Thursday, September 15, 2016

Plastic bags are highly flammable as they are made out of crude oil. Do not knit, make clothes, bowls or mats with them

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I wrote some articles about this ten years ago but they seem to have disappeared. Plastic bags are made out of crude oil. Extra oil is added so the bag will release from the mold. They are highly flammable for these reasons. With an open flame they instantly catch fire, melt and release a toxic odor. Do not make clothes, purses, bowls or bed rolls out of them.

Here's a video of an idiot man and his kids lighting plastic bags on fire.

I had a better video which I can't find. A guy held a plastic grocery bag in a metal drum and lit it on fire. It instantly had a huge flame then melted. Imagine if someone is wearing a dress made out of knitted bags or sitting on a bed roll and they drop a cigarette butt. This would be very dangerous. The bag melts and clings to the person's skin causing burns. I can't believe people are still knitting with them.

Look at the bottom of the plastic bag. It probably says HDPE with the number "2" in a triangle. That is highly flammable though it won't emit toxic fumes if lit. It will not only catch fire with an open flame but it will melt with high temperatures. From scientific journals on HDPE and flammability, "High density polyethylene (HDPE) is highly flammable."

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