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Who is Stephen Miller, Donald Trump aide from Santa Monica, California? - Mary Cummins reporting

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UPDATE: 11/10/2019 Stephen Miller's leaked emails. He's also getting married. The woman must be as hateful as he is to be able to stand the guy.

12/16/2018 I post this today just to show how far Stephen Miller is willing to go to deceive the public. I personally don't care if a guy has hair or not. His makeup artist used what is called "Beautiful Brown." It's basically spray paint for your hair and scalp. Makeup artist only used it on the top front. This is as obvious as Trump's lies or his comb over. Why?

10/11/2018 Stephen Miller was a strange loner as a kid. I believe that. He appears to have some social and psychological issues.

09/11/2018 Stephen Miller and the White House's rabbi speaks out against Stephen Miller. Rabbi says Miller should be ashamed of himself.

08/14/2018 Dr. David Glosser Stephen Miller's grandfather was just interviewed on Anderson Cooper on CNN. Good short video stating that Stephen Miller would not have been born had the family not left what is now Belaurus and come to the US starting in 1903.

08/13/2018 An article written by Stephen Miller's uncle stating that Stephen Miller is a hypocrite. Glad the uncle wrote this article. It's along the same lines as this blog article. Stephen Miller should be ashamed of himself but he's not.

06/21/2018 I always thought Stephen Miller was probably picked on as a kid. I could also tell he was raised poorly. I'm sure he was rejected by women.

"Stephen [Miller] actually enjoys seeing those pictures at the border," an outside White House adviser said. "He's a twisted guy, the way he was raised and picked on. There's always been a way he's gone about this. He's Waffen-SS."

06/20/2018 Someone uncovered more info on Stephen Miller's family. His great grandfather Max Miller flunked his first immigration test in 1932 and was rejected. He waited a while and reapplied. In his reapplication it said the first application must have been rejected for failure to continue the process. Had they uncovered the truth Stephen Miller might not be here today. That person was real name Nison Heinman or Cheinman. He changed his name to Maxwell Miller. This guy was so horrible to his first wife that she divorced him which was extremely rare especially with Jewish families. Back then you didn't get a divorce unless your husband was a drinker who would beat you.

06/19/2018 Someone pointed me in the direction of some new info. For starters here is Stephen Miller's sister's photo. She is a forever Trumper even taking her kids to the White House for Easter. A Jewish person celebrating Easter. Look at the photo! It says "Paas" across the rabbit's chest. It's a commercial advertisement for Easter egg dyes and supplies! The official White House "rabbit" is wearing advertisement to sell Easter egg dye.

06/17/2018 Stephen Miller is the one behind the policy to take children away from their parents when they come to the US for asylum. Stephen Miller's plan was to use this to dissuade people from coming to the US. One major problem is the people who came in the caravan took over a month to get to the border. They did not know about this policy. Some were tricked into turning over their children stating they were just going to take baths.

01/24/2018 While digging into Stephen Miller's family history I uncovered some gems. First, during the campaign Stephen Miller talked about his family the Glossers. He basically said they fulfilled the American dream. Then he said he and Trump would bring jobs back to the city where the Glosser store was located. The family intentionally opened new stores outside of the city in the suburbs realizing the trend.

The grandparents were of course Jewish. While they were successful and people liked them no one wanted to socialize with them. They were denied entry into the country club. For this reason they started their own country club with a swimming pool, tennis, picnic tables. The club was open to everyone and anyone.

Another thing the grandparents did was help family and friends escape WWI and WWII in Europe. Chain migration, family migration...? They helped them come to America. They gave them jobs. Even during the depression the Glossers did well. They gave people food, clothing and jobs if they needed it. Stephen Miller here is a total slap in the face of the Glosser and Miller family. If he were my relative, I'd vote him out of the family.

01/21/2018 Someone asked about Stephen Miller's father's family. Here is the full family tree. Both sides are from Russia. Pretty amazing that Stephen is a white supremacist when his family on both sides are Jews from Russia. White Supremacists hate Jews. How does Stephen deal with the self hate? The original family name may be Chienman and not Miller. Miller may be a made up name Nison made for himself. Nison Cheinman/Heinman is allegedly Max Miller the great great grandfather of Stephen Miller. He divorced his wife Sara. The name is on his naturalization papers and includes names, birth dates of all his children.

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Here's a more detailed version of it.

