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Who is David Jonathan Brown alleged murderer of USC professor Bosco Tjan ? Photos, family, history,

David Jonathan Brown, USC professor Bosco Tjan alleged murderer killer 28 years old Los Angeles, California july 11 1988 Conneticut psychology
This is an active story. Check back for frequent updates. #davidjonathanbrown #davidbrown #usc #student #professor #boscotjan #killed #murder

UPDATE: 12/23/2016 I just read this "Brown, who was bundled in a blue quilted wrap belted by the shackles that secured his hands, with his arms and legs bare, will remain in custody in lieu of $2 million bail while awaiting the hearing to determine if there is sufficient evidence to require him to stand trial."

Was he not allowed to wear pants and a full shirt because he's on suicide watch? It's odd he didn't kill himself after the alleged murder. Maybe the police found him before he had the chance.

12/20/16 Prelim was reset to January 19. January 19, 2017 08:30 AM Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center 038 PRELIM SETTING/RESETTING

12/07/16: Bail was raised yet again to $2,020,000. I don't know why they added $20,000. Maybe it was for the extra charge of using a deadly weapon?

If you want to go to this public hearing, you can. Directions, parking ... Parking will probably run you $20. Call the court the night before to make sure it hasn't been cancelled. Dept 38 is on the 3rd floor rm 3-301 (213) 628-7738. There is a metal detector you have to walk through. There is free wifi. You can keep your shoes on but must remove belts, everything out of pockets, purse, papers ... must go in a bin through the metal detector. There is sometimes a line in the morning so get there with time to spare. There's a cafeteria there on the first floor.

Next Court Code: M38       Next Court Date: 12/19/2016       Next Court Time: 0830       Next Court Case: BA45225701

Court Address: 210 W. TEMPLE STREET       Court City: LOS ANGELESUPT

Found his high school pics. Read his senior year photo quote. He thought everyone hated him. What a sad quote.

He went to Lyman Hall High. In 2003 he was a freshman. Photo matches. He may have been on indoor track team and football team one season. I think a sport is mandatory in high school.

David Jonathan Brown, USC professor Bosco Tjan alleged murderer killer 28 years old Los Angeles, California july 11 1988 Conneticut psychology 2003 yearbook of Lyman Hall High School.
David Jonathan Brown, USC professor Bosco Tjan alleged murderer killer 28 years old Los Angeles, California july 11 1988 Conneticut psychology 2004

David Jonathan Brown, USC professor Bosco Tjan alleged murderer killer 28 years old Los Angeles, California july 11 1988 Conneticut psychology 2005
He graduated in 2006 at the age of 21   18. Photo matches. Notice the quote. "Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go." -Oscar Wilde. Thanks to my parents and my friends." That explains a lot. He thinks people don't like him.

David Jonathan Brown, USC professor Bosco Tjan alleged murderer killer 28 years old Los Angeles, California july 11 1988 Conneticut psychology 2005

He has been moved from the Sheriff jail to the Twin Towers. Facility: TWIN TOWERS CORRECTIONAL FACILITY  Address: 450 BAUCHET STREET       City: LOS ANGELES. Unless the Twin Towers recently added a psych ward, he appears to be in a regular jail.

The case is now in the online system at Use this case number to find it BA452257. He has a preliminary hearing 12/19/16. It will most likely be rescheduled.

Case Number:
Violation Date:  
December 2, 2016
Filing Date:
December 6, 2016
Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center
Case Information      Events           Bail   Sentencing Information

Upcoming Scheduled Events

Date Time Location Dept/Room Number Event
December 19, 2016 08:30 AM Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center 038 PRELIMINARY HEARING

12/06/16: DA just released news. Case number is BA452257 but the case isn't in the system. When it is, you'll be able to find info here click "online services," click "case summary." That will show you the info and the calendar.

"A University of Southern California graduate student has been charged with fatally stabbing a professor on campus last week, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced.

David Jonathan Brown (dob 7/11/88) was charged in case BA452257 with one count of murder as well as a special allegation that he personally used a deadly and dangerous weapon, a knife. He is scheduled to be arraigned today in Department 30 of the Foltz Criminal Justice Center.

Deputy District Attorney Beth Silverman of the Major Crimes Division is prosecuting the case.

On Dec. 2, Brown is accused of stabbing to death Siaufung “Bosco” Tjan, 50, inside of the victim’s office on the USC campus.

If convicted as charged, Brown faces a possible maximum sentence of 26 years to life in prison.

The case remains under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department."

12/06/2016 it says permanent housing assigned today but it lists CSD which is County Sheriff Dept. Housing Location: CSD Permanent Housing Assigned Date: 12/06/2016       Assigned Time: 0714. No court date for arraignment.

