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Donald Trump's ties to Russians, Felix Sater, Tevfik Arif, Bayrock LLC, Trump Tower SoHo, Vladimir Putin, oligarchs, billionaires

UPDATE: 08/24/2019 Documents were just released by a federal court which showed that Felix Sater had helped the federal government in legal cases. We already knew that but this article goes into more detail.

03/25/2019 Felix Sater business friend of Donald Trump sued for money laundering in NYSD Court. The laundered money went through Trump SoHo. The intro in the lawsuit is great!

"While it has often been said that 'there is honor among thieves' the Defendants in this case make that idiom hard to credit. This case is about some seriously dishonorable thieves."

07/31/2017 This article and congressional testimony sums up how and why Putin and Russia were able to throw the election to Trump. It all has to do with Putin trying to protect his stolen money.

07/18/2017 This piece shows Trump's ties to the Russian mafia via his real estate holdings. The Russian money laundering via Trump real estate started in 1984. Trump's son even stated most of their sales are to wealthy Russians. I'm sure Trump knew where the money came from. He just decided to turn a blind eye to it.

UPDATE: 05/16/2017 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed off on the loan to build Trump Tower in Canada. This came to light because the Tower went bankrupt. That makes it the seventh bankruptcy for Trump company. Russians don't care if they lose money because they need the money laundered. Money launderers charge 30%. Russians willing to invest money in a holding company that invests in the building even if they lose 30%. It's just the cost of doing business. No one else would be willing to loan on a Trump project because of Trump's six bankruptcies and the fact that he stiffs, crams down suppliers. That is why Trump would only license his name to buildings then manage them. No one wants to invest in a Trump owned property except basically money launderers.

05/15/2017 This is the Prevelon case which Preet Bharara the Manhattan US Attorney was working on when he was fired. It was just "settled." It has to do with Russian money laundering using New York real estate.

"The trial was supposed to start tomorrow and witness testimony was expected to shed light on how Russian dirty money gets laundered. Through real estate. Expensive Manhattan real estate. Now that avenue of information gathering has been shut down.

This is also the case where two relatively young lawyers died and one person “fell out of” a Moscow apartment window but survived.

Experts in the field are questioning the abrupt timing, how easily the Russian company got off with a small payment, and asking if some kind of political pressure was applied to settle the case. Given the timing of high profile firings in the news it does cast suspicion."

This article goes into more detail about the case. Russians got what appears to be illegal tax refund which they invested in New York real estate through funds.

If you have Pacer, case is linked here.

Here is the final order. The company Prevezon is owned, controlled by Russian Denis Katsyv.

05/14/2017 Only since February did Trump's convicted criminal Russian friends hide their websites, stopped saying they were actively working with Trump, Trump SoHo, Trump towers. Some only distanced themselves in March!

I have found documents which prove Felix Henry Sater original name Felix Sheferovsky now uses AKA Felix Satter uses birth dates Dec 23 1966 and March 2 1966 plead guilty to racketeering, security fraud, money laundering, paid a fine and became an informant to the USA. For some reason I thought this guy would be some old Russian. He's good looking and my age. He's now pretending to be a "hero" for ratting out his old alleged criminal friends and biz partners. He even got a Rabbi to vouch for him! He's a Russian Jew allegedly.

Felix Sater, Felix Henry Sater, Felix Satter, Donald Trump, convicted criminal, no thanks I don't want a margarita, russia, russia, russia! mafia, soho, trump tower, not bad looking

Here is an old capture I made of Felix Sater's website. He clearly states he works with Trump selling Trump property. This is extremely recent. Donald Trump had no problem with this guy saying he works for and with him just a couple of months ago. He had Trump business cards though that does not mean much.

From the site. No mention of stabbing a guy in the face with a margarita glass. Oh, he's married with kids.

