Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Who is Sebastian Gorka, Sebastian Lukacs Gorka married to Katharine Cornell? A fraud, that's who.

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Check back as I'll be updating this article as I confirm new leads.

UPDATE: 01182018

Warrant for Gorka's arrest in Hungary on a gun charge. He was charged trying to carry a gun through the airport in the US. Now he has a gun charge in Hungary.

08/25/2017 Gorka resigns, gets fired, leaves again. Let's see if it sticks this time.

08/20/2017 Gorka is supposedly again leaving the White House. We shall see.

08/18/2017 Gorka is still working for Trump and/or the White House after they said he would be gone. After the Charlottesville, Virginia white supremacist violence he should definitely not have anything to do with our government. Again, he was confirmed as a member of Vitezi Rend which is a Hungarian hate group. In the photo above taken at Trump's inauguration he's wearing "a black braided jacket known as a “bocskai” adorned with two medals that some Hungarian news outlets and scholars identified with Miklós Horthy, the anti-Semitic World War II-era leader whose regime witnessed the murder of some 600,000 Hungarian Jews." Hungarians were the first to state what the jacket and medals mean. It wasn't "leftie libtards" as Gorka and his ilk like to state.

Please, read below. Gorka didn't pass a security clearance in Hungary so he couldn't work for the Hungarian government. Hungarian press stated that's why he left Hungary. He couldn't get a job. He came to the US with made up credentials. How is he working with our government if he couldn't even pass security clearance to work with the Hungarian government?

06/21/2017 Gorka fired from FBI because of intense Islamaphobia and the spewing of hate speech. I don't know how the FBI could have ever contracted with him to give his ridiculous speeches. Didn't they see his crazy website?

04/30/2017 Sebastian Gorka is leaving the White House. "He will be departing in the summer for other endeavors. His job was just temporary." Read that, "Fired because he's a Nazi loving anti-Semitic fraud who lied about his past!"

UPDATE: 04/27/2017 I just searched and a few ways. Gorka is not mentioned in there as an employee. I only see an article about the Senators asking for an investigation. I read earlier that he is not on the security council, does not have a security clearance. What does he do for Trump? Is he an outside independent consultant? Was he just a regular person who signed up to go to the inauguration? Did he just ask Trump to take a pic of him which he uses as his FB profile pic?

I was reading Hungarian media articles about Gorka via Google translate. People in the know were asked who was Gorka. Media experts stated he wrote some articles then tried to be a consultant for the Hungarian government. He didn't get a security clearance so he was denied. He tried to start a political party to oppose the then current leader but that failed. Gorka wrote that the current leader would never win the election then he did. At that point the few people who knew anything about him said he went to the US to "try his luck there." All the Hungarian experts stated that he was a fake and a fraud who pretended to be an expert to get cozy with people. He was considered a hanger on.

I was just told that the "V" in the place of Sebastian Gorka's father's name is not his middle initial. It is meant to show that he is a life long member of anti-semitic group "Vitézi Rend" in Hungary. In the past Sebastian has also used a "V." Democratic senators Durbin, Blumenthal and Cardin have called for Sebastian Gorka to be investigated for lying on his naturalization papers if they exist. Vitezi Rend is considered a hate group. Membership in this group would bar someone from becoming a citizen. The current leader of Vitezi Rend stated that Sebastian Gorka is a member of the group. 

It seems Sebastian Gorka and his altright friends such as Breitbart where Gorka worked are sending out fake news stating that all articles doubting his history are actually "fake news" from liberal lefties, Dems, Obama, Clinton... He's calling it a smear job. In turn he is smearing everyone who dares to say these things including politicians who demanded an investigation. The first people to doubt Sebastian Gorka's credentials and to out his military uniform and antisemitic medal were Hungarians in Hungary. It wasn't the US "lefties." What did Gorka expect after wearing the military uniform of the Vitezi Rend and that medal to Donald Trump's inauguration? Gorka is not just a fraud but also an idiot who committed political suicide.


