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Who is the real Jimmy Bennett, actor, musician? Lawsuits, parents, Asia Argento - Mary Cummins

Jimmy Bennett, James Michael Bennett, Martha Bennett, Marty Bennett, Frank Pestarino, huntigton beach, california, actor, musician, money, asia argento, #metoo, settlement agreement, i need a bitch, anthony bourdain, mary cummins
UPDATE: 09/04/2018 It gets even stranger!


08/27/2018 Asia Argento cut from 'X Factor Italy' following sexual assault allegation.

08/25/2018 Jimmy has come out with his own statement. He's also locked down his Facebook page. I'm pretty sure Jimmy is the one who made his story public. I also heard that Jimmy bragged to his friends about their meet up. We shall see what happens.

08/22/2018 The story has now changed. It appears she did sleep with him. He told Asia that she was his fantasy since he was 12. He jumped her. He took a pic of them in bed. Looks like he took a few more. He also had been sending unsolicited nudes for last two years up until the lawyer's letter arrived. Seems Bourdain hired a PI who dug up his history. Asia said she felt bad for him because he was a child actor who didn't do well as an adult as happens in Hollywood. Asia states that this is a shakedown for money. Asia claims she didn't know he was 17 and age of consent in the US is 18. She said it's 15 in France and Italy. It sounds like Jimmy Bennet is just a horny shake down artist who is not doing well as an actor or musician. His mother also appears to have married (if she did) a conman i.e. Frank Pestarino.


Allegedly the settlement was to keep him from speaking out and sharing photos. Sounds like the settlement agreement is breached. That would mean that Asia gets the money back? Turns out there was no non-disclosure agreement NDA. Then why did they give him money when they already knew he was a shakedown artist? Of course he'll sell the story, photos as he has no real career anymore.

ORIGINAL: Jimmy Bennett, James Michael Bennett, was born in Orange County, California February 9, 1996. His biological mother is Martha Louise Bennett, "Marty" Bennett b 1976. She had her first two kids as a single mother. Jimmy's step father is Frank Cono Pestarino b 1971. His sister is Amanda Sarah Bennett b 1992. He has a very young stepbrother Ozzy Pestarino. His grandfather was James Donald Bennett who owned a nursery in North Hills, California. His maternal grandmother is Mary Louise Garcia Bennett.

Jimmy Bennett's mother owns Rockin' Crepes at 8943 Atlanta Ave, Huntington Beach, California (714) 536-9100 with her husband Frank. It's basically a sports bar that sells crepes in a hard rock theme setting in a strip mall. Based on their photos people get shit ass drunk, grab asses, take off their clothes and play games with alcohol.

Based on Jimmy Bennett's mother's Facebook page she is a hard rocking, heavy drinking, "cool" mom. She also appears to Facebook drunk at night using very obscene language Here are a few: "i love all you drunk mother cunters..thanks for those of who who did not come in to rockin crepes today with a fuckin groupon on the last day........NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!" Marty Bennett
May 19, 2012 · Huntington Beach · "It's never too early to start beating my kids  Jimmy's up first,  Only emotionally that is." "PRE frank trying to beat everybody's ass !!" "June 3, 2011 ·
BlackBerry Smartphones App "is it bad to wash my prilosec down with vodka??" March 30, 2011 ·
"Finally done with everything before i leave to see my baby Amanda Bennett!!! Bout to get my drink on now so apologies to whoever i drunk text or fb while im getting myself ready to get on a plane!!!! See you soon mija." There are photos of her and her boyfriend drinking alcohol in the parking lot on a motorcycle and a car. It's illegal to drink alcohol outside of a restaurant unless it's your home. At 15 Jimmy was playing at the Roxy which serves alcohol. I'm pretty sure he was drinking before 2013.

