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Donald Trump, Russia, Magnitsky Act, Preet Bharara, Prevezon Holdings, Natalia Veselnitskaya and Russian money laundering

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UPDATE: 01/08/2019 Natalia was just indicted for lying in a money laundering case.


Here is an interview in Russian with the Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr at Trump Tower. Here she is bragging that she got an amazing pre-trial settlement with the US in the case United States of America v. Prevezon Holdings Ltd. et al case #1:13-cv-06326. It was the first case prosecuted under the Magnitsky Act. 

Prevezon which was owned by Russian Denis Katsyvgave gave the US $5.9M to settle even though Prevezon was tied to the $230M Russian tax fraud money laundering scheme. That money was laundered through holding companies and real estate including Trump related properties. If you remember Trump fired the US attorney Preet Bharara in this case who was going to take it to trial. The Russian attorney stated "the penalty was so light 'it seemed almost an apology from the government.'"

Natalia Veselnitskaya also states that she was going to tell Trump the Magnitsky case was just "fake news" even though it's real news backed up by real facts. If you read the news lately, Magnitsky uncovered $230 million in wide-spread corruption in Russia. He reported it to authorities then HE was arrested, tortured then died in Russia. It seems Putin was one of the Russian oligarchs. 

William Browder shared the story of Magnitsky with the US government and pushed for the Magnitsky act. The act was named after him to prevent Russian oligarghs from profiting off the stolen money which had been laundered by their various holding companies which bought real estate in New York. Trump is one of only about two developers who never asked where the money came from which was invested in his properties. Legally a developer would ask where the money came from because helping someone launder dirty stolen money is a crime. 

Below is Google translate cut/paste which is a little tough to read. It shows that Russia wanted to get rid of the Magnitsky act so the US wouldn't freeze all the money, assets they laundered in the US. It's all about money. Trump was the willing pawn they used to accomplish this goal.

"Veselnitskaya saw behind the Scandal with his son Trump Browder's interests

Natalia Veselnitskaya said that for the "thrown" in the media the story of her meeting with the son of Donald Trump was William Browder. According to Veselnitskaya, she became "like a bone in his throat" in connection with the case of Prevezon Holdings. Lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya related the appearance in the newspaper The New York Times of the story of her meeting with Donald Trump Jr. with the actions of the head of the Hermitage Capital William Browder. She said this in the program "In the Spotlight" on RBC TV.

Browder, according to Veselnitskaya, in this case "is the only interested person" in the fact that "around exactly" her "name and names of people who worked on the case of Prevezon Holdings", such stories appeared.

Before, in December 2012, Browder was pushing for the adoption by the US Congress of the "Magnitsky Act", which provides for the application of sanctions against a number of officials in Russia. This list then consisted of Russian officials and law enforcement officers who allegedly were involved in the death of Sergei Magnitsky, the Hermitage Capital auditor. Then he expanded to persons who, according to Washington, were involved in corruption, embezzlement and other offenses, or were responsible for "extrajudicial killings, torture or other large-scale violations of internationally recognized human rights against people in any country."

In 2013, as part of the "Magnitsky Act," with the filing of the head of the Hermitage Capital fund, the US authorities opened a criminal case on the large theft and money laundering in the United States against a group of companies of Denis Katsyev's son Prevezon Holdings. This process ended in May with a pre-trial agreement. Prevezon Holdings agreed to pay the US authorities $ 5.9 million compensation in order to avoid the next stage of litigation. Then it was the first such case in the practice of applying the "Magnitsky Act". Katsyv's interests in this process were represented by Veselnitskaya.

"In fact, what happened with the case of Prevezon Holdings, in general, is a unique case," Rasmussen Veselnitskaya said on air. In the course of work on this production, Denis Katsyv's defenders, according to her information, "collected a unique material that almost completely reveals the full breadth of the lies that are saturated both today's media and political space." These materials, as Veselnitskaya assures, demonstrate that "the whole construction on which Browder bases his story, ... connected with the death of a Russian citizen [in the SIZO] (meaning the death of Sergei Magnitsky - RBC)" - "fake" ". "Mr. Magnitsky was never a lawyer, he never had even a legal education, he never investigated anything," explained the lawyer, noting also that his "tragic death" in November 2009 came at a stage when Magnitsky was getting acquainted With the materials of the case, which was already being prepared for trial. "There were no investigative actions," -Explained Veselnitskaya, noting that the death of the auditor Hermitage Capital "was very successfully untwisted and coincided with the interests that were pursued by Browder."

In this regard, now, according to the Russian lawyer, she and people who "worked on the Prevezon Holdings case", Browder "just like a bone in the throat are." "We know too much about him and know too much about the truth," Veselnitskaya noted, adding that, for her information, the New York Times "had thrown" ... a pathos story about the meeting of Trump's son with the Kremlin agent ". "I had to mix with what is the most negative moment for the United States today: I'm an agent of the Kremlin, I'm an FSB agent or I'm an FSB agent," RBC's interlocutor added, explaining that during the meeting with Donald Trump, Jr., she " Unconditionally, "spoke of Browder and the" Magnitsky law ".

"I spent 2.5 years of my life studying Browder's history in our country," Veselnitskaya also stressed, adding that "when the entire array" was studied by her, she "came to the same results", about which she wanted to tell President of the United States Donald Trump. "Certainly, not to tell about some compromising evidence about [former US presidential candidate Hillary] Clinton or someone else," concluded the lawyer.

William Browder in 2013 was sentenced in absentia by a Russian court to nine years in prison for fraud in a particularly large amount. Also, the head of Hermitage Capital in Russia was accused of tax evasion. In February, Tverskoy District Court of Moscow issued a ruling on the absentee arrest of businessman and his partner Ivan Cherkasov.

About the meeting of Donald Trump Jr. with Natalia Veselnitskaya became known in early July. She, according to the newspaper The New York Times, who then reported this with a reference to "confidential government documents," was held June 9, 2016, that is, two weeks after Trump became a candidate for the presidency of the United States. These negotiations, as specified by the publication, organized by public relations specialist Rob Goldstone at the request of Emin Agalarov.
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Later, on July 11, Trump Jr. himself published on his page on Twitter Goldstone's correspondence with Veselnitskaya. The latter, according to the promulgated son of the American leader, reportedly offered the American public relations expert dirt on Hillary Clinton from the "Prosecutor General of Russia."
Author: Evgenia Malyarenko.

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