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Timothy Eli Thompson the baby born with no nose has died. March 4, 2015 - June 3, 2017, Obituary, funeral.

Timothy Eli Thompson, Eli Thompson, mother Brandi McGlathery, Chris Garcia, Jeremy Finch, Brysen, Willow Kate, Barry  Jumper, boy born with no nose, arhinia, 
Eli was born March 4, 2015 without a nose. His rare condition is called congenital arhinia. He is survived by his mother Brandi Nichole McGlathery, her partner Chris Garcia, biological father Jeremy Finch, brother Brysen, sister Willow Kate, grandfather Barry Jumper, Aunt Amber McGlathery, and many other relatives and friends. Eli was two years old. Brandi initially thought Troy Thompson was the father which is why "Thompson" is listed as Eli's last name on the birth certificate. DNA tests proved Troy was not the father but Jeremy was.

Brandi posted this photo. He died in a hospital at 10:40 p.m. on June 3. This is a very sad situation. After she posted this she got rid of Eli's Facebook page.

Timothy Eli Thompson, Eli Thompson, mother Brandi McGlathery, Chris Garcia, Jeremy Finch, Brysen, Willow Kate, Barry  Jumper, boy born with no nose, arhinia, 

Birth:  Mar. 4, 2015
Gulf Shores
Baldwin County
Alabama, USA
Death:  Jun. 3, 2017
Gulf Shores
Baldwin County
Alabama, USA [Edit Dates]

I have a feeling there will be more to this sad story. Brandi lost custody of her baby for a while after she left him at her then alleged grandparents' house. There were allegations of drug use, abuse and child abandonment. The mother Brandi posted this.

"Letter from mum on FB
This is one of the most up close, personal, & brutally honest posts I (Eli's mommy) have ever made. Please, keep all criticism to yourself at this point, as my heart can't handle anymore attacks thatn it's already been dealt this week. In June of 2014, Troy Thompson & I split up. After finding out he had been involved with someone else, I ran back to my ex, Jeremy Finch. I was emotionally torn, & made a mistake based on a momentary lapse of judgement. I was young, I was irrational, & I’m only human. Although Troy has a different story, both guys knew about my pregnancy. They knew about each other. Troy blocked me on Facebook, Instagram, & my phone number for the duration of my pregnancy. He never provided anything for Eli, although his family did help some. When I was in labor with Eli, Troy came to the hospital. He CHOSE to be in the delivery room, he CHOSE to cut the umbilical cord, he CHOSE to have his family there with him. Once we realized that Eli was born without a nose, Troy was there every second he could be. During our 4 week stay in the NICU, his family became very active in Eli’s medical training. A DNA test was never mentioned. Now, I made sure to give Eli my last name & leave the father unlisted on his birth certificate, because I did not want to be the type of “baby mama” that forces a child onto someone. On March 26, 2015, just 22 days after Eli’s birth, Troy came to me & asked to change Eli’s last name to Thompson. I asked if he wanted to do a DNA test first & his response was “I don’t need one, that’s my son.” & So, we filed to have his birth certificate amended. A few months down the road, Troy & I fell apart. His mother threw me, Eli, & Brysen on the streets. I was mad, heartbroken, & numb. I felt like my whole world had stopped. Troy was mean & hateful to me, & completely shunned Eli for the next month & a half. He was rushed back to the ER one night when he had stopped breathing. Troy showed up at the hospital, but instead of being there for Eli, he focused his attention on attacking & demeaning me. I asked him to leave, & he told me he didn’t have to because he was the father. Out of hurt & anger I reminded him that we didn’t know that for sure. So, without me knowing, he had an at home DNA test done, while his father & stepmom were babysitting on August 20. About a week later, I find out, via Troy’s facebook, that the DNA test showed that Troy was not Eli’s biological father. That was the last time I spoke to Troy. He has not asked to see, check up on, or provide for Eli since then. He completely walked away. I don’t blame him at all, & I know he was, & probably still is, hurting from it. I understand why he walked away. His father & stepmom came to me about a week later & told me that they loved Eli & wished to still be in his life. I had an overwhelming fear that nobody else would accept my baby as their grandson, so I allowed them to do so. Since then, they have babysat Eli on the weekends for me while I work. During this time, Jeremy Finch agreed to a DNA test, which came back saying that he was in fact Eli’s father. Now, for the past month, I have felt extremely uneasy about Troy’s stepmom & father keeping Eli. His stepmom, Sharon, was becoming eerily attached to Eli & his “fame”. I can’t explain it exactly, all I can say is, my gut told me something wasn’t right. I then found out something about her, that I will chose not to publicize, that made me cease all visits & communication. I removed all of Eli’s things from her home & let her know that I wouldn’t be allowing her to keep Eli anymore, & I explained why. Well, this past Monday, DHR showed up at my door, with Sharon, & told me they were placing my son with her for 90 days while they conducted an investigation. When I asked what their grounds were, the caseworker could not answer me. Tuesday morning, I showed up at his office with valid evidence, & tons of questions. Finally he told me that the accusations made against me were as follows: I have a drug habit, & I leave Eli with people who are not medically qualified to manage a trach. I explained to him my concerns of him being at Sharon’s house, & he made arrangements for Eli to be placed with a biological family member that I trusted. He called Sharon to let her know that I would be coming to pick up Eli, & she rushed to get a letter from Eli’s ENT stating how medically fragile he was & how he didn’t need to be with anyone that he wasn’t comfortable with. By the time that fiasco was sorted out, it was too late to pick him up. So at 8am this morning, I was at DHR, agreeing to a DNA test, or whatever it took to get my baby home. I was told if I passed my drug screen, I could bring my son home. I passed it, & they told me to go pickup Eli & we could put this whole thing behind us. Again, he called Sharon to let her know to gather Eli’s things because I was coming to get him. She then ended the conversation with the caseworker & pulled strings with the lawyers she knows, & somehow managed to file a petition for emergency temporary custody (based on the fact that Eli is medically fragile), have it signed off on, & a hearing set, all within an hour. Then proceeded to rub it in my face, like a child. Now, our hearing is set for 9 am in the morning. I don’t know how an unbiological relative could do this, especially after me clearing my name of all accusations, but she has friends in high places, so I’m assuming that’s it. Eli is my entire world, so I am asking for all prayers & any words of kindness. If anyone would care to write a letter to the Judge overseeing our case, please feel free to email it to me at At one point I truly believed Sharon loved my son, but now I truly believe it is only because she is obsessed with having a “famous grandson”, who coincidently has a $72,000 gofundme account. Please, prayers & good vibes only. My heart doesn’t know how to beat without Eli."

