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Who is Stephen Belafonte husband of Mel B? Criminal record, arrests, assault, deadly weapon

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06/23/2017 Recent actions in divorce court. Stephen Belafonte asked for ridiculous sums of money for monthly support, i.e. $750/mo cell phone service, $4,300/mo groceries, $11,000/mo housing, $2,000/mo clothing... Mel said no. Judge will have to decide. Remember Stephen said he was a big wheeler dealer producer making big bucks before they got married. Did you lie? Yes. Then it's deceit and fraud. One could annul a marriage that way but there is still the kid.

The misspelling below is from the court, i.e. "testimoney."

06/21/2017 Notice (to take oral testimoney )
Filed by Petitioner
06/21/2017 Motion
Filed by Respondent
06/20/2017 Notice - Unavailability of Counsel (9/4-9/8/17 )
Filed by Respondent
06/19/2017 Declaration - Income and Expense
Filed by Petitioner
06/19/2017 Responsive Declaration
Filed by Petitioner
06/12/2017 Minute Order
06/12/2017 Order - Media Request to Permit Coverage MC510 (Denied - filed by TMZ )
Filed by Petitioner
06/12/2017 Minute Order
06/12/2017 Request - Media to Photograph, Record or Broadcast MC500 (Denied - filed by TMZ )
Filed by Petitioner

04/21/2017 The nanny just sued Mel B for defamation for what Mel wrote in her legal documents. Legal documents are privileged. They can never be defamation. Nanny will lose.

04/11/2017 Stephen Belafonte is a real piece of work. This TMZ article states that Stephen and Mel's ex-nanny are trying to extort her. Stephen also got the nanny pregnant. Mel B got a restraining order on the nanny today.

Stephen Belafonte real name Stephen Brian Stansbury gives many different stories about his life and history. He tells some he's the son of actor Harry Belafonte or nephew of singer Dionne Warwick. He is neither. Stephen was born May 18, 1975 in Pleasant Point, New Jersey. His mother is Sheryl Ann Dowell Stansbury born 1954. She is a school teacher in Shelby County, Tennessee school system. She is white. I believe this is an older photo of her. She had blond hair and light blue eyes. She is well loved by every member of her family. Stephen is not. Her parents are Daniel Emory Dowell and Charlotte Wilma Webbert listed as white on census documents and marriage certificates.

Sheryl Ann Dowell Stansbury

Stephen's father is black and his name is Kenneth B Stansbury sometimes goes by Kenneth Jackson, Kenneth B Jackson. He had a stepfather named Jackson. He seems to have changed his name after his alleged criminal behavior. Per newspapers Kenneth Stansbury has a criminal record which includes domestic violence, assault, threatening police... In 1968 when he was 21 he was charged with malicious mischief, fornication, using profanity and threatening a police officer. I hope people can see this link to the newspaper article.

If not, here's the images of the article. The name, age and home address match.

He allegedly assaulted Georgia Pope. He kicked down her front door, used profanity and threatened her. When the police went to arrest him he refused to open the door and said "After I get you on the other side of the river, I'll put a bullet in you." The fornication complaint was signed by a 17 year old girl. Kenneth was a boxer in New Jersey Golden Gloves in 1964 after high school. He was charged with threatening to kill his father Theodore in 1965. That charge was dropped.

Below is a pic of his brother Charles who was one year older. Charles was on the basketball, Track, Cross Country, Hall Monitor, Italian Lab, Debate club, Speech club, Booster Club, college Michigan State University. His future plans are "To go to college and make good." Turns out Charles is in the Hall of Fame of Black Americans in New Jersey High School and is an author. Ken was also the black sheep of the family.

Charles Stansbrury

Stephen's grandfather Theodore also has a criminal history for adultery and not paying child support for three illegitimate children in 1945. That's why some of his sons are Stansbury and some are Jackson. He was then arrested for abandoning his wife. They hauled him back to his wife. He was also arrested for probation violations. It appears Stephen may have inherited his father's, grandfather's anger management issues and lack of good judgment either by nature or nurture. Still, the rest of his siblings are sane, productive people.

