saddleback Hospital in Laguna Hills. I think this is the end thanks to Rod the enabler, Rachael the actress, Dr Badday who allegedly injected her with stem cells, Dr Monica Harms who may have prescribed more Fentanyl to a long term user and Peggy Claude-Pierre who was not qualified to help her. We of course don't know what's really happening. Below is a pic of her in her regular hospital bed. This is not ICU though she is indeed in ICU. I don't think Rachael's organs could handle the fungus and treatment for the fungus. The medication is very hard on the liver. I have a feeling Dr Badday may have had something to do with the fungus based on the timing of his stem cell treatment. Rod and Dr Badday should have not done stem cells on an anorexia patient who has been a long term Fentanyl user. Stem cells are not approved for use to treat anorexia. 

UPDATE: Turns out this below was all just drama. 

In the below pic her sister is on the left, mother is on the right. Looks like final goodbyes.

05/01/2017 Rod just posted an update on Rachael's gofundme page. This is not totally true. There is a lot more going on. Notice he posted it on the page they use to beg for donations. Also note that her line got infected. Wasn't nurse Pam and Rod supposed to make sure it doesn't get infected? And now the first mention of Rachael's real problem, Fentanyl. No doctor would ever give Fentanyl to an anorexic. Fentanyl causes anorexia. It was learned last week that Rachael Farrokh has been taking Fentanyl for a long time. No one would ever give Fentanyl to an anorexic as it causes anorexia.

Rachael now supposedly has a fungal infection in her blood stream. They are using IV treatment of anti-fungal medication. The medication is very tough on the liver. I'm wondering if maybe she got the fungal infection from her very recent stem cell treatments. And again, stem cell treatment is not approved to treat anorexia. I believe the people most likely responsible for this fungal infection would be Rodney Edmondson, nurse Pamela Christyne Owens and Dr Hasan Badday. Pam is a certified blood and IV nurse. And which doctor has been prescribing Fentanyl all these years? Here's a pic of Dr Hasan Badday and Rachael Farrokh from last week right before she got sick. If you look at the dates on the photos, videos, Rachael was not sick when she was in Dr Hasan Badday's office. 

Dr Hasan Badday, Rachael Farrokh
Here's Dr Hasan Badday's history with the California Department of Consumer Affairs medical licensing division. He went to med school in Poland. The address for his license is a luxury condo in downtown LA. He is a pain doctor. He may be the one who gave her Fentanyl.

He doesn't even mention anorexia in his website. His stem cell treatment sounds like it could have been the cause of Farrokh's infection. They take cells from the bone marrow from the hip, put them in a centrifuge to extract the stem cells then he injects those cells where needed. I don't think that should be done with Rachael.

License Number: 122407 Current Date: 05/03/2017 03:35 PM
License Type: Physician and Surgeon A
License Status: License Renewed & Current  
Expiration Date: 11/30/2017
Date of Graduation: 05/25/2007
Original Issuance Date: 08/09/2012 
Address of Record (Required)
1155 S Grand Ave #806 LOS ANGELES , CA, 90015-2199

Here Dr Hasan Badday talks about stem cells which he injects into people. They are screened for diseases. Someone didn't screen for a fungus maybe. 

dr hasan badday rachael farrokh stem cells fungal infection

Rod said they are going to give her a tracheal tube to feed her. That's only for breathing issues. Trachea goes to the lungs. The esophagus goes to the stomach. You would use a feeding tube up the nose, down the esophagus and into the stomach. She may be on a breathing machine. I don't think this is going to end well. 

The contraption in the video is a scale. 

"Posted by Rachael Farrokh
6 mins ago

Hello everyone! I just wanted to give you a thorough breakdown of what's happening with Rachael's current status here at the hospital. She was admitted last week for abnormally severe pains and nausea. The doctors drew cultures and ran labs to find out she has a fungal infection that is manifesting through her bloodstream. They have an anti-fungal drip to help kill the virus that will take quite a few days. Her mouth has a painful spreading of thrush due to the virus which makes it extremely hard to swallow. Rachael's PICC line on her right arm got contaminated due to the virus as well and will soon get a PICC line installed today in her trachea until she is able to get one installed on her left arm. Because of this she is not able to continue the TPN temporarily for a source of nutrition and is now working with a speech therapist to help with swallowing and exercises to help as well. She has a fentanyl patch that is changed out every 48 hours and uses a fentanyl spray as a rescue dose. Unfortunately due to the thrush and oral degeneration, she is experiencing a heavy burning sensation when she uses the sublingual spray and with swallowing as well. With all of these obstacles she is having to fight through she is focused and high spirited. There are always emotional ups and downs but the progress is moving forward. Thank you all for your photos and videos of inspiration, Rachael loved each and every one of them. Bless you all and more updates to come to keep the train moving forward.. Enjoy your day and keep the prayers and good vibes coming!"

04/29/2016 Two years to the day that this scam started. Yes, Rachael is very thin. She is anorexic but she has no plans to ever gain weight or be healthy. She will never go to a real eating disorder facility because she won't be able to continue her "special treatment." I hope someone at the hospital realizes her real problem and gets her real help. Rod is enabling Rachael's real health issue. I believe this could be criminal as he is her husband are caretaker. He should not be helping Rachael do what she's doing to herself. 

Rod and Rachael now live in Laguna Hills, CA. Rod is a fitness and nutrition expert. Who would ever take his advice when his own wife is deathly thin through her own doing and Rod's enabling.

Rachael trying to make as much money off of her photos and videos showing herself very thin. Here's another place you can donate to her. It's registered to Rod atRod Edmondson
Address46 Agave
CityLake Forest
State / ProvinceCalifornia
Postal Code92630

Here's an article just a day old saying she's getting treatment. She let BBC World interview her at her place in Laguna Hills. She's now working with Dr Hasam Badday receiving stem cells. Rod says she is so much better already. She says her gallbladder is twice the size it should be and must be removed. Dr Hasam Badday is a pain doctor. Does that mean he gives her pain medication? What type? Dangerous highly addictive types?

Pic of Rachael with the stem cell doctor. Rachael has said many doctors have kicked her out of their treatment. I wonder why, actually I know why.

rachael farrokh, scam, dr hasam badday, stem cells

04/25/2017 April 29, 2015 is the day this scam started almost two years ago. Rachael and Rod hired a professional photographer, videographer to take professional photos with visible costume changes. Rachael walks around like a zombie on the beach even though at the time she was seen exercising and running around looking for her lost cat. She pretends to not be able to stand. In the beginning I believed her. $200,000 and two years later and she's thinner than before. Rachael appears very happy to be sick. She loves the attention her thinness brings her. She's an actress. They should rename her page to "Rachael's Road to Riches." I bet insurance is paying for her care while she accepts donations tax free without being a non-profit.

Rachael just posted video of herself going to the ER. She allegedly had a gall bladder attack. I have the same problem. While it's painful I never went to the ER for it. It's caused by fasting. As usual Rod videotaped the entire event from her being picked up by the paramedics to being rolled into the ER then being in a hospital bed. Hopefully the doctors will not release her until she gets real medical treatment. Rod is not capable of caring for her. Rachael doesn't even really want help. Just more drama. This is all a manipulated show by three actors, Rachael Farrokh, Rod Edmondson and now Josh Miller. Rachael loves the attention she gets being sick.

Rod posted this on the YouTube video. Who would post "More to come!" like it's a good thing. I think they are auditioning for a "reality show" or something. 

"I commit to give everyone of her supporters a play by play with video, images and posts to assure she is doing better and even if she starts to decline. We are willing to sacrifice our privacy to give you an inside view of her weekly fight and struggle getting her body back on track. We have some great announcements to make in time and are having issues w her gallbladder and finding a solutions. More to come! 👍🏻🙏🏻"

In the video it appears Josh is exiting his home and pointing to the left to where Rachael is located. Rod said they were in their house when he called 911. Another story? In the video you see Officer Nick Mendoza of Orange County Fire Authority E51 helping to load Farrokh to a Care Ambulance Service ambulance. Then he films in front of the ER of Saddleback Hospital. Who knows which hospital she really went.

04/23/2017 Rachael appears even thinner. Rod and his friend Josh are still shooting their documentary of Rachael. Rod allegedly called 911 earlier today. Paramedics came and put Rachael in a gurney. I don't know if this is a stunt or not. They've done so many stunts, told so many stories it's hard to believe what they say. In these photos you see Rachael with a perfect manicure, recently died clean hair, new clothes... A truly sick person would not be in that condition. Maybe this is more pathetic posing like she did in that professional anorexia photo shoot. She intentionally poses in anorexia porn photos showing her as thin as possible. If someone didn't like being anorexic, would they wear tight leggings, tight tank tops to show off how skinny they are? Rachael and Rod are working this. They have harmed and may end up killing Rachael in the process and all for a little infamy and money. Notice they changed "save my rachael" gofund me from $200K to $500K. People should not give money. Money has only made her thinner. 

Rachael now states that "Rachael's Road to Recovery" is a non-profit organization. It's not a legal non-profit or even a real corporation. More stories.

Rachael Farrokh, Rod Edmondson, Josh Miller, anorexia, california, 

Rachael Farrokh, Rod Edmondson, Josh Miller, anorexia, california, 
Rachael Farrokh, Rod Edmondson, Josh Miller, anorexia, california, save my rachael, scam?

Rachael Farrokh, Rod Edmondson, Josh Miller, anorexia, california, 

03/04/2017 We're almost going on two years with Rachael Farrokh begging for money to go to an eating disorder clinic. She received over $200,000 just via gofundme. She also received donations via checks and PayPal. All that money has done is cause her to be even thinner than ever. Both Rachael and Rod don't work. Why would they when people keep sending them money.

02/102017 Rod and Rachael talk about money and how they spent over $200,000 on care while she just got thinner. Rachael is thinner than ever while walking around. She said she's using a TPN Total Patient Nutrition machine which costs $400-$500/day but it's supposedly cheaper than being in a hospital. I just looked up costs. It costs $36-$44 for a bag of daily nutrition. The TPN pump costs $125 to own. Rod changes the line so no cost there. She says she's on disability but it only covers some rent. An ED hospital costs $40,000/month. Her health insurance doesn't pay for it. Here's a pic from when she was in Portugal. She said she gained weight. Later she said it was water weight. Just now she said she did gain weight. She left because she couldn't afford to pay and she allegedly felt bad not paying. She said they were filming in Portugal and when she was in four hospitals. Still working on the docutainment, mockumentary, fake reality show I'm sure they're all pitching. She says she fractured a vertebra but walks. I herniated a disc in my back and I can't go anywhere. When my Nana fractured a vertebra she was bed ridden for six weeks then rehab for over a month. This video was made as a money plea. People are so worried about our nation and Trump that I don't see this plea for money getting traction.

rachael farrokh, portugal, ed, eating disorder

They are now hanging out with Joshua Paul Miller a costume designer and actor into Sci-fi and Cosplay. Three out of work actors trying to drum up a reality show gig. Josh appears to believe that she may be sick. Rachael and Rod are acting while jeopardizing her health in the hopes of a reality tv show, documentary, book, and fame. If she really wanted to get better, she would have gone to a real ED center.She didn't. 

02/02/2017 Rachael is ratcheting it up saying she spent her entire life savings trying to get help but has never been helped. Perhaps that means she should go to a professional. The condo she owned was given to her by her mom. Then she lost it in foreclosure. There was no equity in it. With what's happening with Trump right now people are not interested in this story. They're donating to ACLU and refugee groups. Rachael begs for money but doesn't use it for care. I'm sure her medical treatment is free. APS also checked out the situation. They believe it's basically the Rod and Rachael show. 

01/27/2017 Rachael was reported to adult protective services last month. APS investigated. I was told that some people make it appear to the public they are very sick to get money. It's "dramatic." When APS talks to the parties they state they are healthy and getting proper treatment. They forgot to mention the doctor allegedly treating her had her license suspended. The only treatment Rachael is getting is a visit from a blood nurse once a week per Rachael. As APS took no action that means it's just more of the Rod and Rachael show.

Rachael has released more videos where she talks about how deathly ill she is. She also now mumbles and says "don't praise me. I don't want to talk about my illness." I then asked her on YouTube if she doesn't want to talk about her illness, why does she talk about her illness on YouTube, Facebook... I believe Rod replied and stated "she talks about it to help others." Is she giving the monetary donations to others? Here is that dialogue.

Rachael Farrokh anorexia scam money drama rod rodney
With all that's happening in the world right now I doubt she'll be getting enough attention or donations. They need to find another source of income. Rod looks like he's not happy with the situation. Rachael is the star of this docudrama. He's just wallpaper. He wants to be a star too.

In the very recent videos Rachael is ramping up the drama by hitting herself in the head saying she hates herself. Her moods vary so much I sometimes wonder if she is on drugs. Maybe that is where the drugs are going. She is not in any eating disorder program or hospital. She's not getting treatment. That means she doesn't want to get better. 

FTR every time I've called something a scam, I was right. The scam always blows apart in the end. The professional videographer, costume changes, professional lighting, professional anorexia porn photos including a topless one, professional website, professional marketing .... A truly sick person doesn't do that. Someone who wants money and media attention does. She's an actress.

12/31/2016 Rachael, her mother Sheila, father James have been having financial problems for a very long time. Sheila filed for chapter 13 but didn't make the payments so it was dismissed. She's on disability while working as a secretary at the church school Rachael attended. She still owes school loans.

I pulled up a pic of Rachael's mother Sheila Dailey Farrokh. Rachael and her sister Ranna look exactly like the mother. I then pulled up a pic of Sheila's brother Gary. He is white, white and looks nothing like her. I then realized Sheila's birth certificate states she was born in Kern county which is a poor rural farming community. Her brother's says he was born in Los Angeles county. The parents lived in Orange county at those times. That means Sheila and her brother could be adopted. Here is the grave of Sheila and Gary's mother and father. 

Sheila Dailey, Rachael Farrokh, anorexia, scam, money, california
Sheila Dailey bankruptcy. I redacted all SSN and other identifying info. The court also redacted everything. Both of these bankruptcies were dismissed by the court. Sheila didn't make her agreed upon payments.

Rachael Farrokh bankruptcy. I redacted all SSN and other identifying info. The court also redacted everything.


Rod and Rachael releasing video of their proposal and wedding. The videos scream for attention. She intentionally tries to look as thin as possible. It appears she has been just as thin for five years. I think they are gearing up to release their "documentary." It's all so staged and fake. She did say her nurse only comes once a week. Rod here does everything else.

Rachael Farrokh, rod edmondson, anorexia, scam, laguna hills, california, eating disorder, save my rachael, rachael's road to recovery, making money

Rachael Farrokh, rod edmondson, anorexia, scam, laguna hills, california, eating disorder, save my rachael, rachael's road to recovery, making money

12/30/16 Rod and Rachael posting more videos, updates to beg for money on gofundme. Money obviously has not helped her. Rachael never went to the clinic she said was the ONLY one that could help her. April 29, 2015 was when this scam was first started over a year and a half ago. She never gained any weight. She's now at home working with Dr Monica Harms who lost her license, see below. A real, qualified doctor would not enable Rachael like this.  

Rachael now has a nurse who comes over to change her IV. That nurse is Pamela Christyne Owens who does Intravenous Therapy and Blood Withdrawal, age 51 Birth Date Jan 1964, License Number: 221164. I wonder if she realizes she's aiding and abetting Rod and Rachael. Shouldn't she report Rachael to adult protective services? Rachael was just as thin the last time she was reported and taken into custody, see below. Immediately after being released from custody Rachael and Rod fled to Portugal. Some are wondering if Rachael is using the donations on illegal drugs. Someone who knew her stated she had a drug problem years ago. Who is to say now.