At the age of 15 Jimmy's mom let him go with some unknown "chic" to the VMAs then an after party August 28, 2011 · BlackBerry Smartphones App, "Jimmy is at the vma's then going to little waynes party...kinda jello right now! He went with some chic. I can't keep up!" What mother allows their 15 year old to go to a very adult party? Lil Wayne was involved in drug dealing allegations. I believe he OD'd a few times. What mother would allow a 15 year old boy to go to that type of party without a chaperone? This is two years before the alleged incident with Asia.

Mother paid for photo shoots when Jimmy was 14 to pose with bikini girls and have girls kiss him. Mother was promoting him as a sex object. Here are a few pics that the mother posted. His mother admits that Jimmy is "trouble" with girls.

Jimmy Bennett, James Michael Bennett, Martha Bennett, Marty Bennett, Frank Pestarino, huntigton beach, california, actor, musician, money, asia argento, #metoo, settlement agreement, i need a bitch, anthony bourdain, mary cummins

Jimmy Bennett, James Michael Bennett, Martha Bennett, Marty Bennett, Frank Pestarino, huntigton beach, california, actor, musician, money, asia argento, #metoo, settlement agreement, i need a bitch, anthony bourdain, mary cummins

Jimmy Bennett, James Michael Bennett, Martha Bennett, Marty Bennett, Frank Pestarino, huntigton beach, california, actor, musician, money, asia argento, #metoo, settlement agreement, i need a bitch, anthony bourdain, mary cummins
Below pics of mother with boyfriend Frank.

Jimmy Bennett, James Michael Bennett, Martha Bennett, Marty Bennett, Frank Pestarino, huntigton beach, california, actor, musician, money, asia argento, #metoo, settlement agreement, i need a bitch, anthony bourdain, mary cummins

Jimmy Bennett, James Michael Bennett, Martha Bennett, Marty Bennett, Frank Pestarino, huntigton beach, california, actor, musician, money, asia argento, #metoo, settlement agreement, i need a bitch, anthony bourdain, mary cummins

When Jimmy Bennett was 15 turning 16 his mother Marty Bennett took him to the HardRock Cafe in Las Vegas, Nevada. After his bday Marty took to Facebook to complain about all the alcohol they drank that night. There are photos of Jimmy celebrating in the restaurant, bar.

Jimmy Bennett, James Michael Bennett, Martha Bennett, Marty Bennett, Frank Pestarino, huntigton beach, california, actor, musician, money, asia argento, #metoo, settlement agreement, i need a bitch, anthony bourdain, mary cummins

When Jimmy was 17 he sang this song and his mother posted the video.

May 14, 2013

"I need a bitch, really soon, I haven't seen a bitch since month of June, big, fat or ugly, I really don't care, as long as she has some boobies, and wears sexy underwear, I need a bitch, I don't care, she can have syphilis, dirty underwear, I need a bitch, really soon, mom keeps walking in when I'm playing with my ... balls."

The mother also appears to have used her son to promote her crepe business. She was always having events at her crepe bar with her son. She insisted on promotional events for her son being staged at her restaurant.

October 2014 when Jimmy Bennett 18 years old he sued his mother and stepfather in Orange County, California case 30-2014-00750075-CU-NP-CJC. It's titled James M Bennett vs Martha Bennett, Franc C Pestarino, Night Train Inc, Rockin' Crepes Inc, and Selfiesweets for conversion, breach of fiduciary duty and accounting. He claims his parents lied to him about his income as a child actor and spent some of his money. He also claims they kicked him out of the house and wouldn't allow him to retrieve  his items. He claims he has no money to pay his rent, personal trainer, acting coach or for someone to drive him to auditions. He claimed he made $2,000,000 yet showed no proof in court. He only included a list of shows where he appeared. He claims his parents took at least $1,500,000. He could have requested his tax info from the IRS to find out how much he made but didn't. Here is the original complaint. https://drive.google.com/file/d/13P-8cFKxB9Af1HAjx0rUBP9yitowH3u_/view?usp=sharing

