Saturday, December 12, 2015

Donald Trump, corporations sending business to Mexico hurts the US in more ways that one

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By now everyone has seen the photo of a Macy's "Donald Trump" suit which I posted June 30, 2015 on Facebook which went viral. I knew the second Donald Trump started attacking Mexicans that he had products made in Mexico. I just had to track them down and I did. A friend of mine posted a pic of the inside of his suit on Facebook. I then researched the codes, tracked down the manufacturer and vendor.

Donald Trump says big corporations are to blame for sending business to Mexico and China. He says big corporations are giving our jobs to Mexicans and Chinese. This is true. It is cheaper to make things in Mexico and China. Donald Trump wants to maximize profits which is why he finds the cheapest manufacturer. Of course Donald Trump is one of the people sending jobs to Mexico.

Donald Trump went on to blame this on "lazy" US employees who have too many unions, make too many demands. He said he's "forced" to send his business to Mexico because it's too expensive to make things in the US.  He actually just wants to make as much profit as possible. There are obviously suit manufacturers in the US who make suits here and make profit. They just have to make a better suit and sell it for more money something which Donald Trump doesn't seem to be able to do.

While Donald Trump and others have other countries manufacturing products which they sell in the US Mexico is a very important country because they are our neighbor. Here in the US we use cheap Mexican immigrant labor for agricultural, maids, nannies and some manufacturing such as "sweat shops." We are dependent upon Mexicans who make a low wage in Mexico coming to the US to make a higher wage picking fruit, being maids, nannies and sewing cheaper garments. These Mexicans living in the US then send some money back to their family in Mexico. They also pay US taxes, rent rooms, buy food, pay sales taxes.... They are an economic asset to the US for many reasons.

If US corporations continue to send manufacturing jobs to Mexico, Mexican agricultural harvesters in the US will take the higher paying manufacturing jobs in Mexico. A key issue many people miss is the fruit picker, unskilled construction worker paid under the table, maid, nanny, sweat shop jobs sometimes divides the family. One person goes to the US to make money leaving the rest of their family behind. They would prefer to keep their family together in Mexico if they could afford it. While wages are lower in Mexico rent, food, medical is much cheaper.

As large corporations continue to send manufacturing jobs to Mexico to make bigger profits, Mexican laborers will not immigrate to the US for agricultural or other jobs. More and more of the lower paid Mexican laborers will become manufacturers like in China. They make higher wages and live in cities.

The US needs to do some heavy thinking and planning when it comes to jobs in Mexico and the US. If we continue to send clothing, automobile, smart phone ... manufacturing to Mexico, we will lose our agricultural and other unskilled, lower paid immigrant workers. As of today more Mexicans are leaving the US than entering. Those businesses will need to rethink their business plan.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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