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Who is con man Jeff Tinsley, Jeff Hamilton who runs scam? Credit card theft, lawsuits, false advertising, criminal, spam

Jeff Tinsley, Jeff Paul Tinsley,, fraud, theft, scam, spam, credit card theft,,
UPDATE: 06/03/2019 Jeff Tinsley has been sued for posting defamatory information about people on This case was 2018.

Another article about Jeff Tinsley's being a hostage taker

11/28/2017: Just got this response from They did remove my page which was here. They are still lying about me having a criminal record. I do not have a criminal record. Notice they say everything in their site came from Google. They admit to skimming data from other sites. Notice also they basically run an extortion ring. They want me to pay to remove info from other websites. They can't remove info from other websites. Scammers.

"Reference number: **********Please use this ticket number in any correspondence with us.

Dear Mary,

Thank you for contacting MyLife™ We appreciate your Inquiry about the information on The information on each profile page is gathered from public sources, which can be easily found online using a simple Google search. The information on is already available from Public Records and other sources and removing your MyLife Public Page will not change that.
We have removed your information from, please allow 7-10 business days for your information on to be completely removed from major search engine results.
MyLife helps you see your personal information that’s exposed across the Internet. You can view your background report information and make sure it’s accurate. With your Premium Membership you can request removal of your information from over 35 websites that publish and sell personal information. Who’s Searching For You™ notifies you when people search for your personal information online.
You can contact a Customer Care Representative to learn more about MyLife Premium and how to control and monitor your personal information online.
If you need additional assistance or have further questions, please feel free to contact our™ Customer Care representatives toll-free at (888) 704-1900.

We are open Mon-Fri 6am-7pm, Sat-Sun 6am-5pm PST to provide unlimited free member support.


Pamela B."

11/26/2017: Jeff  Tinsley was arrested on Halloween 10/31/2017 at 7:30 p.m. He was out on $20,000 bail. He didn't get out of LA County jail until 1:30 a.m. the next day. He was previously arrested for DUI. He was convicted. Then he violated probation and surrendered to the court, see below. Jeff Tinsley is as much of a loser as his father Steven Tinsley who died in prison in 1999.

ORIGINAL: Jeff Tinsley blocked me on Facebook. I posted this blog link. Since then I dug up his criminal background. He was just arrested 10/31/2017 on Halloween at 7:30 p.m. I see pics of him with his kids on Halloween. He made fun of his son for wanting to be the princess from Frozen. He got arrested while he was with his kids? Drunk driving? He was previously arrested for a DUI and was found guilty, scroll down. He had to go to alcohol classes and was on probation 36 months. He violated probation and had to surrender to the court. Jeff posted on mylife that I have a criminal record and he doesn't. The truth is I don't have a criminal record but he does. Mylife is as worthless as Jeff Tinsley.

11/25/2017: Jeffrey Paul Tinsely born Jeffrey Paul Hamilton November 28, 1973 to Gregory Paul Hamilton (born July 30, 1947) and Frances Maria Lopez (born October 1, 1947).  His mother is a real estate broker since 1987 in Chatsworth, California. His parents divorced. His mother then married Steven R Tinsley. Frances and Steven then had a daughter Jennifer Heather Tinsley June 13, 1975 then a son Jason September 3, 1976.

Jeff Tinsley, Jeffrey Paul Tinsley, Jeffrey Paul Hamilton born November 28, 1972, Los Angeles, California, birth, born, DOB, mother Frances Marie Lopez, father Gregory Paul Hamilton, Granada Hills, California,,, scam, con man, scammer, going to prison, jail. los angeles county jail, arrested, convicted, DUI, DWI, probation violation

Jeffrey allegedly graduated from Granada Hills High School in 1991. Doesn't look like he went to college. Below is a photo of Jeff Tinsley and his current wife. I will be posting the name of his wife, children...just like he did with 22,000,000 other people. Jeffrey also stated online via that all those people have criminal records. Jeff said I have a criminal record. Not only do I not but I've passed numerous Dept of Justice background checks. I don't even have a parking ticket. Jeff states on MyLife he has no criminal record when he does.

Jeff Tinsley's children are Erika Renee, Ryan Paul and Sebastian. His first two kids are by his ex-wife Kim *** ******* who graduated the same year as him 1991 from Granada Hills High School. She went to college and appears to be a sane and caring person. Jeff just continued running the same scams his father ran. His kids go to Pluralistic School One. Jeff posted that online publicly. I believe his current wife is Amanda. She looks exactly like his ex wife except she's two years younger. Jeff posted all the personal info of himself, family, children online with photos. Then when people attacked him for not removing their personal info, fake info about them...he removed all of HIS info. Maybe Jeff should have removed the false info he posted about it when I politely asked or when I sent a cease and desist.