Recently she posted she was overwhelmed by her upcoming marriage to a new guy.

"Brandi Nichole McGlathery added 3 new photos — with Chris DCuban Garcia.
May 31 at 2:43am ·
I was perfectly content with going thru life on my own...raising babies, working, paying bills, "growing up", all of it. I was set on being alone because my kids needed me to get it together, so I did. & I will be damned, if just as I made it to the top, God didn't remind me how lonely it is...& he sent me you. I couldn't imagine doing life without you. You're so much more than the love of my life. You are, entirely, my best friend. Thank you, for being you, & for making me comfortable enough to be me. I can not WAIT to walk down the aisle to you💋 #9132017"

She also posted this.

"Brandi Nichole McGlathery
May 31 at 2:30am ·
It's been a LONG road, but we have come a LONG way, my baby. I made mistakes, I had short comings, & I still have days where I get so overwhelmed with you, your brother & sister that I wanna curl up and cry, but I have found myself in you. You made me grow up, & you taught me what unconditional love is. You will forever be the little boy that busted my heart wide open. Thank you for rescuing me, & blessing me with what I never knew I needed. ❤"

She just posted this. Your baby just died and you're most upset about family members sharing old photos of him and saying they're upset? Something is not right here. Why would she care if other people post that they're sad? Only birth mothers can be sad?

"Brandi Nichole McGlathery
Yesterday at 7:21am ·
I shouldn't have to make this post, but leave it to crap news articles and people seeking attention to make it necessary to do so.
Eli was loved by so many. He touched the entire world. I am forever grateful for that. However, there are some, that have taken it upon themselves to share pictures and make posts, knowing full well they LEFT Eli's life after being allowed the opportunity to stay, because they had issues with me. Well, sorry but I believe that if you loved HIM, you would have cast aside your distain for me. Furthermore, these people are the same ones who have spent the past 2 years bashing me on social media, attempting to rip Eli from my home, and belittle me. They know who they are, so to you I say this:
You have every right to be sad. To hurt. To cry. To wish you had seen him more. What you do NOT have the right to do, is act as if you are hurting more than those who have been constant in his life. And in case you forgot, the only ones who have been in his life from his first breath to his last, are me & my family. God, yes, pray for everyone that loved him. Pray for his father. His siblings. His support system. We are ALL devastated. But in the midst of sharing the last photos you took while in his life, over a year ago, and posting "pray for the Finch family", maybe have some compassion & add his mother. I can assure you, nobody feels what I am feeling. I carried him. I birthed him. No bond could compare. This is not to take away from anyone in his life, as you took away from me, it is merely a reminder that, like it or not, I will always be his mother & it is high time you start acknowledging that.
Now, for my spies...screenshot away."

Whatever the case it's very sad all the way around. I don't know the specifics of Eli's issues but other babies born with no nose recently have survived. I'm not rushing to judgment. I'm just posting some facts.

Timothy Eli Thompson, Eli Thompson, mother Brandi McGlathery, Chris Garcia, Jeremy Finch, Brysen, Willow Kate, Barry  Jumper, boy born with no nose, arhinia, 

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