12/05/2016 Bail just went from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000. The family is wealthy and this is an alleged murder. He could be a flight or suicide risk. Makes sense to increase the bail. I hope this young man gets help with his mental health while in jail. No court date yet.

Classmates have now said they knew David was deeply troubled. They also said they thought he was the most likely to fail the lab even though he's very bright. Some were shocked that he is the suspect. Others thought it would be him after hearing the name of the victim. It seems there was a dispute between David and Bosco.

I was just told that December 3 the day of the killing was the last day of class or lab before finals. This may have been the last day for David Brown to finish his labs and work.

David Jonathan Brown was born July 11, 1988. His mother is Meryl Eisenberg Brown 61 years old from Miami, Florida. Father is Leonard "Lenny" Gilbert Brown. He is 62, a CPA, works for PENSION BENEFIT CONSULTANTS, INC. and is from New York. The family has lived in Uniondale, NY, Wallingford, CT, Massapequa, NY. He has a brother named Matthew "Matt" Brian Brown who is 31, lives in Hartford, Connecticut and getting married next June. David and his parents live in Wallingford, Conneticut.

His USC email address was used to access his Facebook which included the photos and relatives. PhD student Neuroscience Graduate Program. His USC advisor is Biederman. One of his friends is Rory Brenner who is in the same class and study. In 2013 he was a returning first year graduate student at USC. His Facebook is here. If/when it goes down, I saved all copies. UPDATE They've locked down their photos and friends lists on their profiles. I have copies.

I was a psych major at USC. You know what they say about Psych majors. Someone in their family, someone they know well probably has a psych issue which is why they are interested in psychology. If they don't know someone with an issue, they may be the one with the issue. I will throw out a theory. This is a young mentally ill man who has probably never had a real girlfriend. He is mad at the world. He may also be mad that he didn't get his PhD and he's 28 years old. He decided to take it out on one of the few people who befriended him and tried to help. He reminds me of so many other mentally ill young men who go on to kill, Elliot Rodger Isla Vista, Adam Lanza Sandy Hook...While he physically looks a little similar to his brother Matt you can see the huge difference between the two. His brother is healthy, happy, socially involved, has a fiance, a job... David is taller than his brother, darker hair, darker eyes, heavier. David has obviously been struggling with life for a long time. A witness who saw him arrested said he had a very blank emotion less expression. Maybe he was taking medication for his issues?

David Jonathan Brown, USC professor Bosco Tjan alleged murderer killer 28 years old Los Angeles, California july 11 1988 Conneticut psychology, 2011 photo

David Jonathan Brown, USC professor Bosco Tjan alleged murderer killer 28 years old Los Angeles, California july 11 1988 Conneticut psychology photo january 2011
David Jonathan Brown, USC professor Bosco Tjan alleged murderer killer 28 years old Los Angeles, California july 11 1988 Conneticut psychology photo

David Jonathan Brown, USC professor Bosco Tjan alleged murderer killer 28 years old Los Angeles, California july 11 1988 Conneticut psychology photo

David is FB friends with his mom and brother but not his dad. Here is the profile pic of the mom. The grandmother's comment is "My lovely family." David is not in the pic. It's only mom, dad, son Matt and his fiance. That has been mom's profile pic since May. Notice all their big smiles and David rarely smiles. I think perhaps dad was getting down on him for being 28 and not getting his PhD. USC is a very expensive school. It's possible he had a fellowship. Here's some info on that. As he took time off I'm not sure they would consider that "timely progress."

"It is the policy of the university and of the Psychology department to support students who have been accepted and are making timely progress in their graduate studies. The standard package provides five years of support, consisting of a stipend, specified units of tuition remission, and health benefits. The package may be structured using fellowships that are provided by or administered by the university, research assistantships (RAs) that most often come from faculty research funding, teaching assistantships (TAs) that require duties as a laboratory or discussion section instructor, and various other sources of funding."

 He probably may also has Aspergers syndrome. Thanksgiving, Christmas, not graduating...all were too much for him. I'm amazed he didn't kill himself after he killed Tjan. If he's found guilty, he's an adult so he would get life in prison.

Here is happy smiling mom, dad, Matt and his fiance. The rest of the family is happy, appear very well adjusted but not David. He's not even in the pic which his mom uses as her profile photo.

David Jonathan Brown, USC professor Bosco Tjan alleged murderer killer 28 years old Los Angeles, California july 11 1988 Conneticut psychology at the santa monica pier. I bet his mom told him to stand there with the coast and fair rides in the bacground. No smile, hands down, not happy. Photo august 2013
From LAPD booking. There is no case number yet, no court hearings. I would think he would be in USC medical which is where they keep the prisoners with possible mental health issues.

