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Rebel Wilson wins defamation suit against Women's Weekly even though Defendant stated the truth? Bizarre ruling

Caroline Overington, Australia, magazine, Women's Weekly, Rebel Wilson Melanie Bownds, defamation, lawsuit, truth, slander, libel, complaint
This is a breaking story.

UPDATE: It's 2018 and guess who's still lie telling? Rebel Wilson. This woman is so incredibly insecure that she has to tell these ridiculous stories. From Michael K at Dlisted.

"Rebel Wilson felt the wrath of Twitter and those who have a PhD in the history of rom-coms after she wrongly declared that she’s the first ever plus-size actress to be the star of a romantic comedy. When people tried to pop the bubble of delusion that Rebel lives in by letting her know about Queen Latifah and Ricki Lake, she doubled down and said that “technically” it’s not clear if those actresses are considered plus-size and “technically” it’s not clear if they were billed as the sole star. Oh, Rebel, technically you’re wrong and technically you’re the Sam Smith of plus-size actresses. And I bet Goopy Paltrow is on the sidelines saying, “Um, excuse you, but what about me in Shallow Hal?!” – Lainey Gossip"

07/12/2018 Rebel Wilson plans to appeal to the Supreme Court. The Appellate Judge ruled that Rebel is not basically a world reknown actor. I've never seen her in anything. Judge also ruled that Rebel Wilson failed to show proof that the alleged defamation caused her to lose movie roles. All Wilson showed was that the number of movies, tv shows she was in declined after the articles.

UPDATE:  06/27/2018 The magazine appealed the case and the award of $3.5M. It was reduced to $454K. Rebel was ordered to return the money and pay the magazines expenses for the appeal. Then Rebel claims she was going to donate it to charity but doesn't appear to have donated any of it. I personally believe that Rebel Wilson is mean and vindictive.

"The star said she was “hoping” to donate some of the money she was award to Australian charities. "It was not immediately clear if she donated any of the money. Following the appeal, Wilson tweeted earlier this month, “That’s now $4 million less going to less fortunate Australians and leaves a billionaire corporation, proven guilty of malicious defamation, being able to get away with their seriously harmful act for a very low pay day! Clearly not fair. Come on Australia.”

PREVIOUS: In doing online research many, many, many people and journalists have stated that Wilson is less than honest. Wilson herself states she's generally joking aka lying. Her school records and newspaper articles about her real name and age have been public since 1997. Wilson herself states she's generally joking, lying all the time. I still haven't found the original article written by the journalist but many other journalists have stated the same. I now doubt that the articles harmed her at all. She was merely embarrassed to be found to be older after she hypocritically criticized older women. I have found that Wilson is catty and nasty to many other people. She uses her Twitter followers, fans to attack people with lies just because she didn't like the truth to be known about her. She even falsely accused a reporter of harassing her old grandmother. I read the reply of the journalist and she did not harass or attack the grandmother. The defamation suit actually brought all these truthful things to light in the public eye. Now everyone knows Wilson is vengeful, litigious, petty, catty and a liar. Wilson's arguments in court don't even make sense. She said she was damaged when people found out her real age. Later she argued that everyone knew her real age since 1997. Which is it?

I think the only reason Wilson won the suit was because of her popularity, celebrity status, hometown Australia status among the jurors and she had more people support her "she said, they said" case. I also think the defense maybe didn't bring enough witnesses to court. I didn't see any testimony and haven't read any documents. I realize their documents proved that the journalist was honest while Wilson was not. They didn't bring the genealogist though they mentioned his article and analysis. That would be hearsay and inadmissible in the US. I don't know Australian law. They didn't depose him so they couldn't use that testimony either. I have confirmed his genealogy research and I replicated it, scroll way below to see Wilson's tree.

Wilson stated recently that she's descended from Australian criminals. She cast herself as descended from criminals which would hurt her own reputation. First she said she was lower class then she said she was lower middle class, also not true. Here we go with factual, substantiated, documented research on Wilson's genealogy.

Melanie Elizabeth Bownds born March 2, 1980 per Australian public records in Australia. Her siblings are Liberty K Bownds born 1984 married to Alex Mair with child Sovereign Mair born 2016; Ryan "Ryot" bounds born 1988; and Annaleise "Annachi" Bownds born 1992.

Melanie Elizabeth Bownds parents are/were father Warwick Richard Bownds, April 29, 1951, Caberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, died June 16, 2013, New South Wales Australia.

Her mother was/is Susan "Sue" Elizabeth Stopford born 1950 in Australia. Mother's parents were Robert Wilson Stepford, May 25, 1927 and Elizabeth "Betty" Mae, born apx 1930.

Rebel states she grew up lower middle class but I don't think so. The old family home owned by her living maternal grandfather 9 Nicholson, Balmain, NSW was sold in 2003 for $773,000 US dollars. It's a two bedroom, one bath home. His profession is listed as electrical engineer. Their next house is now worth $1.9 million at 19 Fox St, Lane Cove, NSW. Another home they own at 219 Eastern Road, Wahroonga NSW 2076 is worth about $1.9 million. I converted AU to US dollars.

I just checked out the fees to go to the private school Wilson attended. It's $27,000 AU or $20,000 USD per year. If she were lower middle class she would have gone to public school. I'm sure her law school was also expensive. I think someone is a fibber.