Jeff Tinsley, Jeff Paul Tinsley,, fraud, theft, scam, spam, credit card theft,,, criminal, crime, lawsuits, DA

Guess who actually has a criminal record and was arrested in Los Angeles, California? Jeffrey Paul Tinsley. He was arrested on Halloween at 7:30 p.m. released at 1:15 a.m. next day. He had a court date three days ago. Birth date matches.

Jeff Tinsley, Jeffrey Paul Tinsley, arrested, jail, mugshot, booking photo, $20,000 bail, Halloween, criminal, dui, dwi, probation, probation violation, prison, jail term, LA County jail,, reunion, classmates,

Booking No.: 5142641       Last Name: TINSLEY       First Name: JEFFREY       Middle Name: PAUL

Sex: M       Race: W       Date Of Birth: 11/28/1973       Age: 43       Hair: BAL       Eyes: BRO       Height: 600       Weight: 160

Charge Level: M   (Misdemeanor)

Arrest Date: 10/31/2017       Arrest Time: 1930       Arrest Agency: 4215       Agency Description: LAPD-NO HOLLYWOOD DIVISION

Date Booked: 10/31/2017       Time Booked: 2122       Booking Location: 4279       Location Description: LAPD - VALLEY JAIL (VAN NUYS)

Total Bail Amount: 20,000.00       Total Hold Bail Amount: 0.00       Grand Total: 20,000.00

Housing Location: -

Permanent Housing Assigned Date: 10/31/2017       Assigned Time: 2122       Visitor Status: N

Address:       City:

Public Visiting Guidelines   

For County facility visiting hours, Please call (213) 473-6080 at Inmate Information Center.

Next Court Code: M101       Next Court Date: 11/22/2017       Next Court Time: 0830       Next Court Case: 9999999999

Court Name: VAN NUYS MUNI CT DIV 101
Court Address: 14400 ERWIN STREET MALL       Court City: VAN NUYSUPT

Actual Release Date: 11/01/2017       Release Time: 0113 

Case No. Court Name Court Address Court City Bail Amt. Fine Amt. Court Date Sent. Date Sent. Day(s) Disp Code
99********       20,000.00  .00  11/22/2017   
Click on specific Case No. for detailed information.

I just checked He has a previous offense DUI. Then he violated probation and had to surrender to the court. His mylife profile says he has no criminal actions or lawsuits. That's false. This is before his dad died in prison.

2 TINSLEY, JEFFREY PAUL 8VN00124 01/14/1998 Van Nuys Courthouse West (LAV)

DUI convicted, guilty, criminal, 36 months probation and mandatory alcohol classes.


01 23152(A) Vehicle Code Nolo Contendere Guilty/Convicted 12/07/1998
driving under the influence of alcohol, under California Vehicle Code 23152(a) VC, and. driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08%

02 16028(A) Vehicle Code Nolo Contendere Guilty/Convicted 12/07/1998
Failure to show proof of insurance

Then he violated probation and had to surrender to the court.

January 14, 1998 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 ARRAIGNMENT
February 13, 1998 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 ARRAIGNMENT AND PLEA
December 7, 1998 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 ARRAIGNMENT
December 7, 1998 09:00 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 FINES/FEES
December 15, 1998 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West CLK DOCKET LINE ENTRY
December 22, 1998 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 FURTHER PROCEEDINGS
December 29, 1998 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 FURTHER PROCEEDINGS
January 8, 1999 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 FURTHER PROCEEDINGS
January 13, 1999 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 PROBATION VIOLATION HEARING
January 27, 1999 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 PROOF OF ENROLLMENT
February 5, 1999 08:00 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 FURTHER PROCEEDINGS
February 9, 1999 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 PROBATION VIOLATION HEARING
February 9, 1999 09:00 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 FINES/FEES
May 13, 1999 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 PROOF OF DUI SCHOOL
June 2, 1999 08:00 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 FURTHER PROCEEDINGS
June 7, 1999 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 PROBATION VIOLATION HEARING
June 21, 1999 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 PROBATION VIOLATION HEARING
June 23, 1999 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 PROBATION VIOLATION HEARING
June 30, 1999 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 PROBATION VIOLATION HEARING
July 21, 1999 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 PROBATION VIOLATION HEARING
August 9, 1999 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 PROBATION VIOLATION HEARING
August 16, 1999 08:30 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West 100 SURRENDER
March 27, 2012 09:00 AM Van Nuys Courthouse West CLK DOCKET LINE ENTRY

Guess who was Jeff's step-dad who raised him? A convicted criminal convicted of doing the same marketing scams that Jeff did. Steven "Randy" Randolph Tinsley died in prison 11/27/1999. 2/11/43 - 11/27/99. His mother's obituary confirms that it's him.  Jeff, his parents have been married many, many times. Here is his info.