12/06/16 It appears to be another big beg for money. Rod is posting her original video asking for money to "please save my wife." They are posting the original anorexia porn pics again. Obviously just giving them money is not helping her at all. It is probably just enabling her. If she's that poor, she can get Medi-cal and get free medical treatment, food stamps, free apartment, monthly check... She doesn't have to beg for money for treatment. She's again taking pics and videos which make her look as thin and sick as possible in order to get money.

11/27/2016 I assumed all this time that Rachael's mother was American and her father was Iranian. This is a photo of Sheila Daily in high school. Rachael and her sister look exactly like her.

Sheila Dailey, Rachael Farrokh, iran, anorexia

Recently Farrokh stated she never gained any weight. She was just bloated from swelling caused by organ failure. She’s again posting that she’s thinner than ever, has pancreatitis, heart failure, her esophagus has atrophied and she can’t swallow, she has osteoporosis, she was quadriplegic for several months, has hearing loss, dental problems, mouth sores… Here's a pic from that video.

Rachael Farrokh, Rod Edmondson, anorexia, money, lake forest, california

11/11/2016 As we all suspected Rachael is again as thin as she was in the beginning. Notice she's just as thin yet she can easily stand and walk around. Her current "doctor" states she never gained any weight and was never cured. She allegedly just had water retention. That would also mean she lied when she attended that event in Washington. Notice she's wearing snug leggings and tank top to show off her thinness. This is just a plea for money.  I do believe she has anorexia. I just think she and Rod are working it to make money. They both don't have jobs.

All I really know is she asked for money to go to a specialized clinic for anorexia, got the money and never went. When adult protective services got involved is when she and Rod fled the country. I do see she just had a double processed hair dye and recent french manicure. As they both don't have jobs that would mean the money donated to pay for her health issues is being spent on other things.
Rachel Farrokh anorexia gofundme money donation

rachael farrokh anorexia money donate gofundme

UPDATE: 10/25/2016 Rachael posted an update. She stated she has a new doctor Dr. Monica Harms. Dr. Monica Harms is on probation for two DUI's.

If you go here, search by name, you can see her record.

License Number: 94064 Current Date: 10/25/2016 09:34 AM
License Type: Physician and Surgeon A
License Status: License Renewed & Current
Secondary Status: Public Reprimand
Secondary Status: Misdemeanor Conviction
Secondary Status: Limits On Practice
Secondary Status: Probation
Expiration Date: 06/30/2017
Date of Graduation: 05/14/2004
Original Issuance Date: 02/15/2006

These are very recent.

04 2009199634 PUBLIC REPRIMAND. 10/14/2010, MONICA M View,%20MONICA%20M

Dr Monica Michelle Harms has other legal issues in Orange County.

Harms                  Monica                  M                  Defendant                  IRM457128                  Infraction                  Oct 11, 2013

10/06/2013 22350 VC I Unsafe speed for prevailing conditions Traffic School Completed 02/18/2014

Harms                  Monica                  M                  Defendant                  30-2013-00677707-CU-BC-CJC                  Breach of Contract/Warranty                  Sep 25, 2013

Case Id: 30-2013-00677707-CU-BC-CJC



Harms                  Monica                  Michelle                  Defendant                  13HM07775                  Misdemeanor                  Sep 20, 2013

1 0 09/17/2013 23152(a) VC M Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs GUILTY 05/01/2014 Pled Guilty 05/01/2014
2 0 09/17/2013 23152(b) VC M Drive while blood alcohol level is 0.08% or more GUILTY 05/01/2014 Pled Guilty 05/01/2014

Details Bail Date Post Amount Bondsman Surety
Details... 09/20/2013 $10,000.00 Orange County Bail Bonds American Contractors Indemnity Co.

2 05/01/2014 Sentenced stayed
1 05/01/2014 5 years Probation
1 05/01/2014 $390.00 Fines
1 05/01/2014 90 days Jail
1 05/01/2014 18 months Multiple Offender Alcohol Program
1 05/01/2014 Victim Impact Counseling

This doctor is not responsible enough to care for herself. How can she be caring for others?

Rachael Farrokh posted the following update. I have not seen any body shaming or cyber-bullying. I do see people who are genuinely concerned about her health and care. I don't think Dr Monica Harms is a doctor experienced in anorexia or bezoars. I don't believe Rachael Farrokh is receiving proper treatment. I believe her health is in danger.

11/15/2015: Today hits went from 10,000 to 20,000 on this article. I think people are realizing the suspect situation.

I have not been updating things in a timely manner intentionally. I'm giving the authorities plenty of lead time.

Rachael and Rod abandoned their rental months ago. It was in such horrible run down filthy condition their landlord had to completely redo it before he could re-rent it. Here it was offered for rent and rented October 8, 2015. They had to redo all the paint, carpet, master bath and windows.

rachael farrokh, rod edmondson, calle borrego condo, rent san clemente california ed anorexia scammers

UPDATE: 11/12/2015: Things just got 10x more bizarre. Seems adult protective services of orange county, with whom I spoke originally, got guardianship of Rachael. Actually they arrested her? on a 5150 72 hour hold, i.e. mentally ill, unfit to care for herself. Makes total sense. They appear to have had guardianship. Rachael appealed via habeaus corpus with a public defender (even though she had plenty of money to hire a lawyer) then seems to have just left the country? I guess that would have interfered with their media and money plans. Below is jpg of the court file. It's filed in orange county court records under mental health/probate. The codes are adults protective services codes. W&I is Welfare and Institutions codes, i.e. she was institutionalized against her will as mentally ill. The case is not closed. I called the court to see if I could get a clear update but they wouldn't answer any questions. I leave this screen capture of the court record for you to come to your own conclusion. You can also use the link below to search yourself. I would bet that Rachael realized she needed to gain some weight or she'd be locked up in a hospital until she did. No other way one could double their weight from 44 to 88 in two months if that is the case.

Rachael Farrokh, Rod Edmondson, adult protective services orange county court record mental health anorexic ed
Rachael Farrokh was arrested on a 72 hour 5150 mental illness hold. Here are the codes in the court docs. It looks like she filed an appeal and just left the country? I'll call the court tomorrow to get better info. If they told the judge she was going to Peggy in Portugal, I'm sure the judge would not have allowed her to leave. They must have lied and told the judge something else or they just left. I knew something like this was up. Thankfully the Dutch media article mentioned court proceedings. I thought it was bullshit but it was not. Now to figure out what the Dutch article meant about paying compensation. Did she owe money when she left?

Section 5275.

"Every person detained by certification for intensive treatment shall have a right to a hearing by writ of habeas corpus for his or her release after he or she or any person acting on his or her behalf has made a request for release to either (a) the person delivering the copy of the notice of certification to the person certified at the time of the delivery, or (b) to any member of the treatment staff of the facility providing intensive treatment, at any time during the period of intensive treatment pursuant to Section 5250, 5260, or 5270.10. Any person delivering a copy of the certification notice or any member of the treatment staff to whom a request for release is made shall promptly provide the person making the request for his or her signature or mark a copy of the form set forth below. The person delivering the copy of the certification notice or the member of the treatment staff, as the case may be, shall fill in his or her own name and the date, and, if the person signs by mark, shall fill in the person's name, and shall then deliver the completed copy to the professional person in charge of the intensive treatment facility, or his or her designee, notifying him or her of the request. As soon as possible, the person notified shall inform the superior court for the county in which the facility is located of the request for release. Any person who intentionally violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor. The form for a request for release shall be substantially as follows: (Name of the facility) ___ day of ____ 19__ I, ____ (member of the treatment staff, or person delivering the copy of the certification notice), have today received a request for the release of ____ (name of patient) from the undersigned patient on his or her own behalf or from the undersigned person on behalf of the patient. ________________________________________ Signature or mark of patient making request for release ________________________________________ Signature or mark of person making request on behalf of patient

Section 5276.

Judicial review shall be in the superior court for the county in which the facility providing intensive treatment is located or in the county in which the 72-hour evaluation was conducted if the patient or a person acting in his or her behalf informs the professional staff of the evaluation facility (in writing) that judicial review will be sought. No patient shall be transferred from the county providing evaluation services to a different county for intensive treatment if the staff of the evaluation facility has been informed in writing that a judicial review will be sought, until the completion of the judicial review. The person requesting to be released shall be informed of his or her right to counsel by the member of the treatment staff and by the court; and, if he or she so elects, the court shall immediately appoint the public defender or other attorney to assist him or her in preparation of a petition for the writ of habeas corpus and, if he or she so elects, to represent him or her in the proceedings. The person shall pay the costs of the legal service if he or she is able. Reasonable attempts shall be made by the mental health facility to notify family members or any other person designated by the patient, of the time and place of the judicial review, unless the patient requests that this information not be provided. The patient shall be advised by the facility that is treating the patient that he or she has the right to request that this information not be provided. The court shall either release the person or order an evidentiary hearing to be held within two judicial days after the petition is filed. If the court finds, (a) that the person requesting release is not, as a result of mental disorder or impairment by chronic alcoholism, a danger to others, or to himself or herself, or gravely disabled, (b) that he or she had not been advised of, or had accepted, voluntary treatment, or (c) that the facility providing intensive treatment is not equipped and staffed to provide treatment, or is not designated by the county to provide intensive treatment he or she shall be released immediately."

Case Number Title Filing Date Category Case Type
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of 1
Name Type Start Date End Date Current Attorney
Event Scheduled Date Start Time Dept
No Records Found
Register of Actions Need a document printed?
Results 1 10
of 10
Docket Code Filing Date Filing Party
MINUTES FINALIZED FOR WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS W&I 5275 & 5276 07/28/2015 01:30:00 PM. 07/29/2015
FILED BY FARROKH, RACHAEL ON 07/27/2015 07/27/2015 FARROKH, RACHAEL ON 07/27/2015
WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS W&I 5275 & 5276 SCHEDULED FOR 07/28/2015 AT 01:30:00 PM IN C09 AT CENTRAL JUSTICE CENTER. 07/27/2015
TRANSACTION 2394986 RECEIVED ON 07/27/2015 11:20:18 AM. 07/27/2015
FILED BY FARROKH, RACHAEL ON 07/27/2015 07/27/2015 FARROKH, RACHAEL ON 07/27/2015
RECEIVED ON 07/27/2015. 07/27/2015
WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS RECEIVED ON 07/27/2015. 07/27/2015

Things just got bizarre again. I believe this is some weird paid for press. Peggy had Dutch contacts, paid a Dutch PR team to promote her. According to Dutch people in Netherlands news Rachael was dying in California. She wanted to go to Portugal to the "one place" that could help her aka Peggy. A Judge would not let her go. There was something about monetary compensation? The Judge was told she was going to Peggy who was on the Oprah show so the judge let her go. They mention her book yet no mention of the legal problems Peggy had in Canada that caused her to flee to Portugal. It took Rachael six days to get to Portugal. She has doubled her weight from 44 to 88 pounds in two months. Google translate this mess. Then you'll need to translate it into reality. Rachael is now on TV shows in Los Angeles? I'm in LA and I see nothing. My gut feeling is they ran out of money or had an issue with controlling Peggy. Or maybe they came back here to drum up more media, take more videos to ask for more money. Their old condo they rented was rented out to other people few months back after they completely redid the place.

UPDATE: 10/28/2015: Just went through old notes. As of September 9, 2015 she said she wasn't doing any better than when she started May 2015. She said the hospital didn't help her, she had problems... Now 10/27 less than two months later and she's cured? I don't think she ever weighed 40 lbs. The thinnest woman weighed 56 lbs and looked a lot thinner than Rachael. I think she weighed at least 60 and now weighs around 100. If she were really anorexic she would not have been able to gain weight that fast. It would have killed her. I don't believe she was as ill as she stated or it would have taken a lot longer. So many holes in their stories. I believe Rod and Rachael exploited her ED, maybe even intentionally got even thinner so they could get a viral video to get media exposure and donations. They succeeded.

Well she actually did go to Washington and she gained weight. I'm glad to see she looks better. I still feel that while this started as an ED, she and her husband Rod worked it for media and money. Why else would they have a professional video and photo shoot done? Plus Rod posted on his page how hard he was trying to get media coverage and he had a big "plan in the works" before he released the first video. Previously he'd done some media stunts to try to get media attention for himself and Rachael.

I bet they will start an ED group, clinic, write a book, sell a protein shake, fitness classes for people with ED, ED tshirts, finish their documentary... Peggy will try to use this so she can get media coverage for her "ED clinic." We'll see how they spin this with interviews and such. So far Rachael is pretending like the big march was her idea, or group. She had absolutely nothing to do with it. She just showed up yet she stated this "I still have a ways to go but here is some footage from our event...."

Rachael Farrokh, before after, eating disorder, weight, gain, anorexic, anorexia, photo, pictures, diet, 
UPDATE: 10/27/2015: Now for some crazy updates. Rachael is supposedly back in the US with Rod. Did they have a falling out with Peggy? Did they realize Peggy's a fraud who just wanted money? Did they not want to split the donations with Peggy? Maybe they will start their own fake ED clinic with Rod's shakes and workout routines?

Whatever the case they are supposedly at the virtual March for ED in Washington today. There is also a real march in Washington. Kind of wild to think she allegedly just took a few steps and now she's walking for a cause. Is she in a wheelchair? Must be some publicity thing to raise more donations for herself. Or maybe she wants to meet other ED groups who might want to sponsor her? She's now one of the poster women for ED. You have to pay to join the virtual march but you get a tshirt. I kind of doubt they are in Washington. I think this is just more virtual, real bullshit.

UPDATE: 10/26/2015: This was updated yesterday. Another note supposedly from Dr M Duarte talking about the negative mind using the same words as Peggy. Again, why is a Portuguese pediatric urology surgeon treating Rachael who is an adult with an eating disorder? They are two very different fields. Dr Duarte only has experience performing surgery on little kids who has urological disorders or deformities. And why would Rachael go to Portugal to be treated for an eating disorder? I'd bet the US is the world capitol for treating EDs. Peggy obviously ran and hid in Portugal because of her horrible past in Canada. She intentionally hired someone with a PhD to try appear legit. She did not want an ED specialist because they would probably tell her she is doing everything wrong.

If Rachael really had any progress they would post photos and videos. Because they aren't it makes me feel they are not progressing. And what about the undigested object bezoar in Rachael's stomach which surgeons supposedly need to remove? Was that a lie or is this a lie? Hard to believe a word these people say.