Booking No.: 4848220       Last Name: BROWN       First Name: DAVID       Middle Name: JONATHAN

Sex: M       Race: W       Date Of Birth: 07/11/1988       Age: 28       Hair: BRO       Eyes: BRO       Height: 601       Weight: 250

Charge Level: F   (Felony)

Arrest Date: 12/02/2016       Arrest Time: 1645       Arrest Agency: 4203       Agency Description: LAPD-SOUTHWEST DIVISION

Date Booked: 12/03/2016       Time Booked: 0020       Booking Location: 4273       Location Description: LAPD - JAIL DIVISION

Total Bail Amount: 1,000,000.00       Total Hold Bail Amount: 0.00       Grand Total: 1,000,000.00

David Jonathan Brown, USC professor Bosco Tjan alleged murderer killer 28 years old Los Angeles, California july 11 1988 Conneticut psychology Grand Canyon. This photo looks like his family told him to pose at the Canyon. He isn't into posing so he doesn't look at camera, doesn't smile and does a sarcastic arm to the canyon. The Grand Canyon is an amazing sight. Most people I've seen there are happy, amazed, not this guy. Photo august 2013
This was the summary of his USC research paper which he presented May 2016 at this conference in Florida.

26.3019 Sparse Coding under Saccade-Confounded Statistics
David Brown1
(, Bosco Tjan1,2; 1
Neuroscience Graduate
Program, University of Southern California, 2
Department of Psychology,
University of Southern California
Image encoding in visual cortex is thought to be adapted to natural scene
statistics. Spatial attention may selectively enhance the acquisition of these
statistics. The effect of such attention-gated learning may be especially pronounced
in peripheral vision, as the shift of attention to a peripheral visual
location is tightly coupled to the initiation of a saccade. We hypothesize
that this attention-saccade link biases peripheral visual input, introducing
an eye-movement-related confound to the veridical image statistics (Nandy
& Tjan, 2012). This, in turn, is predicted to shape learned spatiotemporal
receptive fields and lateral interactions in ways that predict deficits of
peripheral form vision such as crowding. To model the effect of saccade-confounded
statistics on image encoding in V1, we simulated saccades across
natural image data and mapped the resulting videos to a model cortical
surface with eccentricity-dependent magnification and resolution. We then
learned a space-time sparse coding dictionary on samples from a circular
patch of model cortex – representing a target location and a laterally-interacting
surround, all under an attentional spotlight centered on the target
– in a temporal window adjusted to the duration of a transient spatial attention
episode (Sperling & Weichselgartner, 1995). This peripheral spacetime
dictionary is spatially similar to foveal dictionaries, but with a preference
for movement toward the fovea. For a given basis trained on peripheral
inputs, only a subinterval in time contains a structured pattern. This subinterval
can appear at any time in the basis. The unique features of this dictionary
– anisotropic movement preference and a narrow temporal window
with variable onset delay – point toward a role for peripheral vision that
may differ more substantially from foveal vision than previously thought.
Acknowledgement: Grant: NIH / NEI R01 EY017707

His father runs a non-profit organization called Connecticut Butterfly Association. He runs it out of his house. They have barely any income.

They bought their home in 1996 for $173,000. I needed the address to see which school he went to. He would have gone to Lyman Hall High School if he went to public school.

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  1. Is it SOP that suspects can't be photographed in court? Is it up to the digression of the judge as in this case it wasn't allowed?

    1. It's up to the Judge. I'm sure the media requested permission to take photos at his upcoming hearing. I would bet the Judge will allow it.

  2. I'm really grateful you could dig into this. I was incredulous when details were so sparse on the suspect. It is especially worrisome in light of how close it happened to the attack at OSU, which received massive press. Since that attacker was immediately scrutinized for their religion, I wondered if you had any information on religious background for suspect and/or victim in this incident. Also, an "unrelated incident" was supposed to have happened in the library at USC a few hours later. Do you have any information on this?

  3. Thank you for investigating and digging into this. I have heard rumors that the school knew about the dispute between Prof. Tjan and David Brown but thought it was just a demanding Asian professor working his nerdy student too hard. The school has blocked all sources of information and no details are given to Prof. Tjan's family and colleagues and friends. I did not know him personally but knew a lot of people who did. If USC has mishandled this, it needs to be addressed and the entire academia need to be aware of similar incidents.

  4. MC thanks for your work on this story. I don't watch TV so I might have missed a lot but the whole episode seems to be downplayed. The story dies on the internet after Dec.6.

  5. Is there a reason you're publishing so much information about the address, and employment information of David's parents? That seems invasive of their privacy. I'm sure they're hurting right now.

    I can understand trying to make sense of David's personal motivations (I'll point out that finances probably had little to do with them, since all PhD students at USC have tuition covered, and living stipends, through either research grants, or TA-ships.)

    1. The parents posted all that information publicly. They posted it on their public profiles. I always show my research and underlying evidence to support my statements.