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The making of white supremacist Richard Spencer, National Policy Institute - Mary Cummins

Richard Spencer, Richard  Bertrand Spencer, White Supremacist, White National, National Policy Institute, 
UPDATE: 01/13/2019 More from Richard Spencer's divorce. He's truly an evil person. He kept telling his wife in writing to kill herself. He was also physically abusive.

10/23/2018 In divorce filing Richard Spencer's wife said he's abusive and drinks too much. Shocker.

08/12/2017 Richard Spencer was at the Charlottesville, Virginia white supremacist rally last night. He spoke while the people held Tiki torches. The protesters were changing "Jews will not replace us." One, Jews make up only 2% of the US population. They won't be replacing 98% of the people. Two, Richard Spencer is part Jewish. Three, we have religious freedom in this country. How is Richard Spencer still a thing? This is racism, bigotry and hatred.

12/26/16 I just did Richard Spencer's family tree. He is part Ashkenazi Jewish. Relative is Eckstein. I posted his family tree four generations below the article.


Before Richard Spencer saluted president elect Donald Trump on November 19, 2016 in a Washington D.C. white supremist seminar no one had really heard of him outside of a small dark corner of the internet. Since then Spencer has shot to infamy as the leader of hate group National Policy Institute. He's now banned from 26 countries and even has a Wiki page. One can't help but wonder how these white supremacists come into being.

Richard Bertrand Spencer was born May 11, 1978. His mother Sherry Jean Dickenhorst was born Sept 23 1948 in San Diego, California. She attended Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana where she met her future husband. Her father was Dr Richard Walter Dickenhorst. Her mother was Emma Jean Clerget.

Richard's father is Dr William Bertrand Spencer better known as Rand Spencer. Rand was born Sept 4, 1947 in Dallas, Texas. Rand's father was wealthy oil man Captain Ross Bertrand Spencer. His mother was Jane Proctor. Here is her online obituary.  There are a lot of military men in this family.

Richard's sister is Ashley R Spencer Leake born 1973. She married Sam Skillern Leake. They have two children William and Charles.

Richard went to an elite Texas high school St Marks class of 1997. He double majored in Music and English at the University of Virginia. He completed the humanities Master's program at the University of Chicago. He began a PhD program at Duke University in European Intellectual History in 2005 but didn't complete it. Richard married Nina Kouprianov but they separated last October. She is a Russian American.

Richard currently lives with his mother and father at 98 Elk Highlands Dr, Whitefish, Montana. People have stated that it's an old mansion but it's just a big house built in the traditional style in 2006. It's 6 beds, 7 baths, 6,630 sqft on a large lot at the end of a cul-de-sac. Richard uses this address and his mother's rental property  at 22 Lupfer, Whitefish, Montana as the address for his non-profit corporation National Policy Institute. Yes, a hate group has a non-profit status. As Richard supported, campaigned for Donald Trump I believe he should lose his non-profit status. Non-profits can't endorse candidates.

The name Spencer is English. The name Dickenhorst is also English. Everyone in his family is very white. They have married spouses that are also very white. The men almost look identical in each generation. The family has no real relatives of different origins. I could understand how someone growing up in a family like this might have an issue with a different ethnicity or darker skin.

Richard Spencer is an intelligent individual who comes from a wealthy family. Based on the obituaries of his grandparents I bet they left him a nice trust fund. He also has worked at alt right "conservative" organizations as an editor, leader. Some of those organizations are backed by wealthy white conservative people.

Richard and his friends, family have stated that Richard wasn't always a white nationalist. This article from Mother Jones is a great in depth look at the real Richard Spencer.  I don't believe his family is white nationalists though maybe behind closed doors they might whisper negative things about blacks, Mexicans, Jews... I believe Richard gravitated toward white nationalism as he progressed in his field of "conservative" ideals. As the article noted Richard dated at least two Asian women. His wife is Russian and a little darker. It's always amazing to me that male racists don't have a problem dating women of color.