I'll first start with basic irrefutable facts. Sebastian Gorka, Sebastian Lukacs Gorka was born in Hammersmith, Greater London October 22, 1970 (England and Wales, Civil Registration Birth Index, 1916-2005). The variation of his name is Sebestyén Lukács Gorka. His father is Pal "Paul" V Gorka born 1930 in Hungary. His mother is Margit Zsuzsa "Susan" Biro Gorka born in Hungary. Paul and Susan were married Jul-Sep 1958 in Westminster, Middlesex, England (England & Wales, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1916-2005).

Gorka married Katharine "Katie" Fairfax Cornell born July 6, 1960, Boston, Massachusetts in Sopron, Hungary at St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church in Sopron July 6, 1996. Katharine graduated from the University of North Carolina. Katharine's parents are Milton Keen Cornell 1936-2001 and Sandra Lipson Ryon Cornell. The Cornell family owns Cornell Iron Works. Katharine Cornell's siblings are Christopher Slocum, Eleanor Cornell, James Cornell, Ellie Cornell and Andrew Cornell. Together Gorka and Cornell have two children, Julia Gorka and Paul Gorka.

I can't find any naturalization or immigration records for Sebastian Gorka. At times he stated he was very recently made a naturalized citizen of the US while other times he denied being a citizen.

I searched from 1970 to 2015. There are only two mentions of him. In 2010 Gorka stated he worked for "Department of Defense U.S. Special Operations Command." I found no evidence that he did. In 2013 Gorka said he worked for "Foundation for the Defense of Democracies." He also stated he worked for "U.S. Special Operation's Command's Joint Special Operations University" training Yemeni soldiers. Again, no evidence. After 2015 there are mentions of him on altright news sites such as Breitbart stating the same things.

Many writers have pointed out that he lied about his education. He had no secondary education in 2002. In 2008 he allegedly got a degree. Again, very flimsy evidence of a thesis which he alone provided. The thesis even contains allegedly plagiarized parts of his wife's writings. His wife does have a degree. The thesis was reviewed by two people who didn't have a PhD. The third reviewer was a friend of Gorka's.

Many writers have also pointed out that he has altright ties to organizations linked to Nazis. The fact that he'd wear "a black braided jacket known as a “bocskai” adorned with two medals that some Hungarian news outlets and scholars identified with Miklós Horthy, the anti-Semitic World War II-era leader whose regime witnessed the murder of some 600,000 Hungarian Jews" in the above photo to Donald Trump's inauguration is really mind blowing. What is really troubling is that while in Hungary he was denied a security clearance. He was denied in Hungary but now has a security clearance as the Deputy Assistant of President Trump on the National Security Advisory Staff in relation to counter terrorism. Gorka has access to highly classified information yet absolutely no background check was done on this person. Again Trump appoints the absolute worst person for each position.

Sebastian Gorka has had some run ins with the law. The worst violation was carrying a gun at an airport. "Gorka was arrested Jan. 31, 2016 for bringing a handgun through security at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington and faced up to 12 months in jail and a fine of $2,500 for the class one misdemeanor." He was able to ultimately get the charge dismissed through an appeal and plea bargain. The court cases confirm his birth date as 10/22. He also has multiple driving violations in Virginia since 1999 that I could find. I searched here.

He lives in Mc Lean, Virginia. Here's a photo of his house. This was taken in May. It was not taken on July 4. He has lots of flags all over the place. Pretty odd especially considering he might not even be a citizen. Here's video of his house online. He really knows a lot about "security." 4 bed, 3 bath, 2008 sq. ft. house located at 1207 BUCHANAN St, MCLEAN, VA 22101 sold for $842000 on Jul 9, 2015. MLS# FX9008608. This was his address for his court case. He bought the home July 2015. He also uses it for holding companies such as Threat Knowledge Group. He made this address public when he could have used a p.o. box. He charges cities to give "classes." I can't believe no one checked out this guy's references or lack thereof. Here's another speeding ticket. Charge 1: 85/70 Rd Charging County: Spotsylvania General District Court, VA Charge Date: 02/23/2016. Donald Trump for President gave him $8,000 for consulting. in 2015.