Register Number: 29983-048
Age: 56
Race: White
Sex: Male
Deceased: 11/27/1999

steven randy tinsley, steven rudolph tinsley, jeffery paul tinsley, jeff tinsley, criminal, felon, convicted, prison, dead

This is the scam which got Jeff Tinsley's dad convicted. He went by the names Joe Colon and Joe Colone. Charged for fraud by wire, conspiracy, aiding and abetting fraud.

More about the scam. Tinsley plead guilty to multiple counts of wire fraud and was sentenced to 41 months in prison. His previous criminal record was for assault and narcotics charges. His specialty was the exact same fraud Jeff is doing now. What a loser family.

There's more. He used aliases Mike Stone, Ron Rivera, Joe Rizzo. He was sentenced for 60 months in federal prison, 3 years probation, had to take a substance abuse proram. More counts, another 60 months. And he died in prison at the age of 56.

Jeff Tinsley's dad was convicted in yet another telemarketing scam. Jeff used his dad's exact scams.

Steven Tinsley, Steven Randy Tinsley, Jeffrey Tinsley, scam, fraud, wire fraud, criminals
Here is his indictment in just one case.

Here is the docket from that case.

Steven Tinsley signed a plea agreement. He plead guilty in exchange for ten years in prison and he had to pay a fine of $500,000. His Dodge Stealth car was taken from him along with other assets.

Below is the government demanding that he be detained as he is a danger to society, flight risk and would try to influence witnesses.

He admits that he ripped people off for between $80,000 and $10,000,000.

He was sentenced 1997 to 70 months, almost six years. He filed an appeal as indigent, penniless. Turns out there was another criminal conviction against him in Nevada. He was convicted in 1987 and 1988 on two separate charges. He admits to the Judge in 1997 that he's a drug addict. He was arrested in Nevada in 1992 and sentenced to jail there in Las Vegas for 30 months. He ripped people off for only $38,000 in Nevada whereas he ripped people off for $3 million in California. His attorney asked for a 27 month sentence with time served in Vegas.

The below is the Las Vegas conviction. What a piece of effing shit this man was.

"MR. MOOR: The Las Vegas case. -- that a vulnerable victim enhancement of two
points was necessary for that offense because, as the Court
may recall from the presentence report, that was another
telemarketing room where essentially what Mr. Tinsley was
doing he was calling victims of prior telemarketing frauds,
convincing them that he was on their side and that he was
going to help them recover their money, and asking for an
advance fee from them, a portion of what they previously
lost, which was then pocketed, of course. He was not making
genuine efforts to assist them."

This guy is just the worse. Jeff is exactly like his slimy step dad who raised him. What a family.

"After defrauding these victims out of millions of dollars, and after he was well aware of that, certainly, when the FBI raided the premises of Asatro Petroleum on April 3rd of 1992, he chose to start up another telemarketing operation at -- called West Star. He was involved in that. And he chose to go to Las Vegas, adopt yet another identity, and to defraud victims who had lost substantial monies in other telemarketing schemes. And that is the centerpiece of the Government's concern here is that we believe the Court is dealing with someone who has shown a likelihood of recidivism and who has shown that this is his life's work. And for that reason we think a 70-month sentence is fair."

Below is the final sentence. 70 months, must undergo psychiatric counseling...

"The Court finds that the offense level is 21. The
criminal history category is V. The guideline range is 70 to
87 months, and the Court will impose a sentence at the low
end of the range, that being 70 months.

As to Counts 1 and 4 of the Indictment, the Court,
then, sentences the Defendant to the Bureau of Prisons for a
period of 70 months.

Upon release from imprisonment, Defendant shall be
placed on supervised release for a term of three years on
Counts 1 and 4. Such term to run concurrently to the term of
supervised release imposed in the Nevada case under the
following terms and conditions.

Number one, Defendant shall comply with the rules
and regulation of the United States Probation Office and
General Order 318.

Number two, Defendant shall participate in an
outpatient substance abuse treatment and submit to drug and
alcohol testing as instructed by probation.

Defendant shall abstain from using illicit drugs
and alcohol and abusing prescription medication during the
period of supervision.

The Court does order the mandatory assessment of
$100. And if any of that amount remains unpaid at the
commencement of community supervision, Defendant shall pay
such remainder as directed by probation.

