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Roseanne Barr's Jewish family in Salt Lake City, Utah - Mary Cummins

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I'd read an article recently that stated Roseanne Barr said she was Jewish when they went to Temple but Mormon the rest of the week. She basically said she was a Jew in the closet. I did some research and that is not true. Salt Lake City, Utah has a large Jewish community starting in 1849. Her family was known in the community as more orthodox Jews.

Roseanne Cherrie Barr was born in Salt Lake City, Utah November 2, 1951. Her parents are Jerome "Jerry" Hershel Barr 1929-2001 and Helen Ruth Davis b. 1934. Her parents were married in 1951 at the Congregation Montefiore by Rabbi E Louis Cardon. Roseanne's siblings are Benjamin, Geraldine and Stephanie Barr.

Below is a photo of Roseanne's mother Helen Ruth Davis with her mother and her spouse's mother. This Jewish wedding was in the main local newspaper.

"Ms Helen Ruth Davis, whose wedding date was told at recent luncheon is with mother, right and Mrs. Ben Davis and Mrs. Samuel Barr."

Roseanne has been married three times and has five children. Roseanne's first child was born out of wedlock and given up for adoption, Brandi Brown born 1971 in Colorado. Roseanne then wed William J Pentland whom she met while she was in Colorado. Together they had three children, Jessica L b. 1975, Jennifer Leigh b. 1976 and James "Jake" Michael Pentland b. 1978. Roseanne then married Tom Arnold. They had no children. Roseanne then married Benjamin Robert Thomas 1995. Together they had a son, Buck Thomas b. 1995 in Los Angeles, California.

Below is her father's obituary. His middle name is indeed "Hershel." The tombstone has the middle name "Harold" which is incorrect. Jerome as a Cpl in the Army and fought in the Korean war. I believe Roseanne was intentionally not included as she spread an allegedly false rumor that her mother and father raped her when they changed her diapers starting at age six months. Roseanne said she was raped until she was 17 and left home. She said her sister was also raped. The sister said there were no rapes. The family stated that Roseanne is "dead" to them now.

"Jerome Barr passed away on Monday April 9th in LDS Hospital surrounded by his loving family. He is already greatly missed.

Jerry had a heart attack shortly after winning the greatest jackpot of his life in Wendover, Nevada. He was lucky at the slots, but he had many other riches in his life. Most important to him was his loving wife of fifty years, Helen. He was a loving father to Stephanie, Geraldine, and Ben. He was extremely proud of his many grandchildren, and enjoyed the company of his friends.

Jerry was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1929 to Samuel and Francis Barr. The family moved to Salt Lake City in 1944 where he attended West High School and was a talented and proud member of their football team. He served his country in the United States Army. In 1950 Jerry met the love of his life, Helen. Five minutes later he told her, "I'm going to marry you." Their love story continued for more than fifty years. Jerry was preceded in death by his parents, his sister Dorothy, and brother Larry.

Jerry will be remembered by many as a master storyteller. His sense of humor, love of life, and "winning personality" provided strength, guidance, and joy to his family and friends. He met life's struggles and challenges with the strength of a gladiator."

Roseanne's paternal grandparents were Samuel Borisofsky Barr. The original name was Borisofsky which he changed to Barr. He was born in Kiev, Ukraine 1903-1962. Below is his obituary.

"Samuel Barr, 58, 624 S 8th West, was dead of natural causes on arrival Sunday about 12:15 a.m. at a Salt Lake hospital. Born Aug. 16, 1903, Kiev, Russia, to Lazar and Bossie Saslavsky Borisofsky. Married Frances Bertha Katz, Dec. 26, 1926, St. Paul, Minnesota. Salesman, Member, Montefiore Synagogue. Owner, operator, Home Specialties Co. Former owner, Barr Specialties Co. Survivors, widow; sons, daughter, Larry Bernard, Hawaii; Jerome H., Mrs. Dorothy Lerner, both Salt Lake City; sisters, Mrs. Becky Liss, Mrs. Rose Dorris, both New Jersey; six grandchildren. Burial Montefiore Cemetery." The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Roseanne's paternal grandmother was Frances "Fanny" Bertha Katz 1908-1986. She was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. After Samuel died she remarried Roy Eugene Hartman 1907-1994. No obituaries for either.

Roseanne's maternal grandfather was Benjamen Davis 1898 Hungary 1954. The original last name was Davidovitz. He was a butcher and worked in a grocery store. He later owned apartment buildings. Her maternal grandmother was Mary Betnum 1906 Lithuania 1982 Salt Lake City, Utah. Roseanne was closest with Mary Betnum Davis her Bobbe which is Yiddish for "grandmother." Mary's parents and other family members that stayed in Russia were most likely killed in a wave of antisemitism. All of Roseanne's family that died are buried in Montefiore Cemetery which is for the Jewish Montefiore Congregation. This Congregation is made up of orthodox Russian Jews.

The paternal great grandparents are Lazar Borisofsky and Bossie Saslavsky, and Joseph "Joe" Katz 1874-1952 and Sophia Schandra 1881-1940 all from Ukraine, Russia. There is only an obituary for Joseph Katz, below.

"Joseph Katz, 78, 1456 Edison St., died at a Salt Lake rest home Monday at 11: 35 p.m. of causes incident to age. He was born Sept. 4, 1874, in Russia, and came to the United States Jan. 15, 1905, where he followed the shoemaker's trade. His wife, Sophia Katz, whom he married in December, 1907, in Minneapolis, Minn., died several years ago. Mr. Katz is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Samuel Barr, Salt Lake City, three grandchildren and a great-grandchild, and a sister, Mrs. Paul Goldstien, Capetown, South Africa. Funeral services will be conducted by Rabbi E. Louis Cardon of Congregation Montefiore, assisted by Rev. Harry Sterling. Burial will be in Montefiore Cemetery."

Three of Roseanne's four grandparents came from Lithuania, Russia. The boundaries changed a lot in the last 100 years. All grandparents are descended from Russian Jews who fled antisemitic Russia. There was a large Jewish community in Salt Lake City, Utah. All their weddings were in the newspaper as Jewish weddings. All their obituaries include the names of Rabbis, Temples and the Jewish Montfiore cemetery. The grandparents all spoke Yiddish. Roseanne was not a Jew in the closet.

This article below is good though it has a few tiny errors. I wish I found it before I did the tree. It would have saved me half an hour.

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