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Ted Cruz, Rafael Edward Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, father, family tree, ancestry, genealogy, dates, birth certificates - Republican presidential candidate

Ted Cruz, Rafael Edward Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, family tree, ancestry, genealogy, dates, birth certificate, 

UPDATE: 09/07/2016: Interesting update. While doing some genealogy research I found that if a US citizen marries a person who is not a citizen but is living in the US they would generally have to be repatriated after divorce. This was for older marriages before 1936. I wonder if Ted and his mother would have had to be repatriated when they returned to the US.

05/05/2016: I post a lot of public documents which I've researched in this blog. People email me asking for documents, information and I give it to them. Just because someone uses some of the documents, my research, does not mean I wrote their article with them. I do not write for the National Inquirer or any other magazine or newspaper. I did not write an article linking Rafael Cruz to Lee Harvey Oswald. People just used my documents which show that he and his wife were in New Orleans, Louisiana about the same time. I personally don't think Rafael Cruz was handing out flyers for Lee Harvey Oswald. I do think that Rafael Cruz lied about his past. Many others agree. I also don't think Ted Cruz dropped out of the race because of the Oswald allegations against his father. Ted Cruz was losing. John Kasich dropped out at the same time and his father was not accused of being connected to Oswald.

04/23/2016 Rafael Cruz, Eleanor Darragh and Julia Garza marriages, divorces. I found some of this online and then a friend sent me the Julia Garza court records. I combined them into one file. There are a few pages that don't belong in there which have to do with a baby. I left them so people wouldn't think I edited the file and removed anything.


Rafael B Cruz's marriages, divorces, separations, exact dates and places per confirmed documents

Rafael B Cruz & Eleanor Darragh
Married March 14, 1969 (in Canada?)
Separated May 1996 in Texas
Divorce filed by Rafael July 26, 1996 in Texas
Divorce finalized February 13, 1997 in Texas

Rafael B Cruz & Julia Garza
Married April 5, 1959 Austin, Texas
Moved to New Orleans July 1, 1966
March 25, 1967 Rafael abandons Julia
Divorce filed by Julia Garza June 29, 1967 in New Orleans
Divorce judgment by default August 27, 1968
Divorce final  September 20, 1968 in New Orleans

04/21/2016 People have told me that they don't think Ted Cruz's birth certificate is authentic. I actually came into all of this thinking that I would prove that he is a US citizen. Now I'm not so sure because of the ambiguity in Canada. He was not listed as a non-citizen at birth. He was only listed as born in Canada.

I now think Ted Cruz's birth certificate below is not the official birth certificate. It's missing signature of the doctor and informant which is generally mom or dad. It's missing a few other things. I will demonstrate what I mean by posting three versions of my birth certificate. I redacted a few things because I have the most evil vile stalker in the world who would love to have my birth certificate. She can't get my birth certificate as she is not a close family member.

Ted Cruz's birth certificate is from the province of Alberta which is similar to our US states. There is no signature on Ted Cruz's birth certificate by the parent, informant, doctor or registrar. The signature of the director of health looks like a stamp. I think this is a local "birth certificate" and not the original one which would have had more information like mine above. I was born in 1965 in the US so of course there are differences. All official birth certificates I have seen have signatures which verify the information on the certificate.

03/15/2016: I'd sent my original blog post and research to a few reporters who were researching Ted Cruz's history. Only one got back to me and said thanks. I now see some of the reporters I sent my research to wrote articles about the ancestry. Here's an interesting one. Ted Cruz's mother Eleanor had a child after she was separated from her first husband. That child born Michael Darragh Wilson was born and died in 1966 in London. That doesn't change anything but it did give me the correct birth date for Eleanor's first husband. Obviously Eleanor told her son Ted a different story to save face. If Ted knew his mother got pregnant by someone other than her husband, he would have called her a "whore" like he did to the mother of one of his friends who did the same.


I don't have Ancestry international because it costs $29. If you hover over the international document, you get a preview. Here is Michael Darragh Wilson's preview of his birth record.

Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Michael Darragh Wilson, born in London, Middlesex 1966, died in London

I just realized the significance of Ted Cruz's mother's last name being "Wilson" on the birth certificate. That would appear to mean Eleanor was not married to Cruz's father Rafael when he was born. They divorced in 1997. I see no marriage certificate. Perhaps they were never married and Eleanor wanted the divorce so she wouldn't be stuck with Rafael Cruz's debts. If that is so, then Ted Cruz is a bastard child and his mother is a "whore" per Ted Cruz himself. Ted Cruz stated the mother of a friend was a "whore" as she had a baby out of wedlock. Cruz Sr did not find Jesus until 1975.

03/14/2016: @ObligedFriend pointed out something to me about Ted Cruz's legal nationality. A child born of a Cuban citizen abroad is legally Cuban. Ted Cruz allegedly renounced his Canadian citizenship. Did he also renounce his Cuban citizenship? Legally Ted Cruz was born 1/2 Cuban and 1/2 American. I don't believe Cruz Sr ever became a legal US citizen. He stated he'd show the documents then never did. I also posted the information about the real Rafael Bienvenido Cruz who died in 2012. That person has same name and birth date as Cruz Sr. No response from Cruz Crew.

Take a look at @ObligedFriend Twitter feed. They post Cuban, Canadian and American legal documents in regard to citizenship. Interesting to note is Ted Cruz mother went by her married name "Wilson" when she was in Canada. That means she was in the US then moved to England then moved back to the US then moved to Canada. These places, dates are significant based on different interpretations of US citizenship requirements.

