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Brett Kavanaugh, Georgetown Prep, fraternities, '80's, Yale, USC, law school, parties - Mary Cummins

UPDATE 09/27/2018 This morning Dr Ford stated that her alleged sexual assaulter and his friend laughed while she was sexually assaulted. If you read my account of a 1982 frat party the alleged sexual assailants also laughed. I thought that would mean the victim wasn't sexually assaulted and or raped. I'm clearly wrong. I now think the USC sorority woman was gang raped. I didn't know anyone at the party. The fraternity asked me, a dormie, if I wanted to go to a party with a frat member. I said okay not knowing what to expect. My date was polite and nice. He was drunk by the time he was at the party because frat made him drink an entire bottle of champagne. I was supposed to drink half but I didn't drink. He was passed out drunk at the party and on the way home. The next day he apologized for anything he did. I told him he got drunk, did nothing improper and passed out on a lounge chair by the pool. He said "thank god!"

I wish I weren't so shy and passive at the time. I wish I were more assertive back then as I am today. I wish I knew more about the USC Greek system at the time. I truly wish my super young 16/17 year old self would have protected another woman. I just didn't know fully know what was happening. I'm thankful that I didn't drink anything in college or I could have been sexually assaulted or raped. I feel so bad that that happened to other woman. That would have truly devastated me as a strict orthodox virgin Catholic at the time. I feel so bad for women who had this happen to them :-(

ORIGINAL: I attended a frat party while I was at USC in 1982. I had no idea what to expect. I didn't drink alcohol until way after college because I saw students drunk and vomiting at a USC football game. I was also very under age.

My date picked me up at my dorm and we went to a nice private bus parked outside of the frat house. They gave each couple a bottle of champagne they had to drink before we got to the party. My date drank the whole thing as I didn't want any.

We arrived at a nice home with no adults. It had to be a rental or someone's parents were away. Everyone was getting very drunk except this one girl with beautiful long blonde hair and me. She said she didn't want any alcohol.

My date was passed out on a lounge chair by the pool. Guys were chasing girls trying to make out with them. Guys running around naked pushing women into the pool. Almost everyone was totally drunk. Guys were trying to grab, kiss, hug, whatever me so I went back to the bus and hung out with the bus driver. I sat low in my seat so no one would realize I was on the bus.

When it was finally very early the next morning like 2:00 a.m. the bus driver said they had to get on the bus or he was leaving without them. I saw the girl with long blonde hair almost passed out drunk. Did they force her to drink or slip her something? Two guys had to help her on the bus. They took her to the back row seat of the bus I assumed so she could lay down.

Ten minutes from USC I finally notice a line of guys going to the back row of the bus laughing. I then noticed that they seemed to be taking turns looking at her (?) and laughing as she was passed out. My naive young self did not think anything bad was happening to her. There's no way anyone would commit the crime of rape, right?

When we finally arrived back at USC the boys left her on the rear seat. I went back to see if she needed help getting off the bus. She was passed out and had vomited all over her beautiful hair. Her shoes were gone and her dress was all messed up. I finally went outside to find her sorority sisters so they could help her off the bus. It took two of them to get her off the bus as she was still passed out.

I didn't think at the time that guys would rape her back there. Rape is a crime. They shouldn't do that, right? I really hope that didn't happen but I don't know. Based on what I'm reading about what happened at other colleges, I think she may have been raped by a few guys. If it happened today, I would have intervened when she got on the bus half passed out. Actually my more experienced self wouldn't go to a frat party today even if I were that age. That was my first and last frat party. That party made me not want to drink for a long time after college. It's also why I never wanted to be drunk ever.

No one ever asked me about what happened that night. I never heard anyone say she was raped. She probably didn't report it because she was passed out drunk. I wonder how she's feeling today reading all this Kavanaugh news. It must be upsetting.

Back in 1990 a Headmaster for a Washington private school issued this warning to parents of a few local schools. The warning is about unsupervised parties with alcohol and "sexual license."

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