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Ted Cruz uses his kids as political props - Cartoon Cartoonist Ann Teleas - Washington Post

Ted Cruz uses his kids as political props - Ann Telnaes - Political cartoon, Washington Post @anntelnaes 
UPDATE: 12/25/2015: And now Ted Cruz is making sure to post photo after photo, video after video of only his girls on his campaign pages. Ted Cruz is such an ass besides a shitty dad and husband.

Another cartoonist steps up to the issue. Clay Bennett editorial cartoonist for the Chattanooga Times Free Press. I wish I thought up this cartoon because it's perfect. Exactly!

Clay Bennett political cartoon ted cruz "leave my daughters out of this" Editorial Cartoonist for the Chattanooga Times Free Press,
UPDATE: 12/24/15: Ted Cruz is upset saying Ann made fun of his kids by calling them "monkeys." Ann never called his kids "monkeys." She did infer that Ted Cruz is an organ grinder who uses his kids in his campaign. I bet Ted Cruz writes off their matching dresses, haircuts, travel, food...as a campaign expense. Hypocritical hypocrite Ted Cruz is actually the one who calls his kid "Monkey." It's her nickname which Ted gave to Caroline. Below is the video which Ted Cruz gave to the public. This bit used under the fair use of copyright act.

UPDATE: 12/23/15: Ted Cruz is now using the political cartoon in an email to raise funds. He's using the cartoon of himself as an organ grinder with leashed monkeys to act like an organ grinder with leashed monkeys. So many levels of irony and hypocrisy. I'm sure Ted Cruz is delighted as hell about the cartoon. I bet he'll frame it and put it in his office if he still has a job as senator when he loses his run for the presidency. From the email,

“But now, the liberal media has hit a new low with a tasteless attack on my children — a blatant exposure of the left’s double standard towards anything and anyone with whom they disagree.

“I’m emailing you now because I need your help to send a message to the liberal media: Stick with attacking me. My daughters are not FAIR GAME!”

He also includes a link to the cartoon, along with links for an “emergency” donation."

The artist will be writing an article about this experience. I'll post a link to it when she publishes it. I will agree that the cartoon hit a nerve but that's the point. Anyone with half a brain can clearly see the artist made fun of Ted Cruz and not his kids.

UPDATE: Ted Cruz is sharing the political cartoon! It's since been deleted so it's missing in this share but you can see the link to the cartoonist's Twitter page. If Ted Cruz thought the cartoon made fun of his kids, why did he share it far and wide on his Twitter account? Does that mean Ted Cruz supports making fun of his kids? Is Ted Cruz making fun of his own kids? Again, the cartoon is about Ted Cruz and not his kids.

Ted Cruz uses his kids as political props Cartoon Ann Teleas Washington Post

UPDATE: Gawker posted some of Ted Cruz' videos. You see the multiple takes, behind the scene, camera people telling Ted Cruz and his relatives what to say. The director tells the relative to hug Ted longer. They do a closeup of Ted's dad and his eyes are darting all over the place. The comments on the video are priceless! Most paraphrased were "the wife and kids look like they are being held hostage," "Director tells mom to hug him longer," "WTF! This is a like a 100 on the CringeOmeter. Very creepy!," "he looks like a serial killer," "How could anyone marry this bufoon," "Creepy, weird, cringe ,frightening, eerie, disturbing, sinister, weird, hair-raising, menacing etc =Ted cruz."

You even see Ted Cruz in his daughters' bed with them in their nighties rolling their eyes and yawning. Here is a still of Ted Cruz using his kids as political props.

Ted Cruz uses his kids as political props, Ted Cruz and daughters in bed
At 7:51 in this video you see the younger daughter crying, telling mommy to leave her alone, the older girl gets dragged by the dog down the street, Ted and his wife just smiling away, pointing at and waving at nothing while their kids are miserable. Ted Cruz as Daddy Dearest. They take multiple takes without sound of just walking down a sidewalk. The older girl is a hoot! She has no problem showing how much she hates being an organ grinder monkey. At 13 min you see eye rolls, long exasperated sighs, putting her head on the table, making faces... 



Award winning political cartoonist Ann Teleas made a political cartoon about 2016 GOP candidate Ted Cruz using his kids as political props. The cartoon pokes fun at Ted Cruz and not his kids.  In the cartoon Ted Cruz is the organ grinder of ole cranking out songs while making cute little monkeys he has on a leash perform and beg for money. This is exactly how Ted Cruz uses his kids and wife in his campaign. Ted Cruz is the one who decided to actively uses his cute little kids in his campaign.