Felix Sater


Hello, I’m Felix Sater. I’m a multifaceted businessman based out of New York City. My passion and main field of work is real estate, primarily larger development projects. I have been an advisor for many large companies all over the world, and have started several companies of my own. In addition, I’m a serial philanthropist and angel investor, always looking for new and exciting endeavors. Of course, business can’t be everything. I’m also a proud husband and father, and I’m very active in the Chabad of Port Washington. I am also a philanthropist, donating to causes I care about and readily support. Below, you will find a portfolio of my recent projects, causes I support and regularly make charitable donations to, and my blog, as well as ways to contact me via this site and various social media outlets. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your stay at!
Additional pages: Press Kit | In The News

All the holding companies mentioned in the video above including White Rock, State Street are also involved in this case. This was filed under seal and placed in a locked vault.

Felix Sater, White Rock, Donald Trump, Trump Towers, racketeering, rico, securities fraud, money laundering, informant, criminal, pled, guilty

Felix Sater, White Rock, Donald Trump, Trump Towers, racketeering, rico, securities fraud, money laundering, informant, criminal, pled, guilty

Felix Sater, White Rock, Donald Trump, Trump Towers, racketeering, rico, securities fraud, money laundering, informant, criminal, pled, guilty
More from that case. Felix Sater was convicted of assault and had problems with his NASD license. This states he got involved with LCN families La Cosa Nostra organized crime. Looks like they were doing boiler rooms, pump and dumping while others shorted the shares. They wanted to keep people from shorting their stock scam. They paid what appeared to be stock promoters to pump the shares of companies such as Countryworld Casinos.

Here is the docket from that case linked to the two documents above.

I went back today to get more of the documents which were under seal. Now they're blocked again. I don't know if it was a glitch that I got the top doc yesterday.

More cases against Felix Sater.

Civil Results
Party Name Court Case NOS Date Filed Date Closed

1 Sater, Felix H (dft) pamdce 3:1988-cv-01040 850 07/07/1988 04/05/1991
2 Sater, Felix H. (dft) pamdce 3:1988-cv-01040 850 07/07/1988 04/05/1991
3 Sater, Felix Henry (dft) nysdce 1:1990-cv-06440 190 10/05/1990 02/21/1991
4 Sater, Felix (dft) nysdce 1:2013-cv-01824 470 03/18/2013 03/21/2014
5 Sater, Felix (pla) azdce 2:2016-cv-00932 840 04/04/2016
6 Sater, Felix (cd) azdce 2:2016-cv-00932 840 04/04/2016
7 Sater, Felix (dft) nysdce 1:2013-cv-03905 360 06/07/2013 07/13/2015
Criminal Results
Party Name Court Case Date Filed Date Closed

8 Sater, Felix (dft) nyedce 1:1998-cr-01101 12/03/1998 10/26/2009
Appellate Results
Party Name Court Case NOS Date Filed Date Closed

Felix Sater is the defendant in the two appeals below. After Felix Sater plead guilty to RICO violations, securities fraud, money laundering, the plea was finally unsealed. The people whom Felix Sater defrauded then used the evidence of the plea deal to sue, appeal a securities fraud case against Felix Sater. It was denied with the Court stating that the Plaintiff, Appellant did not show where, how, when and what Felix Sater specifically did which was securities fraud. I didn't see their complaint but Sater plead guilty to those charges. That would appear to be admission of guilt. Perhaps Appellants just didn't have physical proof such as emails, audio recorded prove the specifics.

9 Sater, Felix (pty) 02cae 14-1313 3470 04/25/2014 05/07/2015
10 Sater, Felix (pty) 02cae 15-4077 2360 01/30/2017

Cases against another Donald Trump friend Tevfik Arif.

Civil Results
Party Name Court Case NOS Date Filed Date Closed

1 Arif, Tevfik (dft) nysdce 1:2013-cv-03905 360 06/07/2013 07/13/2015
2 Arif, Tevfik (cc) nysdce 1:2010-cv-03959 470 05/10/2010
3 Arif, Tevfik (dft) nysdce 1:2010-cv-03959 470 05/10/2010
Appellate Results
Party Name Court Case NOS Date Filed Date Closed

4 Arif, Tevfik (pty) 02cae 15-4077 2360 01/30/2017
5 Arif, Tevfik (pty) 02cae 16-0703 3470 03/07/2016 12/21/2016
6 Arif, Tevfik (pty) 02cae 16-3524 3470 10/18/2016 01/30/2017
7 Arif, Tevfik (pty) 02cae 17-0044 3470 01/04/2017 02/06/2017

Below is the docket for the appeal by Felix Sater.