Number Four, as directed by probation, Defendant
shall provide to the probation officer an accurate financial
statement with supporting documentation as to all sources and
amounts of income and all expenses of the Defendant.
In addition, the Defendant shall provide federal
and state income tax returns as requested by probation.

Number five, Defendant shall participate in a
psychological/psychiatric counseling or treatment program as
approved and directed by the probation officer.

Number six, the Defendant shall obtain -- strike
that -- Defendant shall not obtain or possess any driver's
license, social security number, birth certificate, passport
or any other form of identification without prior approval of

Further, the Defendant shall not use for any
purpose or any manner any name other than his true, legal

The Court does not order any fine. Pursuant to
Section 5E1.2F of the guidelines, the Court finds that the
fines are waived. Defendant does not have the financial
ability to pay a fine, nor does he have the financial ability
to pay the cost of imprisonment or supervision.
The Court also doesn't order restitution in this
case finding that based upon the financial information
provided to the Court, he doesn't have the ability to pay

Because the Court is not ordering restitution,
then, I think it appropriate the Defendant perform community
service. And so as a further condition of supervised
release, the Court does order that the Defendant perform
2,000 hours of community service as approved by probation.

As far as the credit for the Nevada sentence, the
Court finds that the Defendant should be given credit for
time served commencing April the 22nd, 1996.
2 believe that does take care of all of the issues
that was raised by the parties. If I failed to mention
something, then bring it to my attention.

The Court has considered the Defendant's criminal
history. The Court has considered the nature of this offense
and the loss sustained by the victims, the Defendant's role
in the offense. And the Court has considered the fact that
additional activity alleged in the case in Nevada for which
the Defendant was sentenced, that the conduct is similar to
the conduct involved in this case, in other words, the nature
of the business. The telemarketing is the same. The type of
scheme is the same, and victims were defrauded."

Below is the transcript from his sentencing hearing. Jeff Tinsley is exactly like the father. I will predict that Jeff Tinsley will end up in prison just like his dad. He already has the alcohol drug issues and ripping off vulnerable people.

Then he died 11/1999 two years later in prison. His family wrote an obit in the LA Times.

Here is Steven R Tinsley's criminal record just for Los Angeles County. Drugs, guns, lying to police about identity, probation violation, bench warrant...what a loser family

1 TINSLEY, STEVEN RANDOLPH 87P07453 08/20/1987 Van Nuys Courthouse West (LAV)
Use or Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance, hypodermic needles, guilty, sentenced, violation of probation
2 TINSLEY, STEVEN RANDOLPH 88P05238 06/20/1988 Van Nuys Courthouse West (LAV)
carrying a loaded firearm in public, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, Any person who falsely represents or identifies himself or herself as another person or as a fictitious person to any peace officer
3 TINSLEY, STEVEN RANDOLPH 90P06682 06/21/1990 Van Nuys Courthouse West (LAV)
lying to cops about identity, guilty
4 TINSLEY, STEVEN R 90R19153 07/31/1990 Central Arraignment Courthouse (LAA)
bench warrant
8 TINSLEY, STEVEN RANDOLPH A819626 01/29/1988 Van Nuys Courthouse West (LAV)
9 TINSLEY, STEVEN RANDOLPH A819626 04/05/1988 Northwest District (XNW)
arrested with two other men
10 TINSLEY, STEVEN RANDOLPH A820347 04/18/1988 Van Nuys Courthouse West (LAV)
11 TINSLEY, STEVEN RANDOLPH A820347 08/03/1988 Northwest District (XNW)
nothing there
12 TINSLEY, STEVEN RANDOLPH A823729 02/03/1989 Van Nuys Courthouse West (LAV)
13 TINSLEY, STEVEN A823729 03/17/1989 Northwest District (XNW)

I usually don't add personal information of others but as scammer Jeffrey Paul Hamilton, Jeff P Tinsley of adds everyone's personal information online I'm sure he won't mind if I do the same. I will also be posting his many lawsuits, judgments, liens...

Jeffrey Paul Tinsley calls himself a "serial entrepreneur." Law enforcement have a better name for his behavior. They would call him a serial criminal. Jeff here has started one internet company after the next. They all seem to end up scamming people by illegally charging their credit cards, illegal auto renew, illegal credit card charges, spamming, illegally recording people's phone calls, lying to the public, committing fraud and so much more.

Below is the basic outline of Jeffrey Tinsely's scams. He repeats this same scam over and over with a new name.

*Classmates, Intelius, PeopleConnect just emailed me that Jeff was not in business with Classmates. The article below then has errors. It appears that Jeff merely copied the Classmates scam. Classmates was forced to pay out $2.5 million and $9.5 for their fraud, false advertising.

