Friday, July 3, 2015

Donald John Trump family tree - He comes from a family of immigrants - Mary Cummins Los Angeles California Real Estate

Donald John Trump's family tree has been updated. Everyone in a red square is an immigrant not born here. Some were illegal immigrants. Some were illegal and became legal after five to ten years. That would only be I believe Donald's grandfather. Most Mexicans were born in what is now the United States of America. California used to be part of Mexico

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Because Donald Trump is calling everyone an immigrant, illegal immigrant, I thought I should take a look into his family tree. While Donald was born here, his mother, two of his wives, all of his grand parents were not. They're all immigrants from Germany, Scotland, Yogoslavia and the Czech Republic. My family has been in the United States a lot longer than Donald Trump's family.

His mother was born in Scotland as were her parents. His wife Melania was born in what was Yugoslavia. Wife Ivanka was born in the Czech Republic. His father was born in the US. His grandparents on that side all came from Germany. His mother and her ancestors came from Scotland.

His grandfather Frederick Trumph was born in Germany in 1869. He entered the US in October 1885 at age 16 with no trade. He became a citizen in 1892. That means he lived here as an illegal immigrant from 1885 to 1892? Donald's father and grandfather were both successful real estate investors owning apartment buildings and hotels. Donald is not a made man.

Here is Frederick Trump's passport application stating when he arrived and when he became a citizen.

Frederick Trump passport immigrant Germany New York United States Donald Trump grandfather

Here is document when Frederick Trumpf (real last name) came to New York from Germany in 1885. Back then names were written in script. Most names would be spelled phonetically. This is why there is so much variation in names in genealogy.

Frederick Trump, Frederick Trumpf, donald trump grandfather, germany, boat, new york, immigrant

It's pretty hypocritical for Donald Trump to be calling everyone an immigrant when his family are also immigrants. Almost every person in the US is an immigrant. Only native American Indians are true natives.

Below is Donald Trump's first wife naturalization papers. She got citizenship by marrying Donald.

Ivanka Trump naturalization paper, donald trump

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  1. So how did Trumps ex wife and present wife enter into the United States and become residents then naturalized?

  2. How did his ex wife and present wife enter into the United States, become resident aliens and then naturalized citizens?

    1. His first wife Ivanka married a foreigner so she could legally get out of Russia and not be considered a defector. She then divorced that guy and moved to New York. She married Trump around 1977 and became a citizen through Trump in 1988. They divorced in 1995.

  3. Donald Trump's third wife Melania became a citizen by marrying Donald Trump. Melania came from Yugoslavia then modeled in Italy and France. She then modeled in New York and met Trump. Trump made two of his wives legal citizens.

  4. Just goes to show how it is the nature of people to focus on others rather than themselves!! He is a moron...

  5. IS it wrong to label people for what they are??? If they're immigrants then why can't they be called immigrants??? This Political Correctness is just stupid. He has no problem with immigrants and I'm not sure how people can think that he does... Are they just so narrow-minded? His problem is with ILLEGAL immigration. Sorry, but just by the mere fact that his family history has a large array of immigrants it actually shows that there's no issue here. And to think people call him a racist lol... completely ignoring everything he's done. Actions speak louder than words and sometimes people are just too stupid to see people's genuine intentions.

  6. beyond ignorant --- have to be graduates of the U of Democratic Party
    ILLEGAL is the problem --his wives were not illegal --- legal immigrants are not a problem
    ILLEGALS have no accountability, they work but pay is under table --- if they get injured we americans pay --we also pay for their babies birth thru high school and grants for college
    THE US cant afford to continue doing this and also keep the benefits that we legals and natural born have been paying into
    I dont want to pay for a man ,an illegal, who may have 8 kids by 5 women dispersed thru out the US and for whom he will rarely see as he moves on to other construction jobs and more stupid US women who will drop more babies while lover boy goes off for more money, sexual conquest and having us pay for his baby --I KNOW THIS IS NOT ISOLATED BUT THIS WAS A SUBCONTRACTOR THAT WAS WORKING FOR MY CONTRACTOR; MANY MORE STORIES BUT ITS LIKE TALKING TO THE DUMMY BRIGADE --- KENLEY THEY ARE NARROW MINDED AND NEVER BEEN IN A situation to see (and put together the pieces) of THIS ILLEGAL MESS AND THEIR BABIES ALL OVER ON WELFARE BY THE DUMB ASS WOMEN THAT FELL FOR THEIR DON JUAN BULL----

  7. Legally get out of Russia--or legally get out of Czechoslavakia ?

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  9. EVERYONE's ancestors immigrated and that includes Indians. They immigrated from Asia. The only actual natives are you and I and those like us who were born here be they Black, White, Asian or Indian. Facts not feelings.