Thursday, May 18, 2017

Who is Nolan Bruder, Nolan Matthew Bruder who allegedly raped his 16 year sister? Biography, family, history

Nolan Bruder, Nolan Matthew Bruder, rape, incest, sister, drugged victim, del norte, county, california


09/12/2017 Nolan Bruder released from jail.


This e-mail is to inform you that NOLAN BRUDER has been released from custody as of 9/12/2017. The reason for this release is: Sentence served. As a result, you will no longer receive email notifications concerning this offender under your current registration with VINE. If you have any concerns about your immediate safety, contact your local law enforcement agency, or if you have an emergency, call 911.

06/08/2017 I found the legal docs. They're here.

The entire family supports Nolan and not the victim! Even his Pastor wrote him a letter of recommendation. All of his family members support Nolan. In fact they state Nolan had a sexual relationship with an older woman when he was 14. Everyone said that negatively affected him. Why doesn't the family care about the victim? The parents even blame the victim for what happened! I did not highlight the document but I agree with the highlights. It sounds like the family blamed the victim and made her feel guilty for reporting it. That's why she supported her brother not going to jail. Very odd.

Heavy got some text and photos from his FB page here.

05/19/2017 He was arrested and was in jail less than a day. He will be out next year.

I just did the math. He was arrested 10/20/2016. He was in jail until he was found guilty 05/17/2017. He was immediately rejailed to serve his 240 days which I believe include time served. That means he'll be out by June 13, 2017. That would be less than a month in jail. I realize he's already been in jail about 210 days. Maybe it doesn't include time served? Turns out he had a $100,000 bail. He will serve 240 days from 05/17/2017 minus any days he spent in jail.

He was arrested yesterday and now is in Del Norte County Sheriff Jail.

Nolan Bruder, Nolan Matthew Bruder, rape, incest, sister, drugged, intoxicated, california, guilty ID: 146059642
Age: 19
Weight: 160 lb (73 kg)
Height: 5′ 11″ (1.80 m)
Arrest Date: 10/20/2016
Booking Date: 10/20/2016
Release Date: 10/20/2016
Inmate ID: 9806
Bail: $100,000.00
Violations Code Description

Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 20
Location: Del Norte County Sheriff's Office
Race: White
Contact Facility: Del Norte County Sheriff's Office
Request a Registration for Notification of Status Changes
Less Info
CDCR/Offender ID: 93876
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 12/05/1996
Additional Information:

A man was sentenced on Wednesday, May 17 to the low term of three years, with all but 240 days suspended in favor of a grant of probation for rape of an intoxicated person, according to the Del Norte District Attorney’s Office. This sentencing is a decision that Del Norte District Attorney, Dale P. Trigg said he "could not disagree more with."

The DA said the man, 20-year-old Nolan Bruder, pleaded guilty earlier this month to the charge that he gave his 16-year-old sister high potency marijuana also known as “dabs” to smoke after she repeatedly resisted his sexual advances, until she reached the point of no longer recognizing him as her brother.

According to Trigg, Judge Follett said he believed the stigma of this conviction along with mandatory sex offender registration requirements would sufficiently deter Bruder and others in the community.

But Trigg was in disagreement.

“I could not disagree more,” Trigg said. “The message that this sends to our community is that sexual predators who get their juvenile siblings stoned enough can have sex with them without any meaningful consequence. That is not the message I want to send to our community,”

The DA said Judge Follett noted that the victim in this case took her own clothes off and was not unconscious. He also questioned whether there was sufficient evidence for a jury to convict Bruder, even with a video-taped confession Burder had given, admitting to the crime.

However, at the sentencing hearing, Deputy District Attorney Annamarie Padilla argued that Judge Follett should follow the Probation Department’s recommendation to send Bruder to state prison for six years, according to the DA.

The DA said that in the wake of the case involving Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, the legislature changed the law to make such crimes ineligible for probation. Turner was a Stanford University athlete who spent three months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman.

The DA’s office said Bruder benefited from the fact that the crimes pre-dated the change in the law, allowing Judge Follett to grant him probation.

But Trigg said Bruder’s crime is worse than Turner’s.

“In a lot of ways, this case is more egregious than Brock Turner,” Trigg said. “This defendant took advantage of a position of trust as this victim’s big brother. He knew she didn’t want to have sex with him.  She told him that repeatedly.  So he got her stoned on dabs he gave her until she didn’t even recognize him in order get what he wanted.”

Nolan's father is Matthew Robert Bruder born in Humboldt, California in 1965. His mother is Risa Renee Huchtmei Lowder born in 1962 in North Carolina. They married in Oregon in 1988. I won't mention his siblings of course. He was obviously still living at home.

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