Of course Richard's ideal of only having white Europeans in the US is ridiculous. We aren't native to this land. It's wasn't our land originally. Why should only white Europeans be allowed to exist here? If one wanted to be "pure," wouldn't it make sense to go back to where we came from, our motherland?

This ideal is another reason that I think Richard is faking some of his white nationalism. In the article linked above he states you sometimes "have to fake it til you make it." I think he was encountering people who were white nationalists. He saw they were interested in white nationalism and realized he could tap into that as a form of income and support. Now he's just going with his infamy.

I also think Richard is a little mentally ill. He was going to organize a rally to combat Jews in Whitefish, Montana who are speaking out about his mother Sherry allowing her son to have his hate group in her home and rental property. He believes the Jews are harming Sherry's vacation rental business. Sherry said she's thinking of selling the property because of all the bad press caused by her son being a public white nationalist. I think she should sell the property. She should also kick Richard out of the house. He's 38 years old and still living at home. That's another reason I think he probably has a mental issue. What sane person would want to live with their parents at that age? The main guy leading the men's rights movement is also 40 and lives in his mom's basement. Something is obviously a tad off with these people.

Richard Spencer's family tree. He is part Ashkenai Jewish. Family members are Eckstein. Otherwise in four generations his relatives come from Germany, England and France. I may go back father later. Here is his tree.

Richard Spencer, Richard Bertrand Spencer, William Bertrand "Rand" Spencer, Sherry Jean Dickenhorst, family tree, genealogy, dna, ancestry

Below are photos of Richard Spencer's family.

Richard's parents: William Bertrand "Rand" Spencer and Sherry Jean Dickenhorst 1969 before their wedding

Family home 98 Elk Highlands Dr, Whitefish, Montana

The photos below are the paternal grandfather, father and son Richard. Eerie looking "clones."
Richard Spencer's paternal grandfather Ross Bertrand Spencer 1941 US Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland

William Bertrand "Rand" Spencer 1967 Tulane University
Richard Spencer. His grandfather, father and him look like clones. Same hair, skin, eye color. Reminds me of "The Boys from Brazil." Their hair even parts the same way. 

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  1. You do not report how you learned that Richard has ancestors who were Ashkenazi Jews. Is is because of the last name Eckstein? Interestingly, when I met best friend of 25 years, who is Jewish, we each had a little shock---she was assuming everybody with a German last name was Jewish, I, having grown up in the very German city of Cincinnati, assumed that few people with German last names were Jewish....This is from Wikipedia: Eckstein is a surname of German origin, meaning "cornerstone" (eck means 'corner', and stein means 'stone').

    1. I did report how I knew he has Ashkenazi Jewish relatives. He told a reported he had his DNA done. His DNA stated he was part Ashkenazi Jew. This relative Eckstein was Jewish per public documents I found.

    2. Hi, Your blogpost is ambiguous regarding Spencer's Jewish heritage. How did you conclude his Eckstein relatives are Jewish? Was it entirely because of his comments to a reporter (please share details of this) or did your genealogy research show Eckstein to be Jewish? Thanks for your good work.

  2. Did you ever go back further into Spencer's ancestry? I ask because I have suspicions he may come from Spencer royal blood - in particular Robert Spencer of Spencer Combe. Unfortunately, I have zero experience with genealogy and haven't been able to get too far. Your genealogical tree goes back further than any other I've managed to find in my research. If you have not explored further back in Spencer's ancestry, I ask that you might consider doing so? I would greatly appreciate it.

  3. There are plenty of non-Jewish Germans who have the surname Eckstein, it doesn't necessarily have to be a Jewish surname even though it sounds like one. Even if it was Jewish, the first Eckstein has parents with Holt, an English surname. If you went back another generation the other Eckstein would probably have a parent with another English surname, or a German one. His DNA test shows he has no Jewish, and it makes sense. Surnames are not accurate measures of admixture.

    1. His DNA results showed he was part Ashkenazi Jewish. He admitted it to a reporter and others.

    2. @handosome– Would you clarify what you mean by "His DNA test shows he has no Jewish"? Thanks.