Stephen's six siblings are Hannah (1983), Jeremiah (1973), Ruth, Esther and twins Reuben and Daniel (1976). The Stansbury family lived at 2301 Pulaski Dr, Point Pleasant Borough, New Jersey 08742 during the '80's and '90's. Sheryl's mother lived at that address as well. I'm posting the address so you can see that it matches the criminal reports and newspaper articles.

Below is Stephen Stansbury's family tree to the best of my knowledge. I correlated known addresses, ages, dates with public records, newspaper articles and obituaries.

Stephen's brother Jeremiah went to Point Pleasant Borough High School in same borough in New Jersey. He looks like Stephen but with darker eyes. He graduated in 1992. Jeremiah later graduated from the University of Tennessee with an art degree. Jeremiah was arrested for trespassing when he was caught skateboarding on someone else's property July 1992. I can't believe they would arrest a kid just for skateboarding on someone else's property. I did that many times in abandoned pools and was never arrested. This was before skate parks. Jeremiah is now a successful artist in Oregon. He even warned Mel B about his brother. All of his siblings have darker eyes unlike Stephen who has blue eyes. I'm starting to wonder if it's real. His dad was BB. Mom was bb. They can only make a Bb baby which would have brown eyes unless there was a genetic incident.

Jeremiah Stansbury, artist, Oregon

Stephen appears to be the black sheep of the family. He's been arrested numerous times as a kid and adult in New Jersey and California. October 1992 Stephen was arrested at the age of 19 for possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana with intent to distribute, sell, possession of drug paraphernalia. Deputies found 100 grams of marijuana in 45 baggies during a traffic stop.

Stephen Belafonte, Stephen Stansbury, Stephen Brian Stansbury, Mel B, criminal, drugs, arrested, jail, Mel Brown, divorce, domestic violence

July 1994 at the age of 21 in New Jersey Stephen was arrested for burglary and theft of a stereo kicker box and an amplifier worth $600 from a vehicle in the high school lot. Stephen was taken to Ocean County jail, Toms River in lieu of $1,500 bail. He was charged with intent to sell stolen items.
Stephen Belafonte, Stephen Stansbury, Stephen Brian Stansbury, Mel B, criminal, drugs, arrested, jail, Mel Brown, divorce, domestic violence

November 1994 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey Stephen was charged with a felony, arrested then released on his own recognizance.

File No.: 162579
Date/Time: 11/9/1994  11:32:00
Book Type: F
Book/Page: 2045/94
Pages: 0
Consideration: $0.00
Legal 1:
Legal 2: IND 769-94 $2500 ROR

He was arrested again in 2001 for trying to change his criminal record. That's probably why he changed his name.

1996 he was evicted for non payment of rent along with roommate Arina Cabral. 1997 another eviction against them. 1997 his ex-wife Nancy Ann Carmell filed for nullity of their short lived January 8, 1997 marriage in Clark County, Nevada. Oddly enough it's listed as "pending." Mel B could get lucky if the nullity was never finalized. That would mean she's not really married to Stephen. I sent that info to her lawyer. 1999 two more evictions which ended up default judgment and possession of premises.

January 12, 2001 Stephen Brian now Belafonte was arrested case # SA040815 along with Marlin Edward Cooper for vandalism, assault with a deadly weapon and throwing a substance at a vehicle in a road rage incident. He plead guilty to vandalism. His bond was $40,000. He was sentenced to 24 months of probation and Cal Trans trash pickup duty. He also had to pay for damage to the car. He violated his probation. There was a bench warrant, another probation violation, another bench warrant...This guy is a total loser.

May 13, 2003 he was arrested for vandalism and domestic violence. He was convicted of domestic violence. He was sentenced to 36 months of probation, 30 days in county jail, 20 days Cal Trans trash pickup, he had to pay restitution and take a domestic violence class. And of course he violated probation a few times, more bench warrants for his arrest ...

June 2007 Stephen marries Mel B in Clark County, Nevada. I doubt she checked out his real history. I doubt she would have married him if she knew all of these things especially his domestic violence conviction. She should go for nullity based on fraud and deceit.

Here are a few more cases only in one name in only Los Angeles County, California. He also uses the name Bellafonte. I have not found his legal name change. Generally convicted criminals are not allowed to change their name. The person has to state they are not a criminal when they change their name. Then the police check to verify.