Rafael Cruz Sr was arrested and jailed for crimes in Cuba. Cruz stated he was beaten up right after he was arrested. Cruz stated they knocked out most of his teeth and broke his noe. Here is his mugshot. His mouth looks fine. The mark on the nose is from the photograph. I'll try to track down the origin of this photo.

Rafael Cruz, Ted Cruz, mugshot, criminal, jail, cuba, texas, gop, republican, president

12/25/2015: It seems even Rafael Cruz Sr admits he is using someone else's name. When he got married and divorced, he stated his name was "Rafael E Cruz" and not "Rafael Bienvenido Cruz" which he told everyone else. I think he used someone else's name to get a passport to get to the US. I also found out that he owed a bit of money long after his alleged bankruptcy. I have not yet found the bankruptcy. It must have been in Canada or under some other US company name.

Rafael Sr said he was not foreclosed upon but he was foreclosed upon by Wells Fargo Bank. Here are the docs. He did not sell the house. The bank sold the house at auction and the sale did not cover the loan amount. Cruz Sr owed the difference. Bank was granted judgment of the difference. They bought a home and got a loan for $350K at a high interest rate of 13.74%. They were foreclosed upon 1986 to 1989 it reads. Harris County real estate documents. His mother swore on video that they were definitely not foreclosed upon. She said "we sold the house." Nope, the home was sold on the steps of the county court house. Only Wells Fargo bid. The mother then said the IRS wanted them to pay tax on the loan forgiveness. I see no loan forgiveness. Maybe Cruz Sr lied to the wife. All I know is that someone is lying.

What's really interesting is that Cruz didn't fight this. They would have only owed the difference between what the bank SOLD the property for and the unpaid loan balance. Maybe Texas is different than California. Still, paying almost 14% interest was insane. Many people lost homes during that time as they jumped on the boat too late when rates were out of control. My point is Cruz Sr is a liar. His son is smart enough to dig up the legal doc and see the truth.

Rafael E Cruz, Rafael B Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz

UPDATE 12/13/2015: Seems many people realize Cruz Sr is telling selling a bogus immigration, American dream, rags to riches, finding Jesus story. Cruz said he came to the US penniless without a job. He would not have been allowed to come to the US without money. He said he got a visa to come to the US. His friends in Cuba and even Cruz Sr admitted he was arrested in Cuba. There was a gun involved in one of the arrests as per links below. You can't get a visa with a criminal history. He said he got a SSN within 24 hours of asking and arriving in the US. We all know that is impossible. The only way Cruz Sr makes money nowadays is telling, selling his ridiculous stories of Cuba, fleeing oppression, finding Jesus and supporting Cruz Jr. I think by now Cruz Jr is bright enough to realize the stories are bogus. They are a two man professional wrestling tag team complete with fake stories and costumes. The lies of Cruz Sr are going to blow up in Cruz Jr's face.

UPDATE 12/10/2015: I contacted Ted Cruz campaign and office for clarification. No reply. I tweeted the same just to be sure. No reply. Quite a few times reporters asked to see Cruz Sr immigration, citizenship papers and passport. Cruz Sr always said "fine, no problem" then he never showed the papers to any journalist. I think he didn't because they may not exist or may not be properly made.

Even if Cruz Sr came over via ferry the records there would still be records. Ferries were running at that time. Cruz Sr admitted his name is "Rafael Bienvenido Cruz" with a birth date of 03/22/1939. It's in Cruz Jr book. That name and DOB belong to someone else who died in 2012. What SSN did Cruz Sr use?

I now don't believe that Ted Cruz's father's real name is "Rafael Bienvenido Cruz" born in Cuba March 22, 1939. The real "Bienvenido Cruz" took an airplane Pan Am Air to Miami, Florida May 1960. He didn't come over on the ferry in 1957 as Cruz Jr stated in his book. The real "Bienvenido Cruz" was born in Havana with different parents. He came to Florida after Cruz Sr. He also was arrested in September, 1984 for aggravated felony assault in Miami Dade County Florida. He died August 2012. He got his SSN in 1974 in Florida. Cruz Jr seems to have just repeated the story of his father in his book. I found a free pdf copy online. If Cruz Sr insists he is "Bienvenido Cruz" born 1939 in Cuba then he is also guilty of aggravated felony assault in Miami, Florida.

The SSN of dead people is public information. The SSN can never be used again. It's public so people can't use it. Banks check the list to make sure there is no fake SSN.

Rafael Bienvenido Cruz born March 22, 1939 in Cuba, Ted Cruz father?

Going through Ted Cruz's book he admitted that his aunt Sonia Lourdes Cruz came to the US on a forged passport. They why does his dad lie about his passport if it's also forged?

More inaccuracies. Cruz Jr in his book said his dad's Canadian company went bankrupt and he had to fire everyone. Turns out it wasn't Cruz's company. Cruz is the one who left the company. The people at the company said Cruz Sr was "a crazy cuban guy." Then they changed the name to Veritas.

UPDATE 12/09/2015: Spoke with SSI. Rafael Bienvenida Cruz born March 22, 1939 in Cuba who came to the US via Florida died in 2012. Cruz Sr who is "Rafael Cruz" per his Cuban educational document used the exact name "Rafael Bienvenida Cruz." He has used that exact birth date. He refuses to show his passport. Rafael Sr's story does not add up. I think he added "Bienvenido" as his middle name so he could use the name and DOB of "Bienvenido Cruz." "Bienvenido Cruz" has a different middle name and parents. Turns out many, many, many people already knew this.