"Good evening,
I am Dr. M. Duarte, the medical doctor in charge of Rachael’s case.
Again, with the permission of this couple,
I write here, as promised, to give you an update on the progress of the gentle, gracious person of Rachael Farrokh.
Thank you for the positive response to my last letter.
It is so kind of you to continue to realize the intensity of what Rachael is going through in this fight for her life. Your positivity and goodwill give her and her husband added courage to continue their journey to counter this formidable enemy that Rachael’s mind has construed that has demeaned her daily in the past. Logically, we know that this false thinking about herself will very soon be reversed permanently, but when it resides inside the mind of the sufferer, it is terrifying. I have watched the fear that Rachael has had at times, the doubt that she has had sometimes that this mental state can be overcome. I have watched the people working with her, all of us, reassuring her, making jokes for momentary diversion from her pain, telling stories, laughing. She continues to be exceedingly brave, trying always to make everyone around her comfortable. We insist with her that it is her turn this time, to be made special. This too, is a hard fight to accomplish.
There is good news despite the slow pace that is necessary for safety in the recovery of her physical body….
Rachael is walking more now, but yet, cautiously. Several episodes of 15 minutes a day will gradually strengthen her leg muscles and improve her balance. She spends twenty -four hours a week with her physiotherapist, some of it in training, some of it for the companionship and assimilation of his wisdom.
Rachael is at a safer place both medically and physically now though she has a long way yet to go.
Her tests are generally positive though it will take time for her body to heal from the trauma it has sustained. Please rest assured that I address everything concerning her very closely.
Every day she gets stronger in her mind. Some people have better wellness in their bodies while their minds attempt to catch up. Rachael is astounding. In her case, the body will have to catch up to the brilliant mind….
Every day she imagines a future, possible now, instead of the death that was potentially imminent.
Rachael dreams of being well, of being strong enough to turn back to you the support she has received, of teaching the world what she has learned. She dreams also, of having a child…Knowing her, and her devoted husband, this dream too, will come true….
Rachael has a new cat companion, another being who watches over her. She is a ‘rescue cat’ who has made herself comfortable on Rachael’s bed and pretends she has always been there. She too, has a beautiful heart and is gentle with anyone who visits.
Rachael is thinking of starting a small organic garden on the terrace of her room with her husband doing the grunt work, of course. Some perspicacious person has delivered to her some appropriate seeds of coriander, basil and some fresh budding ginger root to start.
Please continue your appreciated support to this grateful couple. Rachael looks forward to your messages. So much of healing comes from the circumstance surrounding a patient. As do we, you surround her with the essential element of hope.
Thank you for that. Thank you for making my work easier.
I will give you the next update in two weeks."

UPDATE: 10/06/2015: The last few "updates" Rachael paid to have sponsored on Facebook. I assume they are trying to raise more money. Here is the ad. The last three updates have been paid for ads.

Rachael Farrokh, Peggy Claude Pierre, ed, anorexia, eating disorder, scam, money, rachels road to recovery,
Dr M Duarte has been found. His specialty is pediatric urology surgery. How does that make him an ED specialist for adults? Based on his language abilities I think Peggy wrote that note. This doctor has also jumped from job to job all seemingly pediatric urology surgery. Pediatric urology surgery is surgery on babies with problems, deformities with urinary tract or sex organs. What does that have to do with an eating disorder? It reminds me of this stock scam called Sulpho SLPH symbol. They claimed they can turn dirty oil into clean oil which is like turning shit into gold. They needed someone with a title like Phd, doctor, whatever to appear to run the scam. They hired a gynecologist! Scam!

Another bizarre update which is not really an update at all. I would bet Peggy Claude-Pierre wrote this update. I doubt a real doctor would talk about the "negative mind" bull that Peggy spews. My analysis of this note below the note.

"I am Dr. M Duarte, the medical doctor in charge of Rachael's case, who has been following her since she left North America to avail herself of our care.

Rod and Rachael have asked me to write to you, fairly allowing you some measure of awareness of her condition because of your continuing dedication to her cause.

As you might surmise, Rachael was cleared to fly and has arrived safely to us in a very mentally and physically compromised state with the aid of a "Flying Nurse" from Europe. For a time, before coming to this country, Rachael was helped by a caring hospital in San Clemente who did everything they could to facilitate her stability. Subsequent to this one, other hospitals were also involved.
With the help of her courageous husband and a unique, highly trained, nurturing and compassionate staff, Rachael is developing a trusting liaison with our team, which has the intention of carrying her through to complete wellness. This involves the reversal of her "negative thinking" permanently. Acting in Rachael's best interest, (because of her fragile emotional and physical state currently,) takes time, caution and infinite patience because of her fear of her "negative mind's" threats.

As her doctor, I am very aware of and involved with every aspect of her care, so I thank you for the kindness, optimism and support so many of you give to her and her husband daily. We are trying to protect her from "triggering factors" at this time to better facilitate her recovery. As you know, Rachael always extends herself beyond her capability out of her insatiable caring and love for humanity.

Out of the kindness of your hearts, you ask concerned questions. If you don't mind, please refrain from asking questions about her weight because she already feels that she doesn't deserve to live without pain and allowing any weight creates great guilt in her mind. When such questions are asked, the negative part of her mind puts her through a war that interferes with her forward motion because she feels guilty for allowing herself to be helped. We daily attempt to convince Rachael that everyone cares and those who write unkindly, in judgement, just don't understand the complications of this condition. Later, when she is well, she can and will allow her dream with determination to help others by giving back in the way people have helped and are helping her now.

She is so extremely brave through her pain, but despite it, she is concerned more about bothering the people dedicated to her care.. And, therefore, she tries to never complain. She continues to be truly amazing.
Again, she is being attended to with love and 24 hour, one on one care, by our team led by me with the guidance of Peggy Claude-Pierre.

Rachael is fighting valiantly. Her medical state is improving, incrementally, daily, albeit we leave nothing to chance. She is doing physiotherapy to bring movement back to her limbs. Recently, she has tentatively with support, walked her first steps since last October! Her amazing husband and the staff were in tears. The fact is, we all were smiling through our tears.

With her request, I will keep you informed bi-monthly of new developments in her care.

Please recognize that you are such an important part of her voyage and recovery. You, as the world are part of this team helping this girl back to life.

Thank you for your continued, incredible compassion and caring.

"Where there is life, there is hope.""

Why not post the Doctor's full name? Why the initial only? I would bet the doctor doesn't exist, only Peggy. The writing sounds like Peggy who speaks English as a first language and not a Portuguese doctor. Also odd that someone's doctor would take over their Facebook page to shared private medical updates about Rachael's health. Very unprofessional and odd.

Peggy, I mean Dr Duarte, wrote that Rachael walked for the first time since last October. That is a total lie. She stood and took steps in the June news video. She walked in December in her own professionally produced video. She actually walked in March in that video as I believe the December note was fake which is why they wrote "December" on the video. And her neighbor saw her walking in July looking for her cat outside her condo.

Again, I do believe Rachael has an ED. I just believe she and her husband Rod are exploiting it for money and fame. I would bet that Rachael tried to make herself worse by not moving much. I injured my back and couldn't move for a couple of days. I could barely walk when I finally got out of bed.

In order to be a doctor in Portugal foreign or native you must be approved by this medical association. I searched in Portuguese and translated English. Here is the website Go to "Medicos registados na om" or this page and search "todos" and name "duarte." You get some names which have last name "Duarte" alone. With Spanish languages you get hyphenated name of mother and father. You still go by the father's last name in modern society. "Medico" is regular doctor. "Pneumologia" is pulmonologist. "Ortopedia" is "orthopedic" doctor. Cegonha is located in Southern Portugal or "sul." Keep searching and you find Antonio Miguel Pinto Duarte a pediatric urology surgeon. He goes by "Miguel." I think they are using him in name only for their own agenda. We all know Peggy hates real doctors. She believes they are less than worthless. She got busted in Canada for not having doctor supervision. She's using this guy for his title only. I doubt he actually does anything medical for the patients.

All in all, more foolery.

UPDATE: 09/06/2015: Below is update #17. Rod admits they made little progress at UCSD. Oddly while they were at UCSD they said they were making great progress. Rod also admits Rachael was on pain meds. She did look a bit out of it in one pic. We still don't really know what's happening.


Hey Everyone!
I am very pleased and humbled to make this amazing announcement! I have posted on facebook and my apologies for not getting to you sooner. We are finally able to let you all know where we are going to continue my care. I was approved at a world renown treatment center in Portugal called Hospital Particular do Algarve and the team here is absolutely amazing. Everyone we have encountered has been so supportive, loving and encouraging. Safety and the feeling of security means everything to me. This team lead by the lovely and brilliant Peggy Claude Pierre is truly an eating disorder guru and she provides me with fostering of love that I need to recover. We spent 2 months at UCSD, with minimal progress and massive costs. Fortunately, once my organs looked good, we were able to transition here and are already seeing more results than I had in the past two months and it's only been about a week and a half. They figured out how to treat my edema, scaled back on pain meds as I gained the strength needed and immediately started physical and psychological therapy. I feel so very grateful and blessed. For all those that wanted the address, it is:

Attn: Rachael Farrokh
Hospital Particular do Algarve
Estrada de Alvor
Alvor, Portugal 8500-322

We're hoping that it won't be long until I am able to walking around and get to a healthy body weight. I am looking forward to showing you my progress and make you all proud! Thank you again for all the prayers, support and donations. They have made such a difference and are definitely saving one of MANY lives!"

08/29/2015: An anonymous person with a user name which has PhD in it made a ridiculous post. They claim they are an ED expert yet don't want to post their real name. I've received many emails and posts from true ED specialists. They've posted here and I've reposted some parts of their emails with permission.

This person says that Peggy could sue me for defamation. Let's see all I've done is repost old articles about her. The most disparaging one is the legal opinion from the Canadian Dept of Health. That report by a government agency clearly shows that Peggy is no ED expert. She was a waitress with no degree. Her husband played the fiddle. No ED training anywhere.

I also posted about an entire book written about how horrible Peggy Claude-Pierre is. The book is "Anorexias Fallen Angel: The Untold story of Peggy Claude-Pierre and the controversial Montreux Clinic." Worse things were said in the official government report and this book than I've ever stated. Peggy is a horrible person to take every cent families have to treat, not treat their child's eating disorder.  How many patients have died and killed themself? Quite a few. No one with a clear conscious could support Peggy.

08/28/2015: Your wife may be dying and you decide to go to what looks like a bar. Here is Rachael's supposed husband Rod in a bar in Portugal taking a selfie. He looks like he's been partying. He went on to say she needs gradual refeeding or she will die. Then he says this is actually a pizza place and he's picking up food to take back to Peggy's place for Rachael. If that was a sub-clavical tube, she's not even eating yogurt yet. He then says Peggy has the best ED place in the world. How many of Peggy's patients died, killed themselves? So many stories.

Rod Edmondson, Rodney Edmondson, Rachael Farrokh, portugal, anorexia, eating disorder, peggy claude-pierre
08/21/2015: Things just keep getting more and more bizarre. Things have moved from a run of the mill con job to a horror movie. The infamous "fallen angel" aka scammer, con woman, person who committed perjury under oath Peggy Claude-Pierre is now involved with Rachael and Rod's Road to Riches. Peggy Claude-Pierre runs the Cegonha Retreat in Portugal. She somehow found a doctor who was willing to put Rachael in a local private hospital Hospital Particular Do Algarve. Rachael appears to have a sub-clavical tube which means her digestive system is not able to absorb food. Hard to tell if it's real or not because these people lie so much. Rod, Rachael and Peggy are all pathological liars.

Peggy Claude-Pierre is running her fake ED clinic scam in Portugal. Portugal obviously doesn't give a shit if people from other countries go there and die. Peggy is charging $40,000/mo for her unproven, uneducated, non-medical treatment of just hugging the ED away. Portugal must be making taxes on that. I hear Peggy is buying property around the hospital. Here one poor young woman and her family are being conned by this dangerous non-medical treatment to the tune of $40,000/month. Peggy just conned another mother out of $400,000. Woman was forced to borrow money from everyone and sell her house. To take advantage of sick desperate people and their family is sickening.

Here's another article about the con job. Anyone who goes there is putting their life in jeopardy. Ex-employees stated that they never saw anyone get better yet Peggy claims 100% success rate. How do those suicides and deaths figure into the 100% success rate? Is suicide and death a "success?"

Peggy made up these crazy non-existent diseases which medicine does not recognize. ED exists but not "Negative Mind" disease. This is a cult which puts people's lives at risk. Peggy believes everything is caused by the Negative Mind which is Confirmed Negativity Condition. These phrases, ideas don't exist. Peggy just made this shit up because she is totally uneducated. She was a waitress before becoming an ED "expert." You might as well say the Bogey Man is the cause of all EDs.

I have a feeling Peggy offered Rachael and Rod free treatment in exchange for them being a part of Peggy's pony show and money making circus of freaks. Since Rachael and Rod may be faking most of Rachael's ED Rachael will gain weight and tell the world "it's all because of Peggy...and Rod's protein shakes." Then together they will market that for money. They will suck in people who actually have ED. Those people will never get better. This has become such a sad situation. People using anorexia porn for money and fame. I just alerted the health authorities in Portugal to everything that happened at Montreux in Canada.

If you go to Peggy Claude-Pierre's new website Ceghona Retreat, you see a video. The video is of four English speaking women going through the clinic. It's actually a two part series from a German tv show. It's not a documentary. The people speak English while the narrator speaks German.

You see Nikki Hunt (real name? Nikki Sternat) and actress, model Rebecca Reid in the clinic along with two other women. One other woman is Carla Suing who is not a patient but actually an employee. If you look at Reid today, she's still just as skinny. I wonder if maybe she was an actress in the video. She claimed to be suicidal.

Peggy in the video refuses to let Nikki talk to her kids. She said she can't talk to her kids or be with her therapy dog until she gets past stage two or three. Nikki had to drink from a sippy cup on video just to be able to see her therapy dog and talk to her kids. Peggy is now offering a "five stage" program. After you give tons of money she will jail you in her retreat. You can't talk to outsiders. You must sign waivers of liability and model waiver so they can use any and all embarrassing video of you for promotional purposes. You must also sign confidentiality agreements and "release" statements. If you leave, you must tell everyone you left without taking counseling, following advice, so WHEN you fail, it's your own damn fault.

Here is a plea for money to pay for Nikki's stay at Cegonha. Barely any money was raised. The fund was cancelled. I can't find Nikki anywhere. I wonder if she is even still alive. Odd Peggy would take Nikki when she was living on disability with no husband even though she had a husband in the video. I think Peggy hoped she would be her miracle patient and be "cured." I don't think that happened. I believe Peggy wrote this plea for more money because it praises the clinic and the book as her "only hope." I think that is what she wants to do with Rachael. Peggy will just have to split the money with Rod and Rachael or no go. Rod and Rachael are also scammers. They won't be as easy pickings as the other "patients."

Peggy in the video states she is a psychologist who has treated hundreds of children. She is not a psychologist and not allowed to treat children. In the video one woman wants to leave but Peggy won't let her. Her clinic is very much like a controlling cult. Her patients all seem to be very, very passive people. Those are the only people fake Peggy could control. I think two of these are actors.

Peggy Claude-Pierre, Montreux, canada, eating disorder, clinic, anorexia, suicide, death, bulimia, portugal, fraud, not a psychologist, cegonha retreat, not a hospital, con, scammer, 
08/19/2015: Truly bizarre and unbelievable update. I'm pretty sure Rachael is not getting any help for her eating disorder. I also doubt she wants any help. She and Rod adore the attention they are getting from her illness. She doesn't look like she's gained even one ounce since March 2015.

Her latest story is .... brace yourself as this one is a doozy....she is in Portugal in a hospital trying out a positive reinforcement only eating disorder program. I happened to be in Portugal in 2010. I had to learn a few words because they don't speak Spanish but Portuguese. There is no eating disorder program at that hospital. So far we just see one pic of Rachael supposedly sitting in a hospital bed in Portugal. The people in the hospital supposedly made her a collage. They misspell her name every time.

If people ask about Rachael's condition on her Facebook page "Rachael's Road to Recovery," they get attacked by people who are supporting this scam. I'm now pretty sure this is just a money scam. Rachael and Rod are using her extremely thin appearance for money and media attention. They are both attention whores and actors.