Court of Appeals Docket #: 17-44Docketed: 01/04/2017
Termed: 02/06/2017
Nature of Suit: 3470 STATUTES-RICO
Kriss v. BayRock Group LLC
Fee Status: Paid
Case Type Information:
     1) Civil
     2) Private
     3) -
Originating Court Information:
     District: 0208-1 : 10-cv-3959
     Trial Judge: Lorna G. Schofield, U.S. District Judge
     Trial Judge: Debra C. Freeman, U.S. Magistrate Judge
     Date Filed: 05/10/2010
     Date Order/Judgment:     Date Order/Judgment EOD:     Date NOA Filed:     Date Rec'd COA:
     12/02/2016     12/02/2016     01/03/2017     01/04/2017

01/23/2017 10 ORDER, dated 01/23/2017, dismissing appeal by 02/06/2017, unless Appellant Felix Satter, submits form Acknowledgment and Notice of Appearance, FILED.[1952032] [17-44] [Entered: 01/23/2017 09:03 AM]
01/23/2017 11 NOTICE, to Appellee Michael Chu'Di Ejekam and Jody Kriss , for failure to file an appearance, SENT.[1952036] [17-44] [Entered: 01/23/2017 09:06 AM]
01/24/2017 12 ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND NOTICE OF APPEARANCE, on behalf of Appellee Jody Kriss and Michael Chu'Di Ejekam, FILED. Service date 01/24/2017 by CM/ECF.[1954143] [17-44] [Entered: 01/24/2017 06:49 PM]
01/25/2017 13 DEFECTIVE DOCUMENT, Acknowledgment and Notice of Appearance, [12], on behalf of Appellee Michael Chu'Di Ejekam and Jody Kriss, FILED.[1954301] [17-44] [Entered: 01/25/2017 09:32 AM]
01/25/2017 14 ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND NOTICE OF APPEARANCE, on behalf of Appellee Michael Chu'Di Ejekam and Jody Kriss, FILED. Service date 01/25/2017 by CM/ECF.[1954469] [17-44] [Entered: 01/25/2017 10:58 AM]
01/25/2017 15 CURED DEFECTIVE, Acknowledgment and Notice of Appearance, [14], on behalf of Appellee Michael Chu'Di Ejekam and Jody Kriss, FILED.[1954552] [17-44] [Entered: 01/25/2017 11:31 AM]
02/03/2017 16 ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND NOTICE OF APPEARANCE, on behalf of Appellant Felix Satter, FILED. Service date 02/03/2017 by CM/ECF.[1961974] [17-44] [Entered: 02/03/2017 04:10 PM]
02/06/2017 19 ORDER, [9] appeal dismissed for appellant/petitioner Appellant Felix Satter failure to file form C, D, EFFECTIVE. [1962396] [17-44] [Entered: 02/06/2017 10:25 AM]
02/06/2017 20 NEW CASE MANAGER, Connie Mazariego, ASSIGNED.[1962398] [17-44] [Entered: 02/06/2017 10:26 AM]
02/28/2017 21 CERTIFIED COPY OF ORDER, dated 01/18/2017, disposing of the appeal to SDNY, ISSUED.[Mandate][1978003] [17-44] [Entered: 02/28/2017 10:07 AM]

Here are some of the Bayrock Group LLC lawsuits and final bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Results
Party Name Court Case Ch Date Filed Date Closed Disposition

1 Bayrock Group LLC (3pd) nyebke 1:05-ap-01130 03/31/2005 01/09/2008 Dismissed or Settled Without Entry of Judgment
2 BAYROCK GROUP LLC (cr) azbke 2:01-bk-12993 11 10/01/2001 09/10/2004 Standard Discharge
3 Bayrock Group LLC (dft) debke 1:10-ap-51065 05/17/2010 11/22/2011 Transfer to Another District
Civil Results
Party Name Court Case NOS Date Filed Date Closed