He states he was home schooled. By his mother?! He states February 9, 2014 when he turned 18 he asked for the money i.e. $330,000 from his trust. His parents said he had to invest the funds in mutual funds. He invested $210,000 in mutual funds. August 3, 2014 his parents barred him from their home. He was denied access to his money and personal items. He claims the crepes restaurant, another company and the home at 422 19th St, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 were all purchased with his acting money. The home is in foreclosure with a trustee sale notice August 2018. They owe $749,000. It's a 3 bed, 3 bath 1,921 sf home on 2,934 sf lot built in 1979. Frank owns it as his separate property. He made Martha sign a quit claim in 2006 when he bought it for $1,070,000. They have been in default since 2009. Jimmy claims his mother owned four homes and rented out three then lost the homes.

He claims he owns the following items:

Invesco account $210,000
Bedroom set $5,000
Marshall amplified $4,000
6 guitars $8,500
Home studio $10,200
75" flat screen TV $5,000
Autographed Goodfellas poster $800
Electronics, games... $3,000
Clothes $5,000
Bodhi, pomeranian husky dog $1,500
Passport, birth certificate

Later he sued for a restraining order. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mqGfxmWLPWdlxu_XdMlG9UpV1KSi9zI4/view?usp=sharing He also sued to retrieve his personal items from his home, a writ of possession. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mqGfxmWLPWdlxu_XdMlG9UpV1KSi9zI4/view?usp=sharing

Here is Jimmy Bennett's declaration. His family never filed a reply to his complaint.


It was dismissed December 2014 by Plaintiff Jimmy Bennett. He probably sent the letter threatening action to Asia Argento so it wouldn't all be public like the lawsuit with his family. I believe he's back living with his family.

Mother has a criminal history starting in 1999 in Orange County. Vehicle violation and failure to appear. She had another in 2003. She also has a collections case or two. BENNETT                  MARTHA                  LOUISE                  Defendant                  30-2018-00993724-CL-CL-CJC                  Other Collections                  May 18, 2018

Frank Cono Pestarino has gone bankrupt multiple times recently. Maybe he does it to stay his foreclosure cases? Just checked. Yes, this is what he's been doing. Scammy scam man. I will post docs only from the current one. His name debts are consumer debts.

He has 1-49 creditors. $500K - $1M in assets. $1M - $10M in debt. He owed $17K on a car when it was repossessed. He owed $22K on another car when it was repossessed. He owned $2K on another car when repossessed. He owes $18K on a 2015 Jeep worth $3K. He owes $35K on 2017 Jeep worth $34K.  He has $885K in assets, $49K in personal property for total of $934K. He has a secured claim, house, $1,179,000. His income is $16K/mo, expenses $12K. He claims the home is worth $885K. He states he owns Rockin Crepes and has worked there for nine years. Now he claims there is a debtor 2. He has two sons, one is 3 and one is 22.

Here is the public docket.


Here is the public complaint SSN redacted.


I decided to look at the first bk in 2012. He was able to get two loans on his then $750K home for $760K and $1.2M. The $1.2M was the first. What idiot gave him that first and what super idiot gave him that second when there was no equity? Red flags.

Docket of 2012 bankruptcy filing. It was dismissed because he didn't go to creditor meeting.


A debtor alleged that Frank committed bankruptcy fraud and perjury. He transferred and hid assets. On top of this Frank was offered a six figure foreclosure settlement but refused it. He ended up still owing his lawyer the money.


