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Real reason Glenn Scarpelli, Patricia Colant of Madison Wellness Center committed suicide. History, family, debts, issues

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UPDATE: 08/03/2017 Here is their official obituary from the New York Times. It's a double obituary.

"SCARPELLI--Glenn Charles

COLANT--Patricia JoAnn, 53 and 50, respectively, passed away on Friday, July 28, 2017. They are survived by their two children: Isabella, 20, and Joseph, 19. Glenn was born in Long Branch, New Jersey on August 30, 1963. He attended The University of Akron where he captained the soccer team. He continued his education at the Logan School of Chiropractic Medicine. Patricia was born in Akron, Ohio on July 11, 1967. She graduated from Fordham University with a degree in Economics. The two were wed on December 30, 1993 in Rome at the Vatican and opened Madison Wellness Center, their chiropractic office, in Midtown Manhattan. The two shared a love for family, fellow practitioners, patients, and most importantly for one another. Their families are grateful for the support they have received and are overwhelmed by the love of the community around them. There will be a Memorial Mass to honor and celebrate their lives at the Church of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, 84th and Park Ave. on Thursday, August 3rd at 10am."

UPDATE: Seems Glenn Scarpelli's father, mother had huge financial problems of their own. They filed for Chapter 13 in 2012. Very recently they got behind on their monthly payments. The bank was foreclosing on their home. The bank filed motion to lift the bankruptcy stay. The parents begged for a few months so they could catch up. That hearing was planned right before Glenn and Patricia killed themselves. Patricia had also turned 50 just days earlier. They gave a change of address for their business to the postman days before they killed themselves. Scroll down for the legal documents.

Turns out Glenn Scarpelli had just shut down his chiropractic office. Glenn and his wife jumped from their old office which they just shuttered. Their children were in their home which is on the third floor of a different building. This means the children didn't see the bodies in person. By now they've seen it all over the news. Just as bad.

ORIGINAL: Dr. Glenn C Scarpelli was born April 30, 1964 in Long Branch, Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA. He died Jul. 28, 2017 at New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA. His wife Patricia Colant was born July 11, 1967, in Akron, Ohio, USA and died July 28, 2017 alongside her husband.

Dr. Glenn Scarpelli, 53, and his wife, Patricia Colant, 50, leapt to their deaths from their ninth floor office in the 14-story commercial building on Madison Ave. at E. 33 St in Murray Hill, New York. Scarpelli graduated from Brick Township Memorial High School in Brick, New Jersey in 1982, Akron University in Akron, Ohio in 1985, and Logan College of Chiropractic in Missouri in 1990. He was a past president of The New York Chiropractic Council. The couple worked together at Scarpelli's chiropractic office Madison Wellness Center. They leave behind two children, Joseph, 19 and Isabella, 20 who both attend college, Glenn's brother Dr. Craig J Scarpelli, also a chiropractor, a sister Kim, brother Kyle, father, the ex-Mayor of Brick, New Jersey, Joseph C Scarpelli and mother Dorothy. Glenn's parents were ex-Mayor of Brick, New Jersey Joseph C Scarpelli b. 1939 and Dorothy C b. 1939.

Glenn's paternal grandparents were Joseph C Scarpelli and Helen A Masucci. His maternal grandparents were Auguster Mountulet and Mary Rita Crean who remarried.


Part of the suicide note read "We had a wonderful life." "Patricia and I had everything in life. ..Joseph, our extended family, friends...for each other. Our (sic) achilles heel... Our financial spiral became ...was the impetus for my/ in practice or ask for ... We can not live with reality." The last part of the wife's suicide note read “our kids are upstairs, please take care of them." The kids were in their home not the office where they killed themselves.

Patricia Colant Scarpelli, Glenn Scarpelli, suicide

Patricia graduated from Archbishop Hoban High School in 1985. Patricia graduated from Fordham University in New York. She received a BS in Marketing. Patricia was a planning manager at Sears and Ross Dress For Less. She married Glenn Scarpelli. Together they had two children, Isabella, 20 and Joseph, 19. Patricia worked with her husband a chiropractor in their office Madison Wellness Center in New York. Patricia was predeceased by her father Joseph Anthony Colant. She is survived by her mother, Margaret Ann Gin Colant, siblings Andrew Maxwell, Jim Colant, Gerard (Jo Shoup) Colant, Peggy (Mark Wishman), Helen (Michael Rothberg) and Christopher (Marcia) Colant. Patricia died at the age of 50.

Patricia's paternal grandparents were Mario Colant and Providenza Bonde.   Her maternal grandparents were James Ginn and Margaret Ann Gollogly Ginn.

In this case Glenn Scarpelli owed $58,000 in student loans. Student loans cannot be eliminated by bankruptcy. Neither can IRS or government liens or any judgment which involves malice.

