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Ted Cruz's Aunt Sonia real name Lizzie Cruz Diaz came to US with altered passport, was caught in Miami, Florida

Ted Cruz, Rafael Edward Cruz, Tia Sonia, Aunt Sonia, Sonia Lourdes Cruz, Lizzi Cruz Diaz, cuba, illegal immigrant, altered, forged passport, Miami, Florida, Matanzas, Cuba, 

01/13/2017 Ted Cruz just stated this about Cuba. Notice Ted Cruz now calls himself Cuban American. He was born in Canada to US mother. The huge lies that Ted Cruz makes is mind boggling. "Ted Cruz to reporters in Austin on the end of the “wet foot, dry foot” policy!"

First of all the photo which Cruz states is a pic of his father after being beaten is not a photo of that at all. The brown spots on the photo are not bruises. The spots are the result of the photo being old. Notice no swelling, cuts or blood. The brown spot also isn't in the profile view. Per people in Cuba Cruz Sr was arrested for having a gun. He was not part of the resistance. Cruz Sr was pro Castro even after he left Cuba and ended up in Texas.

Here is the actual bit about Barrack Obama, a poem and Cuba. Talk about twisting words. Obama did not give Castro a poem. Obama said he was for peace. This is what was said,

" “Cultivo una rosa blanca.”  (Applause.)  In his most famous poem, Jose Marti made this offering of friendship and peace to both his friend and his enemy.  Today, as the President of the United States of America, I offer the Cuban people el saludo de paz.  (Applause.) "

Obama references the Jose Marti poem "Cultivo na rosa blance." Here it is in Spanish and English.

Cultivo una rosa blanca
en junio como enero
para el amigo sincero
que me da su mano franca.
Y para el cruel que me arranca
el corazón con que vivo,
cardo ni ortiga cultivo;
cultivo la rosa blanca.

Cultivate a white rose
In June like January
For the honest friend
Who gives me his frank hand.
And for the cruel one that rips me
The heart with which I live,
Thistle or nettle cultivation;
I grow the white rose.

How is that such a horrible thing to say? Obviously Ted Cruz is just a liar who only cares about lobbyists, big business and his own ego.

Ted Cruz likes to talk about his "Tia Sonia" his aunt Sonia the sister of his father Rafael Cruz. In Ted Cruz's book "A Time for Truth" he states his aunt came to the US with a forged passport in 1962. Here Aunt Sonia admits she came to the US from Cuba Aunt Sonia also admits to running guns, bombs, grenades, burning the sugarcane fields in Cuba, committing crimes... She probably couldn't get a passport or visa to the US with that type of criminal history. Ted's father her brother had the same problem which is why he had to get a forged exit permit or passport.

While researching records it was difficult to find Aunt Sonia's records from Cuba. An extensive search finally produced the passenger list from Havana, Cuba to Miami, Florida. The problem was that Sonia is not the name she used to come to the US. Sonia used the name of "Lizzie Cruz Diaz." "Lizzie" is generally nick name of "Elizabeth" or "Elizabeta" in Spanish. Based on Ted's father's Cuban school records the last name of Cruz Sr and Sonia is "Cruz Diaz." It can also be written as "Cruz y Diaz." "Cruz" is last name of father. "Diaz" is last name of mother.

Aunt Sonia stated she is from Matanzas, Cuba and was born March 10, 1943. Sonia now goes by Sonia Lourdes Cruz Bous. Lizzie married Pedro Gilberto Bous (1938-2011) in 1964 and divorced him in 1969. They have a daughter Beatriz Lourdes Bous born May 3, 1965. Sonia used the name "Lizzie S" when she was married and divorced. Now she goes by "Sonia Bous."

Here is the passenger list for "Lizzie Cruz Diaz" from Havana, Cuba to Miami, Florida. The main glaring problem is that it states the passport is listed as "altered." It also states "Your admission cannot be authorized at this time" and "you are paroled until 'indefinitely' "condition" 'to report to US Immigration Service at 3915 B... Blvd in Miami, Florida  9 am on March 5, 1962." She entered the US March 2, 1962. That passport number is now invalid. The address seems to be changed from 1904 Rio Grande St, Austin, Texas where her brother lived to Miami, Florida. I assume Lizzie had to stay in a hotel or jail until her hearing.

Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Tia Sonia, Aunt Sonia, cuba, illegal immigrant, lizzie cruz diaz, forgery, passport, altered
Sonia Bous worked for banks for many years. There is no way she would have been able to work for a bank with this criminal record. You have to pass tough background checks to work at a financial institution. Forgery and fraud are major crimes. Sonia's criminal record back in Cuba also would have made her ineligible to work at a bank. Sonia committed felonies which today would be called terrorism.

Ted Cruz is against illegal immigrants unless their last name is Cruz. Ted Cruz's father Rafael Cruz has similar glaring problems with his real name and birth date. Ted's father states his name is "Rafael Bienvenido Cruz" born March 22, 1939. That person actually existed but he died 2012. I've asked the Cruz campaign for comments since December 2015. They have never replied. I will next post an article about Ted's father's real name.

Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Tia Sonia, Aunt Sonia, cuba, illegal immigrant, lizzie cruz diaz, forgery, passport, altered
Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Tia Sonia, Aunt Sonia, cuba, illegal immigrant, lizzie cruz diaz, forgery, passport, altered

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  1. Where is the follow-up story on "Rafael Cruz"? I'm interested in digging into the deceit of this family.

    1. Sorry, I got busy. The article is about Rafael Bienvenido Cruz not being the real name of the father of Ted Cruz aka Rafael Edward Cruz. Cruz Sr assumed the name of another to get into the US. No citizenship or naturalization papers have been found. Info act requests were made. I'll try to finish the article with all the evidence within the next week.

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    3. Really? I'll look that up. Ted Cruz gave a different story. I've found that almost everything Ted Cruz has stated about his family is false. When he lies, he tries to make his family look better than they were, not worse.

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    1. Thank you very much! This is very helpful. That is his student visa and the first time he used the other person's first name as his middle initial and his birth date.

  3. Obviously, it was much easier to enter via Key West, but why didn't Julia enter with him? Odd she was on a flight into Nola 4 days later. (Tells me there was concern about his entrance). And why was Laudelina's address the Cuban Embassy in DC in 1946?

  4. my guess about lauelina is that they were just traveling as tourists and that laudelina used the dc cuban embassy to notify in case anything happened to her.

    interesting that augustin says he was 30 yrs old in 1933 and 34 years old 9 months later.

    also, he shrank 1 inch, his hair went from brown to black, and he was jr. in one card and not the other.

    guess without computers, those kinds of discrepancies couldn't be checked.

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