I have found people who fled Cuba, Argentina years ago to other countries generally make up huge stories about their history because there's no real way to check it. Case in point Victorino Noval and Carlos Siderman. They made up the stories of them being good people fleeing a horrible government when it was almost the opposite. I believe Rafael Sr is another one of those story tellers. In fact major Cuban historians said the same thing. Maybe as we are more open with Cuba we can get better histories on these people. Unfortunately it was so long ago that few records probably exist.

Articles on Cruz Sr being a story teller. Seems Cruz Sr makes lots of money speaking and telling people his impossible story of immigration to the US.





I have checked the facts on the purported biographies of the presidential candidates. Most candidates embellished some things, hid other things and just plain lied about a lot of things. Ben Carson's "story" does not match facts and documents. Donald Trump's story is also a little off. Still, at least their names, birth dates corresponded with actual records. I thought Ted Cruz's genealogy would be easy. It wasn't because there are some major inaccuracies. I will contact a government office tomorrow to try to confirm what I have found, did not find. For now, this is what I've found.

Ted Cruz, family tree, Rafael Edward Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, Eleanor Elizabeth Darrath Wilson Cruz, Heidi Cruz

Everything checks out so far except the parents. Ted Cruz's father's name and birth date don't seem to be real. Based on my experience in genealogy and research it appears perhaps his father assumed the name of another person who has since died. Perhaps that is how he was able to sneak out of Cuba into the US. Rafael Bienvenida Cruz born March 22, 1939 died in 2012 as per US social security index. Rafael Cruz lists that as his name and birth date. I will try to confirm this tomorrow. Below is the social security information and the visa to come to the US at age 21. If I am mistaken, please, email me with proof so I can correct this. I posted the question on a few sites and no one has responded. Rafael Cruz stated he was born in Cuba and came to Florida on a visa then he took a train to Texas. His story about being penniless and accepted to college on scholarship when he spoke no English is not correct. Perhaps it's just a gilded story told by an old man with memory issues. Cruz Sr stated his parents were Cruz y Diaz pero este documento se dice "Cruz y Lara." Maybe names, birth dates got mixed up.

I did find Ted Cruz's Canadian birth certificate. Mother and father are listed. I have not yet been able to find his mother's birth certificate but each state has different rules during different years regarding which documents are public. I will send an email to Ted Cruz's campaign to try to get answers. I'm pretty sure people must have realized this oddities previously.

Rafael Cruz y Diaz, 

Here are divorce documents for Rafael Cruz Sr and Eleanor Darragh. They were divorced in Harris County, Texas on February 13, 1997..

Eleanor Darragh, Eleanor Wilson, Eleanor Cruz, Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz divorce 1997 Harris County Texas

Eleanor Darragh, Eleanor Wilson, Eleanor Cruz, Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz divorce 1997 Harris County Texas
Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Eleanor Cruz, Eleanor Darragh, Michael Wilson, Alan Wilson, son, birth certificate, death certificate, london, england, american, citizen
EXCLUSIVE! I sent my Ted Cruz ancestry research to a few reporters in 2015. I was hoping they could find Ted Cruz' father's naturalization papers, passport information. Rafael Cruz offered to  give the press that information but never did. I even asked Ted Cruz and his campaign twice with no response. I only got one question and a "thank you" so I didn't realize the reporters used my data. Since then the reporters contacted the first husband of Eleanor Darragh which is Alan Wilson. Alan Wilson stated that he was not the father of Eleanor's baby who was born and died in 1966. I was going off Ted Cruz' book which stated Alan was the father. Not only was Alan not the father but he'd been separated, divorced from Eleanor since 1963 three years before the baby was born. Eleanor asked him if she could put his name on the birth certificate. I was born at this exact time. Being an unwed mother at that time was a huge no no in the US especially if you were Christian or Catholic. Alan was a nice guy and said yes even though he'd never even met the baby.

This morning I found the child's birth certificate. He was Michael Darragh Wilson born 1966. I only have a US account as I can't afford to pay extra for data outside of the US. If you hover over a non-US doc you see this pop-up. It doesn't show the specifics but it's good enough for this purpose. Sorry, but I have no money. If you want me to research for you, pay for an ancestry international account and I will research all you like.

Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Michael Darragh Wilson, birth, death, crib death, bronchitis, texas, london, divorced, separated, gop, republican

I just now found his death certificate. He died December 7, 1966 as an American citizen in a hospital in London at the age of five months from acute bronchitis. He did not die in his sleep at home from crib death. Eleanor probably made up some of the story and I don't blame her. If she told Ted Cruz the truth, he probably would have hid it anyway. Previously Ted Cruz called the mother of one of his friend's for having a baby out of wedlock a "whore." Eleanor did not tell Ted this made up story until after he and his father Rafael got very religious.

Information from the "Report of the death of an American Citizen."
American Embassy, London, England. October 2, 1967.
Michael Wilson, born in the UK June 17, 1966. Died December 7, 1966 at five months of age at Hospital of St. John & St. Elizabeth, St. Marylebone, London. Certified by G. Thurston, Coroner for Inner West London, to be: Acute bronchitis. After post mortem without inquest. (w/o inquest means no investigation into the death)

Notice was sent to Mrs. Eleanor D. Wilson 1/o Caroline Jackson, 3219 46th St., Meterie, La. and Mr. Alan Wilson 38 Courtfield Gardens, S.W. 5. Father, London. Deceased included in mother's passport Z598584 issued in London 10/3/66. (That is invalid passport number as they changed the system years ago).