Since the cartoon was posted it was removed from the Washington Post by the editor. Most newspapers do not include minor children of celebrities in the magazine UNLESS the parents actively involve them. In this case Ted Cruz and his wife actively involved his kids in his campaign. Ted Cruz posted 15 hours of home videos of his kids staged and not staged telling everyone they are free to use the videos (in super pac ads). I agree with the cartoonist that Ted Cruz was indeed using his kids like an organ grinder of old to raise money. Ann Teleas did not make fun of his cute kids.

Ted Cruz actively featured his wife and kids in his SNL commercial. Ted Cruz paid to have his kids filmed. He paid to have that ad shown during SNL and on the internet. I remember seeing the video and seeing one kid over act. I thought it was hilarious because she is clearly making fun of her dad. Kudos, kid! Below is a frame from the commercial used under the fair use of copyright act.

Ted Cruz 2016 gop campaign daughters kids political props
Ted Cruz loaded up 15 hours of scripted, unscripted video of him with his wife and daughters.  to his YouTube channel. The author of the article believes it's for the sole purpose for a superpac to use it to run ads for him. Look at the comments and everyone agrees. I think this is exactly what Ann Teleas was trying to show in her cartoon. Ted Cruz is intentionally using his kids, family to get campaign donations, media attention, help his image and to try to sell himself as a family man. This video instead shows a man who only cares about his political aspirations who doesn't care about his wife and kids. His wife and kids come across only a prop.

Here is a campaign pic Ted Cruz staged and took for his campaign. His daughters are not happy. I remember being that age and being forced to wear matching dresses with my sister, hair ribbons and those same uncomfortable shoes for family events and photos. Hated it! No kid wants to do that. To force them for your political benefit is not a good parent. Notice most celebs keep their kids away from cameras but Ted forces them to act like organ grinder monkeys in the political cartoon.

Back in October I called out Ted Cruz on intentionally using his daughters as a prop. Below is the photo I was referencing and my reply.

Ted Cruz GOP politician 2016 uses his kids as political props
I personally don't feel politicians should use their kids to drum up votes media coverage

Ted Cruz uses daughters as political campaign props Washington Post Ann Teleas

Here is a pic of Ted Cruz using his daughters as props for the 13,454th time in the last few years for his last few runs for office.  Daughters are not happy. They look like unhappy leashed organ grinder monkeys holding and waving a flag for no reason they can possibly understand. I doubt his wife is happy either. She had some issues when she had to move for Ted Cruz' job. I don't blame her. She's a beautiful woman, extremely intelligent, charismatic who had to give up her career to be a political prop for a nasty woman hating Texas politician. She had to sell her daughters into political prop slavery. I bet Ted Cruz took them out of school to campaign for him.

Ted Cruz uses daughters as political campaign props gop 2016 
Another pic showing the kids as miserable while Heidi does a great big fake smile. Both kids look like "I don't like this. Why are we here, mommy? I wanna go home!"

Ted Cruz uses daughters as political campaign props gop 2016
Below Ted Cruz prays at a campaign stop. Wife goes along with Ted's shit. Daughters don't close their eyes and bow their head. I don't fricking blame them! One daughter is like "this shit gives me such a headache."

Ted Cruz uses daughters as political campaign props gop 2016
Based on what Ted Cruz says he believes about women, their bodies, fetuses, rape, rape rape, religion, Texan male chauvinist crap, his wife is in hell. She was forced to drag her daughters into that same life long hell. I can't tell you how happy I am my family got the hell out of Texas. I have not met more corrupt politicians, judges or lawyers in my life. I really thought the worst politicians, judges, lawyers would be in New York, Los Angeles, maybe Florida. Nope, I was wrong. It's definitely Texas. When I see Heidi like this I feel for her like I felt for Tom Cruise's ex-wife Katie Holmes. Katie was at least strong enough to leave Scientology nut Tom Cruise to save her daughter. Poor Cruz wife and kids will be forced to live a life of GOP slavery ... like organ grinder monkeys.

I predict this political cartoon will win awards BECAUSE it was yanked by politicians trying to use it for their gain. You go, Ann Teleas!

People are saying the press and others never went after Malia or Sasha. That is not true. Here a state employee is ragging the girls about their dresses and facial expressions. This is a direct attack on the teenagers.


Here a congressman is attacking Sasha and Malia for vacationing in Mexico and the Bahamas.


Here are some political cartoons with Sasha and Malia in them. There are actually a lot more. There are also cartoons and pics attacking the daughters. You can easily find them on your own.

I made a political image few weeks ago which some people didn't like. The image rings true to what is happening with Governors who proclaim to be "good" Christians and Catholics. They refuse refugees yet support nativity scenes in their state capitols. The irony was too much for me to ignore. Here's my image.

Merry Christmas to all Christian Catholic Governors who refused to help Syrian refugees

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