She went to the University of New South Wales for undergrad and law school. Law school is $4,000 AU per class which is $33,000 per year. I assume they need four years so about $120,000. Add four years undergraduate and that's $240,00 AU. I'm sure it was cheaper when she went there but money is relative.

On that note I checked the Australian Bar Association. Either Wilson never took or never passed the bar. She can't actually be her own "lawyer" or anyone else's.

Here is one of her grandfathers on her mother's side, great great grandfather Robert Stopford. He also bred and showed dogs.

Wilson states she's allergic to dogs. I think this is more funny ha ha BS. There are a ton of photos of her at dog shows.
Caroline Overington, Australia, magazine, Women's Weekly, Rebel Wilson Melanie Bownds, defamation, lawsuit, truth, slander, libel, complaint

Caroline Overington, Australia, magazine, Women's Weekly, Rebel Wilson Melanie Bownds, defamation, lawsuit, truth, slander, libel, complaint
While on the subject of dog shows showing dogs is very expensive. Wilson admitted her mum flies all over the world to judge and be in dog shows. Buying, breeding, feeding, transporting the dogs are expensive. Every time her mum Sue goes to do shows she also goes on vacation all around the world. This is not a poor or middle class family.


Walkley Award-winning journalist Caroline Overington who worked with Australia's Women's Weekly wrote two articles about "Rebel Wilson" real name Melanie Elizabeth Bownds. Her first article was based on a meeting and an interview with Rebel Wilson. Overington believed what Rebel Wilson had told her and reported that information in 2014. After she wrote that article Overington started hearing that "Rebel Wilson" is not her real name, she's actually 37 and not 29, she is not related to Walt Disney... Overington investigated, found the facts and wrote a follow-up article in 2015. Rebel Wilson claims when people found out her real age she lost work and couldn't find new work. Wilson believes she was on her way to huge successes in the film industry.

Wilson sued Bauer Media Group for defamation. The case was heard in Australia. There was a six women jury.  Yesterday they found for Plaintiff Wilson. I'm really shocked because as far as I can tell what the journalist wrote was the truth. Truth is a defense. The Court ruled "Germany-based Bauer failed to prove that the articles were substantially true or that they were unlikely to harm Wilson's career." I sure hope they appeal.

As I see it the Journalist wrote the truth. I don't doubt Wilson's career was damaged when people found out she was older than she said she was, she lied about her real name, upbringing. I think those facts are what caused her to lose work if that was really the reason. She claimed she lost two jobs being a voice for an animation. Animation would not care about someone's age. Not withstanding that Plaintiff would have to show malice, that the writer lied for the sole purpose of ruining Rebel's career. I think the Judge, jury just wanted to rule for Wilson as she is a likable celebrity with a big following of celeb friends.

From an earlier article, "summing up the defense, Georgina Schoff, QC, said the articles were substantially true, trivial, and did not affect Ms Wilson's acting career. "When she's participating in an interview, Ms Wilson must know… that she's not giving a comedic performance," she said. "The stories that she tells on those occasions she must know are reported faithfully by journalists for the information of their readers."

Every time Wilson was caught in a lie she said she was just joking. She said that she didn't correct the journalist about her age as her manager told her never to mention her age after she turned 29. She also stood behind the story that she's related to Walt Disney when it's been clearly proven she is not. Many other papers have stated that she's a story teller. I agree that she is.

Wilson claimed to be a distant relative of Walt Disney. She claimed Lillian Bounds who was married to Walt Disney was her great aunt. This has been proven false by genealogist Dale Sheldon. Even a relative of Bownds said this was false. It's interesting that she is known as a story teller. In the video on that page the interviewer doesn't believe her stories. Neither do I. Wilson claims the family changed the last name. I did her tree and they did not change it. In court Wilson claimed to be from lower middle class. That is not the case. Her family were doctors and politicians. She was able to go to college and allegedly law school.

Caroline Overington, Australia, magazine, Women's Weekly, Rebel Wilson Melanie Bownds, defamation, lawsuit, truth, slander, libel, complaint, ryot bownds, ryan bownds, liberty bownds, susan bownds, warwick bownds, warwick richard bownds, 

Wilson did graduate from High School. She was active in many clubs and sports.

Caroline Overington, Australia, magazine, Women's Weekly, Rebel Wilson Melanie Bownds, defamation, lawsuit, truth, slander, libel, complaint, ryot bownds, ryan bownds, liberty bownds, susan bownds, warwick bownds, warwick richard bownds, 

Caroline Overington, Australia, magazine, Women's Weekly, Rebel Wilson Melanie Bownds, defamation, lawsuit, truth, slander, libel, complaint, ryot bownds, ryan bownds, liberty bownds, susan bownds, warwick bownds, warwick richard bownds, 
Wilson claims to be a member of the Disneyland 33 club. It currently takes approximately 14 years to get your own membership. Perhaps someone in the entertainment industry with a corporate membership made a reservation for her. People sell access to the club on craigslist, ebay.... 99% of the people in the club are mere guests. I highly doubt Wilson is an actual member.

Here we go! Wilson tweeted and thanked ABC for the Club 33 reservation, "Having lunch at CLUB 33 at Disneyland's super special, thanks ABC! X." Pacific Bell, Alstate Insurance, Enterprise Rent-a-car, The R&D Group, Chevron, Bremar Country Club, Nestle...have corporation memberships.

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