"The class claims CEO Jeffrey Tinsley, who calls himself a “serial internet entrepreneur … has been running essentially the same spam-and-scam operations since at least 2002, when he founded the company under the name The company later operated using the names and (may not be true) before taking on its latest alias,, in February 2009. False solicitations that ‘someone’ is looks for you have been the core of the business plan for these entities for some time.”
     Tinsley, of Los Angeles, and his mostly L.A.-based crew, continued the scam under a new name after settling a lawsuit against for $9.5 million last year, the class claims.
“In October 2008, was sued by customers defrauded by email messages falsely stating that individuals and or past acquaintances were trying to contact them,” according to the 26-page complaint. “In February 2009, the company was re-branded as, which continued essentially the same business plan, and the same false solicitations that ‘someone’ is trying to contact you. In March 2010, the was settled for $9.5 million. But that was just a drop in the bucket compared to the revenue stream generated by the ongoing scam. So with a fresh new alias, Tinsley and his team of hucksters moved on to defraud a new crop of victims, including plaintiffs John Clerkin and Veronica Mendez, and millions of other similarly situated class members.”
     According to the complaint:
     Tinsley, of the Los Angeles area, is founder, chairman and CEO of MyLife;
     Rachel Glaser, of the Los Angeles area, is CFO and COO. “Ms. Glaser conspired with MyLife, Mr. Tinsley, and others to perpetrate the scam described herein, including the re-branding of the operation from as MyLife. Com, as well as the false solicitations, fraudulent billings, and hacking described herein;”
     W. Dwight Gorall, of West Palm Beach, Fla., is “vice president of emerging business,” and a co-conspirator;
     Armen Avedissian, of the Los Angeles area, has worked in technical, operational and organizational aspects of the alleged conspiracy since December 2009;
     Sharyn Eles, of the Los Angeles area, “has been with MyLife from day one and is the vice president of marketing operations while also overseeing general business operations. Mr. Eles conspired with MyLife, Mr. Tinsley, and others to perpetrate the scam described herein;”
     The final defendant, Oak Investment Partners, is a Delaware partnership with offices in Palo Alto, Calif. “Oak Investment Partners is a venture capital firm that provided $25 million in funding to bankroll the MyLife scam, and conspired with MyLife, Mr. Tinsley, and others to perpetrate the scam described herein.”
     Named plaintiff John Clerkin says he signed up for MyLife’s $21.95 a month membership in 2010. After realizing that no one was looking for him, he tried to cancel, and found that MyLife had charged his credit card $155.40. He demanded a refund and was reimbursed $104.55, according to the complaint.
     Veronica Mendez says she agreed to take a $5 trial membership, for which MyLife charged her $60. She too “discovered shortly after signing up that no one she knew was actually searching for her.” She says MyLife refused her request for a refund.
     The complaint states: “ is a scam that begins with a false solicitation telling potential victims that ‘someone’ is searching for them, and they can find out who by paying a small fee. If this ruse succeeds in convincing the victim to provide credit card or other payment information for a ‘free trial period’ or a low-price-membership (e.g. ,$7.95 per month), MyLife then overbills the victim’s credit card for a much larger amount, often more than $100. In exchange for this payment, MyLife provides access to a list of fake names of people supposedly ‘searching for you,’ together with access to a worthless website that is of no conceivable value to anyone.
     “It gets worse. Victims of the ruse then find that MyLife hacks into their address books to target their friends, family and other contacts with spam solicitations stating that ‘someone’ is looking for them. This starts the cycle anew by priming the pump with a fresh crop of victims that MyLife tricks with false solicitations, overbills and hacks.
     “Credit card companies have fielded thousands of complaints about MyLife and its fraudulent billing practices. As a result, some, including Visa and American Express, have designated MyLife as a frequent offender whose charges are inherently suspect. If a customer calls to complain, Visa or American Express will immediately notify MyLife as a frequent offender and issue a credit for the disputed charge. To them, the name is synonymous with billing fraud.”
     MyLife claimed in November 2010 that it is registering more U.S. users per month than LinkedIn and Twitter, according to the complaint, which cites the MyLife web page’s “press room.” MyLife claimed it registered 2.4 million new members in October 2010, nearly one per second, and claimed to have :more than 62 million members” in January, according to the complaint.
     “MyLife does not publicly report its revenues,” the complaint states. “However, if MyLife scammed each one of its 62 million members out of $90 apiece, the company would have generated more than $5.5 billion in revenue.”
     The complaint cites more than 20 comments from alleged victims, from a consumer complaints message board.
     One person wrote: “I’m a web developer, and when I saw their commercial, it just didn’t add up. I went to the site and put in a fake name sfsf sdgfsdgf and a real age and zip code, and guess what?! 7 people were searching for sfsf sdgfsdgf!”
     The class seeks damages for violation of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act, violation of the Unfair Competition Law, unlawful business practices and unjust enrichment.
     The class seeks disgorgement, restitution and an injunction and damages for violations of consumer laws, unfair business practices, unfair competition and unjust enrichment.
     They are represented by L. Timothy Fisher with Bursor & Fisher of Walnut Creek."

