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Who is Alison Ettel of TreatWell Health in San Francisco? Besides a racist, here is her biography, history, family

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UPDATE: No one especially no Cynthia Gonzalez has gotten back to me as a representative from TreatWell Health. I left a phone message and PM. I'm starting to think that Alison just used the name of someone she knew to be the fake representative.

ORIGINAL: Alison Ettel is the white woman who called 911 because a young black girl was selling water "without a permit." Alison was videotaped while she was on the phone with 911. Later Alison lied and said she pretended to call 911 but didn't. Alison said she only complained about the noise to the mother only. No, she complained to the kid.

Alison is dumb. She didn't realize that all 911 calls are recorded. Anyone can order a copy of them. Sure enough Alison told 911 that she was reporting someone for selling water without a permit. 911 operator put her through to the police department. Alison called 911 over someone selling water! 911 is only for emergencies. Here is word for word what she said,

In the call, Ettel tells the 911 dispatcher: "I have someone who does not have a vendor permit that's selling water across from the ballpark" and asks for "someone to talk to about that." The dispatcher asks Ettel to hold as he transfers her to the San Francisco Police Department. The call ends after a brief hold.

Here is the audio.

Since then people have stopped doing business with Alison and her company TreatWell Health which sells cannibis products. We still don't know if she has a cannibis permit. She appears to run her business from her apartment at 88 King St #524, San Francisco, CA (2 bed, 2 bath 1,106 sf, built in 2000 value apx $1.3M. Alison is renting it. She doesn't own it). She doesn't have a corporation that I can find in California. She claimed to be the sole founder until this week when she changed her website to say she was merely a cofounder.

Few days ago on June 26, 2018 Alison claimed to have resigned as the CEO. She had "Cynthia Gonzalez" send out a press release stating Alison the "co-founder" has resigned as she didn't want to distract from the good the business did. Alison is the sole founder per her website from a week ago.  This is still stated in websites she hasn't yet updated. Here is but one.

The phone number Alison gave as Cynthia's is Alison's phone number.  Alison did not resign. She's trying to run her business anonymously via this pseudonym. She already lost her suppliers and clients. People need to think before they do horrible things like Alison did. FTR I called the number. It's Alison's automatic personal assistant aka voicemail. I left a message and no one called me back. I sent an email and didn't get a reply. There is a Cynthia Gonzalez in Alison's Facebook friend list. I PM'd the person. They did not say they worked for TreatWell.

Treatwell Health
Cynthia Gonzalez, Spokesperson
June 26, 2018

88 King St, San Francisco, CA is near the ocean. First floor 2 bed, 2 bath , 1,336 sf units sell for about $1.4M. They rent for $5,000 to $6,000 a month. Below is a first floor unit which sold two years ago for about $1.3M.

Who is Alison Ettel? Alison Ettel, Alison Lynn Ettel was born February 8, 1974 in Harris County, Texas. She claims she's from Georgia but that's just another lie. Her father is Edward Emil Ettel III born 1940. Her mother is Mary Eunice Sanstag born 1941. Alison Ettel has an older sister named Erin Elizabeth Ettel French who is married with a kid.

Alison Ettel's father is in the military as was his father. For that reason they moved around a little. Alison Ettel lived in Texas, Georgia and Michigan.

Alison attended the University of Michigan and Georgia Tech. She worked for the Brookings Institute. Her sister Erin Ettel graduated in 1992 with a degree in environmental health from a school in Georgia. They look like twins.

Alison's paternal side of the family came from Texas and Ohio. They were well to do builders or in the military. Children went to college even the women which was rare many years ago. Paternal family from Germany but not Jewish.

The maternal side of the family is a tiny bit more mixed. Mother Mary Eunice Samstag was born in Clearwater, Minnesota. Her father came from Germany. Mother came from North Dakota.

Below is a preliminary family tree pedigree view. So far PermitPatty is white, white, white family from Germany. Maybe this is why she doesn't like black people. She needs to leave San Francisco if that's the case.

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Below is the full pedigree. I did not add that confederate flag. Someone else did.

Mary Cummins
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