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Who is Omar Seddique Mateen Florida Pulse night club shooter? Birth date, family, profession

Omar Seddique Mateen Florida night club shooter murderer

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UPDATE: 06/20/2016 I thought the father's videos, websites, posts were crazy. As I don't speak his language and am not that familiar with Afghanistan, I couldn't tell for sure if any of the posts were real. Experts have stated that the father is delusional. He has no contacts with Afghanistan. He is not the president, didn't run for the position, hasn't been to Afghanistan in years.

06/14/16: It appears Omar Mateen was gay or bisexual. It's believed his father knew this. That means he lied to the FBI. It also appears his current wife Noor Zahi Salman who was born in California May 26, 1986 helped him buy ammo and dropped him off at the club previously to "scope it out." She said he also scoped out Disneyland. She needs to be sent to prison for life for not reporting his plan to authorities and helping him.

The website for Pulse night club is only one page now. Here is the web archive version of the site. It was Latin pride night at the club. That's why they were playing salsa music and handing out free tequilla shots.

Who is Omar Seddique Mateen who allegedly killed 50 people in gay night club Pulse in Orlando, Florida early this morning? Omar Seddique Mir Mateen was born in New York November 16, 1986. His father is Mir Seddique Mateen born October 2, 1956 in Afghanistan. Father sometimes goes by Seddique Mohammad. Mother is Shahla M born December 1, 1959. Father has lived in Westbury, New York up to 1996 then they moved to Florida. The shooter Omar Seddique Mateen had a wife and a three year old son. The couple was divorced. He lived at 937 SW Bayshore Blvd and his dad owned the property. Omar's sisters are Mariam "Mary" Seddique and Sabrina Seddique. One is a makeup artist, other is a nurse, both married.

UPDATE: It seems Omar Seddique Mateen became radicalized recently. He allegedly called 911 from inside the club stating he's with ISIS (sic), "An offiical from the ATF also spoke -- saying Mateen made at least 2 legal firearm purchases within the last week. As we previously reported, Mateen pledged his allegiance to ISIS during the 911 call, and ISIS has claimed responsbility for the attack."

ISIS is doing a good job finding angry, young American men with access to guns to use for their own evil purpose.

Here in CA we're trying to get a law so you can only buy one gun a month. The purpose is to hopefully prevent someone from quickly buying many guns for a mass shooting.

Omar Seddique Mateen mugshot Florida Orlando killing Pulse night club

Per TMZ Omar Seddique Mateen had a security guard license and a gun permit. His occupation was security guard for G4S security. I see him wearing NYPD shirts and taking pics. I've found Security Guards are generally people who couldn't become police officers. They always have a chip on their shoulder for being denied being a police officer. I would bet Omar flunked the pscyh test. UPDATE: That is exactly what happened. He was upset he wasn't able to become a police officer.

Per Omar Seddique Mateen's father Omar was not a radical Islamist. He may have just hated homosexual men. He appears to be yet another young, angry, psychotic male with access to guns who took his anger out on strangers for no reason. UPDATE: His ex-wife just stated he beat her. That is why she divorced him. He would get angry over nothing and beat her. She said he wasn't religious when she knew him. She believes he had psychological issues. She left in 2009. They were formally divorced in 2011.

Omar went to high school in Florida. He got an associate degree in criminal justice. Sounds like he really wanted to be a cop but couldn't.

This appears to be Omar Mateen's myspace profile.

More photos of him here.

Omar Seddique Mateen Florida Orlando shooter murderer gay Pulse night club

Omar Seddique Mateen Florida Orlando shooter murderer gay Pulse night club

Omar Seddique Mateen Florida Orlando shooter murderer gay Pulse night club

Omar Seddique Mateen Florida Orlando shooter murderer gay Pulse night club

Below is information on the father with an almost exact name. This is why I included the birth dates so you can tell them apart.
Seddique Mateen father of Omar Seddique Mateen from Afghanistan aka Durand Jirga

UPDATE: Seddique Mateen the father states he's an American citizen. I don't see any naturalization, immigration records for him or his wife. I even used his alternate last name "Mohammad." They've been in the US since at least 1986.  The father came here at the age of 30. How in the world does he think he can be the President of Afghanistan if he's an American citizen?