The current most egregious criminal case against Jeffrey Paul Tinsley is the case State of California vs

"Social media website has agreed to a court judgment to pay $800,000 in penalties, plus $250,000 in refunds to customers over complaints regarding false advertising and unauthorized credit card charges.

The case grew out of a joint investigation by the Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Investigators found that MyLife was tricking consumers into giving the company their personal identifying information, and later their money, through false and misleading ads.

The tactics included:

— Getting consumers to give their personal information, by promising that they would learn who was searching for them, for free. In fact, consumers had to pay for that service.

— Using blurred photos to look like they were supposed to be actual people who were searching for the consumer, when they were not.
Advertising a low monthly rate, then charging consumers’ credit cards for a full year’s membership.

‚Äî Re-charging consumers’ credit cards automatically, each year, without disclosing that they would do so ‚Äî and without getting consumers’ affirmative consent as required by law.

Under the permanent court injunction, MyLife is prohibited from:

‚Äî Charging consumers’ credit cards under an automatic renewal, without first giving clear notice and getting explicit consent from the consumer;

— Promising any free service if consumers must pay money to get it;

‚Äî Ignoring a consumer’s request to cancel his or her membership;

— Showing photos of people to get consumers to sign up, unless the photos actually depict the people being referred to; and

— Taking payment for a membership longer than one month, unless all terms of the deal are clearly and conspicuously displayed in close proximity to the payment button.

The case is believed to be the first major prosecution of an online business for violating California’s new automatic-renewal law that states all businesses are required to get explicit consent from consumers before automatically renewing their credit card payments. The terms of any auto-renew agreement must also be clearly and prominently stated.

The company was founded in 2002 under the name, by Jeffrey Tinsley. It started primarily as a people-search tool and made its money by charging for paid memberships. With the rise of Facebook and other social media sites – which provide more information, free of charge – MyLife’s paid people search feature became increasingly outdated and hard to sell. MyLife later launched a “Who’s Searching For You” feature, again for a fee, which claimed to tell members who was searching for them online.

The company originally came under scrutiny for its practice of “contact scraping,” where the company sent automated emails to all address-book contacts of each person who signed up for its services ‚Äî without the knowledge of that person. So each member’s friends and family would receive an email, falsely telling them that the member wanted them to sign up too.

The final court judgment was just entered in the Santa Monica courthouse of the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

“Consumers online should be extremely careful with two things: their personal information and their credit cards,” said Adam Radinsky, Santa Monica’s Chief Deputy of Consumer Protection. “Consumers should be especially alert to automatic renewals whenever they make an online payment for any service or membership. If a company doesn’t make you explicitly consent to the program, it may be illegal."

Los Angeles District Attorney also went after scam Mylife and Jeff Tinsley

In 2008 LA Times did an expose on scammer Jeff Tinsley. This guy is a true piece of shit.

Below are a few federal lawsuits against and Jeffrey Tinsley.

Party Name Court Case NOS Date Filed Date Closed

2, Inc. (dft) txedce 6:2010-cv-00242 830 05/06/2010 03/14/2011
3, Inc. (dft) candce 4:2011-cv-02353 890 05/12/2011 08/16/2011
4 Inc (dft) candce 4:2011-cv-03073 190 06/23/2011 08/16/2011
5 Inc (dft) cacdce 2:2012-cv-06889 370 08/09/2012 12/19/2012
6, Inc. (dft) gandce 1:2014-cv-00614 470 02/28/2014 10/07/2014
7 MYLIFE.COM, INC. (dft) paedce 2:2009-cv-04708 840 10/14/2009 12/01/2009
8, Inc. (dft) ordce 3:2012-cv-01592 440 09/05/2012 10/12/2012
9 Inc. (dft) candce 4:2011-cv-00527 890 02/03/2011 11/15/2012
10 (dft) alndce 2:2010-cv-02799 890 10/15/2010 12/21/2011
11 Inc (pla) cacdce 2:2011-cv-09436 830 11/14/2011 02/21/2012
12 Inc (dft) cacdce 8:2011-cv-00813 190 05/26/2011 06/17/2011
13 Inc (dft) cacdce 2:2015-cv-00452 890 01/22/2015 10/02/2015
14 Inc (pla) cacdce 2:2013-cv-08246 840 11/06/2013 01/02/2014
15 Inc (dft) txedce 2:2010-cv-00031 830 01/26/2010 12/16/2010