4 BayRock Group LLC (nmdft) nysdce 1:2010-cv-03959 470 05/10/2010
5 BayRock Group LLC (pla) nysdce 1:2010-cv-06338 890 08/24/2010 06/29/2011
6 Bayrock Group LLC (dft) dedce 1:2010-cv-00126 423 02/18/2010 05/11/2010
7 Bayrock Group LLC (dft) nysdce 1:2013-cv-03905 360 06/07/2013 07/13/2015
8 BayRock Group LLC (dft) nysdce 1:2010-cv-03959 470 05/10/2010
9 Bayrock Group LLC (dft) nysdce 1:2010-cv-05830 290 08/02/2010 11/08/2011
10 Bayrock Group LLC (pla) nysdce 1:2013-cv-03905 360 06/07/2013 07/13/2015
11 BayRock Group LLC (cc) nysdce 1:2010-cv-03959 470 05/10/2010
Appellate Results
Party Name Court Case NOS Date Filed Date Closed

12 BayRock Group LLC (pty) 02cae 15-4077 2360 01/30/2017
13 BayRock Group LLC (pty) 02cae 16-0703 3470 03/07/2016 12/21/2016
14 BayRock Group LLC (pty) 02cae 16-3524 3470 10/18/2016 01/30/2017
15 BayRock Group LLC (pty) 02cae 17-0044 3470 01/04/2017 02/06/2017

"When it comes to political pundits who claim to have inside sources, I judge them by track record. Liberal pundit Claude Taylor’s sources have recently been proven right about Donald Trump grand juries. Conservative pundit Louise Mensch’s sources have long been proven right on Trump-Russia FISA warrants. So when the two of them say they each have different inside sources telling them the same thing, I listen. And what they’re jointly saying tonight is that a sealed indictment has been delivered against Donald Trump."

Below is from a source who has been 100% factual in the past. I hope this is factual but at the moment I have no proof.

"Separate sources with links to the intelligence and justice communities have stated that a sealed indictment has been granted against Donald Trump. While it is understood that the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution means that, until Mr. Trump is impeached, he cannot be prosecuted, sources say that the indictment is intended by the FBI and prosecutors in the Justice Department to form the basis of Mr. Trump’s impeachment. The indictment is, perhaps uniquely, not intended or expected to be used for prosecution, sources say, because of the constitutional position of the President."

This documentary about Donald Trump's business dealings with Russians starts with Trump's luxury tower in the lower Manhattan neighborhood of Soho. His partner in building that highrise was Bayrock LLC, whose primary investor was a Russian mining oligarch and another major investor was a convicted Russian mobster turned FBI informant named Felix Sater. They also included Tevfik Arif. These people are also personal friends of Donald Trump. There are even many photos of them together including with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

"Although still in its early days, Donald Trump’s presidency is coming under fire. The Russians are alleged to be in possession of sensitive information about Trump. And that exposes Trump to blackmail. Fake news, tweets Trump: “I have nothing to do with Russia – no deals, no loans, no nothing!” Trump swears he has no ties with the Russians. But is that actually the case?

For months, the FBI have been investigating Russian interference in the American presidential elections. ZEMBLA is investigating another explosive dossier concerning Trump’s involvement with the Russians: Trump’s business and personal ties to oligarchs from the former Soviet Union. Powerful billionaires suspected of money laundering and fraud, and of having contacts in Moscow and with the mafia. What do these relationships say about Trump and why does he deny them? How compromising are these dubious business relationships for the 45th president of the United States? And are there connections with the Netherlands? ZEMBLA meets with one of Trump’s controversial cronies and speaks with a former CIA agent, fraud investigators, attorneys, and an American senator among others."

“Donald Trump’s business partners have included Russian oligarchs and convicted mobsters, which could make the president guilty of criminal racketeering charges,” wrote Steven Rosenfeld at AlterNet on Friday.

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