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Who were Cedric Charles Anderson, Karen Elaine Smith? Family, photos, biographies - Mary Cummins

Cedric Anderson, Cedric Charles Anderson, Karen Elaine Smith, San Bernardino Elementary school, shooting, killing, murder, suicide

04/14/2017 They released the 911 audio. Here it is.

04/13/2017: Smith and two adult aides were in the classroom during the shooting. One aide said Cedric was shooting everyone. Cedric pointed his gun at one aide but it just clicked as he was out of bullets. The aides, students fled as Cedric reloaded the gun. That means he intentionally killed the kids. He probably did that because he knew how horrible that would make Smith feel for the last few moments of her life.

A friend of Smith stated that Smith said Anderson was acting very strangely before Smith left him. Sounds like he was having some sort of breakdown. Still, he knew what he was doing when he killed those people.

A man by the name of Lincoln Cooper met Cedric two weeks ago in a gas station. "In their first encounter, Cooper said Anderson told him about his troubled marriage and frustration with his wife's family, who he blamed for their separation.

"He mentioned about killing. He said, 'I wish I could kill them.' Not her, but the family," Cooper said.

The two talked for several minutes before Cooper invited him to his Perris ministry, The Concerned Family. There, Anderson met Cooper's wife.

"He said, 'I never did anything to her. I was trying to tell her not to take the side of her family and then I just touched her on the chest. But I did not do anything. Then she turned around and said I choked her,'" Fortunate Cooper said." Here is that article.

04/12/2017: Cedric Anderson went to Inglewood High School class of 1982. He has a brother Darryl Wayne Anderson who was the class of 1983. A woman filed a civil suit against both of them. There is no other information available about the suit.

He has a classmates profile. "Cedric is from Los Angeles, California. Cedric's schools include Inglewood High School. Cedric later attended Gwinnett Technical College (HVAC Technician). Cedric works(ed) at ABM Engineering Services. Music Cedric likes includes Gospel music, Rev Run, 한주헌의 드럼퍼즐 Drum Puzzle. Books Cedric likes include The Three Battlegrounds, The Final Quest by Rick Joyner, Watchman Nee. Movies Cedric likes include Straight Outta Compton, Committed People Can Change the World, The Atlanta Way: A Documentary on Gentrification. TV shows Cedric likes include ESPN, T.D. Jakes Show, Managing The Malcolms."

Cedric Anderson threatened to kill his previous wife Natalie who is the mother of his three sons. This is from part of the restraining order his previous wife Natalie filed against him. Cedric has a very long history of abuse and threats.

"Cedric called and said he wanted me to pay for the divorce. I told him no, he said we would all die, me the kids and himself," ex-wife Natalie Anderson wrote in a January 1997 petition for a domestic violence restraining order in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Natalie said the terrifying threat was made on Oct. 15, 1996. A couple months later, "Cedric called me and said he would pick the kids up from school and I would not get them back," Natalie said in the handwritten filing."

"Cedric had beat up his aunt and then called me and said, 'No b---h, the police don't have me but I'm going to bust your a-- before this is over," she claimed.

"He refused to leave and ended up jumping on me and choking me. He did this in front of his sister," she said in a follow-up filing. "I telephoned the police. They wanted to arrest the respondent, but I did not want the children to see their father hauled away in handcuffs."

Natalie, 53, said Anderson "talked" her into abandoning her restraining order case, but the verbal abuse continued.

"Since then, the respondent has been threatening to kill me. He has told other ministers and bishops, my mother, his sister and our friends that he is going to kill me," Natalie said in her declaration signed Aug. 21, 1997, a few weeks after their divorce was finalized.

Jennifer Lindsey, 50, won a three-year restraining order in 2013 after she claimed Anderson nearly killed her. She said the maintenance worker and Christian minister pounced on her in the predawn hours of May 17, 2013 while raging over her plans to go to a karaoke venue with a female friend.

"He suddenly pulled the blankets off of me and then grabbed me by my arms. He then put the pillow over my face and held it so I could not breathe," she said in her handwritten filing in Los Angeles.

"I fought as hard as I could, kicking with my feet. He still had one of my wrists and continued to push the pillow down into my face," she said.