Lawsuits for

1 Inc (cd) cacdce 2:2006-cv-00597 830 01/31/2006 05/03/2006
2 Inc (pla) cacdce 2:2006-cv-00597 830 01/31/2006 05/03/2006
3 Inc (dft) candce 3:2008-cv-03518 890 07/23/2008 02/22/2011
4 Inc (pla) cacdce 2:2006-cv-03137 830 05/23/2006 02/16/2007
5 Inc (cd) cacdce 2:2006-cv-03137 830 05/23/2006 02/16/2007
6 Inc (pla) cacdce 2:2005-cv-03904 830 05/27/2005 12/06/2005

Lawsuits for

1 Inc (dft) cacdce 2:2000-cv-07970 840 07/24/2000 12/07/2000
2 (dft) cacdce 2:2003-cv-00686 470 01/29/2003 03/06/2007
3 Greatdomains.Com Inc (dft) cacdce 2:2000-cv-04332 840 04/24/2000 12/05/2000
4 Greatdomains.Com, Inc. (dft) flsdce 0:2000-cv-06172 370 02/02/2000 09/05/2001
5 Inc (dft) cacdce 2:2000-cv-04332 840 04/24/2000 12/05/2000

These cases are just Los Angeles County.

1 MYLIFE. COM INC. Small Claims (Limited) 11/21/2011 Inglewood Courthouse
2 MYLIFE. COM INC. Small Claims (Limited) 11/03/2011 Inglewood Courthouse
3 MYLIFE. COM INC. Small Claims (Limited) 11/10/2011 Inglewood Courthouse
4 MYLIFE.COM INC. Small Claims (Limited) 10/27/2011 Inglewood Courthouse
5 MYLIFE.COM INC. Small Claims (Limited) 10/20/2011 Inglewood Courthouse
6 MYLIFE.COM INC. Other Commercial/Business Tort (Unlimited) 04/29/2010 Stanley Mosk Courthouse 2
7 MYLIFE.COM INC. Small Claims (Limited) 10/12/2011 Inglewood Courthouse
8 MYLIFE.COM INC Other Compl-not Tort or Complex (Unlimited) 02/19/2015 Santa Monica Courthouse

Lawsuits with Jeffrey Tinsley in Los Angeles County, civil only

1 MR. TINSLEY JEFFREY Small Claims 07/28/1999 West Los Angeles Courthouse
(Limited) 05/20/2008 Alhambra Courthouse
3 TINSLEY JEFFREY Small Claims 05/24/1996 Van Nuys Courthouse West
and had to pay
4 TINSLEY JEFFREY Othr Breach Contr/Warr-not Fraud (Unlimited) 06/11/2009
Stanley Mosk Courthouse 23
Case Number: BC415525
NEW MOTION INC VS SHOPIT INC ET AL (Jeff Tinsley) Filing Date: 06/11/2009 Case Type: Othr Breach Contr/Warr-not Fraud (General Jurisdiction) Status: Dismissed - Other 08/10/2009
5 TINSLEY JEFFREY Dissolution w/ Minor Children 06/01/2009 Stanley Mosk

Divorce from Kim, lengthy.

Below is his disgusting house bought with the stolen credit card charges of many unsuspecting people. This should be his home address 161 Ashdale Pl, Los Angeles CA 90049.

More about the con at the Ripoff Report.

Here is his business address.
1100 Glendon Ave #1800
Los Angeles, CA 90024-3522

The BBB gives him the lowest rating. There are 1,166 complaints.

Customer Service: Mr. John McNabb
Ms. Desiree Kinsley

There are two corporations by that name in Delaware. 

3043304 MYLIFE.COM, INC.

3457547 MYLIFE.COM, INC.

File Number: 3043304 Incorporation Date / Formation Date: 5/14/1999
Entity Name: MYLIFE.COM, INC.
Entity Kind: Corporation Entity Type: General
Residency: Domestic State: DELAWARE
Address: 3500 S DUPONT HWY
City: DOVER County: Kent
State: DE Postal Code: 19901
Phone: 302-531-0855

File Number: 3457547 Incorporation Date / Formation Date: 11/15/2001
Entity Name: MYLIFE.COM, INC.
Entity Kind: Corporation Entity Type: General
Residency: Domestic State: DELAWARE
City: WILMINGTON County: New Castle
State: DE Postal Code: 19808
Phone: 302-636-5401

Jeff Tinsley likes to post everyone's full names, birth dates, home addresses. Here is his home address which he posted. He lives at 161 Ashdale Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90049. He says it's Bel Air. It's not. It's Brentwood in the cheap section.

