Thursday, February 8, 2018

Who is Patrick Soon-Shiong the billionaire who just bought the LA Times? Born in South Africa

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Patrick Soon-Shiong was born in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa on July 29, 1952. His parents were Moon Soon-Shiong (1898-1974) and Young Moi Hok Kiang Soon-Shiong (1913-2017). His parents fled China to South Africa during WWII during the Japanese invasion. He attended the then Chinese High School in Port Elizabeth. He has ten siblings with one sister. His living siblings are Terrence (Shirley) of London, England, Dr. Gregory Soon-Shiong an orthopedic surgeon in Toronto, Canada, Lawrence (Edie) of Johannesburg, Roger of Toronto, Kenny of Johannesburg, Errol (Bernie) of Toronto, and Clive (Marion) of Toronto. His deceased siblings are Victor Fook Shiong (1925-1989), Clarence Pak (1934-2014), Sheila Ho (1941-1999) and Melvern.

Below is his family tree. Patrick's father had two wives. His first wife was Foot Moi. Patrick has two half sibings, Chin Liang Soon-Shiong and Sheen Soon-Shiong.

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In 1977 Patrick Soon-Shiong married Michele B Chan. She was born in 1959 in East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa. I think her middle name is Bernice as her nickname is Bernie. Both her parents were born in South Africa. Her grandparents were born in China. Patrick and his wife moved to Canada after they married. In 1983 Patrick and Michele immigrated to Los Angeles, California and became a professor at UCLA.

Patrick and Michele have two children. They are daughter Nika Yellie Soon-Shiong born February 26, 1993 and son Luke Harold Soon-Shiong born July 17, 1995 in Los Angeles, California. Each child has two birth certificates, i.e. Nika Yellie Soon, Nika Yellie Shiong, Luke Harold Soon, Luke Harold Shiong. I have a hyphenated birth name but only have one birth certificate. I was also born in LA County.

Patrick is the wealthiest doctor in the US and the wealthiest person in Los Angeles. He lives at 11755 Chenault St, Los Angeles, 90049. The home is 25,157 sf on a 30,408 sf lot. It has five bedrooms and ten bathrooms and was built in 2012. This is his main home in his sprawling compound. He's bought over $50,000,000 in land in the immediate area. He houses his relatives, friends, employees and conducts some business there.

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