Friday, December 4, 2015

Syed Farook, Syed Rizwan Farook, wife Tashfeen Malik, drivers license, ssn, date of birth, legal documents San Bernardino shooters, terrorists?

Syed Farook, Syed Rizwan Farook, Tashfeen Malik, saira farook, syed raheel farook, eba farook, rafia sultana farook, san bernardino shooter, terrorists?, massacre, mass murder
UPDATE: 12/04/2015: News teams went through the couple's house and took video of their driver's licenses, social security cards, banking information, family photo albums, photos of children.... The landlord should not have just let everyone in. He had to go through a legal process to be allowed to enter the unit and rightfully, legally gain possession. The relatives, family had a right to their belongings and privacy. Landlord is in trouble. Newscasters were irresponsible. I believe all of the photos belonged to the mother who lived there. The passport photos look like the mother. It's the ID of the mother. She is not a suspect. You can tell the FBI broke almost every door and window. Then they bolted them all shut with plywood and two by fours with solid bolts. This was to protect the belongings. The landlord had no right to take a crowbar and remove the wood without court permission and permission from the mother who was also a tenant.

I am posting the expired driver's license of the mother. I blocked out the number. Everything else is already public. The news show showed her full driver's license unredacted! I redacted all account numbers, CDL, SSN.... which the regular media did not. Very irresponsible people though I doubt anyone would want to steal her identity at this point. While I'm against murderers, terrorists, based on what I know, I feel bad for the remaining family members. I personally feel the new wife was radicalized and isolated as she didn't speak English, had no job, didn't venture outside, had no friends. As per the sister in law she spoke with someone at night in Arabic on the phone. Perhaps that was her only contact. This was also Syed's first real relationship at the age of 28. I think his shyness, social awkwardness led him to be duped into this horrible terror. The wife also had to be royally messed up to have a baby then kill a bunch of people some of which were their friends. Sad, sad, sad, messed up insane and evil.

Rafia Sultana Farook, mother, Syed Farook, shooter, San Bernardino, redacted california driver's license
Below is not a "hole punched in the ceiling." It's a normal attic entrance. You need to get up there for electrical, insulation, some people use it for storage. The "door" pops up and you scoot it over, get on a ladder and go up there. Can't believe reporters were all saying it was a "hole punched in the ceiling" "used to hide weapons."
Syed Farook, hole ceiling attic, this is a normal attic entrance. 

I'll post some things I dug up yesterday. His work email address Google search that and you will see his restaurant reports in pdf format. Most recent appears to be 11/2014.

Mother and father filed for bankruptcy in 2002. It was granted. They filed pro se and didn't even have the $180 filing fee which they had to pay in three installments. I blocked out social security numbers.

Syed Farook, Rahia Sultana Farook, bankrupt, california, filed, bankruptcy

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Central District of California (Riverside)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 6:02bk27052MJ
Assigned to: Meredith A. Jury
Chapter 7
No asset
Date filed: 10/21/2002
Date terminated: 02/20/2003
Date discharged: 02/04/2003
Deadline for objecting to discharge: 01/24/2003
Syed Farook
3830 Tomlinson Avenue
Riverside, CA 92503
SSN / ITIN: xxxxx****
represented by Syed Farook
Joint Debtor
Rafia Sultana Farook
3830 Tomlinson Avenue
Riverside, CA 92503
SSN / ITIN: xxxxx****
represented by Rafia Sultana Farook
Steven M Speier (TR)
Post Office Box 7637
Newport Beach, CA

ISIS which took credit for Paris bombings, massacre did not take credit for this massacre. Because their pipe bombs didn't detonate I don't think they were trained terrorists. I feel the wife had some kooky ideas she got from her dad and her husband was a quiet and easily persuaded person especially as this was his first girlfriend at the age of 28.

Even though San Bernardino County is a county away I know friends of some of the injured and murdered victims via Facebook. Seeing their stories on Facebook is so sad. When I see these mass murders I'm always so curious as to what would cause someone to do something so horrible to other people. This is why I always help with the investigations when I can. Everything below was dug up right after I got their names.

Syed Rizwan Farook was born in Chicago, Illinios June 14, 1987. His brother Syed Raheel Farook was born about 1984. Sister Saira about 1983. Other sister Eba about 1991. They were all US citizens born here in the US. The wife Tashfeen Malik was born about 1988. Father Syed Farook born about May 5, 1949. Mother Rafia Sultana Farook born May 4, 1953 both in Pakistan. The names and birth dates are mixed up a little in public documents. Mother and father both born in Pakistan. I haven't found their immigration, naturalization papers yet. The family lived in Chicago, Illinois; Ventura, California and Riverside, California.

Page will be updated.

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  2. If after looking at all the evidence you still think this couple murdered anybody you need help. American police do not chase a vehicle for 15 minutes at 40 mph. Suspects do not reappear at murder site four hours later. SUV does not magically get two roof racks. A dead body does not fly 10 foot without a blood trail. A dead body is not prone handcuffed. Just a small start to your somewhat pathetic investigation...