He bought it for $2.65M in 2000. He's trying to sell it for $7.4M. The listings keep expiring as he reduces the price. He over improved the home with things a regular buyer would not want. He says it's 6,545 sf but it's only 6,145 sf. It was built in 1952. He has a $1,000,000 loan, another $1,000,000 loan on it then an $800,000 maybe second 04/2017. Someone is having financial problems.

Below are some pics. You can tell an insecure youngish man who is nouveau riche remodeled and decorated this mess. Jeff tried to make it look like a spa hotel. The agent also totally staged it. This is all from the very public MLS and real estate link which Jeff posted.

He has two occupancy permits pending on the property since 2010. He added the pool, spa, retaining wall, cabana, new garage with bed/bath on top, second floor, front gates. Below is the diagram of his home which he made public. It was built in 1952. From the public MLS link which Jeff posted. The same shows in Building and Safety.

Jeff Tinsley didn't like that people added all of his many lawsuits to Wikipedia. He made them delete the page. I saved a copy as pdf and html.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

Mary Cummins, Mary K. Cummins, Mary Katherine Cummins, Mary Cummins-Cobb, Mary, Cummins, Cobb, real estate, appraiser, appraisal, instructor, teacher, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Brentwood, Bel Air, California, licensed, permitted, single family, condo, pud, hud, fannie mae, freddie mac, uspap, certified, residential, certified resident, apartment building, multi-family, commercial, industrial, expert witness, civil, criminal, orea, dre, insurance, bonded, experienced, bilingual, spanish, english, form, 1004, 2055, land, raw, acreage, vacant, insurance, cost, income approach, market analysis, comparative, theory, appraisal theory, cost approach, sales, matched pairs, plot, plat, map, diagram, photo, photographs, photography, rear, front, street, subject, comparable, sold, listed, active, pending, expired, cancelled, listing, mls, multiple listing service, claw, themls,


  1. According to Jeff Tinsley's MyLife profile, he may be a sex offender. See I took a screen shot and posted to Imgur, in case tabloid Jeff has that removed from his profile.
    And, well you know what they say..."where there is smoke, there is fire."

  2. Why is his site still up? How did you get your page removed?

    1. This site is a very helpful resource

  3. Everyone involved with Mylife needs to be charged and convicted for libel and extortion. All their assets seized and the website shut down. Personally I think they all deserve to be publicly hanged and left to rot until the crows have picked them clean.

    and what's up with California, so basically they got paid off $9.5 million to look the other way and allow this criminal activity to continue. I wonder who's pocket that went into?

    1. 161 Ashdale Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90049

    2. dont do it - what would happen is you give him the ability to show cause in court that his family was targeted, abused and harassed - a free pass he is looking for. this is Avenatti jr - his comeuppance is close at hand.. just like the many others (including joe frances - girls gone wild fame - who had buses at my daughters collage trying to entice young girls and extorting them - i have a personal vow) now days that hold the key to their cell. stay vigilante, keep the pressure on and unfortunately, the slow meter of justice will prevail.

  4. Does anyone know this guys home address? I want to pay him a visit.

  5. Does anyone have a friend who is a good hacker that can construct a Trojan Horse to infiltrate the Mylife website and ultimately corrupt all the data of the profiles of other people
    on it and turn them all into only profiles of Jeff Tinsley?

  6. thank you - no matter what i did, even in fact the more i tried, my reputation score dropped. not because of reviews - it just did. they wanted me to pay to join so i could get my score higher. at that point, i sent an email to them and the fbi - that is extortion. then i found you. most of these sites are going down, but only through the efforts like you are making! Pres

  7. and i would have to add to Hanna's comments. this is the best part for the scammers - you have some money and you do this and they can attach you to the effort you made to take them down.. guess what - they take you to court and they win. They know the court system and how to squeze through it, just like any good grifter or conman - we are sheep to them.

  8. Thanks for your great work . Exposing blackmail scammer Jeffrey Tinsley . Good information that will go far :) . Green Tree got fined by the feds big time . Now it's time for scammer Jeffrey Tinsley . Next address for him . The Los Angeles Gospel Mission .

  9. You win the internet for today! Awesome blog post. Thank you for doing this investigative work. You are awesome for exposing this cockwomble!!!

  10. I am going through the sites listed in the article linked to below. Every single one EXCEPT MyLife has been easy to opt out of. What a scammer!!! Here's the article with the list...