As per Ted Cruz' book "A Time for Truth" (oh, the irony!) the story is a little different. I have found Ted Cruz' book is far, far from the truth just based on ancestry alone.

"In 1960, they moved to London, and five years later my mom gave birth to a son, named Michael. For my mother, 1965 was a year of celebration and tragedy. My mom loved Michael and rejoiced in
motherhood, but that December she awoke one cold morning to find that he had died in his sleep.
Losing Michael to crib death broke my mother’s heart, and had a profound effect on her, so much so that I never even knew that I had had a brother until I was a teenager, when my mom finally told me the story."

Acute bronchitis is generally caused by a cold or flu. It's generally not life threatening unless it's not treated. It can become pneumonia if the baby does not get treatment. Pneumonia can be fatal if the baby does not get treatment immediately. I'm not a doctor though I was an EMT.

Here is the death certificate and burial site for Michael Darragh Wilson. I will give the baby a proper obit with the mother's info only on his findagrave site. He shouldn't be an unknown child in a graveyard a continent away from his only known family. I'm sure his mother loved him deeply. Here is the current link to his findagrave site http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=157934727&ref=acom I have been writing anon obits and ancestry information for people who have died without relatives who acknowledged them or even knew they were dead for over 30 years.

Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Michael Darragh Wilson, birth, death, crib death, bronchitis, texas, london, divorced, separated, gop, republican

Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Michael Darragh Wilson, birth, death, crib death, bronchitis, texas, london, divorced, separated, gop, republican

Texas marriage certificates aren't available online for Texas pre 1966. I have no money to buy documents. Generally I email to see if they exist. They reply and cite document info. I just use that because I can't afford to buy the certified doc which I don't need anyway.

Marriage announcement for Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh in Texas. They were married in the church. Divorce is unrecognized and a major sin for Catholic or Christian. You cannot receive the host or get remarried in the church unless you are a widow or annul the marriage. She can't annul if there is a baby involved. I realize it wasn't her ex-husband's and the baby is dead but still. She'd have to annul the marriage through the church. I personally have no problem with unwed mothers, divorce, abortion.... This just makes Rafael and Ted Cruz raging hypocrites and sinners for covering this up. It also makes Ted a bastard child in the eyes of the Lord. The church would not recognize the second marriage as she was already married. Ted is a baby born out of lawful wedlock. In the past he would have been an outcast of society.

I think the best thing Eleanor ever did was leave Rafael. Rafael Cruz is also a major sinner as he divorced after having two kids with another woman. He also could never remarry in the church or receive the host. Then he becomes a preacher! The irony of the hate of the men in this family.

Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Michael Darragh Wilson, birth, death, crib death, bronchitis, texas, london, divorced, separated, gop, republican

Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Michael Darragh Wilson, birth, death, crib death, bronchitis, texas, london, divorced, separated, gop, republican

I have a feeling that Eleanor really wanted a baby. She was married for five years and didn't have a baby. Maybe that is why she moved on, so she could find a guy who could make a baby. Her ex had no hard feelings and wished her well. He was married twice more and never had kids.

Here is legal citation, source for the death document if you need to include in a media article.

*Source Citation
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA); Washington, D.C.; General Records of the Department of State; Record Group: RG59-Entry 5166; Box Number: 49; Box Description: 1967 SU - Z
Source Information
Ancestry.com. Reports of Deaths of American Citizens Abroad, 1835-1974 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2010.
Original data:
Reports of the Deaths of American Citizens, compiled 01/1835- 12/1974. Publication A1 5166. NAI: 6138 57. Record Group 59. National Archives at College Park, Maryland, U.S.A.
Record of Death Notices of U.S. Citizens Aboard, 1835-1855. Publication A1 848, NAI: 122 7672. Records of District Courts of the United States, Record Group 21. The National Archives at College Park, Maryland, U.S.A.
Notices of Deaths of U.S. Citizens Abroad, 1857-1922. Publication A1 849, NAI: 122 7673. Records of District Courts of the United States, Record Group 21. The National Archives at College Park, Maryland, U.S.A.
This data collection contains death reports submitted by American Consuls abroad for the years 1835 through 1974. The intent of the compilation is to provide satisfactory proof of an American death. It does not include the deaths of active military personnel or of individuals whose citizenship status was unknown. Information that can be obtained from this database includes name of the deceased, place and date of record, occupation, nativity, last known address in the U.S., date of death, and other related information."

1973 biography of Rafael Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, RB Cruz and Associates, cuba, canada, texas, united states, president, ted cruz, eleanor darragh, eleanor cruz

1973 biography of Rafael Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, RB Cruz and Associates, cuba, canada, texas, united states, president, ted cruz, eleanor darragh, eleanor cruz
This is interesting. Julia Garza filed the application for marriage record 11/15/1996. Rafael Cruz filed to divorce his second wife 07/08/1996. This is when Rafael Cruz was having financial issues.

1973 biography of Rafael Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, RB Cruz and Associates, cuba, canada, texas, united states, president, ted cruz, eleanor darragh, eleanor cruz

1973 biography of Rafael Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, RB Cruz and Associates, cuba, canada, texas, united states, president, ted cruz, eleanor darragh, eleanor cruz

1973 biography of Rafael Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, RB Cruz and Associates, cuba, canada, texas, united states, president, ted cruz, eleanor darragh, eleanor cruz
Ted Cruz mother Eleanor Darragh birth certificate eleanor elizabeth darragh november 23 1934 delaware
Here's a better copy

Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson Cruz birth certificate New Castle Delaware, November 23, 1934, Ted Cruz mother, wife Rafael Cruz

Ted Cruz's mother's birth certificate Eleanor Darragh, Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh November 23, 1934. Edward Darragh was her father.
Ted Cruz's mother's birth certificate Eleanor Darragh, Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh November 23, 1934

Here is her family tree, genealogy, ancestry.

