Monday, June 13, 2016

LinkedIn CEO sold company to Microsoft after odd huge increase in fake profiles, spam posts

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner sells company to Microsoft after big six months increase in fake members and spam posts
UPDATE: While searching in LinkedIn I have found there are three or four computer made profiles for the same person. Sometimes the person doesn't even have an account on LinkedIn. LinkedIn likes to take the resume info of politicians, businessmen and just have the computer make them a profile. I would bet that at least 1/3 of all users, profiles are fake or robot made.

"Microsoft announced Monday that it would acquire professional networking site LinkedIn for $196 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at $26.2 billion."

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner stated he's selling the company because he "believes in Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella." The full statement reads like fluffy nonsense. I believe the real reason he sold was because it's revenue most likely is not sustainable.

In the past six months I've noticed many new members who seem fake. They can barely type in English. Some appear to be looking for boyfriends or girlfriends. The women post sexy pics of themselves in a bikini while stating they're a lawyer. Some of the women even used photos of me then stated they were 24 years old. I only know because the men Google searched the images and found me. The women were trying to get money out of the guys.

LinkedIn used to be a business networking website. I joined as it was free. I did try the free month of pro service. There was nothing that I found worth $20 so I did not continue. It's still basically just an free online resume site for me.

Another thing I noticed was a lot of spam posts by the fake people. They want you to play a game, take a quiz, look at funny photos, tell them if they look hot or not in a bikini.... It was like the worst of Facebook. Many people were noticing the same thing. LinkedIn seemed to intentionally recruit model types from Instagram and Twitter. I stopped checking in at LinkedIn after that. I kept wondering why LinkedIn was allowing the site to deteriorate.

This morning I saw the news of the sale of LinkedIn and now I know why. They were trying to get their member count up while increasing revenue through sponsored spam posts so they could sell it to Microsoft for a higher amount. The sponsored posts were spam for wrinkle removers, weight loss, you can win an iPad.... It appears LinkedIn intentionally hired paid likers to recruit fake members, fake posts to make LinkedIn appear more valuable.

As I look at their revenue report for 2015 (see link below), you can see what they were doing with sponsored posts. If they weren't going to sell LinkedIn, I doubt they would have wanted to cheapen and destroy their product. The fake profiles and spam posts have turned off a lot of members. Yes, some men seem to really like the bikini pic posts. They have no problem rating the pic "hot." Others see right through the charade.

I will predict that going forward LinkedIn will not be as profitable. As it was they had a limited income stream. LinkedIn pro doesn't really offer the user anything that will make them more money. If I thought I could make money with LinkedIn Pro, I'd be interested. So far I haven't seen a way to use the site to make more money and I have no interest in playing games or taking quizzes.

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