Lindsey finally managed to break free but was severely traumatized, she said.

"I thought I would die that night," she wrote.

A week later, Anderson allegedly attacked her while she was ironing clothes for a Memorial Day dinner with him.

"(He) shoved me with his hand to my throat, pushing me onto the bed," she said. "He had a butcher knife in his hand and told me he was sick of me."

Anderson, meanwhile, went on to marry Karen Smith, 53, in January, her mom confirmed.

Shortly after the wedding, Anderson started taunting his new wife with baseless allegations she was "fooling around" and threatened to "throw her out the window," Smith's mom Irma Sykes told The News Monday.

"He was a wolf in sheep's clothing. As soon as they married, he turned on her. The real Cedric came out," Sykes, 80, said.

"She just left him, and he was angry. He tried to butter her up and say all kinds of nice things to her, after he cursed her out. Anyhow, she decided no, she was not going to stay with him. And that's why he killed her."

Here are the underlying documentation of the cases.

Case Number:  MD014507

Filing Date:  01/10/1997
Case Type:  Civil Petition - TRO/Dom Violence (General Jurisdiction)
Status:  Order/Judgment 05/26/2017

Future Hearings

Documents Filed | Proceeding Information







Case Number:  MD014006

Filing Date:  10/02/1996
Case Type:  Legal Separation (General Jurisdiction)
Status:  Pending

Future Hearings

Documents Filed | Proceeding Information





In this case Annette D Johnson filed a civil suit on Cedric and his brother in 1986. This is all the court information available online. There is no other information. Perhaps the suit was filed and nothing else happened.

Case Number: SWC082626
Filing Date: 2/27/1986 12:00:00 AM
Case Type: Civil (General Jurisdiction)




Case Number:  YQ019143

Filing Date:  05/28/2013
Case Type:  Civil Petition - TRO/Dom Violence (General Jurisdiction)
Status:  Petition/Request Granted 06/12/2013




LINDSEY JENNIFER - Petitioner In Pro Per


Documents Filed (Filing dates listed in descending order)
06/12/2013 Order-TRO (CLETS)

06/11/2013 Response

05/31/2013 Proof of Service

05/28/2013 Notice-Hearing
Filed by Petitioner

05/28/2013 Request-Order-DV w/o child(ren)
Filed by Petitioner

Case Information | Party Information | Documents Filed

Proceedings Held (Proceeding dates listed in descending order)

06/12/2013 at 08:30 AM in Department SWJ, Veasey, Glenda, Presiding
Request-Temporary Restraining Orde - Granted-TRO after evid by both

There are actually more but the petitioners didn't show up for court. They were probably too frightened of him. Notice one of them is a restraining order to stay away from his sons and his ex-wife.

04/11/2017: Cedric Anderson's family released a statement.

“To the victims and their families, there are no words to express our deepest sympathy for what our son, father, brother, uncle, cousin, friend has done,” read the statement. “Because of this horrible, heinous, disgusting, senseless crime that was committed upon humanity, every life connected will forever be changed. To the families connected, my heart is truly heavy and if I could bring your loved ones back, please know that I would go to the end of the Earth and give my last breath trying.”


Today Cedric Charles Anderson went to San Bernardino North Park Elementary school and shot and killed his wife then himself. He also shot two students. One, an eight year old has died. The other is in critical condition. Who was Cedric Anderson? Everyone, when you meet someone new, do some research. Don't believe everything they say.

Cedric was born March 19, 1964. He has sons named Jared, Jeremy, Jacob Charles Anderson which are from previous wives. They were born in Snellville, Gwinnett, Georgia and Los Angeles, California, USA. His ex-wives are alive. His kids graduated from college, most are married with small children. His eldest kid is 31. He's lived in Grayson, Georgia, California City, CA, Lancaster, CA and Riverside, California. His marriage to Karen was on January 28, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. They had been separated for a few weeks. He appears to be very religious in his Facebook page linked below. His email address is He has a blue collar job.

Karen Elaine Sykes Smith Anderson was born November 17, 1963. Her mother is Irma Lois Alexander. Her father is Richard Sykes. She has a brother named Richard. Her ex-husband is Roderic L Smith. They were married in 1983 in Los Angeles. They had four children and many grandchildren. Their children are Roderic Lamarr, Adam, Jennifer Renee and Joshua Andrew born in the 80's. Here is Karen's obituary.

Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said Cedric Anderson had a criminal history, including arrests for domestic violence, weapons and drug charges. Burguan said he was not able to provide specifics about those cases. He said the criminal history preceded his relationship with Karen Smith. Cedric married Karen January 28, 2017.

Facebook just updated Cedric's page. This isn't going over very well. It says "Remembering Cedric Anderson. We hope people who love Cedric will find comfort in visiting his profile to remember and celebrate his life."

In some of his posts he states he has anger issues and guns. He and his family are super religious. Cedric believes his god is a vengeful god.

There are a lot of cases in LA County criminal. I'll start posting some here.

Case Number:
Violation Date:  
May 27, 2013
Filing Date:
July 18, 2013
Torrance Courthouse. He had a $25,000 bond.
01 417(A)(1) Penal Code Not Guilty Dismissed or Not Prosecuted 05/28/2014
02 240 Penal Code Not Guilty Dismissed or Not Prosecuted 05/28/2014
03 415(1) Penal Code Not Guilty Dismissed or Not Prosecuted 05/28/2014

Definitions of codes
240. An assault is an unlawful attempt, coupled with a present ability, to commit a violent injury on the person of another.

California Penal Code 417 PC prohibits “drawing, exhibiting, or using a firearm or deadly weapon”. This offense is commonly referred to as "brandishing" a weapon. If you “brandish” a weapon or firearm in a rude, angry, or threatening manner, prosecutors could charge you with this offense.

California Penal Code 415 PC - Disturbing the peace, endnote 1, above. CALCRIM 2688 - Disturbing the peace: Fighting or challenging someone to fight. ("[3 The defendant did not act (in self-defense/ [or] in defense of someone else)(;/.)]") CALCRIM 2689 - Disturbing the Peace: Loud and Unreasonable Noise.

He was arrested in Kern County, California for battery on person with serious injury.

Case Information: Court Case #: MM021620A Filing Date: 06/29/93 Related Case #: NONE
  Arrest Date: N/A
  Bail Amount: $5000.00 Bail Status: EXONERATED Bail Type: SURETY BOND

Count Type Code Section Charge Description Charge Disposition Disposition Date

Those charges were dropped. I see no criminal record in Riverside or San Bernardino Counties.

I see a lot of charges of domestic violence in Grayson, Gwinnett, Georgia. First another divorce. Case 11-A-02324-5 Lisa Marie Anderson (Defendant) 1700 Pinehurst View Drive, Grayson, GA 30017. Uncontested divorce filed March 9, 2011, final 05/06/2011. There was a mutual restraining order. Her original name was Lisa Marie Thomas. They were married in Las Vegas, Nevada August 3, 1997. That would mean she's not the mother to his older children. That means Natalie is the mother of his other children as they married in 1985.

Restraining order family violence. William H Brumfield (Plaintiff Pro Se)
723 Northwoods Lake Court, Duluth, GA 30096. Cedric C Anderson (Defendant) Case 08-F-00071-0 January 15, 2008.

August 28, 2008 another restraining order . Cheryl Charath (Plaintiff Pro Se)
1690 Pine Hurst View Drive, Grayson, GA 30017. Case 08-F-01849-0
Cedric Anderson (Defendant)

Restraining order Patrea S Brumfield (Plaintiff Pro Se)
723 Northwoods Lake Court, Duluth, GA 30017. Cedric Anderson (Defendant) 08-F-00067-0

Looks like he lost his house in Georgia to the banks in 2011. Us Bank Natl Association Trustee (Plaintiff)  Wachovia Bank Na Trustee (AKA/DBA/OBO/FKA/Plaintiff) Bafc Salt 20051f Isaoa (AKA/DBA/OBO/FKA/Plaintiff) Cedric Anderson (Defendant)
1700 Pinehurst View Drive, Grayson, GA 30017. 11-M-31841

There are other cases but I think they belong to another Cedric.

Cedric Charles Anderson, Cedric Anderson, criminal, divorce, restraining orders

Here is his Facebook page.

Her Facebook page. I have copies if they go down.

