Saturday, August 29, 2015

Shannon Jaruay Miles, murder suspect in killing of police officer Deputy Darren H Goforth of Harris County, Texas

UPDATE: 09/01/2015: Just as I thought Shannon Miles may not be mentally competent. He was previously charged with assault with a "deadly weapon," i.e. his hands. He attacked a man in a homeless shelter over the TV remote control. He was sent to a mental institution for six months. He was later found competent but by then they couldn't find the victim so he was never charged.

Sad day in our society when a violent mentally challenged man shoots a police officer for no reason. We need to find out how he was able to get a gun if it was even a permitted weapon. This young man obviously needed to be confined to a mental institution for the safety of others. We have to do something about violent mentally ill people. They've been responsible for so many murders and assaults.

UPDATE: 08/31/2015: Suspect Shannon Miles allegedly unloaded his entire clip and chamber into Deputy Darren Goforth. Still no official motive. Miles attorney stated that Miles appeared to have a blank expression in court. He was concerned. Miles will have a psychological evaluation.

I noticed that Miles in his "resume" stated he was trained in engineering and had three degrees. I also noticed that all his actual jobs were in fast food restaurants in the kitchen. I think the "degrees" may not be real. It's possible that Miles may be mentally challenged and could have been easily influenced by others. That sounds like a lot of anger to unload your entire gun into the back of someone pumping gas. It also sounds like stupidity, mental illness or drug usage to do that in broad daylight in your own truck with your admitted gun with your truck registered to your mother's house where you live. Notice they didn't give Miles a bullet proof vest. You know there are many people that now want this young man dead. Miles and his family are cooperating with police.

Shannon J Miles, Shannon Jaruay Miles, Shannon Miles, murder, suspect killing of Deputy Darren Goforth of Harris County, Texas
Shannon J Miles, Shannon Jaruay Miles, born September 15, 1984 in Harris County, Texas was arrested as the suspect in the murder of Deputy Darren H Goforth of Harris County, Texas. Shannon's father is Ray Charles Miles. His mother is Peggy Annette O'Neal. Shannon Miles went to Forrest Brook High School in Houston, Texas 1999 to 2003. Last residence a 3 bed, 2 bath 1,564 sf home at 8454 Lake Crystal Drive, Houston Texas. Miles had a criminal history, including disorderly conduct with a firearm, resisting arrest and trespassing. Goforth leaves behind a wife Kathleen and two children ages 12 and five. Miles was arrested at his house on Lake Crystal Drive. Miles father is estranged from the family.

Shannon J Miles, Shannon Jaruay Miles, Shannon Miles, murder suspect killing of Deputy Darren Goforth

8454 Crystal Lake Dr, Houston, Texas, Shannon Miles, home, house, Harris County, murder
Here is Shannon Miles criminal record.

02/03/2009 – Harris County – Metro – Resist Arrest/Search – Nolo Contender – 6 days jail
05/12/2007 – Harris County – HCSO – Criminal Trespass  – Guilty – 10 days jail
05/03/2007 – Harris County – Jersey Village PD – Evading Arrest – Guilty – 10 days jail (credit for some time in)
12/31/2006 – Harris County – HPD – Disorderly Conduct (discharging firearm) – Guilty – 15 days jail
10/02/2005 – Harris County – HCSO – Evading Detention (dismissed and refiled as) Resist Arrest/Search – Guilty – 8 days jail
07/04/2005 – Harris County – HCSO – Criminal Mischief destruction of property $50 – $500 (was originally a Felony but was reduced to a Misdemeanor) (the complainant was Peggy O’Neal who is the registered owner of the house where Miles lives. O’Neal is also listed on Miles Facebook page.) – Guilty – 3 days jail
02/15/2005 – Harris County – U of H PD – Fail to Identify giving False Info – Guilty – 4 days

Shannon Miles, Shannon J Miles, Shannon Jaruay Miles, murder suspect Texas deputy Darren Goforth

"(CNN)[Breaking news update, posted at 5:43 p.m. ET]

A suspect was arrested Saturday in connection with the execution-style shooting of Deputy Darren H. Goforth at a Houston-area gas station, Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman said. Shannon J. Miles is charged with capital murder. The motive is unclear.

A handgun has been recovered and tests show it matches the weapon used in the killing, Hickman said.

Texas authorities pleaded for the public's help Saturday in finding the man who fatally shot a sheriff's deputy in the back in what was described as a "cold-blooded execution" at a Houston-area gas station.

No one was in custody but investigators are "talking to people" about the Friday night's shooting of Deputy Darren H. Goforth, Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman said at a news conference.

Earlier Saturday, Sgt. William Kennard of the Texas Department of Public Safety said a man "believed to be the alleged gunman" was in custody and being questioned, though he hadn't been charged. The reason for the discrepancy was unclear.

"I plead today for the public's assistance in our efforts to bring the suspect to the justice he so rightfully deserves," Hickman said.

The sheriff said surveillance video shows people drove up to the Chevron station while the shooting was happening, and he asked them to come forward.

"This is the kind of thing that drives you right down to your soul," Hickman said. "It strikes at the heart of who we are as peace officers. ...This was just a cold-blooded execution."

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