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Anne Gorsuch Burford mother of Neil Gorsuch, nominee Justice for Supreme Court of US almost destroyed EPA

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Neil’s Gorsuch mother Anne Irene McGill Gorsuch Burford, had a long and storied history of loyally doing what she was told by her boss then President Ronald Reagan. Long a staunch enemy of the environment she was nonetheless appointed to head the Environmental  Protection Agency. After taking an oath to protect the environment she instantly tried to destroy it to allow dirty energy to pollute our lands, waters and air. Like mother like son. Anne obviously taught her children that this is what you do to get ahead.

Per the LA Times, "In 1976, she was elected to the first of two terms in the Colorado House of Representatives, where she was a member of a group that called itself the Crazies for its members' passionate devotion to states' rights and opposition to federal energy and environmental policies. She was named outstanding freshman legislator and worked on legislation concerning hazardous wastes and vehicle emissions." Anne Burford vigorously worked against the EPA to allow polluters and dirty energy companies to harm the environment.

"James Watt, who became Mr. Reagan's interior secretary, and James Coors, the Colorado brewing and energy magnate, sponsored Ms. Burford for the E.P.A. post. Her confirmation was held up for months as senators debated her qualifications and questioned her agenda, but the outcome was never in serious doubt."

We just went through this with Donald Trump's EPA pick Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt. Pruitt also spent years filing lawsuits against the EPA. We can expect Pruitt to cut the budget, fire employees, get rid of regulations, end all investigations and expand dirty energy in our environment just like Ann Gorsuch Burford did.

More from the Times article, "When her nomination hearing was finally held on May 1, 1981, she began by speaking lyrically of her own environment.

''As a long-term Coloradan,'' she said, ''I come before you with a deep appreciation of the unique beauties which we enjoy in our environment -- the majesty and grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, the openness and sense of space of our eastern plains.'' What a load of bullshit the new official language of the US.

Anne was appointed the first female administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency by former President Ronald Reagan in 1981. She served from 1981 to 1983. Per the Times, "However, once she was appointed she tried to cut the EPA’s budget by over 45 percent and promote voluntary compliance rather than strict regulations. The number of cases filed against alleged polluters were reduced during her tenure. She also approved pesticide spraying and cut the number of employees working at the EPA.

In 1982, on the order of President Reagan she refused to release documents to Congress after the EPA was accused of mishandling $1.6 billion in a toxic waste fund. She was held in contempt of Congress and later resigned, saying that she couldn’t do her job anymore and believed that she had become “the issue” in the EPA."

Later she would attack the White House for not helping her in her defense of the lawsuits when she was following Reagan's orders. That's what you get for breaking a sworn oath and not doing your job of protecting the environment. Karma's a bitch when you agree to do the evil bidding of your evil overlord.

If Anne would do something like this at this level you can bet her son Neil Gorsuch, Neil McGill Gorsuch would do the same. Why else would Trump appoint him? He will vote any way Trump tells him even if it means destroying our nation, its laws and its people. He will do what Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito does. He is given the outcome by the President. Then he will have to add alt-facts, twist words, incorrectly cite the record, and make up crazy interpretations of law. That is exactly what unethical Justice Lee Anne Dauphinot did in my case in Texas. They don't care about upholding the laws of our country. They only want the prestige of a title and money.

Just found this great article about Anne Gorsuch.

One interesting thing I did find out in researching Neil Gorsuch's history which I will post more about later is that his parents, aunts, uncles on both sides all died youngish from 60-65 from natural causes. His father died at 64, father's twin about the same time, mother died at 62 of cancer, other aunts, uncles all died 60-65. Neil Gorsuch has a double whammy of bad genetics which indicate his life expectancy could be about 60. While he may be 49 if approved he may only be on the bench ten years. I don't know if his parents, aunts, uncles all smoked, drank, ate meat or didn't exercise. If that was the cause of their death then he might avoid an early death by avoiding those bad habits. UPDATE: His mother the head of the EPA was a major smoker. I bet the father was also. Neil and his siblings probably exposed to second hand smoke as a kid. Maybe mother died of lung cancer, father as well.

Neil Gorsuch's wife Marie Louise Burleston born 1968 is from Oxfordshire, England. Her parents are Prudence and Bryan. Louise is registered to vote Republican.

Neil's brother is John Joseph Gorsuch born September 8, 1973 lives in Denver, Colorado goes by J.J. Gorsuch. Registered to vote as Republican.

Neil's sister is Stephanie Lee Gorsuch Pankau born 1969, registered to vote.

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