Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How to get Black, Mexican, Asian ... actors, directors, movies nominated and win Oscars from Academy of Motion Pictures

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UPDATE January 22, 2016 - Academy states it is taking action to make the awards more diverse. It seems one of the problems was that there is a lot of older white men who aren't really active who are voting. The Academy is trying to get younger active members. I will say one of my neighbors was 80 and a little bit out of it. He voted. I would drive him to the Directors guild for movie nights then we'd have dinner down the street. 


I see a lot of Black, Mexican, Asian actors, producers, directors complaining that they aren't winning Oscars. Some said they will boycott the award show. I highly doubt that will help any of them get nominated or win an Oscar. I have a much better idea how they can get nominated and win Oscars. It's just a matter of knowing the rules of the game and playing to win.

Here is how the Academy nominates, votes for movies, actors ...for Oscars. You must be a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures to vote. You must join, be sponsored by two members, meet strict requirements, pay dues, be active in movie industry... Here is how to join. http://www.oscars.org/about/become-new-member 

Last I looked you had to have lines in a movie and be in the credits to join as an actor. This means producers, directors should give lines to actors they want in the academy to vote. You also have to be sponsored by two members. Black members, any member, sponsor new black or like minded members to get more votes. The deadline to vote next year is March 2016. Hurry up and get new members. 

All members vote for best picture, actor, actress, supporting... Sub-committees made up of producers, directors, writers, animators nominate and vote for specialized categories like animation, documentary... Be sure to get new members into these sub-committees so they can vote for these categories. This means hire black directors, producers, costumers... 

94% of all Academy voters are white. 76% are male. US population is 77% white, 50/50 male/female. The academy obviously doesn't reflect the US population. If Black, Mexican, Asian... actors, producers want Oscars, they need to get as many like minded people to join the academy so they can vote for those people and movies. My sis who stared in horror films voted, so did my ex-husband who was a bit actor. These groups should start recruiting people to join the academy so they have a better chance of winning next year. 

Most importantly, black people should make more films with black actors, makeup, directors... Even more importantly make really great movies with great actors and crew. After a few years the voters and voting should be more balanced. Start today as the new membership acceptance deadline is March 2016. Check their website for the exact date. 

A last note. You must campaign for the movie. Social media is free and powerful. Get black, like minded celebs to help promote it. Studios have huge budgets to campaign for the film. While the members get to view the movies for free, they don't see all of them. My sis and ex never had the time to see them all. Neither did I. People will only see the most promoted with best teasers, trailers. 

*I didn't see any of the nominated films or any films this past year so I don't know who deserves what award. I'm just speaking in general terms. 

Good article on the makeup of Academy 

Rules and regulations for nominating and voting for actors, movies...straight from the Academy

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