Friday, February 3, 2017

USDA removed documents because of party in my lawsuit. They demanded it removed from USDA.

USDA public documents Animal Welfare Act AWA email Dr Laurie Gage documents removed
People ask what type of people sued, demanded that the USDA remove all inspection reports, documents. That would be this person that is suing me for defamation. They are demanding that the USDA remove the above email from their files. I am being sued because I posted the email written in 2011 by the main veterinarian of the USDA Dr Laurie Gage to the head of the USDA Dr Robert Gibbens. That is the main exhibit in the lawsuit, an email written by the USDA six years ago. The email is a response by the main veterinarian to an unedited, un-captioned video which I sent to the main USDA complaint center. After the USDA viewed this email the USDA permit of the person in the video were cancelled.

The case gets even more bizarre. Two years later in 2013 after the person's permits were cancelled by the USDA that person forged an email allegedly from the head of the USDA Dr Robert Gibbens to someone else. I sent a FOIA request to get a hold of any such email. The USDA stated no such document existed. Another version of the image capture of the email was posted. I then sent that to the USDA asking the same thing. USDA again said there was no such email. This of course means it was forged by the person who posted it, the person in the video. The person in the video has not gone past the 8th grade, is not a veterinarian, admitted to never taking a class in animal care yet in the video she is performing surgery on a bat without pain relief. Bats died.

While defending myself in this defamation case a third version of this alleged email is posted by the person in the video. That means this person made three different forgeries! This person has a long history of forging documents in two lawsuits. Here are the three different forged USDA emails which the Plaintiff turned into image files. This is not text.

USDA forged email by amanda lollar of bat world sanctuary animal cruelty permit cancelled

USDA forged email by amanda lollar of bat world sanctuary animal cruelty permit cancelled

USDA forged email by amanda lollar of bat world sanctuary animal cruelty permit cancelled

I then sent the forged emails to the USDA telling them they were submitted as real emails in a lawsuit. Later I asked for all communications about the forged emails. USDA refused to give me any documents even though I know there are communications. They refuse to give documents because Plaintiff in my case has been threatening them with legal action. That is why all the documents were removed.

At that point I checked the other exhibits in the lawsuit. They were also forged. This person defamed themselves in the exhibit then sued me for defamation. The original public article with comments online don't contain the comments made in the exhibits. Below is proof that the exhibits were forged. This is but one exhibit. They were all exactly like this.

Amanda Lollar's forged Exhibit 5.

The actual Exhibit 5 in my brief.

The actual Exhibit 5 online. I did not write the article or comments yet I'm being sued for a four year old article written by others. Yes, I know about statute of limitations. I raised that in my current appeal.

There is no comment by “Mary Cummins” or anyone on that date, time. All entries in that website are anonymous anyway. Plaintiff could have sent a subpoena to get the identity but they never did.

These forged exhibits and false affidavits means Amada Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary and her attorney Randy Turner committed fraud, forgery and perjury. I sent in a complaint to the bar and the Judges involved in this case. Still waiting for a reply.

In the meantime this case is the most likely reason all of the documents were removed. USDA still refuses to answer my last FOIA request.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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