Thursday, September 1, 2016

Texas spraying toxic pesticide to kill Zika mosquitoes may also be killing bees, bats, birds

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Recently Denton and Garland, Texas have sprayed a toxic pesticide in the hopes of killing mosquitoes which may carry the Zika virus. This was done after 125 Texas residents tested positive for Zika.

Even more recently South Carolina sprayed pesticide to kill mosquitoes. This ended up killing bees as well. They sprayed with Nalid which is also toxic to birds and bees.

Some people have thought about bringing in thousands of bats to help kill the mosquitoes. This plan would be problematic. The species of mosquitoes that carry Zika are only active at dusk and dawn whereas insectivorous bats are mainly nocturnal. BCI even stated that if you sprayed pesticide to kill mosquitoes and released bats, you'd end up killing the bats.

In fact pesticide has now been proven to be involved in the death of bats by White Nose Syndrome. The pesticide accumulation in bats causes their immune system to be depressed just like bees dying of Colony Collapse Disorder. This allows other factors to overcome the bat and cause death.

Another flaw in the "just release thousands of bats" plan is the fact that insectivorous bats are homing bats. They will just fly back home. This was proven when someone tried to create an artificial bat house to relocate 100,000 Texas bats and failed miserably.

"Finn, meanwhile, says there's another obvious problem with releasing thousands of bats into the sky: They'd all just fly away. "It would be great if the bats would stay," she says. "But you can't move them like you can with bees. They're just going to fly back to where they came from. They've got a really good homing instinct.

A very important issue which no one raised is the fact that bats are the number one vector species for rabies. This is why you are not allowed to relocate bats to transport them over county lines. It would increase the spread of rabies. Rabies is fatal. It would not be worth risking a fatal disease to prevent some babies having Zika related deformities.

Bat Conservation International offers the best advice for reducing the risk of contracting zika while sparing our health, animals and the environment.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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