BELAFONTE STEPHEN AN INDIVIDUAL AUTO TORT (Limited) 05/28/2002 Beverly Hills Courthouse
BELAFONTE STEPHEN B. Small Claims (Limited) 06/25/2015 Van Nuys Courthouse West
BELAFONTE STEPHEN Small Claims (Limited) 02/17/2011 Van Nuys Courthouse West
BELAFONTE STEPHEN Small Claims (Limited) 02/24/2012 Van Nuys Courthouse West
BELAFONTE STEPHEN Othr Breach Contr/Warr-not Fraud (Unlimited) 09/14/2010 Stanley Mosk Courthouse 20
BELAFONTE STEPHEN Small Claims (Limited) 10/29/2010 Van Nuys Courthouse West
BELAFONTE STEPHEN PARKING APPEAL (Limited) 05/15/2006 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
BELAFONTE STEPHEN Intentional PI/PD/WD (eg. assault) (Unlimited) 02/26/2010 Van Nuys Courthouse East
BELAFONTE STEPHEN Breach Contrct/Warnty (Sellr Pltf) (Unlimited) 09/14/2007 San Fernando Courthouse
BELAFONTE STEPHEN Contractual Fraud (Unlimited) 08/28/2009 Stanley Mosk Courthouse 63
BELAFONTE STEPHEN Dissolution of Marriage 03/20/2017 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
BELAFONTE STEPHEN Complaint DA - Paternity 01/17/2006 Central Civil West Courthouse

Stephen tells people he graduated from Loyola University. I don't even see him graduating from high school. I'll continue looking. The only degree he may have is in BS, bull shit.

Here is the complaint in the divorce and restraining order case in Los Angeles. Seems her attorney knew about one of his NJ arrests but not the others for selling drugs and such.

Case Summary
Case Number:  BD656090

Filing Date:  03/20/2017
Case Type:  Dissolution of Marriage (General Jurisdiction)
Status:  Pending

Future Hearings

04/24/2017 at 08:30 AM in department 22 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Request-Temporary Restraining Orde

Documents Filed | Proceeding Information



BROWN MELANIE - Petitioner

JAMRA GRACE A. - Attorney for Respondent

WIESNER SUSAN ELIZABETH - Attorney for Petitioner

Case Information | Party Information | Proceeding Information

Documents Filed (Filing dates listed in descending order)
04/07/2017 Application-Ex-Parte-and Order
Filed by Petitioner

04/07/2017 Response-Decl-OSC/Ntc of Motion
Filed by Respondent

04/07/2017 Declaration-Re Notice- Given
Filed by Petitioner

04/05/2017 Response
Filed by Petitioner

04/05/2017 Notice-Acknowledgement of Receipt
Filed by Respondent

04/03/2017 Notice-Hearing

04/03/2017 Affidavit-Prejudice-Peremptory
Filed by Respondent

04/03/2017 Order-TRO (CLETS)

04/03/2017 Request-Order-DV w/child(ren)

04/03/2017 Declaration-Uniform Custody Minor'
Filed by Respondent

04/03/2017 Response
Filed by Respondent

03/21/2017 Proof of Service-Summons & Com

03/20/2017 Petition
Filed by Petitioner

03/20/2017 Summons-Family Law
Filed by Petitioner

03/20/2017 Declaration-Uniform Custody Minor'
Filed by Petitioner

Case Information | Party Information | Documents Filed

Proceedings Held (Proceeding dates listed in descending order)

04/07/2017 at 08:30 AM in Department CE2, Lewis, Thomas Trent, Presiding
Request-Ex Parte - Held-Order made

04/06/2017 at 08:30 AM in Department CE22, Riff, Lawrence P., Presiding
Affidavit-170.6 - Denied

04/03/2017 at 08:30 AM in Department CE2, Lewis, Thomas Trent, Presiding
Request-Ex Parte - Granted

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  1. Thorough investigation. What a douche this guy is & you are quite right, not even his eyes are real. There's a mug shot of him after he beat his ex & it clearly shows his naturally brown eyes! Belafraude is a total imposter & the real life incarnation of Mr Ripley without the 'talent'.

  2. His eyes are real people he has another sibling with green eyes