If she did leave the country, I can only speculate it's because authorities are after them. They're fleeing the US because people are on to the scam. This is such a crazy situation. Originally I thought she had an ED and her health was in jeopardy. I no longer think Rachael's life is in any danger. She has been at this weight for a long time. She was even seen outside her condo by her neighbor when she was looking for her lost cat.

It was just revealed that Rachael is being treated by a "motivational speaker" named Peggy Claude-Pierre. Too strange. The woman has no degrees but she wrote a book on ED. She started an ED clinic which was shut down by Canadian officials. Two of her patients died. At least four of her patients died. Others ended up leaving her clinic weighing less than when they entered. It looks like a money scam to me. She was charging $1,100/day. This Peggy Claude-Pierre is really into media attention. Rod, Rachael and Peggy seem to be involved in a scam.

Read these articles about Peggy Claude-Pierre.,,20129033,00.html

This is the most important thing to read about scammer, liar, fraud Peggy Claude-Pierre. It's a 159 page legal investigation and opinion about Peggy Claude-Pierre's fake ED clinic which was shut down by the health dept of Canada. Peggy is uneducated, has no degrees, no real experience treating people with eating disorders EDs.

Some quotes from some articles "Some go so far as to call her clinic "cult-like" and to imply that she's a charlatan taking advantage of the vulnerable." "An 11-month investigation led to 28 charges under the Community Care Facility Act." "Five former staffers and two medical experts on eating disorders have testified that the clinic has failed to meet minimum standards for health and safety, that no trained medical professionals are on the full-time staff, that six critically ill patients who should have been hospitalised were kept there." And what was Peggy Claude-Pierre's job before she became a self-proclaimed ED specialist? She was a waitress and her husband played the fiddle. After she became an ED expert she charged exorbitant fees.  Later she sold seminars teaching others how to be ED experts. This story just gets crazier. Peggy Claude-Pierre moved to Portugal after the Canadian government came after her for operating an illegal clinic. The Canadian health dept shut down Peggy's "clinics" and she fled to Portugal where they have very lax if any restrictions on clinics.

Someone wrote an entire book on what a fraud Peggy Claude-Pierre is, "Anorexia’s Fallen Angel: The Untold Story of Peggy Claude-Pierre and the Controversial Montreux Clinic." I read the legal opinion in the Canada investigation. It's very long 159 pages but very revealing. Peggy Claude-Pierre appears to be a total evil scammer who intentionally force feeds, physically and emotionally abuses patients.

Here are some of Peggy's patients who died.

Lena Navaroni. She stated Montreux was "like a concentration camp" before she died.
Samantha Kendall stated she was "force fed" and "paraded around against her will."
Donna Brooks

This book deals with the media doing a shit job of properly researching Peggy Claude-Pierre. The book is "The Praeger Handbook of Education and Psychology," Chapter 49 "Endorsing an Angel: Peggy Claude-Pierre, the Media and Psychology."

The chapter focuses on Peggy Claude-Pierre the uneducated lying deceitful fraud. Peggy drugged one of her patients to drag her on a tv show against her wishes. Peggy told a patient not to eat a doctor's recommended diet because "it will make you fat." The author talks about the illiterate and unethical media who did not research any claims made by the fraud Peggy. The book talks about the force feedings until patients mouths would bleed, their teeth were chipped, forced confinement, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, improper nutrition, lack of basic first aid and know how, lack of suicide prevention training.... Peggy lies and says she was working on her doctorate when she didn't even have a BA. Now she states she is a psychologist, therapist.

Here are a few screen captures. Go to the link to read the rest of the story. Peggy is a truly evil person who used these desperate people to make money.

Peggy Claude-Pierre, fraud, scammer, uneducated, liar, abusive, Montreux shut down by Canadian health department, evil, anorexia, bulimia, suicide, incompetent, illiterate media helped perpetuate the fraud

Peggy Claude-Pierre, fraud, scammer, uneducated, liar, abusive, Montreux shut down by Canadian health department, evil, anorexia, bulimia, suicide, incompetent, illiterate media helped perpetuate the fraud

Peggy Claude-Pierre, fraud, scammer, uneducated, liar, abusive, Montreux shut down by Canadian health department, evil, anorexia, bulimia, suicide, incompetent, illiterate media helped perpetuate the fraud

Peggy Claude-Pierre, fraud, scammer, uneducated, liar, abusive, Montreux shut down by Canadian health department, evil, anorexia, bulimia, suicide, incompetent, illiterate media helped perpetuate the fraud
Seems Peggy Claude-Pierre is so controlling she forces all employees to sign confidentiality contracts. An employee contacted the health dept about the patient who died. She then contacted Oprah. Seems calling Oprah was against confidentiality agreement. The patient who died was the English twin. Employee saw her be force fed and mistreated.

One of the patients who was force fed and mistreated was the three year old boy who did not have anorexia. They held him down, used one spoon to keep his mouth open, the other to force feed him. His mouth would bleed. That's when he turned to vomiting. What a horrible thing to do to a little boy. Many of Peggy's patients came in as anorexics and left as anorexics, bulimics who abused laxatives.

Things just keep getting worse. Peggy had Lena held down and force fed. She chipped a tooth and tore her cheek. Lena was locked away so people wouldn't see how bad she looked. Peggy it turns out was only interested in people with lots of money. Peggy would not allow Lena to talk to her family. Lena tried to kill herself twice in Montreux.'s+secret+hell%3B+STAR+WAS+FORCE-FED+IN+BRUTAL+CLINIC.-a060154797

"Until now, Lena's identity as the mystery patient "Resident One", whose ill-treatment sparked an investigation into the running of the world- famous clinic, has been kept secret."

Even more interesting when people leave Montreux they must sign an agreement saying they refused counseling and refused to be cured. They also have to sign something waiving all liability for their own condition. WHEN the patient dies of anorexia Peggy said they refused treatment, left before they were cured. This is how she can have a fake 100% cure rate.

People arrived at Montreux as anorexics and ended up leaving as bulimics, laxative users because of the forced feeding. Peggy needs to be in prison.

Dept of health made Montreux stop admitting new patients. They had to hire a new operations manager and a doctor and nurse to oversee patients. Peggy's husband Harris said these terms were impossible because the patients were against medical intervention. As it was Peggy had many other patients stashed around the city in apartments. She tried to say they were out patient and not covered by her clinic license. Others stated she was just trying to use a loophole.

Montreux appealed the Canadian Health Dept decision. They ultimately lost. They basically attacked the head of the dept of health with wild accusations.

Peggy Claude-Pierre and her daughter Nicole Claude-Pierre have some legal issues in Canada.

Nicole Claude-Pierre, Nicole Jacqueline Claude-Pierre, Tobias Raineri, Canada, lawsuit, family law, Victoria

Peggy Claude-Pierre, David Harris, Victoria, Canada, lawsuit, vancouver island health authority, montreux counseling center, complaint

My posts have been removed from Rachael and Rod's Road to Riches on Facebook. I see some people supporting Peggy and Rachael. I looked at their profile pics and they are life long proud anorexics posting anorexic porn of themselves. Their friend post comments such as "so skinny! you look great!" Seems some people love being super skinny anorexic.

08/10/2015: And now for the 248th story about what's "really" happening. After Rachael is called out for being discharged from the hospital Rod tells everyone she's still in the hospital. Other people check and she's not there. Guess where she is, guess?

She just moved to yet another hospital after a plane flight. She has jet lag. We all know how bad jet lag is when you just sit in a bed all day long and time doesn't matter. If she went to Denver, Colorado, that is only one hour ahead. You get jet lag going to Europe, not Denver. The biggest time difference from California to New York is only three hours. Unless you have a 9 to 5 you won't notice it.

I was in bed with a back injury reading posts on my phone. Rachael's latest update was a paid sponsored ad on Facebook. She paid to send that post out. Very fishy. She also doesn't appear to have gained an ounce. Just more stories from the Rod and Rachael's Road to Riches show.

08/08/2015: Rachael was discharged from the hospital July 30. One lady sent a gift to Rachael that arrived at the hospital but was being returned. A few people then called and she was discharged July 30. When questioned Rod said she is still there. The hospital does not agree with him. This is such a crazy story about two actors who lie so much to get money. I should rename this post "Rachael's Road to Riches." She most certainly is not on her road to recovery. She looks just as thin as when she took those original videos and photos.

07/27/2015: I received a correspondence from an expert in ED. They stated not all anorexics are given a feeding tube if they agree to eat, are eating and are capable of swallowing, eating. They also said UCSD takes medi-cal insurance and that may be why Rachael is there. They added that UCSD can treat eating disorders.

07/22/2015: ED experts and sufferers told me that she is not in an ED facility. Her recent post looks like she has not gained one ounce. You must gain 2-3 lbs per week in an ED refeeding facility. She is not being fed through the nose. She is now asking for gifts giving out her address. Her pics show she is very happy being sick, skinny, having people send her money, gifts and thoughts. I don't see her getting better. I do see Rod flirting with women. Rachel may be using this for her attention but Rod seems to be doing the same for attention from women.

Guess whose fitness expert ... certificates expired? Not like this is a shock.


I have a Rod Edmondson is San Clemente, CA and his certificate expired 3/22/2006.

Rachael Farrokh also in San Clemente, CA and her certificate expired 11/7/2006.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Have a great day!?

07/18/2015: A comment from someone on gofundme. Interesting.

"Lilia Bogoeva    3 hours ago I myself am a personal trainer and have recovered from severe anorexia in my past. Part of the certification process for every personal trainer requires recognizing early signs of an eating disorder and intervention strategies to address the symptoms. Therefore, her husband was in a perfect position to intervene long before she became a living emaciated corpse. I too am wondering how they found out she had "multiple organ failure" and survived if "no hospital would take her." Was she treated for a little while then booted out? If they take her when she experiences organ failure and blood clots at a low weight, it doesn't make sense for her to be constantly rejected when she's emaciated and not currently undergoing organ failure. And again, 10 years is plenty of time for her educated husband, herself, other acquaintances, to prevent her from getting to this state..."

07/13/2015: Rachael's sister supposedly posted that Rachael is eating everything on her plate and doing exercises to prevent atrophy. One, ED patients are fed through a tube up the nose. Two, she was seen walking around before being admitted the last time. Three, the pic is of her sitting in a regular chair looking out the window.

People then requested her address to send gifts. Rachael's sister supposedly posted the address of UCSD at 200 West Arbor, San Diego, CA.

Media contacted the hospital and were told she is definitely not there. No one by that name is there. If a patient asked for "non disclosure" status, they hospital would have said "we cannot release any information."

Someone else called back and pressed the issue. They were put on hold then referred to Sixth Floor West. They were put on hold and then told that gifts can be sent to the hospital to her name. That was it.

In the meantime many more very thin people contacted me and have stated they are same height but weigh about the same or less than Rachael. They can walk, drive, move around fine. They are not incontinent or confined to bed.

Rod refuses to talk to media. Even though he promised to answer all questions, not were answered. Feels more like a scam every day. I no longer feel Rachael's life is in danger. People the same weight and thinner stated they can sit, stand, walk, drive, work at their weight and have been doing so for years. They just stated that they probably could not do a lot of physical exercise. I've posted pics and video of people thinner than Rachael standing, walking, shopping.

06/29/2015: An ED sufferer left an interesting comment below. She agreed that the story seems a little odd. She stated that when they refeed very emaciated people they do it through tube up the nose and into the stomach.

I saw the video of Rachael being hoisted up to stand. I don't understand this since she was standing and walking more recently. Why did Rod allow her to become so ill if she is? I personally feel he aided Rachael in becoming ill. He should have forced treatment years ago even if he had to use tough love to do it.

Someone who supposedly knew Rachael in an ED treatment center stated that she had issues with opiates. Maybe she was prescribed them for symptoms of her ED? I don't know.

As I see Rachael today she really enjoys all the attention she is getting from being very ill. This won't make it easy for her to get better.

06/26/2015: ED specialists, ED survivors, doctors, nurses continue to contact me though the interest is dwindling. They have made a few things very clear. Rachael is not in an ED monitoring or refeeding program. If she weighed 40 lbs, she would be fed through the stomach, IV for fluids. She would be on constant IV with her heart rate, blood pressure, pulse monitored 24 hours a day. They would take blood once a day then ultimately once a week for potassium, magnesium and other readings. None of these things are happening. They would probably also make Rod leave. I believe he is an enabler and a trigger.

As Rachael was released from the ICU two weeks ago, they obviously felt she was stabilized. She went home after she was released from Saddleback ICU. If she were to enter an ED, refeeding program, they would not release her from any program until she goes from 40 lbs to 135 lbs i.e. 100 lbs first five feet, 5 lbs each inch above five feet. She's 5'7". She would gain 2-3 lbs per week slowly working up the calories. That means she'll be in a program for 45 weeks. I personally feel she probably weighs 55 lbs. A woman who weighed 55 lbs looks thinner than Rachael. I found an article which supports what the doctors and nurses have told me.

Rachael begged for money to go to Denver which supposedly was the ONLY place who could take her. They were the ONLY place who could refeed her. She got the money and didn't do that. Instead she ate some french fries and soft noodles. If she were as sick as she claimed, she probably would have died from eating that. She's also being fed protein drinks by Rod. Too much protein could easily kill her. Everything Rod and Rachael have been doing is the opposite of proper refeeding. This is why I think this is some sort of media circus to raise funds. While Rachael has anorexia, the symptoms of anorexia, she states she needs medical refeeding then refuses to do it. She sits in a bed while Rod takes video of her looking out the window while proclaiming a dog has cured her. People are now also commenting on Rachael's bad acting. My sis is an actor. She over acts just like Rachael. The pathetic expressions, forced poses in the professional photography session are very obvious.

There were quite a few followers here which have dwindled. Everyone has given up on this circus of a story. They all know something is up and are just disgusted by it all. Many regret donating. Some are talking about suing for fraud. Everyone thinks Rod convinced Rachael to let her anorexia get worse so they could take pics and do a social media blitz in the hope it would go viral so they could make lots of money and gets tons of media attention. They've done that. Now Rod is trying to make his reality show mockumentary showing him saving his wife from anorexia. A real person trying to help his wife would not be posting topless pics of his wife in diapers all over the internet to beg for money. The pic he probably told them to take of him helping his wife put on diapers was truly pathetic. That really show his true disgusting colors. Most believe that Rachael is indeed in on it. They are both actors.

Rachael and Rod who have their separate cell phones and numbers both are refusing to talk to the media. Rod wants to control the story after holes were poked in his previous phony story by the media.


Ever since I posted my email I have been contacted by doctors, nurses, social workers, ED experts, past ED patients and people who are genuinely concerned about Rachael. They are also suspicious of this story. There have just been so many stories and lies told by Rod and Rachael about the Denver clinic, seeing doctors.... Rachael is indeed ill and needs help. It just doesn't look like she's getting any help. Rod just wants to keep taking anorexia porn photos and videos of his supposed wife showing as much skin and bones as possible to keep the gofundme money coming in. It will be interesting to see how this ends.

06/23/2015 I just noticed that her name is on the hospital wrist band. It says "Rachael Farrokh." Then she should be able to be found under that name. She is not at UCSD. They just posted a new video. The windows in the video have seismic crossbars similar to the ones at UCSD. They are common to all new cement mid rise buildings. It's possible she is there now and gave a different name at the desk. This way Rod can say he was there, wasn't there, he's back, no, he left ... anything he wants. Still, it doesn't appear she has any medical monitoring at all. She only has a cath with strap. No IV marks. If she was in ICU because she passed out from drop in potassium, she would have needed an IV.