Sebastian Gorka home, house, McLean Virginia flags

"*Sebastian Gorka, *a deputy assistant to Mr. Trump and a former editor at Breitbart News, reported consulting fees of $38,200 from Breitbart. He also reported royalties of $50,000 to $100,000 for his book “Defeating jihad: The Winnable War” — and also said that he signed a contract for a second book."

This article translated into English states he is wearing the military uniform of the altright of Hungary and a medal showing he supports the anti-semitic organization.

Check out the original versions of his Wikipedia page. Delusional delusions! Scroll to bottom then click "oldest." Then click "prev" to see each version. His story changes and changes. I bet he made his Wiki page.

Also check out his website which he shut down just nine days ago. Here's a version from 2015. I've saved copies. Only the first page has been swapped out. The website is still there and searchable in Google cache. It was built with WordPress. Gorka has lots to say about Jews. His site is mainly propaganda, anti-Clinton, anti-Obama. He intentionally shared and posted all those false things about Clinton. He is actively inciting ISIS with his website and speaking. He reminds me of John Westergaard who said the sky will fall at the stroke of midnight 1999 because computers won't be able to read code. Then he offered a cassette, pamphlet which you would buy for $29 to save yourself and the world.

Most recent one.

Here's the most recent functional version from November 2016.

Someone asked for his criminal record. I'll start posting the cases here.

Case Number : GC16000565-00 Filed Date : 02/03/2016 Locality : COMMONWEALTH OF VA
Name : GORKA, SEBASTIAN L Status : Released On Summons Defense Attorney : CHRISTOPHER G.OPRISON, ESQ
Address : MCLEAN, VA 22101 AKA1 : AKA2 :
Gender : Male Race : White Caucasian(Non-Hispanic) DOB : 10/22/****
Charge Information
Code Section : 18.2-287.01 Case Type : Misdemeanor Class :
Offense Date : 01/31/2016 Arrest Date : Complainant : LUNA, J
Amended Charge : Amended Code : Amended Case Type :
Hearing Information
Date Time Result Hearing Type Courtroom Plea Continuance Code
02/10/2016 02:00 PM Continued Arraignment 3B
04/20/2016 09:30 AM Continued Adjudicatory 3B Commonwealth
06/08/2016 09:30 AM Finalized Adjudicatory 3B Guilty

Case Number : GT11043885-00 Filed Date : 09/30/2011 Locality : ARLINGTON
Name : GORKA, SEBASTIAN LUKACS Status : Defense Attorney :
Address : MCLEAN, VA 22101 AKA1 : AKA2 :
Gender : Male Race : White Caucasian(Non-Hispanic) DOB : 10/22/****
Charge Information
Charge : 50/30 SP
Code Section : C.46.2-878 Case Type : Infraction Class :
Offense Date : 09/29/2011 Arrest Date : Complainant : NUCELLI, A
Amended Charge : Amended Code : Amended Case Type :
Hearing Information
Date Time Result Hearing Type Courtroom Plea Continuance Code
11/14/2011 09:00 AM Waived 3C
Disposition Information
Final Disposition :  Prepaid
Sentence Time : 00Months 000Days 00Hours Sentence Suspended Time : 00Months 000Days 00Hours
Probation Type : Probation Time : 00Years 00Months 000Days Probation Starts :
Operator License Suspension Time : 00Years 00Months 000Days Restriction Effective Date :
Operator License Restriction Codes :
Fine : $120.00 Costs : $61.00 Fine/Costs Due :
Fine/Costs Paid : Paid Fine/Costs Paid Date : 11/07/2011

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  1. Funny how his lawyer's name is G. Oprison... Go Prison... Who also served under the Bush administration?