Pestarino, Frank (db) 8:2018bk10162 Frank Pestarino California Central Bankruptcy Court 01/18/2018 06/07/2018
Pestarino, Frank (db) 8:2018bk12537 Frank Pestarino California Central Bankruptcy Court 07/12/2018
Pestarino, Frank (dft) 8:2016cv01901 AMCO Insurance Company v. Rockin' Crepes, Inc. California Central District Court 10/17/2016 03/06/2017
Pestarino, Frank Cono (db) 8:2012bk23806 Frank Cono Pestarino California Central Bankruptcy Court 12/04/2012 08/29/2013
Pestarino, Frank Cono (dft) 8:2013ap01042 Olson and Pestarino California Central Bankruptcy Court 01/31/2013 09/20/2013
Pestarino, Frank Cono (db) 8:2013bk13550 Frank Cono Pestarino California Central Bankruptcy Court 04/23/2013 05/22/2014
Pestarino, Frank Cono (db) 8:2017bk13294 Frank Cono Pestarino California Central Bankruptcy Court 08/17/2017 09/19/2017

Frank Pestarino also has a criminal and civil record. Frank C and Frank Cono are him. The others may be him. No license plates on car. Driving in bicycle lane. No proof of insurance. Restraining order. Fraud. Collections. No one should ever do business with this guy. If money was taken from Jimmy Bennett I think it probably had to do with the stepfather Frank. I do see lots of photos of them on vacation. They have a few cars. The crepe place doesn't see to be that profitable.

PESTARINO                  FRANK                                    DEFENDANT                  01FL003457                  CIVIL HARASSMENT                  May 15, 2001 
Woman got a restraining order against him. Check court records.
PESTARINO                  FRANK                                    Defendant                  05CC13335                  Fraud                  Dec 21, 2005 
PESTARINO                  FRANK                                    Defendant                  05WL04710                  Other Collections                  Aug 25, 2005               
Pestarino                  Frank                  C                  Defendant                  30-2012-00609542-CU-BC-CJC                  Breach of Contract/Warranty                  Nov 1, 2012               
Pestarino                  Frank                  C.                  Defendant                  30-2014-00750075-CU-NP-CJC                  Non-PI/PD/WD tort - Other                  Oct 10, 2014               
Pestarino                  Frank                  Cond                  Defendant                  2480008                  Misdemeanor                  Dec 29, 1999               
Pestarino                  Frank                  Cono                  Defendant                  64189KW                  Infraction                  Aug 29, 2009               
Pestarino                  Frank                  Cono                  Defendant                  HB2906701                  Infraction                  May 18, 2007               
Pestarino                  Frank                  Cono                  Defendant                  HB2978548                  Infraction                  Aug 26, 2009               
Pestarino                  Frank                  Cono                  Defendant                  HB3029187                  Infraction                  Jun 11, 2011               
Pestarino                  Frank                  Cono                  Defendant                  HB3110826                  Infraction                  Jan 27, 2016               
Pestarino                  Frank                  Cono                  Defendant                  HBE00055776                  Infraction                  Jun 4, 2018               
Pestarino                  Frank                  Cono                  Defendant                  IRM258560                  Infraction                  May 17, 2006               
Pestarino                  Frank                                    Defendant                  30-2008-00112883-CU-PO-CJC                  PI/PD/WD - Other                  Oct 6, 2008               
Pestarino                  Frank                                    Plaintiff                  30-2010-00362987-CU-FR-CJC                  Fraud                  Apr 14, 2010               
Pestarino                  Frank                                    Plaintiff                  30-2014-00732758-CU-PN-CJC                  Professional Negligence                  Jul 8, 2014

Asia Argento denies there was a sexual relationship with Jimmy.

Looking at all of this as a whole I personally believe if Jimmy Bennett is making less money than he did before it's because he was a child actor. The shows he was on are over. He's now an adult. It's always tough for child actors to get work as adults.

Asia stated there was nothing sexual with Jimmy. We may never know the truth about that. Based on what Jimmy and his mother posted on Facebook Jimmy was on his own with women going to clubs, bars at the age of 15 without a chaperone. He was drinking and taking drugs on his own. I would bet Jimmy was having sex at the age of 15, 16. If Asia were to have had sex with him at the age of 17, that is considered statutory rape legally. Still, it happens all the time. How many of you had sex before you were 18?

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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