Saturday, September 17, 2016

Wife of convicted Texas child rapist Erlis Joseph Chaisson was a bad mother to her children

Erlis Joseph Chaisson, child rapist convicted criminal pedophile, texas waco
Reading the article about Erlis Joseph Chaisson raping his relative when she was a child was very disturbing. I kept thinking all the while what type of mother allows her children to be in that type of situation. Chaisson was already convicted of child molestation when she met him. After researching Erlis Chaisson I found the mother of the child he raped. It appears they were still together when this case came to light!

*I will not name the victim or give info that would lead to her. I believe she has changed her name anyway.

As the media stated the victim and her family lived in Louisiana. The mother and father were married in Louisiana and had three minor children when they divorced around 1993. They both filed for sole custody. The judge awarded them shared custody.

The mother was dating Erlis Joseph Chaisson in Louisiana. He'd just been released from prison for child rape November 30, 1993. He was a registered sex offender. The mother lost her well paying professional job in Louisiana and moved to Texas with the three children for a new job. Erlis went with them. As the mother uses his last name I assume they got married somewhere along the way.

When the mother moved the father filed suit for custody as their previous agreement stated neither would leave the area. In the course of that trial it came to light that the mother would drink alcohol to excess, beat the kids in public, curse at the kids, yell at the kids, beat them with a belt... The mother admitted that one time she dislocated her child's arm by yanking it hard. She also admitted to giving them bruises. The mother was intoxicated and aggressive in public. The children were frightened and sometimes cried.

The Judge had no problem with that behavior! The one thing the Judge was upset about was the fact that the mother was not raising the children with religion. Religion! The judge felt the beatings were for discipline reasons so it was okay.

The Judge changed the custody agreement. The children would stay with their father in Louisiana during the school year. They would stay with the mother in Texas during the summer. This is how child rapist Erlis Joseph Chaisso gained access to the victim. The mother knew her boyfriend was a child rapist because he had to register. The mother knowingly allowed a child rapist around her two young daughters. Why wasn't this woman charged with child abuse?

Based on my research Erlis and his wife/girlfriend/mother of the victim were trying to hide. They changed their names and birth dates I believe so they wouldn't be associated with Erlis' child rapist past. Erlis owns a contracting company in Weatherford, Texas called CHAISSON CONTRACTING, INC. Below is his sex offender registration.

Turns out Erlis already had criminal charges for burglary and DUI. His attorney pleaded for mercy at sentencing. Mercy? Erlis harmed many people with his revolting act. The brother of the victim already has his own criminal rap sheet for theft and possession of prohibited weapon. Having a monster like that in the house harmed the entire family.

I just looked at the mother's Facebook page. Her profile photo is of her and Erlis. Her cover photo is a photo collage of her and her daughter with Erlis which she posted in 2013. Erlis is younger than the mother by ten years. The photo is creepy every way you look at it. I just noticed that the daughter posted a pic of her mom from earlier this year. It appears they must have made up.

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