I just saw the pic of Rachael with the dog. The hospital has now been contacted by two reporters and other people. Rachael is not at UCSD hospital under any combination of her names or Rod's. In the pic I noted no IV, just a catheter tube. There is no way to do a safe refeed without starting with IV fluids, vitamins, minerals.  Rachael and Rod are not returning the calls of the reporters. Rod keeps saying he'll get back to them but he doesn't. The heart monitors are not connected to anything.

Just saw the video with the dog. Still no IV or IV marks. Generally they will leave an auto pressure cuff on you that takes your blood pressure automatically. She's not having her heart, breathing, blood pressure monitored. She only has a cath tube. If she's not having her vitals monitored, why is she (or isn't she?) in a hospital? Because she's not listed as a patient in the hospital, maybe this is out patient where they only stay a few hours a day? Or maybe they're just renting a room to shoot a movie? I have no idea.

06/21/2015 Rod just posted a pic of Rachael in a hospital room. I believe that pic is from her last trip to UCSD two weeks ago. Last time Rachael Farrokh checked into a hospital she used the name "Rachael Farrokh" which she has to because of her health insurance. She is definitely not in any UCSD hospital at the moment. She is not using the name Lyne Edmondson or any other combination of her names. The OC Register called and confirmed she was in the ICU couple of weeks ago.

June 18, 2014 Rachael stated she weighed 60 lbs and was dying. She asks for a dying wish. She has been stating she's dying for a while. She generally states it when she wants something like money or event tickets. If her heart, liver and kidneys all shut down, she would be dead. Janet Welch is indeed Rod's mother.

 "Urgent Mr Wilson PLEASE read! I am dying and have a simple request

I know this may sound stupid but last year I was rushed to the ER and my heart, liver, and kidneys shut down. My husband was asked cremation or burial and to call everyone to come say goodbye ... I have made it so far. I'm 5'7" and weigh 60 pounds. I don't need anything for me but my mother in law was a dear friend of Bruce Johnston and because she was caring for me she wasn't able to go see him at his concert last year. She doesn't know I'm doing this, but I know he is performing in Arcadia. I feel so guilty that she was never able to see her dear friend. Her name is Janet Welch. I just don't know if you can get a hold of him, but it is my last wish. My number is 714 325 1901. Thank you sir."

October 2014 Rachael stated she weighed 55 lbs. Now she and Rod are stating she weighs less than 50, 40 ish, 47 pounds, 40... Valeria Levitina is 5'8" and weighs 55 lbs. She can stand and walk around. She looks thinner than Rachael to me. My point is I believe Rachael can stand and walk.

A nurse sent me some information. In the pic below note the papers on the side table. They are discharge papers. The purple is prescriptions. The pink is a "how was your stay?" questionnaire. The arm band shows the date she was admitted to the hospital. I believe these are pics from her visit before last. Last time she was definitely in the ICU at Saddleback Hospital in San Clemente. I believe Rod wants people to think she's in a treatment center so she can continue to get donations. Donations have started again after the gofundme was shut down for multiple fraud investigations. Many people also contacted Adult Protective Services and the Orange County Sheriff about Rachael.

Rachael Farrokh, Rachael Lyne Farrokh, Rod Edmondson, Anorexia, savemyrachael, questions, fraud, stories
Someone just sent me a comment. Most of her comment was a personal attack against me. I will comment on her two main comments.

Comment 1: Rachael is too weak to talk on the phone. The welfare check could not possibly have been her as she is too weak to talk on the phone.

Below is a photo of Rachael talking on the phone. It is digitally dated 05/28/2015 at 3:25 pm my time. There are videos and audio of her talking up a storm especially on the KFI interview. She is giddy, happy, excited and talkative in that audeo. In that audio she is talking on the phone.

Rachael Farrokh, anorexia, gofundme, stories, lies, Rod Edmondson
Comment 2: The same person who claims to be a fitness instructor then states my statement about Rachael not being in the hospital is hearsay. No, it's not. I verified myself that she is not in UCSD. No one else told me that. I verified she was in Saddleback Hospital in the ICU about two weeks ago for two days. I just didn't post the hospital as I didn't want people to bother her. Now that she is not there I can post the hospital name.

While I believe Rachael has anorexia and does need help, I now don't believe she's as sick as she states. If she were, they wouldn't have released her from Saddleback Hospital. I also believe she can stand, walk and doesn't need diapers. Incontinence is not a symptom of anorexia. A neighbor saw her walking recently. She was able to walk and was walking when those horrible professional photos were taken. The video was actually taken at the same time even though they dated them a few months earlier.

Here's a pic of her without her diapers. She probably didn't wear them so you can see how skinny she is. Notice the professional photography equipment in the background. This was the professional shoot they did to start the gofundme. In some pics she's wearing diapers, other pics she is not. In one pic you see her costume changes hanging next to her.

Rachael Farrokh, no diaper, Rod Edmondson, anorexia, story, california, gofundme

06/20/2015 More stories from Rod. Below was his post on his own page. He did not post it on Rachael's or Rachael's Road to Recovery. He posted this, "We finally made it! Thanks to all of you who have been sending good thoughts, prayers and well-wishes, we have had a rough couple of weeks and we are sorry we haven't given an update. We are so excited to tell everyone that we are now safely in an Eating Disorder facility, We have a lot of work ahead of us but with the love and support we will fight this to recovery! We moved late Thursday evening and are now settled in San Diego where we will stay for the length of Rachael's recovery. Originally, UCSD was not an option, due to age restrictions they have on their program, which is why we were focused on Denver. However, due to the concerns the doctors had at the hospital about her taking a medical airlift, they reached out to multiple hospitals. UCSD had called us recently and after much back and forth, they thankfully decided to take her on. It was only about an hour by ambulance and she handled it like a champ.

Now that we can breathe, we will be posting more on her recovery and give some answers to all of your questions – everything from "why the two funding accounts?”, to "why did it take so long?" or "was APS involved?"and of course the status on things and stability of Rachael's condition now that we are at this location.

Even though she has been working daily through a lot of pain, she has kept her promise and is fighting hard. We thank you for your encouraging words, your patience, love and prayers. Those of you donating thank you so much, we are now at a place where we can seriously fight this disease and get Rachael the help she needs. Love, laughter and positive energy will be the key ingredients to her recovery."

Below are the pics he posted. Below that is my commentary about how this story and photos make no sense.

Rachael Farrokh, Rachael Lyne Farrokh, Rod Edmondson, Rodney Edmondson, anorexia, California, treatment, donation, gofundme

Rachael Farrokh, Rachael Lyne Farrokh, Rod Edmondson, Rodney Edmondson, anorexia, California, treatment, donation, gofundme

Rachael Farrokh, Rachael Lyne Farrokh, Rod Edmondson, Rodney Edmondson, anorexia, California, treatment, donation, gofundme

Rachael Farrokh, Rachael Lyne Farrokh, Rod Edmondson, Rodney Edmondson, anorexia, California, treatment, donation, gofundme

Rachael Farrokh, Rachael Lyne Farrokh, Rod Edmondson, Rodney Edmondson, anorexia, California, treatment, donation, gofundme

Rachael Farrokh, Rachael Lyne Farrokh, Rod Edmondson, Rodney Edmondson, anorexia, California, treatment, donation, gofundme

Below is a pic of UCSD ER entrance.

I posted the pics in the exact same sequence that Rod posted them. His post said they finally arrived at the UCSD eating disorder facility. One, the photos are of her in the UCSD ER leaving the hospital, not arriving. There are pics of inside and out of UCSD ER online. The pic of her resting and smiling is in the ER, not a hospital room. Two, she was able to dye her hair. I thought she couldn't even brush her hair. She got rid of her penciled eyebrows. Three, UCSD does not have an inpatient ED center, only out patient. Four, she was not at UCSD and still is not at UCSD. Five, she was not at the other hospital in ICU. She checked out two Fridays ago. Six, if she were accepted into the UCSD ED inpatient program, it's in the same building as the ER. They would just wheel her upstairs from the ER. That is not the ICU.

I personally feel these are pics from over two weeks ago when she went to the first ER. This is UCSD ER. She was then at Saddleback Hospital in San Clemente in the ICU over two weeks ago from Friday to Sunday. Then she went back home. I believe she's probably still at home. At the very most maybe she's in an out patient treatment program. I do hope that she gets healthier physically and psychologically. I don't believe Rod the fitness and diet expert has been a good influence on her. She had this ED after meeting him while he was forcing skinny, super fit women to diet and exercise harder. Rachael herself said this stems from abuse, people calling her fat, out of shape. Who could that be? A guy who makes a living from calling women fat and out of shape?

06/19/2015 Reporter Vikki Vargas just posted a pic which supposedly shows Rachael and Rod in a San Diego eating disorder facility. It looks like a pic of her in a transport bed that they use in ambulances. Looks like she's in a supply area of an emergency room. Maybe this pic was from when she was sent to the hospital last week. It's not a patient room. The San Diego eating disorder centers are mainly out patient. Rod stated Rachael needed in patient care. So many stories. I only hope Rachael gets the care she needs. I would think if she were in inpatient care center, Rod would post pics of that and he hasn't.

Rachael Farrokh, Rod Edmondson, anorexia, clinic, eating disorder, ED, san diego, california

06/18/15 Police blotter shows welfare check on 300 block of Borrego 06/17/2015. Southern California Gas company called it in stating the person has health issues and is talking about suicide but didn't mention how they would kill themselves. 415 code is disturbance. We don't know if this is Rachael. Could be someone else on the same block. Sounds like someone was on the phone with the gas company and talked about health issues and suicide. Perhaps Rachael is behind on her gas bill? I find that hard to believe with all their donations.

Rachael Farrokh, welfare check, police blotter, san clemente, california

06/17/2015: An anony person asked for my sources. No way will I jeopardize my sources of real info in this story. Plus the sources would shut up. The anony person with anony user name then proceeded to attack me personally and make snide comments. Then the person had the nerve to say hypocritically that they are anonymous because they don't want to be personally attacked. Hmm, they just attacked me a non-anony person yet they don't want to be attacked. Hypocrite much?

Rod has no problem answering FB PMs instantly, liking comments but he has no time to give anyone an update. I feel he's probably making Rachael gain weight so he can say he cured her. If he could cure her, why didn't he do it years ago? We still know absolutely nothing except that Rachael is not still in the hospital or ICU. She's not getting medical treatement. No medical person would care for her in her home.

A comment came in stating the gofundme is still on. Yes, it is. It was stopped for ten days while they investigated. After they investigated gofundme just added a disclosure which basically says when you donate money, don't expect anything. They've raised $50 or so in the last 24 hours. Obviously Rachael has insurance and doesn't need money for care. Even when they got money they did not go to the clinic who agreed to take them. The $500,000 fundraiser on GiveForwarded was cancelled/ended. By whom we don't know.

Not only did Rod try to set a Guiness record for breaking the most nuts by sitting on them, he also auditioned for American Ninja Warrior TV competition. Rod is an action and wants to be famous.

06/15/2015: Rachel's gofundme was reported for fraud and is under investigation. Their other gofundme type account was cancelled. They raised $122 of $500,000 requested in over two weeks. Rod and Rachel are in hiding at home.

06/13/2015: Spoke with the sheriff who told me paraphrased "we have no control over someone who wants to hide at home and lie about being in the hospital. We can't do anything about someone who says they're in the hospital when they are not just to keep people from questioning them. We can't force them to go to the hospital. They can refuse treatment. We will only go if she is threatening to harm or kill herself by for instance slitting her wrists. She's raised $800,000 on gofundme. We can't do anything. Many people have called for welfare checks on her." Obviously she only raised $195K on gofundme.

In even more interesting news Rachael can stand and walk. I thought so. She would have lots of bed sores if she couldn't. Her skin looks fine. She could walk and was walking late May and early June outside by herself 2015. She walked March 2015 when they took the video and photos for the main video. She was still exercising and running even when she was very thin.

People ask how can she walk being so thin. This woman can walk and I'm sure Rachael was/is more fit than her. Rachael used to run hours at a time when she was 5'7" and  less than 90 lbs

The second fundraiser for $500,000 was cancelled. They hadn't had a donation in ten days. Someone posted the site cancelled the fundraiser. I don't know if that is true or not.

06/10/2015: Someone just posted she is still in ICU. That would appear to mean she never left. She left Sunday and is not back in ICU in that same hospital or their local sister hospitals as far as we can tell. I really hope she is getting proper care. I have no idea what is happening. I read a post by a supposed neighbor which said the fire dept took her from her home 1:30 a.m. Friday/Saturday. Rod is again saying he's trying to get Rachael into a treatment center in San Diego but is being turned away. If he's being turned away, it's not because of her weight or money. The stories are just too outrageous at this point. Someone is lying. There is no one under any possible name or combination of name in the said hospital in regular rooms or ICU. I believe she is in hiding to evade the public eye, adult protective services and the sheriff doing welfare checks.

06/09/2015: On June 8 2015 Rachael's sister promised to give KFI an update at 1:00 pm. There was no update. The gofundme hasn't had a donation in five days. One person stated it was no longer possible to give donations but I have not verified that. Rachael is not in the Denver clinic. She is also not in the in patient ED clinics near her home. I only hope she is getting the in patient care she needs. Latest KFI update.

06/07/2015: Rachael was discharged from the hospital. We hope she is on her way to an inpatient ED clinic. Rachael is a patient of Adult Protective Services.

06/06/2015: I don't believe Rod is in charge of Rachael's care any longer. I believe sister and APS are in charge. Knowing Rod he would be taking lots of photos and videos of Rachael with tubes, oxygen, IV ... in her and he's not. He stated it's not allowed in ICU. That is totally false. I just confirmed.

On Rachael's Road to Recovery page he posted he was the sister posting for Rod and Rachael. I believe it's Rod and not the sister. That person posted they were sorry for not giving more updates. Obviously that is Rod as the sister was never in charge of that page before. That person states Rachael is still in control of her medical care. I don't think so. She is legally a client of APS of Orange County. That is a fact as they stated as much. There is no way anyone would allow Rod to be in control of Rachael's health after he told KFI the other day he wasn't worried about Rachael at all. That is why her potassium level fell, she passed out and ended up in the ICU.

Rachael is still in the ICU today at a local hospital. Below are pics which show that Rachael was at Saddleback Hospital in San Clemente. The images match the news video.

Rachael Farrokh, anorexia, rod edmondson, california, gofundme, money

Rachael Farrokh, anorexia, rod edmondson, california, gofundme, money
06/05/2015: Rachael was just admitted to the hospital. Her potassium dropped, she passed out, they took her to ER. She is conscious now. This is exactly how Terri Schiavo died. Terri's potassium was low from dieting, drinking too much water. She passed out and never woke up. She was a vegetable for years. Rod almost just killed Rachael. She should have been monitored in a hospital. You can only monitor potassium with a blood test. That means Rod lied about having home medical care. No way anyone would leave that woman in that condition at home.

KFI podcast radio host Bill Carroll asks the tough questions. He agrees she needs helps and the situation seems odd. Rod sounds like he's out of it or not very smart. They both were extremely evasive with their answers. They were just so happy to be on the radio. They were also so happy to get the money. Bill Carroll asked, "Are you worried about Rachel?" Rod, "No, not at all." Rod says Rachel ate eight of his fries. In her condition, if it's real, that could kill her. Rachel talks about "going to Disneyland!" Rachel speaks normally in this audio. It's so different from the other videos.

Adult Protective Services of Orange County stated that Rachael is now a "client" June 2, 2015.

Another great article concerned about Rachael's well being and the odd story being told by Rod and Rachael. This is from the point of view of someone who had an ED and recovered. She also is an ED activist making sure sufferers have medical coverage.