Ted Cruz's mother's birth certificate Eleanor Darragh, Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh November 23, 1934
Eleanor Darragh 1940 Census Delaware line 77 - 80. Eleanor Darragh

Addresses for Eleanor Darragh, Name Eleanor E Cruz
Birth Date 23 Nov 1934
Address 2906 Chiswell St, Houston, 77025-3222 (1994), TX
Eleanor owned this home with her brother who died. Then she owned it with Rafael Cruz. Then she sold it.

Eleanor changed her name from Cruz to Darragh in 1997 when she divorced Cruz. Eleanor re-registered to vote in 1997 under name Darragh. This is at her townhome which is public record. This is high rise security townhome. Nobody go bother her. Her son may be a horrible person but she seems like a nice lady.

Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Cruz Wilson, Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Houston, Texas, mother, citizen

3333 Allen Pkwy Unit 2606, Houston Texas

Eleanor Darragh Cruz owes money to Texas. Looks like unpaid tax bill on home she sold years ago.

Rafael B Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz vote registred carrollton texas 

Rafael B Cruz owes the IRS money and has a tax lien

ted cruz, rafael cruz, irs, tax lien, owes money citizen? cuba

Name Eleanor Cruz
Birth Date 23 Nov 1934
Address 10063 Timberoak Dr, Houston, TX - 77080-7010

9301 Fairland Dr, Houston Texas

339 Falworth Dr, Houston Texas

1952 graduated from St Joseph Academy 

1956 graduated from Rice University

Here is a new timeline file

Here is birth certificate of Eleanor's first husband Alan Boon Wilson born in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas October 10, 1928. Male, legitimate. Father is Joseph Alan Wilson, age 37 who was born in Mechensville, Pennsylvania and is in advertising. Mother is Burness Elizabeth Elliston, age 37 (pretty old), from Fort Worth, Texas, housewife. Born at St Joseph's Infirmary which is now gone.  

Alan Boon Wilson birth certificate, born 

Keep in mind I still don't have an international account. I don't have the money to pay for one. If you want international records, someone will have to upgrade my account as a gift. 

More documents. I found this today. I'd loading the documents up original size. You can see the small thumbnail size here. Click it to see and download it larger.

Rafael B Cruz Diaz this is how Rafael Cruz Sr was able to get into the US. He used the name Bienvenido as a middle name taken from Bienvenido Gregorio Cruz as his name with birth date March 22, 1939. 
I received this from someone else. I'm trying to find the large original on Ancestry. This is Rafael B Cruz Diaz passport 28871. He lists Texas University as his US address. Visa issued August 9, 1957. Arrived immigration naturalization service Key West, Florida September 15, 1959.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

Mary Cummins, Mary K. Cummins, Mary Katherine Cummins, Mary Cummins-Cobb, Mary, Cummins, Cobb, real estate, appraiser, appraisal, instructor, teacher, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Brentwood, Bel Air, California, licensed, permitted, single family, condo, pud, hud, fannie mae, freddie mac, uspap, certified, residential, certified resident, apartment building, multi-family, commercial, industrial, expert witness, civil, criminal, orea, dre, insurance, bonded, experienced, bilingual, spanish, english, form, 1004, 2055, land, raw, acreage, vacant, insurance, cost, income approach, market analysis, comparative, theory, appraisal theory, cost approach, sales, matched pairs, plot, plat, map, diagram, photo, photographs, photography, rear, front, street, subject, comparable, sold, listed, active, pending, expired, cancelled, listing, mls, multiple listing service, claw, themls,


  1. Wow.........hard to know what to think....just too many questions

    1. There is a lot more to it. I originally thought Ted Cruz is a citizen. I did this research to support that view. I've now realized that there are still unanswered questions. Cruz Sr said he was a Canadian citizen. Eleanor has not commented on whether or not she was a citizen. When she gave birth abroad the birth was listed as non-citizen. When she gave birth in Canada she did not list it as non-citizen. Why not? Canada provides free health care for citizens. Did Eleanor receive this free health care? Also non-citizens cannot vote. Why were they listed on voter rolls if only citizens could vote? Cruz campaign, Cruz Sr, Eleanor are not answering any questions on this topic. They only post the records after I post them and the records support their view.They did not comment on Cruz Sr or Tia Sonia's false passport and visas.

    2. This is very interesting! Very good research!

  2. And so much effort and detail put into this....

  3. This is all getting VERY confusing. bottom line, is he ELIGIBLE or NOT ??????? And, why hasn't all of this information gone VIRAL??? I personally believe everything you have revealed. But Cruz has to be STOPPED , YESTERDAY!!!

    1. Hes NOT eligible because he was born abroad. the rest of the information is to reveal hes a bald face liar!

    2. It's still a little confusing. We know Cruz Sr became a Canadian citizen. We assume so did his wife Ted's mother Eleanor. I have not found any official document stating this. I assume this based on the voter roll. Only Canadian citizens can vote. That would mean only Canadian citizens can be on the voter roll. Some stated that Eleanor was a Canadian citizen so that makes Ted a Canadian citizen. Canada does not recognize dual citizenship. Ted sent legal notification to Canada that he renounces his Canadian citizenship. One would assume that means he admits he was/is Canadian.

