Saturday, June 11, 2016

Who is Kevin James Loibl murderer of Christina Grimmie? Birth date, history

Kevin James Loibl murderer of Christina Grimmie of The Voice
This is a developing story. Check back for updated details.

UPDATE: Kevin Loibl was infatuated with Christina Grimmie. He even changed his appearance in the hopes she would marry him. This is according to coworkers at Best Buy geek squad.

Kevin James Loibl born March 10, 1989 to mother Nora Marie Engelhardt Loibl (11/28/1962-10/30/2010) and father age 60 Paul Richard Loibl (EMI Extra Military Instruction USCG United States Coast Guard written on his tombstone) and brother Christopher A Loibl age 29 was from St Petersburg, Florida. His parents were married December 31, 1985. He shot and killed "The Voice" contestant singer Christina Grimmie June 10, 2016 then shot himself.

Kevin Loibl lived with his father and brother at 4811 23rd St N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33714 St Petersburg, Florida where this note was posted outside the front door.

Kevin James Loibl, Kevin Loibl, Paul Loibl, Christopher Loibl, Christina Grimmie
Kevin James Loibl, Kevin Loibl, Christina Grimmie, 4811 23rd St N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33714 St Petersburg, Florida 33714
A coworker Cierra Sky who works at Best Buy just posted "This seems so unreal to me! I am truly in shock over this because I worked with him everyday and he was always so happy,nice, kind,and first to help out anyone,especially me. The young,talented singers life was taken away too early and my condolences and prayers go out to the family and friends . This just goes out to show you that you never really know a person and there intentions. 😔"

Here is Christina Grimmie's last performance before she was shot and killed. Police state they have not found any threats Kevin Loibl made against Christina Grimmie. I can't find any connection online. I've found no criminal record for Kevin Loibl. A co-worker said he was a really nice guy, see below.

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  1. There's something strange about this case.

  2. Nothing adds up,absolutely nothing. There is no evidence of a previous life, of a Kevin James Loibl. No concert videos of that supposed concert, only a video from a completely different cincert while she wears a brown skirt and top. "Before Tou Exit" has nothing to say about that supposed concert, and they just left afterwards without selling their Band items and autographs...? Christina's brother's reaction is not consistant with seeing a murder, and tackling the murderer. And what he says in regards to his sister...??? How Christina's friends "giggled" at the "Funeral" The lack of real tears and normal emotion after a young girl gets murdered.Christina posts, THE END. Has a video saying, "Ready to cry?Dont forget about me..." On and seems more fake. But why???