Rachael states she's had anorexia for ten years. She met Rod in 2003. That means she got her ED after she met Rod. I believe this is part of the problem. Personal trainers love to call women fat, soft so they can get work, make money. I feel Rod played upon Rachael's insecurities to get her to work out more and more, diet more and more. Here is video of Rod as a fitness trainer. This is the last person who should be near Rachael.

Girl pushups? Really?
Posted by Rod Edmondson on Sunday, September 28, 2014

Direct link to video file. I used part of this video for commentary. It is used under the fair act of copyright.

More people with questions. June 2, 2015 article. They bring up the same points I've brought up.

"Early-stage anorexia symptoms are pretty mild: headaches, constipation, bloating. But as the disorder progresses, “you can do all sorts of damage,” said Dr. Graham Redgrave, assistant director of the Eating Disorders Program at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Muscle atrophy sets in along with osteoporosis and loss of cognitive functions, including short-term memory loss. There are risks of heart failure, liver failure, kidney failure. The immune system is severely weakened.

Farrokh hasn’t had a menstrual cycle in years. She wears a neck pillow because she’s too weak to keep her head up.

“Your body needs energy to function. In the absence of energy, it begins to cannibalize; it feeds on itself,” said Strober, of UCLA."

"Most don’t have the expertise to know what to do when “the patient gets a little resistant,” said Dr. Linda Schack, head of the eating disorder program at Torrance Memorial Medical Center.

“They need specialists, a lot of support built in.”

"“How is the public supposed to know how this money is supposed to be used? At least theoretically she might be dissatisfied with the treatment she receives. What happens then?” said Dr. Michael Strober, director of the eating disorder program at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

“There are all sorts of questions.”

Another great article about what is really happening here.

Rod just stated they are working with a team of doctors locally who are consulting with the Denver clinic. Denver clinic stated they don't consult with anyone unless the patient is under their care in their facility. Denver clinic stated neither Rod nor anyone associated with Rachael has ever contacted them ever. That means this could be a partial ruse for money. Rachael still needs medical help.

From Dr, "This is a girl who weighs 40 pounds," psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig told ET. "Because of her anorexia, she's put her body in a state of starvation … After 10 years of ongoing self-starvation, her body is having a reaction to it and that's why this disease can be so fatal."

From Dr, "Dr. Tim Walsh, an eating disorder specialist at New York State Psychiatric institute at Columbia University, said that generally refeeding is effective, but for someone so ill, it would need to be done at an experienced facility. Walsh, who has not treated Farrokh, said few medical facilities have the expertise to treat a case such as hers.

Medical treatment for starvation and psychological support are the two issues that need to be immediately addressed during treatment for severe anorexia nervosa, he said.

"In treatment, first the calorie intake must be increased. It must be done very gradually and carefully so a patient doesn't experience the complications that can occur during refeeding. One of the main complications of refeeding is cardiac-related, including heart failure, which can be fatal," Walsh said."

From dr: "Dr. Michael Strober, professor of psychiatry and director of the eating disorder program at the UCLA Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital, explained to ABC News that the refeeding process of people suffering from anorexia can be extremely risky.

"Refeeding syndrome results from metabolic changes that are associated with feeding an individual who has been calorie-depleted," Strober said. "So, the feeding needs to be carefully monitored. The refeeding syndrome will involve the body’s attempt to adapt to sudden introduction of nutrients ... Too rapid increase of calories can result in the metabolic adaptation which is associated of a number of hazards, which can be life-threatening."

From ED doctor, "But a doctor from the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders said Denver’s high altitude isn’t cause for any extra concern. “In my experience, there is absolutely no contraindication to receiving care for anorexia nervosa at altitude,” said Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani, a certified eating disorder specialist and assistant medical director of ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders. “Their only chance for recovery is to admit, without hesitation, to an appropriate level of in-patient medical care. Receiving care at home is not indicated,” she said.

From another ED doctor. "We showed video of Rachael’s heartbreaking condition to eating disorder specialist Dr. Ira Sacker, author of Dying To Be Thin.

He said, "This person is extremely close to death. I am amazed at this weight with this BMI [Body Mass Index] that she is not in heart failure or kidney failure."

From a doctor at the treatment center, “My opinion is it is life-threateningly dangerous, to receive care of any type at home. The only hope for anyone recovering from critical anorexia is to enter into expert medical treatment immediately without hesitation,” Dr. Gaudiani said. “It’s pretty clear, without knowing her personally, this a tragic case. And I worry every day that she could die.”

Rachael admits she only had anorexia for a few years and not ten.

“My sister gave me a collage of pictures of when I was acting or doing certain things. I look at that girl, the head shot, it’s only a few years old. It’s like I know I’ve wasted this much of my life. I just want to be that person again — that strong, independent woman that can be herself.”
Read more at"

As per Rachael her normal weight is 5'7" 105 lbs. She also has certification in fitness and nutrition.

SCC – Acting – Motivations and Scene Studies – San Juan Capistrano, CA
CSFU - B.S. in Management with Psychology Background – Fullerton, CA
ISSA – Fitness Certification – CA
IFA – Certified Nutritionist - CA

As per news Rachael's mother was very concerned and went to the house to see her daughter. Rod would not let her see her daughter. Rod then went to get a restraining order on Rachael's mother. Police have been sent to check up on Rachael but Rod won't open the door. Adult protective services are also investigating.

It has since been discovered that Rod is a stunt king. He tried to get media exposure for his boot camp and gym by setting the world record for cracking nuts by sitting on them. He also stated that he's Rachael's manager. He goes on and on about the importance of "really getting out there" for exposure especially with social media. In his page he talks about a big, big thing he's working on which will hopefully end up okay when he is exposed. Is Rachael's worsening condition his "stunt?" He goes on to say paraphrased "after this she will get back to her acting career and I'll be her manager." Previously I thought it was after her anorexia but now I'm wondering if it's after the anorexia pseudo reality documentary they are filming.

Rod first set up a gofundme for $100K. They got $195K. He set up another for $250K. He just set up yet another for $500K. He just set up a website. If you look at the website, it mainly shows media. Rod and his family are happily posting about the money and media. No one seems to care about Rachael. The money is supposed to go toward going to a clinic but now they don't want to go.

I now believe Rachael is playing along with it. The videos are pretty obvious as are the photos. Rod now states that Rachael just isn't psychologically ready for treatment. If that's the case, why continue to raise money to go to the Denver clinic? I don't think this will end well. I'm now convinced like many others that this is a money, media scam. I also just realized that the photos posted of Rachael are part of a photo shoot. Rod is in the photos. Proof they were professionally shot months ago.

"Professional photographer Mark Kolodjski knew Farrokh years before her disease spiraled out of control. Four and a half years ago, Kolodjski took a film class and used Farrokh, at the time an actress, in three of his short films. When Edmondson reached out to him a few months ago, asking him to take pictures of her, he agreed, not knowing how close his old friend was to death."

Rachael was in his movie "Accused." She looks healthy in that movie 2-3 years ago.

She looked fine in 2006.

Here are a few of the exact line professional pics.

Rachael Lyne Farrokh, Actress, California, anorexia, eating disorder, fraud, rachael farrokh, rod edmondson, rodney mark edmondson, san clemente
You can see she's hunching her shoulders, closing her eyes, sucking in her stomach, showing off her look as horrible as possible while wearing a diaper. I am intentionally not posting the topless pic of her or the one of her husband putting diapers on her, way too degrading.
Rachael Lyne Farrokh, Actress, California, anorexia, eating disorder, fraud, rachael farrokh, rod edmondson, rodney mark edmondson, san clemente

Rachael Lyne Farrokh, Actress, California, anorexia, eating disorder, fraud, rachael farrokh, rod edmondson, rodney mark edmondson, san clemente
There's even a topless pic of her only wearing a diaper. Who would allow their wife to do that? No sane or caring person.

Someone posted that if Rachael were a dog, animal control would take her and give her proper care. They would arrest Rod for animal neglect. If Rod really cared about her health, he'd take her to the hospital even against her will. Soon the police will be making that decision if he doesn't.

Many people have called police and requested welfare checks. I pulled up the blotter. Here is but one. They lied to police and said they were trying to get into the Denver clinic. Police came back and said she needs medical care now. Then Rod showed a medical record which showed she's being treated at a clinic. Police said they can't force her to go to a different doctor. The police also received many reports of donor fraud against the two.

Rachael Farrokh, anorexia, Rod Edmondson, welfare check, donor fraud, perjury
There has been at least one more welfare check since then requested by people from all over the US.

 Rachael went bankrupt in 2003 with no assets case 08-03-15932. All her debts were discharged. I can't seem to pull up the underlying documents as yet to see if they were for treatment. I scrubbed her SSN. If anyone posts them from the source, please, remove her social security number. This seems to be right before she was married to her first husband. She supposedly met Rod at the same time she married her first husband as per Rod's timeline.

2007 she and her mother bought a condo in San Clemente. Based on the BK Rachael probably needed her mother as a co-borrower. Her mother quit claimed her interest to Rachael. Rachael stopped making payments in 2010 and was foreclosed upon. 2011 Rachael had to move out of the condo as the trustee sold it. Rachael then sued Wells Fargo. 2012 Rachael lost the case and it was dismissed. Rachael owes Wells Fargo costs and fees about $15,000. I'm sure Rachael spent at least that much suing Wells. Wells stated Rachael was just making up stories to try to stall the foreclosure. Rachael's arguments were very weak. She supposedly didn't realize Wells bought her loan, didn't see the agreement, wasn't given chance to renegotiate.... Wells will probably put a lien on their donations. I personally feel Rachael probably got suckered into a "get out of foreclosure!" scam. It's just odd that she didn't at least sell the condo in 2011. She would have made out okay. After Rachael left they had to do a bit of work to the condo.


History of Rachael's parents. Wife filed for divorce in 2005 in Orange County. It was finalized in 2009. James the husband contested it. He was without attorney for part of it. Case closed 2010. Husband James was sued for a debt 2005. They garnished his wages and wanted to garnish his wife's wages. Finally James settled in 2012. Wife sued James for partition real estate. I believe this was the property mother, father and Rachael owned together. Wife won. It was partitioned before wife gave it to Rachael. Both Sheila and James remarried and live in the same county.

Because of inconsistencies in Rachel's supposed husband Rod's stories questions have arisen relative to Rachael's health care. Rod initially stated they'd been married for ten years but that's not true. He also originally stated their goal was to get enough money to go to a special hospital in Denver which is the only one that can treat her extremely thin and frail frame. That also wasn't true. He's now saying that hospital won't take her until she gains 20 lbs. That makes no sense as this is precisely what this clinic does. Rod says they also fear the elevation. I checked elevation and it's 5,376 sf. That is not enough to cause an issue. It would have to be over 8,000 ft. If elevation affected these patients, they would not have the clinic in this location. A doctor recently stated above that elevation at this level wouldn't affect her.

October 2014 there was an article about Rachael being treated for anorexia. At that time it was revealed that Rachael had a bezoar. A bezoar is indigestable material in the stomach generally a foreign object which has been intentionally eaten. The article also states she's recovering, making a documentary and is helping others with the disease. They said she weighed 50 lbs. Recently they said she weighs 47 lbs. 5'4' men leaving Holocaust internment camps weighed 60 lbs and they looked just as bad. She's supposedly 5'7". I now realize why she says she weighs 40 lbs. The "most anorexic woman in the world" Valeria Levitina weighed apx three stone which is 42 lbs at 5'8". If Rachael weighs 40 lbs, she will be the "most anorexic woman in the world." I think Valeria finally died.

Rachael only became very thin after meeting Rod. Rod is a nutritionist, fitness expert and consultant. He was supposedly trained at Baylor University in Texas in sports medicine and nutrition. It all seems very odd and many people are now questioning things on their gofundme page. While initially asking for $100,000 they have received $194,000. They just started another gofundme type of page and are now asking for $250,000. All the while it seems Rachael had received some medical care at hospitals as per Rod. Does Rachael have medical insurance?

It's all very confusing. So far all I see is Rod being very happy about the donations and tv shows. He's working hard to get on Dr Phil and Ellen. He seems to love the attention they are getting because of her illness. It seems like Von Munchausen syndrome by proxy. His main concern should be for her physical and mental health.

Rachael now seems to be enjoying the attention she is getting from being so ill. Rod is taking very vulnerable photos and videos of his wife. In one pic she is only wearing a diaper hunched over to show her spine and breast. The lighting, angles are intentional to show Rachael looking as horrible as possible. The videos her husband is taking seem a bit forced like she is acting. Rachael is going along with it. She is an actress after all. I personally am starting to feel Rachael has Von Munchausen sydrome .

The only important thing at this point is to make sure this woman gets proper care. The authorities have been notified and are now involved.

Links of interest

2006 Rachael and Rod start Boot Camp. They claim to both be trained nutrition and diet experts.

"Longtime certified personal trainers Rod Edmondson and Rachael Farrokh have designed a six-week “boot camp” program-all outdoors-to guide their clients into achieving optimum health, fitness and performance through kickboxing, core and resistance training, Pilates, yoga, and cardio, as well as educating them to make the right choices when it comes to healthy eating habits."

They go on to state they are experts at losing weight, counting calories, changing up the cardio to burn more calories. I really hope she didn't do this to herself intentionally. Actors gain and lose considerable amount of weight for movie roles. A fitness expert recently did a fit to fat to fit program.,,20466776,00.html

This actor gains and loses 60 lbs quickly for roles. He went from 180 to 120 lbs in four months. For his next role he gained the 60 lbs back and 39 more pounds of muscle. For his next role he gained 50 lbs of fat. He did this all quickly.

Maybe this is her movie role since she couldn't get any real acting gigs? Most were for free for friends in film class or an extra role. She admitted to being in hiding for a year. Rod said he was planning something big and hoped it didn't backfire on him. She's always been trim and fit. You generally have this starting in the teen years going forward. She was always an athlete. This started based on dated photos and videos in 2013, continued in 2014 and here we are today. This started at age 35. Her teeth, gums, hair, skin look fine which makes no sense. I think perhaps she weighs 55 and not 40.

There is a fitness guy who did a fit to fat to fit challenge. He also did a type of documentary about it. He went from 180 to a fat 265 then back to 180 and fit all in six months. He gained and lost 85 pounds in six months which was about half of his body weight. He was also a fitness and diet expert. Who is to say someone couldn't do a much slower fit to way too skinny to fit again in a few years. She was 125 went to apx 55 and can get back to 125 hopefully. I believe she is currently anorexic.

Valeria Levitina is 39 5'8" and 50 lbs. She can stand, walk and is just as thin as Rachael. I believe Rachael can walk as she was walking recently. She also does not have bed sores. She is/was the "most anorexic woman in the world." There are no records or Wikipedia for these people because it would be unethical to give publicity to bad behavior which would encourage it.

I just looked at their video again. It was professionally made by the same film maker who took the photos. A professional video. Notice the date of 2014 on the pic of her walking like a zombie on the lawn. No one walks like that. It's intentional. Then you see headshot same date. Notice the pink streaks. They are the exact same ones as the pic of Rachael smiling, standing and hugging Rod near the beach. I'm starting to believe we've been had with a very bizarre and intricate ruse by two exercise and nutrition experts.

Rachael Lyne Farrokh timeline. This is so you can see that the stories do not add up. Rachael has only been very think from late 2013 to present. 

October 25, 1977 born in Orange, California to father James Farrokh (born apx 1940 in Iran) and mother Sheila Kay Dailey (May 2, 1948 Kern, California). Older sister Ranna Lyne Farrokh (born March 10, 1969 Orange, California).

