Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Who is Brianna Brochu, Brianna Rae Brochu who committed race crime against Chennel Jazzy Rowe? Mary Cummins reporting

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03/12/2018 Brianna Brochue got probation for what she did. She won't have a criminal record if she completes her community service and stays out of trouble. What a joke. You know if the victim were white and perpetrator were black the sentencing would have been very different. I do realize she's a first time offender who are generally offered these sentences but she actually made Jazzy sick. It was a hate crime based on racism.

"Brochu will have to perform a cushy 200 hours of community service, with 50 of those hours at a literacy organization in Greater Hartford and another 50 at a social services group.

If Brochu manages to not be disgusting stay out of trouble and complete those requirements, the charges she faced—breach of peace and criminal mischief—will be tossed out after two years."

11/28/2017 The Court most likely won't file hate crime charges against Brianna Brochu. The hearing will be continued to December 18, 2017.  I believe it was a hate crime. She called her "Jamaican" Barbie. The case is being heard in Hartford, Connecticut. "The 18-year-old Harwinton resident is charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief and breach of peace."

ORIGINAL: Brianna Rae Brochu aka Breezy Brochu on Facebook born August 16, 1999 in Conneticut. Her parents are Margaret E Brochu age 52 born 1965 and Mark H Brochu age 60 born 1957 living in Harwinton, CT 06791. They owned a home together until 2005 when Margaret owned it by herself. Maybe they got divorced. She has a previous husband named David Poirier. Her maiden name is Anderson. Margaret is a Tea Party supporter and a Christian. I believe their racist daughter learned racism from the parents. Margaret works at Tools Plus Inc as a purchaser. Mother goes by Margie Anderson Brochu on Facebook. Her friends call her a red neck. Margie's friend is Jim Lango a hunter who poses with dead deer. Margie approves of this. All of their friends are white. Margie's dad was Norm Anderson. Her mother is Judith L Owens Anderson. Breezy's sister is Megan. All their Facebook friends are super white. Breezy's Instagram profile is still visible but set to private Cached copies of her Instagram

Because Brianna called Jazzy the "Jamaican Barbi" I think Brianna was jealous that Jazzy is more well to do, has a better figure and is prettier. That's generally what "Barbi" means. The fact that she called her the "Jamaican Barbi" proves she's also extremely racist.

Here is the court data from the case file.

Pending Case Detail

Information is accurate as of November 01, 2017 04:50 AM

Defendant Information
Last, First: BROCHU BRIANNA RAE Represented By:
Birth Year: 1999 Times on the Docket: 1
Docket Information
Docket No: H14C-CR17-0139403-S Arresting Agency: LOCAL POLICE WEST HARTFORD
Program: Arrest Date: 10/28/2017
Court: Hartford Comm Court Bond Amount: $1,000 (This case only)
Bond Type: Nonsurety
Miscellaneous: (Released From Custody)
Activity: Arraignment Hearing Date: 11/1/2017 10:00 AM
Current Charges
Statute Description Class Type Occ Offense Date Plea Verdict Finding
53a-181 BREACH OF PEACE 2ND DEG B Misdemeanor 1 10/16/2017
53a-117 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 3RD DEG B Misdemeanor 1 10/16/2017

Brianna Brochu, brianna rae brochu, racist, bigot, race crime, criminal, jazzy rowe, jamaican barbie, mary cummins, hartford, conneticut, birth date, parents, arrested, mugshot, warrant, university of hartford

You can updates about the case here.

Case number is H14C-CR17-0139403-S or search by her name with birth date August 16, 1999. She's from Harwinton, Conneticut. She attended Lewis S. Mills High School, Burlington, Connecticut and Hartford University in West Hartford, Conneticut.

The four page pdf arrest warrant is here.

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