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Who is Brett Kavanaugh, Justice Brett Michael Kavanaugh? Family history, biography, ancestry - by Mary Cummins

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Trump and the FBI won't be doing a full investigation into Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge and the alleged accusers. That means it's up to us to research, dig for info and post it, give it to journalists and the media. This info is to help people researching what happened. The names, dates, addresses are here to help people research. Let's get to researching what the FBI is not allowed to research.

UPDATE: Brett calls himself "Bart" in a letter to his party mates. He also writes "Whoever arrived first at the condo should “warn the neighbors that we’re loud, obnoxious drunks with prolific pukers among us. Advise them to go about 30 miles...”

Brett Kavanaugh and Ruth Bader Ginsburg and other SCOTUS Justices have some history. In the 1998 case against Clinton Kavanaugh tried to obtain attorney/client privileged documents of Vincent Foster who had just died. "Brett M. Kavanaugh argued the case on behalf of independent counsel Starr. Unfortunately he did not argue it well. He got off to a bad start by telling the court that Mueller and Kirkpatric support his view that the privilege terminates with death." Chief Justice stated "Who?" Kavanaugh then admitted they were merely commentators. Judge replied "Ugh."

Kavanaugh argued that the attorney/client privilege ends when one party dies. Anthony Kennedy's reply to Kavanaugh was "The legal profession might be a little poorer if we adopt the principle you suggest." Justice Ginsburg "chastised Kavanaugh - and Starr - for seeking notes that, she said, they would have no legal authority to obtain had Foster remained alive." Kavanaugh was not able to get the lawyers notes.


ORIGINAL: Brett Kavanaugh, Brett Michael Kavanaugh, was born February 12, 1965 in Washington, D.C. He is an only child. He went to Yale for undergrand and a JD degree. His father is attorney Everett Edward Kavanaugh Jr born June 9, 1941 in New Haven, Connecticut. He was the President of Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association for 20 years. He got a ticket for reckless driving in 1962 at the age of 21 in New Haven, Connecticut and was fined $35. His mother is Martha Gamble Murphy Kavanaugh born September 23, 1941 in Newark, New Jersey. She was a high school teacher in Washington. She then became a lawyer and then a Maryland State Circuit Judge.

Brett Kavanaugh married Ashley Jean Estes in 2010 2004. 2010 is Ashley's brother's marriage. Ashley was born November 4, 1974 in Lubbock, Texas daughter of John Emmanuel Estes and Nancy Kay Neilon. Together Brett and Ashley have two children, Elizabeth "Liz" and Margaret.

Brett's paternal grandfather was Everett Edward Kavanaugh Sr. b. May 17 1905 d. January 2, 1978. He attended Yale and was a member of the S.S.S. Society and Theta XI. He was a district commercial manager of the Southern New England Telephone Company. Brett's paternal grandmother was Marion Elizabeth Gallagher b. May 4, 1913 d. May 1, 1988.

Brett Kavanaugh, Yale, Brett Michael Kavanaugh, Everett Edward Kavanaugh, Yale, 1928
Brett Kavanaugh, Yale, Brett Michael Kavanaugh, Everett Edward Kavanaugh, Yale, 1929

Brett's maternal grandfather was Thomas William Murphy b. October 14, 1913 d. May 16, 1988. Below is his obituary.

"THOMAS WILLIAM MURPHY JR. D.C. Psychiatrist. Thomas William Murphy Jr., 74, a Washington psychiatrist, died of pneumonia May 16 at Georgetown University Hospital. Dr. Murphy, who lived in Washington, was born in Newark, N.J. He graduated from Georgetown University and Georgetown medical school. During World War II he was a medical officer aboard a destroyer in the Pacific, and he was discharged as a lieutenant commander. He opened a private practice in psychiatry here after the war, and continued to practice until his death. Dr. Murphy was a member of the Georgetown Clinical Society, the D.C. Medical Society and the Mental Health Commission of the federal courts in Washington. His wife, Rosemarie Ward Murphy, died in 1984. Survivors include three daughters, Mel Gallagher of Houston and Martha G. Kavanaugh and Michele Durbin, both of Bethesda; two sons, Thomas W. Murphy III of Brookeville and Mark John Murphy of Washington, and seven grandchildren."

Brett's maternal grandmother was Rosemary Joan Ward b. Feb 18, 1918 d. June 18, 1984.

Brett's full paternal side of the family comes from Ireland at the great and great great grandparent level. Most of his maternal side of the family comes from Ireland at the great great grandparent level.

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  1. Brett Kavanaugh and Ashley Estes were married in 2004, NOT 2010 which was stated in this article!

    1. Thank you for the correction. 2010 is wedding of Ashley's brother. Correction made. What was the point of the exclamation point? Were you screaming at me that I got one date wrong by a few years? It's not like I posted he was an ax murderer.