June 1995 graduted from Bethel Baptil High School in Santa Ana, Caifornia.

1996 lived in Santa Ana, California at 4217 W Roberts Dr, Santa Ana, CA, 92704-2132, 1217 N Gates St, Santa Ana, CA, 92703-1625.

1994-1998 Santa Ana College, Santa Ana, CA.

1998-200 California State University, Fullerton, CA

March 15, 2003 married Ryna Horatio Gamble in Clark, Nevada.

January 2006 they offer Boot Camp to help people lose weight.

August 25, 2006 driving ticket

2009 Angry Asian Man (Short) Linda Sanchez (free for class)

2009/II Going Down (Short) Kelly (free for class)

2009 Label Horrors (Short) The Housewife (free for class)

2010 Suicide Dolls Hot Beach Girl (extra)

November 19, 2010 driving ticket

2010/ll Comatose (Short) Doctor Bahrami

2011 Fred Wilder's Pocket Full of Film: The Essential Collection (Video) The Housewife

2010-2011 lived in condo with Rodney Mark Welch Edmondson (born December 3, 1973 in California) mother gave to her at 3206 Calle Grande, San Clemente, CA, 92672-3543 4 bed, 3 bath, 3,029 sf value $822,000. Lost in foreclosure. 

November 2011 moved to Calle Borrego, San Clemente 92672 a 3 bed, two bath 1,479 sf, townhome which they rent for $2,400/mo. 

2013 Accused (Short) Sandy (filmed 2012)

April 24, 2013 driving ticket.

Rachael looked healthy and fit up until end of 2013. She has appeared too think since end of 2013 to the present.

February 27, 2014 driving ticket.

October 15, 2014 Rod and Rachael state she's on the "road to recovery" thanks to the San Clemente Gym and Rod. She supposedly weighs 55 lbs. Rachael states she met Rod at this gym 11 years earlier in 2003. That would be when she was married.

January to March 2015 they have a professional videographer, documentarian, photographer film a very rehearsed video plea for help. Marcus also takes the incredibly graphic photos of Rachael topless wearing only diapers. 
April 29, 2015 they post the professional, staged and rehearsed video they made in January 2015 on YouTube. Their goal is to get money to go to the Denver ACUTE clinic. It's the only clinic that will take her. It's her only chance to survive.

April 29, 2015 they start the first gofundme with $195,000 raised as of June 3, 2015

May 7, 2015 first welfare check by San Clemente Sheriff office. 

May 21, 2015 media goes wild with the graphic photos and story. 

May 21, 2015 Eating Disorder Treatment Center at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland offers to treat her. 

May 23, 2015 Rod starts a website with contact info:
Rod Edmondson, 383 Calle Borrego, San Clemente, California, 92672, 1.9493741078,

May 25, 2015 Denver ACUTE center agreed to accept Rachael. Center states Rachael's team has never contacted them. Rachael could die without in care treatment. 

“My opinion is it is life-threateningly dangerous, to receive care of any type at home. The only hope for anyone recovering from critical anorexia is to enter into expert medical treatment immediately without hesitation,” Dr. Gaudiani said. “It’s pretty clear, without knowing her personally, this a tragic case. And I worry every day that she could die.”

May 29, 2015 another welface check by San Clemente Sheriff office. 

May 29, 2015 Rod starts another donation site at below raising $75 as of June 3, 2015

May 30, 2015 another welfare check by San Clemente Sheriff office. 

June 2, 2015 Orange County Register does an article with photos. Rod and Rachael have decided to do in home care instead of going to Denver.

June 3, 2015 Adult Protective Services of Orange County state that Rachael Farrokh is a "client." 

Reference sites:

LinkedIn: Her skills are social media, television, acting, camera, screenwriting, cinematography, photography, video production, film production,

IMDb: (people in entertainment) Keep in mind release date is not the date the person acted in the film. That is generally a year earlier or so. All five shorts done for free for a film class. Video means straight to video never released. The one film she was in "Suicide Dolls" she was an extra.


Personal Facebook

Facebook page

The above page is down. Here's a copy.

Their plan is for home care to get her strong enough to go to the hospital in Denver. Lots of conflicting messages because people and media are contacting the hospitals. Oddly the hospital is releasing news about Rachael which is not legal if she will be a patient. We'll see what happens.
Rachael Lyne Farrokh, Actress, California, anorexia, eating disorder, 

"Farrokh has been battling anorexia for a decade now, dropping from a weight of 125 pounds to a shockingly smaller number that she requested not to be disclosed. Her major drop in weight has caused severe health problems for the San Clemente, Calif. woman.

"I've had heart, kidney and liver failure and osteoporosis for the past seven years," she said. "When I went to the hospital in January, they flooded me with fluids and I gained 40 pounds overnight in water weight. That's when my body started shutting down."

Rod Edmonson, Farrokh's husband, now serves as her full-time caretaker, looking over her health concerns as Farrokh spends her days and nights in a hospital bed, battling her disorder while reflecting on a time when she was more healthy."

Below are a few films in which she appeared. 

Rachael Farrokh is an actress, born October 25, 1977, known for Suicide Dolls (2010), Accused (2013) and Fred Wilder's Pocket Full of Film: The Essential Collection (2011).

The below is her video biography which she made. You can understand her situation if you watch this short video. Her father is James Farrokh 1940 from Iran. Mother is American Sheila Dailey Farrokh Hester born 1948. She has an older sister named Ranna, ex-husband Ryan Horatio Gamble in San Clemente, current husband Rodney Mark Welch Edmondson.

Her education 
Bethel Baptist High School, Santa Ana, CA, 1979-1995
Santa Ana College, Santa Ana, CA, 1994-1998
California State University, Fullerton, CA, 1998-2000

She was her class valedictorian in 1995


Rachael was chosen as valedictorian and has a lengthy list of activities and athletic accomplishments.

Rachael, who has a 4.0 grade-point average, served as editor of both the school newspaper and yearbook. She was a member of the school's basketball, volleyball and softball teams.

She has also kept busy in extracurricular activities and off-campus work, serving as a substitute teacher, tutor, receptionist, day-care worker and secretary.

Rachael, who lives in Santa Ana, plans to attend UCLA or Rancho Santiago College, Santa Ana campus."

Here is her gofundme page. If I had money, I'd donate. Hopefully readers here can help her out. We care for extremely emaciated, dehydrated animals and you do have to be very careful caring for them. They must be fully hydrated before you try to feed tiny bits of food. You have to give just a tiny bit of say warm broth in the beginning. Wait an hour or two, check vital, then give some more if they are okay. She'll probably also need probiotics. I hope she makes it and can have a healthy life again.

More on her story here.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

Mary Cummins, Mary K. Cummins, Mary Katherine Cummins, Mary Cummins-Cobb, Mary, Cummins, Cobb, real estate, appraiser, appraisal, instructor, teacher, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Brentwood, Bel Air, California, licensed, permitted, single family, condo, pud, hud, fannie mae, freddie mac, uspap, certified, residential, certified resident, apartment building, multi-family, commercial, industrial, expert witness, civil, criminal, orea, dre, insurance, bonded, experienced, bilingual, spanish, english, form, 1004, 2055, land, raw, acreage, vacant, insurance, cost, income approach, market analysis, comparative, theory, appraisal theory, cost approach, sales, matched pairs, plot, plat, map, diagram, photo, photographs, photography, rear, front, street, subject, comparable, sold, listed, active, pending, expired, cancelled, listing, mls, multiple listing service, claw, themls,


  1. Thank you for posting this information about Rachael Farrokh! I believe she is near death and that her husband is behind the fraud being perpetrated against the Facebook Community, as well as the other sites. I was unaware that they had set up yet another gofundme. My God, this woman needs to be in a hospital and her husband should be in prison!

    1. Adult protective services and sheriff are investigating. Rod lied to the sheriff and said his team of doctors were working with the Denver clinic. Denver clinic confirmed few hours ago again they have never been contacted. Sheriff only saw one piece of paper which was supposedly a medical record. They didn't see doctors, nurses or anything else. While Rachael is skinny and needs help Rod and I believe also Rachael is working this for money. She needs help.

    2. Mary you are truly an angel' I was so worried about her and you are the only one that has given uptodate information about Rachael. And you think now think that her sister and the APS are in charge? You mentioned that she was released from the hospital yesterday? Can you please find out if she has gone to the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders at Denver or another facility?
      God bless you Mary'' I cannot thank you enough''

    3. Mary you are truly an angel. I have been so worried about Rachael and you have been the only one to give uptodate information about her, please continue to do so. Now you think that her sister and the APS are in charge? You mentioned that she was released yesterday from the hospital, would you be kind enough to find out if she went to the Acute Center for Eating Disorders at Denver or another facility?
      God bless you Mary. I cannot thank you enough because all we want to do is to save her precious life'

    4. I know she is a client of Adult Protective Services. I know her sister is helping her. Her sister truly cares about Rachael's health and well being. I will follow up to see if she is in a clinic. I bet she is because of APS and her sister. Rod was not capable of caring for her in the home. Thanks for also caring about her.

  2. Someone posted this but it's not showing up. I agree with them. "Thank you for posting this information about Rachael Farrokh! I believe she is near death and that her husband is behind the fraud being perpetrated against the Facebook Community, as well as the other sites. I was unaware that they had set up yet another gofundme. My God, this woman needs to be in a hospital and her husband should be in prison!"

  3. Thanks for collecting & posting all of this info on these people. I have been following this story for weeks now & I'm so disgusted over the whole thing. Everyone needs to STOP DONATING MONEY! Everyday I watch their gofundme climb to this ridiculous amount & it sickens me! I hope rod & Rachael are exposed soon & shut down. The media was so quick to jump on this story & tell the world about poor Rachael & her amazing husband rod & omg poor things give them money blah blah blah.. Rachael never intended to go inpatient into a treatment facility. I honestly think that this is all about money & their 15 minutes of fame! Stop donating people! I hope they're exposed soon because this isn't right.

    1. Rachael is way too skinny. Based on what I've seen I don't know how much is an eating disorder and how much is .... I do feel part of this is a publicity stunt to get media attention and donations. I based this on their past media stunts, the fact that they're both actors and the fact that they are both trained and certified nutritionists, dietitians and fitness/health experts. Media was too quick to pick up on the sob story and graphic pics just to get traffic, sell ads and make money. I hope someone follows up with the truth.

  4. From the OC Register article, she needs to wear a neck pillow because she can't support her head. Yet she shakes her head quite vigorously in the first YouTube video posted. Too many contradictions from the start. I don't know if the truth will ever be fully known. For Rachael and Rod that may be the best outcome.

  5. Would you be kind enough to find out if she went to the Acute Center for Eating Disorders at Denver or another facility? Thank you so very much for all that you have done'

    1. As far as I can tell she did not go to the Denver ACUTE center. She also did not go to closest in patient ED center. She was discharged from the ICU and hospital where she last was. We don't know where she is at the moment. As she is a client of Adult Protective Services and her sister is involved, I believe she should be receiving proper care though I'm not certain. We can only hope she is getting proper care.

  6. I am so confused. I thought Rachael was discharged Sunday night from icu? Yet whomever is updating her fb page, says she's still in icu.. Wonder if she did leave one hospital Sunday night, went back home( why there had been no updates for 3 days) and now is back in icu again. This is just too confusing.

  7. At this point it's hard to believe the updates on her fb page.. When something doesn't add up or make sense, usually it's cause it's not true. Rod can't post any updates on Rachael's road to recovery page because he has been by Rachael's side in the hospital non stop but yet rods personal fb page has continued to be updated the past few days. You're right, this is too outrageous to believe & at this point I'm not believing any of it honestly.


    JUNE 10, 2015. WEDNESDAY.

    Rachael's Road to Recovery
    2 hrs ·
    Update from the family...Rachael is still in ICU, and she will stay there until the doctors there feel she is stable enough to move to a treatment center. Rod has been there around the clock, to address any complications that come up. We have been there, and so has Rod's family. Her spirits are up, she is eating the foods the doctors and nutritionists recommend, and most importantly to us, she has made no attempts to leave or avoid going to treatment. Anyone who has gone through any kind of recovery, or the families that supported them could probably attest to why we consider this such a big, important step. Thank you so much for your prayers and kind words, we relay them to Rod and Rachael as they focus on her recovery, and it means so much to not just them, but all of us. We will post more regularly when there is more to say.
    I pray she is okay'

    1. I see Rachael Farrokh, Rachael's Road to Recovery and Rod Edmondson's Facebook pages.

  9. So the sheriff is saying Rachael is at home & hiding out there? Where did you read the sheriffs statement at??

    1. Because I'm local many people asked me to call in another welfare check. I spoke to the San Clemente sheriff earlier and asked for a welfare check.The same sheriff I spoke to last time told me the 06/13 statement. That's not word for word but paraphrased. The female sheriff said they can't do anything if Rachael and Rod want to hide at home and pretend to be in the hospital. They will only do another welfare check if they are threatening to kill themselves or seriously injure themselves. They can't do anything about someone who refuses treatment even if refusing treatment causes them to die.

    2. Rachael was in the ICU of a certain hospital in San Clemente Friday before last. She discharged that Sunday evening. She has not been in that hospital since even though they state they are still there in the ICU. I believe they are hiding at home or somewhere else to avoid media and questions.

  10. I knew deep down that this was the case. It amazes me how trusting the people are who read some update that's posted on Rachael's fb page & believe what's being said just because... How can those people be so trusting & gullible? It's an update from Rachael's family so it must be true.. Seriously? From the moment I viewed her video plea for help a month ago, I've had this gut feeling something wasn't right about the whole thing. I honestly do not believe that Rachael ever intended on going in patient to a Ed treatment facility. I think money & their 15 minutes is what they ultimately seemed... Something about this story I can't shake. I've been following it closely for a month now. I have a feeling rod will be losing his wife soon. It's very sad.

    1. I agree that money and fame were motivating factors. Rachael appears to be going for the Oscar. They just didn't think it would go this viral and they'd be called to the mat on going to the clinic. Now they are in hiding, I bet Rod is trying to put weight on her so he can say he "cured" her.

  11. Rachael being able to walk does make sense. She fainted & was taken to hospital. I didn't really think about it before but I'm sure she didn't faint while lying in the bed...

    1. I never even thought about that. I too got sucked into the story. That makes total sense.

  12. Hi Mary. I just wanted to say thanks for posting updates regarding Rachael and all of the shady stuff that seems to be going on. I have been somewhat fascinated with this story since the gofundme page first started, and have been following your updates on here regularly. I saw several holes in Rod's story from the beginning, and was skeptical from day one. Now it appears that those suspicions are being confirmed as more information slowly comes out. It's a shame that so many people were duped, and that this woman's illness and her incredibly poor health appear to have been used for money and fame. I will be checking back here often for more updates.

    1. When I first saw the plea I felt something was a little odd but I tried not to let that stand in the way of me spreading her story so she could get the help she needed. When she got the money and didn't go to the clinic I was then worried that she or Rod were for some reason keeping her from the help she needed. Then I saw more holes in the story. I know she can stand, walk and probably doesn't need diapers. Most severe anorexics don't need diapers. Incontinence is not an issue with anorexics unless they are in a coma like Teri Schiavo.

      I think Rod convinced Rachael to use her illness to get money and fame for both of them. He wants to look like someone who can cure anorexics. She wants to look like a great actress and "survivor." This is backfiring on them and it will get worse. Sad situation. They need to come clean and ask for forgiveness.