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    4. Great job, Ms. Cummins! I thought Cruz being an ineligible *Non-American* running for POTUS was bad enough, but what you've uncovered must be why he has "sealed" his records (just like Obama).

      Both my husband and I lived in Canada with "Landed Immigrant" status in the 1980's; and while we were afforded every benefit as other Canadians, we were cautioned that were we to actually vote, that we would *forfiet* our US Citizenship - so of course, we did not.

      However, this entire issue is a pet peeve with me because my daughter was born in Canada while we lived there in 1982. While at the time Cruz was born in 1970, Canada did not allow dual citizenship, they certainly have since 1977. US Citizenship is not automatically a given when born of both American parents abroad, you must *apply* for it with the US State Dept. for a CRBA (Certificate of Birth Abroad). And although she indeed has legitimate dual CA/US, she is NOT eligible to run for Senate, let alone POTUS. She knows this because her Political Science professors at USC told her that she is not eligible. She was crushed to learn this, so of course she is very angry to see Cruz running for POTUS! Now with what you've uncovered, he is even more of a liar and fraud.

      And it gets worse. If you're not aware of Wayne Madsen's investigation on Rafael Cruz, I have a hunch you will find his report of some interest:


      Thank you, all the best to you and please keep up your extraordinary research - inquiring minds want to know!

  4. Thanks for the info. I believe other journalist have checked into this and know the truth but either are afraid to print the real story or they are being bought off . I believe it is the latter.

    1. Before I post documents, statements I sent it to Ted Cruz office and campaign headquarters for comment. They've received the notices but have never replied. I would think if Ted's mom were a US citizen she would have shown proof yet she hasn't. The birth certificate just proves she was a US citizen at her birth.

  5. I'm not able to find any US divorce records between Rafael B Cruz and Julia Ann Garza. Nor US marriage records between RBC and Eleanor. There should be a record of when they married in their divorce proceedings. I don't think they were legally married, as he was still married to his first wife. Julia died 5/18/2013.

    1. I found some. Someone else gave me the rest. RBC married Julia Ann Garza 1/1/1959 or 4/5/1959. They divorced in New Orleans 6/29/1967. RBC abandoned Julia Garza when he met Eleanor. 3/14/1969 RBC married Eleanor. 7/8/1996 RBC filed to divorce Eleanor. It was finalized 2/13/1997. RBC had abandoned Eleanor before they divorced.

  6. It appears Rafael was a bigamist. Divorce papers filed from Julia in 1996 and Eleanor in 1997. Please look at the link a friend sent a couple of months ago for context and background regarding Cuban history and the whole "story." Now that relations with Cuba are opening, information is more forthcoming.


    1. Divorces were filed and finalized earlier. Divorce from Julia finalized in 1967 in New Orleans. Texas didn't register it until 1996. Cruz Sr filed to divorce Eleanor years before it was finalized. It was finalized in 1997 after they received notice saying it was not yet finalized.

  7. It appears Rafael was a bigamist. Divorced Julia in 1996 and Eleanor in 1997. Please read this link someone sent a couple of months ago for more background on the Cuban situation and Rafael. He was 14 when he began fighting with Castro. https://cuba54blog.wordpress.com/2013/08/03/rafael-and-ted-cruz-biggest-cuban-con-artists-since-rosie-ruiz/

    1. I will post the docs, dates tomorrow. Some of that is correct.

  8. "Here's an interesting one. Ted Cruz had a child after she was separated from her first husband." - I assume you mean "Ted Cruz's mother"?

  9. "Here's an interesting one. Ted Cruz had a child after she was separated from her first husband." - I assume you mean Ted Cruz's mother?

  10. You mentioned Cruz dad used Rafael E on marriage etc, but I'm not seeing anything showing this. Also, Why/How would his mother become British subject when her husband Alan wasn't British? Looks like he was American. I've done a lot of research on Natural Born and am looking for other info. I am looking for another 1970 Alberta BC because the one provided doesnt appear genuine. If Cruz dad was still married to his prev wife, legally he could not marry Cruz mom. If she was British Ted would 100% NOT be a US citizen. He currently sits as US Senator with I'm sure a security clearance. Meaning he'd need a background investigation with 100% of all of this info in his records. They have to do a thorough background on him and would know if he's truly a Canadian. but if he lied, he's guilty of a felony. I could NOT trust him until all records are revealed.

    Did you find Cruz dad's original divorce cert from his first wife? And another HUGE question, What was his name on his Arrest in Cuba, Rafael E or Rafael B? That would pretty much nail it on the head. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

    1. There was a typo made by the gov agent who inputted the data into the system. It was made only once on Cruz Sr divorce from Eleanor. Eleanor's middle initial is "E". Cruz Sr's alleged middle initial is "B." Perhaps it was written and misread.

    2. Mary, thank you for your quick reply.
      1. Eleanor claims the voter roll in Canada was an error and someone in the household actually provided the info, not her directly. This puts the voter roll into question regarding her. What we need is to show she actually voted in an election to confirm this.
      2. Okay so how are you making the conclusion she was a British National? It appears her husband was American (Alan)?
      3. So From the typo, we're not going with the Cruz dad used E sometimes? If this is the case, I'd forget about the name during arrest record in Cuba. I'm looking to figure out how we can prove he used a stolen identity.
      ► So, onto this Assumed Identity. From what Cruz Sr. mentioned he has GREEN Eyes, yet his parents both have brown eyes with only 1% possibility of a child w/green eyes. This adds to the argument, the Cruz isn't the Cruz he claims he is. https://16candlesblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/15/bienvenido/comment-page-1/#comment-1

      4. I honestly dont think his birth certificate is genuine. I'm looking for another one from Alberta Canada from 1970. Have any ideas of how we can find one?