All of his family is on Facebook.

They were married January 28, 2017 at Bethesda Temple Church, 4909 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90043. They both have children, grandchildren through previous marriages. They were living in Karen's home at 19452 Mt Wasatch, Riverside, CA 92508. Karen owned the home as an unmarried woman. It was listed for sale in 2006 for $575,000 but the listing was cancelled. The home is 4 beds, 2 bath, 2,834 sf on a 9,148 sf lot built in 2002. It was previously owned by Karen and her ex-husband Rod.

Cedric was previously married in 1985 to Natalie Cardelia Mccanelley born 1963. They lived in California City, California which is in Kern county. Maybe this is the assault bodily injury charge? She later married Rev Dwayne Boddie. Natalie just received a Masters in Psychology. She lives in Lancaster with her husband Boddie. Cedric's son is also very religious. His wife works at the ministry. Natalie is the mother of some of Cedric's three sons.

Karen is an accredited teacher.
140082568 Education Specialist Instruction Credential Level II Valid 4/28/2014 5/1/2019 8/25/2009
Record selected 150010107 Education Specialist Instruction Credential Level II Valid 1/1/2015 5/1/2019 8/25/2009
Record selected 130083978 Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Clear Valid 5/7/2013 6/1/2018 8/25/2009

She is accredited to teach the following classes.

ELA1 The following instructional services may be provided to English learners: (1) instruction for English language development in grades twelve and below, including preschool, and in classes organized primarily for adults. If the prerequisite credential or permit is a designated subjects adult education teaching credential, a child development instructional permit, or a child development supervision permit, English language development instruction is limited to the programs authorized by that credential or permit; (2) specially designed content instruction delivered in English in the subjects, programs and at the grade levels authorized by the prerequisite credential or permit. This English learner authorization also covers classes authorized by other valid, non-emergency credentials or permits held, as specified in Education Code Section 44253.3. NONE MAJ
R3MM This authorizes the holder to conduct Educational Assessments related to student's access to the academic core curriculum and progress towards meeting instructional academic goals, provide instruction, and Special Education Support to individuals with a primary disability of specific learning disabilities, mild/moderate intellectual disabilities, other health impairment, and emotional disturbance, in kindergarten, grades 1 - 12 through age 22, and classes organized primarily for adults in services across the continuum of program options available. MM Mild/Moderate Disabilities MAJ

Here is video of them getting married.

Here is video of the two of them.

Here he talks about loving his wife whom he just killed.

Video from honeymoon Feb 6 2017

Cedric Anderson, Cedric Charles Anderson, Karen Elaine Smith, San Bernardino Elementary school, shooting, killing, murder, suicide
Here she is moments before she married the crazy man. Her mother stated Karen left Cedric when she realized he had other intentions. Perhaps he wanted her money? When Karen left him is when he showed his evil side. I wish Karen had warned the entry office at her school about him. So sad.

Pics from their wedding.

Pics from their honeymoon in Sedona, Arizona.

They attended Saddleback Church. Odd because it's non-denominational. Scroll way down his Facebook timeline. He gives himself away as an unhinged gun nut who wants to kill people.

Karen Smith Anderson, wedding, Cedric Charles Anderson, murder suicide
Here is a pic of Karen with her loving family. It's so sad to see such love in a great family. Mom, dad, daughter, son, spouse, grandchildren.

Yes, I post all of my underlying research and data. The purpose is so people know that the article is researched. I am only posting public information.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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  1. Mary thank you for posting this. I was a neighbor in Georgia that am listed in your article. He was a very disturbed individual and very violent. I always wanted vindication for the false claim he brought me in court for and this article gave me closer. I have never been in jail or court for domestic issues until this man came into our life. I am also a realestate broker and in real estate for over 35 years never having any thing on my record. This charge was on my record and I see it will publicly follow me. Thank you again

  2. Yes I thank you for giving us the details and helps to see some of the red flags that we need to be aware of before we allow anyone near us or our precious family members may god help his soul as I know she is already in heaven along with that little angel he killed.

  3. Cedric Anderson worse that a POS

  4. Here she is moments before she married the crazy man. Her mother stated Karen left Cedric when she realized he had other intentions.
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