    2. I completely agree, Mary... The next "update" that's given will probably be another lie though. It's not right that they get away with this. They need to be exposed

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  14. May I ask how do you get those updates? I am fascinated by this as well!

    1. Fannie whoever the hell you are, your profile is totally blank. You are an anonymous user. Why would I tell you my sources? I will not reveal my sources or Rod will try to shut them up so he can carry out his scheme.

  15. It doesn't matter to me how you get your info about them, Mary. You have no reason to lie about any of this. Everyone invested in Rachael's story should stop by your blog & read All of the info you've posted. I've been stopping by here everyday to read your updates. Thanks again

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  17. I agree with you about this newest update (6/20/15).. Those pics are of Rachael in the ER... Rod states that they Moved & are now settled in in San Diego. Huh? Again, what Rod is saying doesn't make sense. None of it. It still doesn't add up. What really bothers me is all the extremely gullible people. Does anyone have any common sense anymore?

  18. So Rachael has supposedly been in the hospital but on June 18th she's sending out dying wishes for concert tickets? Wth? This story keeps getting weirder & weirder. Rod also looks like he's high every time I see a pic of him. The way his eyes look glossy & the inappropriate smiling is what I mean. Obviously idk for sure but he looks like he is to me. I don't think Rachael has ever been 40 some pounds either. Kfi needs to do another update asap. I don't believe rods latest update at all. Well actually, I don't believe any of what they've been saying since all of this ridiculousness started.

  19. Also on rods Facebook there's posts about a year ago saying it's time for Rachael to change her last name to his. So they got married a few months before all of this started? Hmmm makes you wonder...

  20. when you're in treatment, there is a lot of therapy & it's extremely structured. Group therapy, individual therapy etc & there are certain visitation days & hours, meal & medication time. Most of what being in patient in- treatment means is therapy all day long. My point is, it looks as though Rachael is just laying in a hospital bed somewhere. I thought when she was released to this treatment place, it was because she was medically stable? If not then what is going on? You are right Mary, I think the interest has died down because this story is just too crazy to try & piece together & people have given up trying to follow it. It amazes me that their go fund me is still continuing to get donations.

  21. If there wasn't anything to hide, you would speak to the media. Not talking to the media means you're hiding something. I thought they wanted everyone worldwide to follow Rachael's road to recovery? So what is it that Rod doesn't want to answer? Rod loves the publicity so what gives now?

  22. Hi Mary,

    My comment was far too long so I've had to email you instead.

    I have had an eating disorder since I was 5 years old and I spent 20 years in treatment (over 150 admissions both in the ED program here and medical wards). I have been the same BMI Rachael claims to be so I feel I can give a bit of a perspective from someone who has been there.

    Thank you for gathering all this information on your blog post. I have to admit I have felt so guilty about the thoughts I’ve had but agree that something does NOT add up about all this.

    I however can see quite a few errors in the information you have given that understandably if you aren’t an ED sufferer, family, or professional, you wouldn’t realise, that I’d like to point out.

    First of all – people with ED rarely get fed through the stomach (that would be a J or G tube). They most commonly are fed using a nasogastric tube (through the nose). As we can see, that didn’t happen to Rachael. Rachael however is extremely emaciated – she is more likely to have been fed using a PICC or central line (upper arm or neck) and to have TPN. In the photos it wasn’t really possible to tell if Rachael had a PICC or central line, or a port, but if she did have those, it would be pointless and unnecessary for her to have had an IV too. Potassium does burn – yet most people with ED’s are given it IV because giving someone a port or PICC for a few IVs is stupid. I used to get it via PICC as I needed it almost constantly.
    Rarely when I was in hospital at the same BMI was my pulse, BP, heart etc monitored 24/7, except when I was in ICU, which people do not stay for long in. Usually the nurses do OBS (Observations) starting maybe 4 times a day for very unwell people with ED, to twice a day, to once a day. In Rachael’s case they might have done it hourly or twice hourly. But there is no point in her being wired up to it full time. If she had specific heart problems that would necessitate a heart monitor – obviously that was not her problem.

  23. PART 2
    It is not fair to comment on what her weight looks like or what rate she’d gain at – everyone is different. It’s also not fair to comment that she looks strong or stronger etc. Weight is NOT an indicator of how sick someone is. In fact most people who DIE from eating disorders are actually within the normal weight range.
    Rachael has given conflicting weights over a period of time (55, 40 etc). This isn’t an indicator of lying. People with anorexia deteriorate very fast, they also fluctuate wildly. I have lost 10kg (22pounds) in ONE WEEK. I have also gained 7kg (14 or 15 pounds) in ONE WEEK. It is definitely possible that Rachael looked fine as short a time ago as 2013 and is now this emaciated.

    The reason I became that emaciated myself wasn’t because I wasn’t fighting or getting help. In fact, for me, and for a number of friends who themselves were that sick, constant hospital admissions made things worse and made it MORE likely that we became emaciated. This happens when programs are inadequate. In my case, they always discharged me when I got to BMI 14. My brain had no chance of working well enough at BMI 14 for me to help myself when I got home – I was still just as sick with the added weight they’d put on me to deal with – and I would always lose it very fast when I got home. Thus I’d be back where I started, and having lost more each time – within a week. Because of bed shortages, and the fact that I hated hospital (who doesn’t, especially when the programs are punitive as they are here) it would not be a week til I got back into hospital but it was pretty soon (this is why I had more than 150 admissions over 20 years. It was a literal revolving door). We know Rachael has been in treatment at least 8 times. I think it’s really bad that they waited as long as they did to get her more help, but it does look like she’s been trying to get help over the years – and I can certainly understand the ambivalence about going, especially when they have failed you. Also, anorexia is an ego-syntonic disease. It feels worse to try and get rid of it than it does to have it.

    Refeeding syndrome is a huge risk. That is true. However it is highly unlikely that 8 fries would trigger refeeding, or the protein drinks. The reason refeeding syndrome is such a problem in hospitals and EDPs is that they push refeeding too fast. People with anorexia DO eat most of the time – it is highly likely that Rachael is eating bits like that. However if she was to be started on constant feeds, suddenly going from small amounts to a few thousand calories a day THAT would kill her. Refeeding is essential and must be pushed, but it is done with medical supervision, blood monitoring, blood sugar monitoring, and with a dietician’s prescribed regime. Rachael eating a few things does NOT mean she is lying about how sick she is. She didn’t eat a full meal did she? People with ED also often purge. We don’t know if she kept what she ate down.

  24. PART 3
    I do think that her husband being a fitness trainer is not a good thing – but it’s not fair to blame him. Rachael would not have developed anorexia unless she had the genetic predisposition to do so, no matter what. You can’t get anorexia by choice, even if you try to diet to that. Anorexia is 50-80% heritable with the rest contributed to by social, environmental, behavioural, cultural factors. That means every person with anorexia has it at least 50% because of their genetic makeup. So while him being a fitness instructor would have been a huge contributor, it would NOT have CAUSED Rachael to develop an eating disorder, and it wouldn’t have triggered it at all if she didn’t have that genetic makeup.

    We also do not know if she had anorexia for ten years. Just because she wasn’t emaciated for ten years doesn’t mean she doesn’t have it. As I said before – weight is not an indicator of health. MOST people with eating disorders are actually within the healthy weight range. It is very possible to have anorexia and not appear all that thin. A very bare minimum of people with anorexia get to an emaciated stage. Those who do usually get there after years and years of struggle. And we do know she’s sick. It is impossible to be that emaciated for any reason and not be extremely medically and cognitively sick.

    If Rachael was only staying in that room a few hours a day or they’d rented the room to shoot a movie she wouldn’t have a catheter. Caths are extremely painful, they are also not easy to put in or remove. It also shows that she did need those nappies – and yes, having an ED can make you incontinent – it’s actually common.
    I really object to her husband photographing her in the nappies, with few clothes on. I object to the deliberate posing, and to getting a professional photo shoot to show off the emaciation. That is just SICK and so triggering and Rachael has been in treatment 8 times, she KNOWS it’s triggering to others. It makes it all look very deliberate. And if they took those photos and videos months before setting up the public appeal, that means they were that worried about her months back – why wait so long?

    No emergency room would have turned her away and she needed to be in medical care at that point – she is too sick for most EDPs, and they would have sent her to medical care first unless they were set up for the sickest of the sick (with medical equipment and staff). That is rare for an EDP. Also, the rooms she is photographed in claiming to be in the EDP is not EDP. EDPs usually have very non-medical appearing rooms. If it’s a more medical facility, the rooms are like hospital rooms, not an emergency ward. The beds are proper hospital beds, not a stretcher trolley.
    I did hear that the initial reason Rachael didn’t go to the other EDP that could have helped her was that they had an age limit. That is also something that happens a lot. Quite a few EDPs stop in the 20’s. No idea why they seem to think that people who are older aren’t also needing of care. They also often have BMI cutoffs, not just ones that you have to be below, but ones you can’t be below, because their program isn’t to deal with the problems people below that BMI deal with.

  25. Part 4
    Bedsores – I was bedridden for months at a time. I only got bedsores ONCE. That is because hospital staff were constantly turning me. Bedsores only occur if the person is not cared for adequately. Looking at the hospital bed, they have also given her a special mattress to help ease the pressure from having no natural padding. I don’t know if she had that at home, but if she was turned and moved constantly she would not have gotten sores.

    I don’t understand how her husband can have let Rachael get so sick without committing her. Anorexia is manipulative. But Rod’s a fitness instructor, aren’t they confident, assertive people?

    Insurance usually does not cover enough treatment when it comes to EDP. Again and again you hear stories of people getting sent home from treatment way too early because their insurance refused to cover more of it. Some of those have died. Others end up paying huge out of pocket fees. So I can understand wanting to raise funds for that. However, the amount of funds raised is disturbing, also no insurance doctor would have kicked her out at the weight she was at for lifesaving medical care.

    I was horrified to hear they were trying to do things at home. I can’t see any medical professionals or ED professionals agreeing to that. It just does not happen that way for someone that sick.

    When Rod said she wasn’t mentally ready, it does sound like he’s being manipulated and is enabling her – rarely is someone with anorexia mentally ready to go to hospital and gain weight! Most of us do everything we can to not go. I would never have stayed or gone to hospital myself even when I knew I was dying, had I not been legally forced to go. Anorexia is a bastard. Even when you are on your deathbed, it tells you that you are fat, you will be fatter than everyone else there, that you can’t afford to gain more weight, that you don’t DESERVE care and so on. It’s a bastard. Also, despite the posing and the photos, that doesn’t mean she could see how sick she was. Sometimes we get a glimpse of how sick we are and it shocks us. But most of the time we just can’t see it. Many people with anorexia take hundreds of photos searching for that thinness that everyone says they have, and look at those photos and still don’t see it. It is a very severe distortion, and in many research studies – fMRI for example, they have demonstrated that people with anorexia’s brains actually work differently when they look at their bodies compared to people without anorexia. Other studies have measured that people with anorexia unconsciously tilt their bodies when going through a gap (like a doorway) far wider than them, in line with them believing they are far wider than the door – the distortion is real. Just because it’s obvious to everyone else doesn’t mean it’s obvious to them.

    There’s a lot more I have probably forgotten. Anyway the rest of this all doesn’t add up. I hope so much she’s getting care and in an EDP now and I hope she and Rod can be more honest and address what on earth has been going on, and account for where the funding will be used or refund it or donate to an ED organisation.
    Thank you again for this blog post. The whole thing has been deeply puzzling and disturbing.

    Thank you for reading, and very interested in your thoughts,

    1. Thank you so much for sharing all of this. I struggled with mild anorexia and I agree with all you've said.

  26. I've been following (and I say that lightly because who knows what is true) what is going on with Rachael and this most recent update 8/8/2015 really brings so much sadness. If it's true she is out of the hospital then I fear she hasn't progressed or even gotten to a place where she is stabilized. I appreciate your updates because it opens my eyes to people who will use others or just use their own mental illness to get attention. I've had anorexia for 35 years, been in and out of the hospital so of course I'm drawn to Rachael's story. Thank you for finding the information out that you have and sharing it. I hope Rachael is still getting some sort of help other than more donations. This is all so confounding.

  27. Of course she's out of the hospital. I bet her insurance paid for the month she was in there. (Or wherever she's been) and her & rod have almost a quarter of a million dollars to play with now. Meanwhile, I've never conned anyone in my entire life & after paying the bills this month I can't even afford gas for my car. People like them really Anger me.

  28. WOW- now this Portugal update? Theres no recent progress pictures posted of Rachael. She's supposedly "been in treatment" for months & the couple of (weird) photos that have been posted, don't show any difference in her whatsoever. There's hundreds of comments on her fb page that are like "wow, looking so much better" & I'm reading these comments like huh? What the ...? These people are ridiculous. And this story keeps getting more ridiculous as it goes on.

  29. In the "doctor's" post, there is not a single medical term - other than physiotherapy, which we have already seen Rod and Rachel use several times. I really don't believe a doctor of any sort wrote that.

    1. The doctor speaks Portuguese. I haven't seen him write much in English. He seems to only write in Portuguese. I doubt he wrote that note. I bet Peggy wrote it.

    2. Doctors in Portugal will most likely speak and write in english with proficiency - their degrees and our universities demand that they do so. What really strikes me as odd is the use of M. Duarte, as that is not that common in Portugal: professionals tend to use either their surname ie. Dr. Duarte or their first name and surname ie.Dr. António Duarte. Also, media in Portugal have not interviewed this Doctor yet or given any special attention to this story - and that is very odd too, this would be a breaking the scale sob story here. Well, where there’s smoke, there’s fire? A puzzling story.

  30. Seriously, what Doctor would post something like that (or anything for that matter) to a patients Facebook ? They expect us to believe this nonsense? What really gets me is all the people posting comments saying how great this is... Really? has everyone become idiotic?!? Common sense people... Ugh!

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  32. Wow, what a miraculous recovery in such a short amount of time...

  33. I am very glad to see she was able to gain weight. I agree, her health could not have been as dire as it was originally presented, otherwise she couldn't have recovered so quickly. That said, I find the way Rod stares at her when she speaks totally creepy.

  34. It is Dec 21 2015 and I just saw a video of Rachel F. looking just as healthy as me in her now supposed mode of recovery. I think this is all bs as she could not 'bounce' back' to this weight and health in a few months (certainly not from being 40 lbs and 5'6". I asked two of my friends at the gym (both nurses in ER) and they think this whole situation is fraudulent. I do not doubt she was aneorexic, however, I surmise that the loser husband was looking to travel and scam money on behalf of Rachel. Why not document photos for all the generous people out here that went out of their way to help this person out with actual PHOTO and VIDEO updates (even just one). I smell fraud and bs. I think they should both be investigated for fraud.

  35. I have always thought that guy Rod looked sketchy. He creeps me out. And it seems like he enjoys seeing this way. Serious heebee geebees.

  36. So, I've been watching the videos that Rod posts. Is it fair to say Rachael is no longer on fentanyl? I'm trying to find the point in these vlogs that are posted. At the same time, I can see how it might be a good study in psychiatric conditions.

  37. I've had experience with the disorder, and I've seen it take years to get better. It's impossible to get better if the patient is not willing. I think Rachael has enjoyed the very positive attention from her condition, as much as I hate to say it. Now things have died down, aan her fentanyl addiction is at a level where she does not feel those effects her body is addicted to. It really makes a lot of sense, an aunt I know was prescribed fentanyl and lost an extreme amount of weight very quickly. I hope she gets the care she needs and can improve her mind and body. I suspect she's not been thinkthi clearly for years.