So far I only see some lawsuits he filed for securities fraud against others. How is he making a living here? He owned a house in New York when he first got here. It'll be interesting to see what the feds uncover. The dad seems shady.

Saddique M Mateen sold insurance in New York, health and life.

On Facebook I see a Seddique Mateen with the name Durand Jirga underneath. Durand Jirga is the name of the non-profit owned by Omar Mateen's father. This is father's name and address. This is his political platform for President of Afghanistan. It's also a family line from Afghanistan.

"THE DURAND JIRGA, INC. has been set up 11/28/2010 in state FL. The current status of the business is Active. The THE DURAND JIRGA, INC. principal adress is 519 SW BAYSHORE BOULEVARD, PORT ST. LUCIE, FL, 34983. Meanwhile you can send your letters to 519 SW BAYSHORE BOULEVARD, PORT ST. LUCIE, FL, 34983. The company`s registered agent is MATEEN SEDDIQUE M 519 SW BAYSHORE BOULEVARD, PORT ST. LUCIE, FL, 34983. The company`s management are Director – Mateen Seddique M, Director – Seddique Sabrina, Director – Aurakzai Mustafa. The last significant event in the company history is AMENDMENT which is dated by 2/2/2012. This decision is take in action on unknown. The company annual reports filed on Annual reports – 4/28/2015."

Seddique Mateen did a class action lawsuit against a security in Florida. Looks like he got sucked into a stock scam. I doubt he got anything out of the case. The shells are set up to fail with no one left holding the bag. Seddique Mateen claims the public company lied in press releases about value. Here is the case. He may have been involved in two other class action lawsuits for securities fraud.

Southern District of Florida (Ft Lauderdale)
CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 0:00-cv-06839-WPD

Mateen v. Citrix Systems Inc., et al
Assigned to: Judge William P. Dimitrouleas
Demand: $0
Cause: 15:0078 Securities Exchange Act
Date Filed: 06/19/2000
Date Terminated: 07/20/2000
Jury Demand: None
Nature of Suit: 160 Stockholders Suits
Jurisdiction: Federal Question

Citrix Systems Inc.
Mark B. Templeton
John P. Cunningham
Edward E. Iacobucci

The police just raided the father's house at 519 SW Bayshore Blvd.

omar mateen, omar seddique orlando, terrorist, murderer, police raid home house father 519 SW Bayshore, PORT ST. LUCIE, FL, 34983

That is the name of his father's show and political platform. with this email address also associated with this website and phone number 772 486 9224  All that data is associated with the father.

Per Florida voter registration. "SEDDIGUE MIR MATEEN was born 2 October 1956 and he lives (or lived) at 519 SW BAYSHORE BLVD in PT ST LUCIE, St. Lucie County, Florida, U.S.A. His voter ID number is 108120575. His telephone number is (or was) 1-772-486-9224. He registered to vote 14 January 1992 and he is registered in the Florida Democratic Party. He is listed as White, not Hispanic."

The father appears to be pro Afghanistan. He hates Pakistan. He signs his posts translated into English,

"Long live Afghanistan to Pakistan, death death death death." He seems to believe certain parts of Afghanistan belong to the Durand Jirga line as in family line.

"The Durand Line was demarcated by the British and signed into a treaty in 1893 with the Afghan ruler Amir Abdur Rehman Khan. The treaty was to stay in force for a 100-year period. According to Afrasiab Khattak, a political analyst, the areas from the Khayber Agency Northwards to Chitral, however, remained un-demarcated."

Here's a video link. It explains it in pictures.

The father ran, is running for President of Afghanistan. He has declared himself the interim President of Afghanistan.

The father is against the people behind 9/11. He believes they are ISI "Terrorism Cancer" trying to harm Afghanistans and Americans.

Seddique Mateen, Omar, shooter, pulse afghanistan
Omar Seddique Mateen, Omar, shooter, pulse afghanistan, death to pakistan, isi

Omar Seddique Mateen, Omar, shooter, pulse afghanistan, death to pakistan, isi

Omar Seddique Mateen, Omar, shooter, pulse afghanistan, death to pakistan, isi

Omar Seddique Mateen, Omar, shooter, pulse afghanistan, death to pakistan, isi

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