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Who is D-list "celeb" Phoebe Denise Price from Alabama? Phoebe Price, Denise Price, Los Angeles, California

Denise Phoebe Price born September 27, 1972 in Alabama. I kind of doubted her age because her mother is 83 but this seems to be her real birth date based on school records. Her father was Henry Arnold Price 1931 - 1990. Her mother is Flora Mae Vines Price April 4, 1932. Her brother is Tony William Price born 1955. He owns a used car lot called Price Auto Sales in Jasper, Alabama. Her sister in law is a nursing teacher named Lauretta Kitchens Price. She has a sister named Rita Ann Price Pilling born 1960 who works for the Jasper school system. Phoebe has an ex-husband named Ronald Woody.

Phoebe claims she left Alabama in 1990 to become a "world famous actress and model." She came to Los Angeles with her mother Flora Mae Price. If you look in the background of most of her "paparazzi" shots her mother is in the background. She seems like a sweet lady though I'm amazed she condones her daughter's behavior.

Based on the date of death of the father I'd say she got an inheritance and decided to come to Hollywood trying to make it in show business. As she has no acting, modeling, singing, dancing, comedic talent, she became a d-list wanna be celeb who wears outrageously skimpy clothing and photobombs the paparazzi for attention. She appears to have been made "infamous" by Michael K of DListed. He featured her a few times for her extremely weird and awkward fake model poses. She also intentionally flashes the paps just to get her name and photo online. Recently some d-list paparazzi have been taking semi-nude naughty pics of her and selling them to magazines in other countries who don't know who the heck she is. I think she's basically modeling soft porn based on the pics online.

Denise Price went to Walker High School in 1987 as a freshman in Jasper, Alabama. Here is her school photo. She's 15 here. Notice one eye is higher than the other. Those are her real cheeks and nose. Her brother Tony attended this same high school but in 1971. Link to pic http://www.classmates.com/yearbooks/Walker-High-School/4182715209?page=252&searchTerm=price Online she states her father died when she was a freshman in high school. He died in 1990 not 1987. She also claims to have been "discovered" in a mall at this time. Look at the pic below. Discovered in a mall?

Phoebe Price, Denise Phoebe Price, Flora Mae Price, Jasper, Alabama, celebrity, los angeles, california, model, actress, paparazzi bomber
The father, mother, brother owned Hop Price Motor Company and Olympia Spa World of Health in Jasper, Alabama. Corporation was dissolved before the father's death.

Phoebe states in her hand written bio she started corporations in Alabama. Searched records and she is not on any corporation. Her mother, father and brother are. They are for auto businesses and a gym. Here are the brother's corporations. Mother and father are on some of these as well but not Phoebe.

099 - 391 Price Auto Sales and Rentals, Inc. PRICE, TONY Incorporator
139 - 932 Price Auto Sales, Inc. PRICE, TONY Incorporator
183 - 312 Tony Price Chevrolet-Geo-Olds, Inc. PRICE, TONY Incorporator
675 - 240 Null/Price Contracting, L.L.C. PRICE, TONY Incorporator
208 - 181 Family Car Center, Inc. PRICE, TONY W Incorporator
052 - 005 Hop Price Motor Co., Inc. PRICE, TONY WILLIAM Incorporator

I also can't find any record of her being an athlete in school or out of school. She said she got a tennis scholarship but I don't see her going to any college or university.

Below is a photo which appears to be Denise Price. Photo states Sabrina Denise Price 1988 Central High School Phenix. She's listed as a Senior. This makes no sense. Maybe she moved then lied about her grade? There is a Sabrina Price but she was born 22 Sep 1970. Perhaps the yearbook just has the wrong information. I don't guarantee who the person is in the pic below.

Phoebe Price, Alabama

What caught my attention is this photo of her allegedly using her mother's handicapped placard or maybe one from a previous injury. She can clearly walk, do handstands, cartwheels now. I added the star. I used to volunteer with paralyzed people. It is sometimes impossible to find a handicapped spot to unload their wheelchairs because of people like this. I reported this woman to authorities.

This is what Phoebe Price does. She parks in the handicapped parking spot at a fancy restaurant where she knows there will be paparazzi. She goes in the restaurant with her friend to use the bathroom. Then she comes out and starts posing for cameras flashing her underwear, acting like a lesbian with her friend for the cameras. She hangs out in front of places like The Ivy restaurant on Robertson for lunch when she knows there will be paparazzi. She pretends to shop in Beverly Hills but is just carrying around empty bags. She also finds a way to walk the red carpet at events. I was told she is a seat filler.

Phoebe Price, Phoebe Denise Price, Denise Price, Jasper, Alabama, celebrity, paparazzi
Here are a few of her legal cases in Los Angeles County, California. The domestic violence was against POPA ALEX divorced with no children. The car accident is the one with her mom in the car. Phoebe dismissed the case. Phoebe lost all of the small claims I've read so far. I didn't read them all. She tried to get a restraining order on Prince Von Ahole! PHOEBE PRICE VS. PRINCE FREDERIC VON ANHALT. I think some of these were for publicity. TMZ filed motion to take pics in the court room.

PHOEBE DENISE PRICECivil Harassment (Unlimited)09/11/2013Santa Monica Courthouse
PHOEBE PRICECivil Harassment (Unlimited)05/18/2011Santa Monica Courthouse
PRICE PHOEBE DENISECivil Harassment (Unlimited)08/21/2013Stanley Mosk Courthouse
PRICE PHOEBESmall Claims03/12/2007Inglewood Courthouse
PRICE PHOEBESmall Claims07/23/2008Beverly Hills Courthouse
PRICE PHOEBECivil Harassment (Unlimited)05/18/2011Santa Monica Courthouse
PRICE PHOEBEMotor Vehicle - PI/PD/WD (Unlimited)05/03/2011Santa Monica Courthouse
PRICE PHOEBECivil Petition - TRO/Dom Violence08/20/2013Stanley Mosk Courthouse
PRICE PHOEBESmall Claims02/10/2009Santa Monica Courthouse
PRICE PHOEBEMotor Vehicle - PI/PD/WD (Unlimited)04/09/2012Stanley Mosk Courthouse20
PRICE PHOEBESmall Claims10/22/2008Inglewood Courthouse
PRICE PHOEBESmall Claims03/24/2010Inglewood Courthouse
PRICE PHOEBEAUTO TORT (Limited)10/14/2011Stanley Mosk Courthouse

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