      Okay, I'm with you. Let me know if you need my help. I created the Open Challenge that Ted of course ignores, lol. but its linked here. https://t.co/g8aLmUKNXV

      Thank you! Great work! I know how hard this is, I've also been working on similar Ted Lies ☺

    3. I read Brietbart's article on whether or not Eleanor was a Canadian citizen. I tend to agree with them on some issues. I agree that Eleanor was not in Canada long enough to become a citizen. I disagree with the Canadian voter roll. I checked the source which is the Canadian government. The roll is a list of all Canadian citizens who registered to vote. The citation is long. It's in Ancestry. I agree that "Rafael's" name is spelled incorrectly. The last name "Cruz" was very rare in Canada. I think it's just a misspelling.

      Rafael Cruz Sr is a pathological liar. He lies about everything from his eye color to his height. He said he's 6'0" when he's shorter than his son who is 5'8". He lied about his history, education, family....

    4. From what I've read, if one was a British subject, they could attain Canadian citizenship after 1 year in country (rather than 5 as required by a non-Canadian)--also if one married a Canadian and had lived one year in country they would automatically become a Canadian citizen. Alan Wilson still resides in the UK. Who is to say he did not become a British subject while he and Eleanor were living there? Maybe they both did.

  11. If US Senators have background checks, how did Barry Soetoro slip through?

  12. They can slip through if our government is colluding with the process.

    Was Raphael Cruz linked to Lee Harvey Oswald who was linked to CIA.
    Obama's grandparents and mother linked to CIA?

  13. If our government colluded to get Barry Soetoro in, they may have overlooked his background. Check Obama's grandparents and mother to links with CIA.
    Links of Raphael Cruz to Lee Harvey Oswald who had link to CIA?

  14. Very impressive work Mary. Thank you for your efforts and time. Am on twitter @colormeuntamed. I would be honored to assist you any way I can.

  15. It will like to see the Rafael Cruz Jr. original birth certificate where it said that he is an American citizen!!!!

  16. I really bring to quest, the authenticity of Ted Cruz's Birth Certificate provided. The official link for Alberta Canada Government site that provides detailed information including Birth Certificates is located here http://www.servicealberta.gov.ab.ca/birth-certificates.cfm
    Please note that it is clearly stated that: There are 4 kinds of birth documents you can order:
    Birth Certificate with Personal Information Only
    Birth Certificate with Personal Information and Parentage
    Photocopy of a Registration of Birth
    Birth record search
    And what is IMPORTANT to note is as stated on this site:
    What’s important to know-There is only one size of birth certificate; what varies is the amount of information it contains.
    All certificates are certified extracts of the original Registration of Birth. Altering and/or laminating Vital Statistics documents makes them invalid.
    You can download a sample and it DOES NOT look anything like what has been provided.
    Another Important note is that the Birth Certificate provided has a an official raised seal and red stamp. And the ONLY document that carries the official raised seal and red stamp is option 4 which is a Photo Copy of a Registration of Birth which is a photocopy of the registration form completed at the time of birth, usually by the birth mother. However-There’s always an official raised seal and red stamp ON THE BACK of the photocopy. Once again please visit http://www.servicealberta.gov.ab.ca/birth-certificates.cfm and download a copy of an "Official" Alberta Birth Certificate

    1. I agree with you. That looks like maybe a hospital or private party birth certificate. When I was born there was an official birth certificate which is on a form. The formula and diaper companies also gave me a "decorative birth certificate" with samples of their products. It was colored and plain like the one in my blog. I got that certificate from another. I can't order his official one unless I am family and can prove it with ID. I'm definitely not family. I'll see if maybe there is some sort of info act request that can be done in Canada. The official certificate is needed. I also wonder why it's not a non-citizen birth like Eleanor did with baby Michael who died in the UK. It was on the birth certificate that he was not a citizen.

    2. I just pulled up my government birth certificate and my official hospital birth certificate and my formula, pampers gift birth certificate. The first two have seals and official writing. The last is on a pink postcard with a pic of a stork carrying a baby. After I redact them I will post in the morning. I think the birth certificate I posted is maybe from the hospital but probably from a commercial company. These companies get birth info which is public and use it to send product offerings.

  17. Good reason to believe that the Birth Certificate of Ted Cruz is a poor attempt of fraud.
    Please visit the Alberta Gov official site here: http://www.servicealberta.gov.ab.ca/birth-certificates.cfm
    Read this entire page in detail and understand that there is only 1 style Birth Certificate w/ 3 options all of which you can download and view. You will find they look nothing like what was provided and the ONLY document that carries a raised red seal is a Photocopy of a Registration of Birth which is a photocopy of the registration form completed at the time of birth, usually by the birth mother. Not a Birth Certificate and as stated on this site, There’s always an official raised seal and red stamp ON THE BACK (not the front) of the photocopy stating it’s a certified true copy of the original registration.

  18. I'm glad I found this page because its easier to share minds. I've been duplicating work/efforts of others and its better to share. That being said, let me pass on a bit of info pertaining to a Canadian birth certificate.

