Thursday, July 28, 2016

Donald Trump removes Melania Trump's website, forwards it to his business website - Republican Presidential Candidate Melania Trump Melania Knauss Donald Trump President Republican  website domain deleted 
UPDATE: 5:56 pm PST Melania Trump tweeted that she removed her website because it hadn't been updated since 2012.

melania trump @melaniatrump tweet website delete
That's not true. It's had the same text since 2005. Here's a pic from 2006. I have the entire site from a few years.

Melania Trump #melaniatrump @melaniatrump website deleted taken down removed  


Donald Trump removed Melania Trump's website. You can still access it through the web archive here.

There is also still part of a cached version of the site here.

I saved a copy of the website if needed for commentary. Melania Trump and Donald Trump are public figures. I am using some photos for education and comment purposes. The President of the US is indeed an issue of public concern.

Melania Trump did not want Donald Trump to run for President. Melania Trump does not like being in the spotlight especially when it comes to public speaking. I personally feel Donald Trump should leave her out of it. Donald Trump should definitely not make her speak again. Melania doesn't like it and she's not very good at it. Not everyone is a public speaker.

Donald Trump wrote Melania Trump's website. Trump stated she graduated from college, knows five languages fluently, is very smart.... These things are not true. Donald Trump wanted a pretty woman who would do what he said. His previous two wives were too smart and connected. Donald Trump liked the fact that Melania doesn't talk much. I just feel Trump should not have written her fake bio and thrown her into the spotlight. She doesn't like it and she's not good at it.

To know the real Melania Trump I recommend this book. Someone sent me a copy for free. It's based on facts.
Melania Trump Donald Trump book Melania Trump - The Inside Story: From a Slovenian communist Village to the White House real story of Melania Knauss Trump Bojan Pozar

This GQ article is also a very good factual read. "Melania Trump on Her Rise, Her Family Secrets, and Her True Political Views: “Nobody Will Ever Know” by Julia Ioffe.

From that article, "Paolo Zampolli, a wealthy Italian whose business interests in New York are broad and vague, brought Melania over on a modeling contract and a work visa (H1 B work visa). Sometimes, in order to promote his models, he would send a few girls to an event and invite photographers, producers, and rich playboys."

Paolo Zampolli worked together with Donald Trump. Donald Trump would get H1 B work visas for his models and employees. CNN stated this was illegal. Mind you Melania Knavs Knauss was 27 no longer model age. Many people have stated that Paolo Zampolli was most likely a pimp. Keep this in mind. Zampollo set up Tara Reid with wealthy men. She is not a model. Also note than Melania got most if not all of her bigger modeling jobs after meeting Trump. Melania also met Trump when he was still married to Marla Maples. Trump changes the date they met so he wouldn't look like a cheater.

Here is another book "From The Whore House To The White House: The True Story of Melania Trump.' I have not read this book. I'm posting it so you can see that many people have called her a prostitute.

melania trump whore call girl prostitute sugar daddy donald trump from the whore house to the white house the true story of melania trump
I was going to do an expose on Melania Trump but it turns out everyone beat me to it. The guy who introduced Melania Knauss to Donald Trump would hook up beautiful women with rich sugar daddies. He admits he would introduce his "models" to wealthy "playboys."

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  1. Melania comes from an apparatchik dad - who had a prior family by accident that later sued and proved paternity. Her dad, Viktor Knaus was a CP member in Yugoslavia, which was a minority play. Less than 5% of the population was Communist Party affiliated under Tito. When Putin was in the KGB he took an interest in Yugoslavia, and its break up was a major trauma to him. There is support to the theory that Viktor was one of Putin's embedded assets. Whether this had a role in sending Melania to Milan to pursue her ambitions as model directly is unclear. But Paolo Zampoli, the model wolf and publicity whore of Page Six, seized on Melania. Zampoli's "ID Modeling" was a thinly disguised pick up service for Donald Trump types. Paolo was pursuing Trump for Real Estate connections. Melania was being used by Paolo as an enforcer to keep his younger girls in line. Melania was a disciplinarian in his outfit. Her career was sputtering at 26 - she was third tier because she moves like a robot and has a stiff manner. But Trump drooled on her tits. He hit on her for her number and Melania insisted on getting his. She likes to tell that story - but it reveals that she wanted to clear whether cultivating Trump would be approved by her Russian controllers. The word was, "Yes. Go for it." She did. She understood that the old Slovenian virginity trick would rope him in, and insisted Trump meet her old man. Her dad Viktor was told to wear red ties and act like Trump. He played his part. Her mum Amalija was not on board but wasn’t in a position to say anything about it as Viktor had his Russian controller to keep satisfied. Trump got hitched to Melania, and true to form went from lust to boredom to distraction when she approached 35. She got pregnant to secure her asset. She also was instrumental during this period in steering Trump into a series of Russian contacts and cash sources that traced back to the FSB and Putin. Melania was the controller in place on Trump. But, as is common in these operations, she was one of a series of cutouts and agents being used. However, her reticence about cutting to prominent a public figure personally tracks right back to her instruction to keep a lower profile, as Russia's original intention was to keep Trump on a long leash as one of its assets and 'useful fools." Later when it became evident he could seriously disrupt the American political scene all this began to shift, quickly and dramatically.

    1. Makes for a good movie 🎥 🍿 If only she were a little brighter 🤔 How about we keep the stuff about the escort agency and fixing up wealthy men with hookers and leave out the whole russsian conspiracy theory and I’m on board with you 💁‍♀️