Stephen Miller family tree, Jewish, Russian

Here is the obituary for Stephen Miller's paternal grandmother Freya Baker Miller.

Here is the obituary for Stephen Miller's paternal grandfather Jacob "Jay" Miller.

Here is her FAG memorial page.

08/06/2017 I did a lot more research on Stephen Miller which people have asked me to post. Here we go though I'll post a lot more tomorrow.

Stephen Miller was an aide to super, uber racist Jeff Sessions!

LA Times, May 19, 2003. Stephen Miller said, "If I was getting term and research papers, it would hinder my ability to perform well in other classes and continue all of the extracurricular activities I am involved in." This was in high school. He was against having to do term papers.

May 19, 2003 spoiled Stephen Miller, LA Times. I personally feel he hates others because he had no real friends and definitely no girlfriends in High School. While I feel bad he had extreme early male pattern baldness which might have been a factor that doesn't justify the hate. I personally feel maybe a Hispanic girl in high school rejected him. In fact, maybe all females rejected him not because of his hair but his racist, hateful views.  I don't know.

UPDATE: Video uncovered from a speech he gave while he was in high school. Stephen Miller says he's sick and tired of picking up his own trash. He said paraphrased that's why we have janitors.

May 7, 2014 Journal and Courier, Indiana. Stephen Miller spokesman for Sen. Jeff Sessions stated "The US already provides businesses with 700,000 temporary guest workers every year to compete against unemployed Americans, in addition to the annual flow of 1 million permanent legal immigrants," said Stephen Miller, a spokesman for Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., who has opposed efforts to import foreign workers." Oddly enough his new boss Trump now supports worker visas.

UPDATE: 02/23/2017 Stephen's father is not a Democrat but a Republican. He is registered as a Republican as is his wife Miriam. Stephen's father is involved with the Claremont Institute and the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Article yesterday about the Claremont Institute

Michael and his wife Miriam are both Republicans who donated to Republican candidates including Donald Trump. Below is Miriam Miller.

Below is Michael Miller. He donated a lot to Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, Scott Walker. You can see his different holding companies.


Stephen Miller was born August 23, 1985 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California. His father is Michael Darrow Miller born 1950. His mother is Miriam Glosser Miller born 1948. He has a younger brother named Jacob Miller born 1989 and an older sister Alexis born in 1982.

Here are his parents. Someone who knew Stephen Miller from SaMo high just said the father was a slumlord. I'll try to see if that's true or not. He and his family do own a lot of apartment buildings. I see a ton of lawsuits but he has a common name and he's an attorney.
Michael D Miller,  Michael Darrow Miller, Miriam Glosser, Miriam Glosser Miller, Miriam Miller, Stephen Miller, Michael Miller, Jacob, Alexis, Santa Monica, California, Donald Trump, White House, aide, racist, Mexican, Jewish

Michael D. Miller is a founding Member and Principal of YMC. Currently Michael is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Cordary, Inc., a family-owned real estate investment company, specializing in the development, repositioning and management of commercial and multi-family residential properties since 1976. Cordary has owned and operated over 2,500 residential units and its current portfolio operates under the brand name “California Villages”, with locations in Pico Rivera, West Covina and Valley Village (Los Angeles) totaling 471 units. For 15 years prior to assuming day-to-day responsibility of Cordary, Michael practiced corporate and real estate law, first with the Los Angeles law firm of Munger, Tolles, Rickerhauser and Hills and then co-founded the Santa Monica law firm of Stern & Miller.Education:

University of California at Santa Cruz, B.A. 1972 with Honors
Stanford University School of Law 1975
Community Activities:

Stanford University Law School
Board of Governors, Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion
Republican Jewish Coalition, Vice Chairman’s Council
St. John’s Hospital, Santa Monica, Member Board of Advisors
Getty Villa Council Member

Inglewood High School class of 1968. Here's a pic of him at his 2008 HS reunion. 

Michael D Miller, Michael Darrow Miller, father, Stephen Miller

Per he passed the bar March 16, 1976 which is also when he, his family started a corporation to hold property.

"He participated on the Mission to the Soviet Union to Meet Jewish Refuseniks with California Lt. Governor Leo McCarthy and Jackie McCarthy."