    1. Note (BC = Birth Certificate) when written here. So BCs formats change over time so we cant simply look at the latest sample provided on the govt website because I read, they recently changed to this new design. So that means you must find a BC as it was in Alberta, Calgary, Canada (Edmonton) on or near 1970 to show what his BC would look like to compare.

    2. I've looked at all BCs from Alberta I could find online, and no I dont have an Ancestry paid acct so I can't dig deeper. From the ones found online, I believe Cruz Jr is not authentic. See my markups here and other images used to
    compare it to. https://goo.gl/photos/SYYEgE35Ja2WucNx5

    3. I've asked a Canadian Office to ONLY verify the authenticity of the actual form used and not the person's information hoping that will get us somewhere. Awaiting their response.

    Please take a look at the images provided, specifically the final MARKUP showing where the compared documents differ. Let me know what you guys think. Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much for all that work! I'm also posting all my docs so we can all work on this together. Ted's birth certificate should have stated non-citizen. Perhaps Ted's mother and father told the hospital he was a citizen so he could get free health care. I need to do more research.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I can't see that this ONE BC was issued in 2013 given it was signed in 1971. This has to be his attempt of showing what perhaps his mom or dad provided to him. If you look at this pic https://goo.gl/photos/tAJaiMydwZCbzmcQ8, you see that its a BC issued years after this person was born. I assume that means its a reissue of his/her original certificate. Lyin' Ted's has 1971 on his as when this document was signed and/or issued.

    That gives us 2 dates to focus on though. a. the actual issue date of 1971 and or 2. 2013 as you suggest. I'll keep digging. If anyone has access to paid Ancestry account. I'd suggest looking for ANY Alberta/Edmonton birth certificate of ANY one using these 2 timeframes (not necessarily Ted's BC). Great job all! Hope we can prove he's a fraud in time.

    1. I just uploaded a copy of a birth certificate to your Birth Certificate library - https://goo.gl/photos/SYYEgE35Ja2WucNx5
      - from Alberta that was pulled on 4/27/2005 for a Birth of June 5th 1932. It looks exactly like the faded copy yopu uploaded

    2. Thank you Jim! Great Job. IF Lyin' Ted's BC was issued in 2013, it would match the one you uploaded Jim. However, it doesn't and would be a FAKE!
      ►I received an email back from one office regarding HIS form and was referred to a different office. I'll send it this week. Sigh. more time…
      ►Too many ppl are sitting on info protecting Cruz, If we discover this document is fake it can spell disaster for FRAUD on his part including his Senate seat. Just FYI. Keep up the good work.

  20. Am I missing something? Doesn't the last document you posted 'This is Rafael B Cruz Diaz passport 28871. He lists Texas University as his US address. Visa issued August 9, 1957. Arrived immigration naturalization service Key West, Florida September 15, 1959." Clearly state in Bold Block letters in right vertical that "ANY HANDWRITTEN ENTRIES MUST BE IN BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS"? Were America Immigration laws that lax at that time?

    1. I guess so. Cruz Sr's sister Sonia came in with a forged passport and altered visa. She was caught at the border.

  21. Aside from Canadian practices, do you have anything to show that Ted's mother was not born in the U.S. or that she ever gave up her U.S. citizenship in any way that the U.S. recognizes?

    At the time Cruz was born, for U.S. purposes, was his mother still recognized as an American citizen, and had she lived in the U.S. for the requisite period to be able to make Ted a U.S. citizen at birth, under U.S. law?

    At the time Ted wrote his book, A Time for Truth, did he know that any representations in it about his father were mistaken?

    Does Ted's passport indicate he is anything other than an American citizen?

    Did his mother ever vote in Canada?

    1. I'm a regular citizen. I'm not the government. I don't have access to all documents. You should ask Ted Cruz and the governments of US, Canada and the UK. Lots of information act requests have been made to those governments. They haven't supplied all the documents requested. Rafael Cruz promised to show his passport and naturalization papers to the press on numerous occasions yet has never done so. Ted Cruz, Eleanor Cruz refuse to answer all of those questions.

  22. In regards to the birth certificates... The one you showed which you called the "hospital" birth certificate is actually called a "short-form" birth certificate. Up until 9/11, you could still use the short form to prove identity, get a driver's license, passport, etc. in most states.
    The certificate shown below that is called, creatively, a "long-form" birth certificate. This is the one with parent's names, Doctor sig, parents sig, etc.

    I was born in 1979 in NJ and my son was born in same hospital as I in 1998. The only birth certificates we ever received from the NJ registrar was the "short-form" type. They only have the full name, date of birth, city of birth, date of issue and a raised seal (stamp). No signatures, no doctor info, no parents names listed. Like I said up until 9/11 this short-form certificate was good enough to prove identity anywhere in the US.
    Now, a birth certificate stating parents' names is required for DL, passport, etc...but a "signed" certificate is not. Neither my parents, nor I (for myself or my son) ever received a "long-form" birth certificate.

    Apparently many other states (but not all) at one time or another, had this same system.

    So, anyway, I attempted to get a passport last year and was told I needed to produce either a short-form bc that stated my parents' names, or my long-form bc. So now I'm going through the arduous process of obtaining my long form bc from my birth county's registrar...but I live out of state now. I tried to "order" it online, but apparently my current state ID isn't good enough, so they want me to come in person LOL.

    It is very possible that some places in Canada have/had the same birth certificate system.

    I don't like Cruz and I don't think he is a citizen, but just because he is only showing a short form bc doesn't mean much.

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