U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Foley Square) CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 1:11-cv-01696-RJH HICA Education Loan Corporation v. Scarpelli, Assigned to: Judge Richard J. Holwell, Demand: $58,000, Cause: 28:1331 Fed. Question, Date Filed: 03/11/2011 Date Terminated: 05/31/2011, Jury Demand: None, Nature of Suit: 190 Contract: Other, Jurisdiction: Federal Question. This case was dismissed because it appears they evaded service. It was dismissed without prejudice meaning they could sue him again and they did. Here is the docket.

This case is about the same student loan. This was a government backed student loan. The government put an automatic judgment against him. Judge Buchwald is a very fair judge. I had her as my judge on a case which I won. This was a student loan. He owned the money. He didn't even try to fight either of these two lawsuits.

U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Foley Square), CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 1:13-cv-04670-NRB, United States of America v. Scarpelli Assigned to: Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald, Cause: 28:1345 USA Plaintiff, Date Filed: 07/08/2013, Date Terminated: 12/18/2013.. Jury Demand: None, Nature of Suit: 152 Contract: Recovery Student Loan, Jurisdiction: U.S. Government Plaintiff. Here is the docket.

He also owed around $213,000 (£162,000) to the federal government and almost $42,000 (£32,000) to the state in unpaid taxes dating back to 2003. Liens by the government cannot be dismissed in bankruptcy. They stay with you for life. All the government can take is a percentage of your "disposable income." This is the income left after you pay for mandatory items such as taxes, rents, food, utilities, medical, car, clothes ... If they do garnish your wages, they can only garnish a percentage of your disposable income. They could have survived financially.

I generally feel bad when someone kills themselves. In this situation I have mixed feelings. When you kill yourself in a very public, very violent manner, it means you feel wronged by the world and the gross suicide is payback against the world. The suicide notes are kind of like "look what you made us do?"  Perhaps they feel they should not have to pay the student loan and back taxes? The people who saw their bodies which landed face up said they will be traumatized for life. I hope their children didn't see their bodies.

I feel this suicide was even more hurtful to others as their children and parents are still alive. Yes, the kids are legally adults but they were living with the parents and going to college. Maybe Glenn tried to borrow money from family and they said no. This could be the payback? We don't have all the facts yet.

The family does have a history of issues. The father was the Mayor of Brick, New Jersey. By most he did a good job as Mayor. He resigned in 2006. He was caught in 2006 of receiving a bribe of $5,000 to approve development projects. He plead guilty and was sent to prison for 18 months. He destroyed his career and reputation for $5,000? Actually the plea deal says "at least $5,000" so it was more. I don't know if he lost his pension but you generally do if you're found guilty of a crime while in office. Below is Joseph Scarpelli's plea deal. The count was 18: 1951(a) & 2 INTERFERENCE WITH COMMERCE BY THREAT OR VIOLENCE - DOF: 1998 - 2003. Defendent sentenced to BOP for imprisonment for 18 months, (3) yrs. supervised release, Fine of $5,000.00 Special assesstment of $100. Voluntary surrender to institution on 1/28/08."

Joseph Scarpelli then went bankrupt Chapter 13 in 2012. I removed the social security number.

Joseph C. Scarpelli 634 Rolling Hills Dr , Brick, NJ 08724-1180 ,OCEAN-NJ SSN / ITIN: xxx-xx-. Scarpelli filed a motion for stay on his home.  Joseph and Dorothy still live there. It's a very nice home. I just realized the stay had a hearing just days before the son killed himself. Dad could not loan his son money if he wanted to. It seems he was being foreclosed upon by the bank. They were trying to take the house. Here is the motion to lift the stay so the bank could foreclose.

The couple replied that they accidentally sent in the wrong mortgage amount not realizing the monthly payment had increased. They stated they were unable to pay the back mortgage along with current mortgage. They asked for a stay for a few months. Maybe son felt bad he couldn't help his dad. Still. Here is their reply to the above motion.

It'll be interesting to find out what was the real situation. Were they just too embarrassed to tell the world they had financial issues and would have to move to a cheaper place, make their kids pay for their own education and downgrade their lifestyle? Their friends and family would not have cared. They'd rather see them alive. Plus, when you kill yourself in this very public manner, everyone will know everything. Sure, they'll be dead but their family will forever be tainted by this act.

Joseph C Scarpelli was a financial adviser,  Joseph C Scarpelli CRD Number: 5072325  Current Firm: Blackrock Investment Management, LLC in New Jersey. I don't know if this is one of the Russian money laundering holding companies which all had "rock" in them.

Dr Joseph Scarpelli's grandfather Joseph C Scarpelli Sr was a lawyer in New Jersey.

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