Miriam Glosser, Miriam Glosser Miller, Miriam Miller, Stephen Miller, Michael Miller, Jacob, Alexis, Santa Monica, California, Donald Trump, White House, aide, racist, Mexican, Jewish

Miriam G. Miller is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Social Work in 1972. Miriam worked extensively with troubled teenagers and their families until she took a hiatus from social work to assume the responsibilities of raising three children. Since 1994, Miriam has worked full-time with Cordary, Inc. As Executive Vice President, Miriam is the Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for the property management activities of Cordary and YMC Company, LLC, and manages the commercial and residential portfolios of both companies. Miriam has been responsible for the construction management of extensive remodeling and rehabilitation programs for both portfolios; the remodeling and conversion of residential space to office space; extensive tenant improvement projects and implementation and oversight of the ServiceWorks program.

From their website.

Here is Miriam's grandfather father Isadore Glosser who ran Glosser Brother's Department stores in Pennsylvania. The Glosser family came from Russia, Poland, Ukraine. The nation lines moved around a bit in last 100 years.

Here is Miriam's brother

Here is Miriam's pedigree family tree for Glosser.

Stephen Miller mother Miriam Glosser Miller family tree Jewish Russia

Michael D and Miriam Glosser Miller bought their current home at 2341 32nd St, Santa Monica, CA 90405 for $778,000 in 1998 when Stephen was 13 years old.

County Land Use: Single Family Resid Fireplaces: 1
Universal Land Use: SFR Heat Type: Central
Lot Frontage: 45 Cooling Type: Central
Lot Depth: 160 Patio Type: Covered Patio
Lot Acres: 0.166 Parking Type: On Site
Lot Area: 7,232 Garage Capacity: 1
Style: Conventional Roof Material: Composition Shingle
Building Sq Ft: 3,739 Roof Shape: Gable
Stories: Tax: 1 MLS: 2 Interior Wall: Plaster
Condition: Good Exterior: Stucco
Quality: Good Floor Cover: Hardwood
Total Rooms: 9 Foundation: Raised
Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1993
Total Baths: 4 Effective Year Built: 1993
Full Baths: 4 Other Impvs: Fence, Fenced Yard
Fireplace: Y # of Buildings: 1

Prior to that Stephen Miller lived at 422 22nd St, Santa Monica, CA. They sold that house in 1996 for $1,275,000. It was 4 bed, 5 bath, 4,682 sf on a 7,556 sf lot. This is a successful and well to do family.

It really makes you wonder how liberal Jewish parents could produce such a racist and hateful son. I can only think that growing up he wasn't well liked. In fact when he ran for President of student council 4,000 students boo'd him off the stage. That made him angry so he convinced himself that the problem was other people and not him. Then he ended up getting sucked down the hate tunnel into white supremacy and nationalism. Oddly enough his father was President of his high school. Stephen tried to be like dad but fell far short.

As I watched video of him this morning saying he stands behind Sean Spicer and everything Spicer said I knew he was a blind parrot idiot. He's supporting Spicer and Trump because they let him into their dark circle of hate. Why else would anyone get in front of a national news program and utter such crazy crap. Hopefully the Trump show will be over soon.

Stephen Miller graduated from Santa Monica High School in 2003. He went to Duke University graduating in 2007.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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  1. maybe they aren't liberal parents if the father is a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Vice Chairman’s Council. that's not liberal... either way he is a total creep!

  2. Let me update your miller side. Max was really Nison Cheinman bd 16/dec/1878 Belarus. His father was Dov Ber Cheinman,mother Gruna. ‘Max’ arrived and applied for nat.-clerk wrote ‘ignorant’. He tried again 1924 in Detroit-denied ‘want of prosecution”, named changed to miller.1932-denied( I don’t know why)’ finally nat 1940.

  3. Thank you for this information. I have always wondered what the parents of someone like Stephen Miller would think of their adult child, which you really don't address here and probably only could if you sat down and interviewed them. The same thing could be said of Julia Hahn, the other Jewish West Side LA cretin now in the White House. I have to think that the parents agree to some degree with their child, kids learn from their parents.
    Steve Beck

  4. Thank you for this information. I have always wondered what the parents of someone like Stephen Miller would think of their adult child, which you really don't address here and probably only could if you sat down and interviewed them. The same thing could be said of Julia Hahn, the other Jewish West Side LA cretin now in the White House. I have to think that the parents agree to some degree with their child, kids learn from their parents.
    Steve Beck