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Who is Mark Judge, Mark Gauvreau Judge friend of Brett Kavanaugh, Bart O'Kavanaugh? - by Mary Cummins

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Trump and the FBI won't be doing a full investigation into Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge and the alleged accusers. That means it's up to us to research, dig for info and post it, give it to journalists and the media. This info is to help people researching what happened. The names, dates, addresses are here to help people research. Let's get to researching what the FBI is not allowed to research and share your results.


ORIGINAL: Mark Judge, Mark Gauvreau Judge was born September 24, 1964. Judge's father was Joseph Ralph Judge born February 4, 1928 in Washington, D.C. died April 20, 1996 in Maryland. Here is his obituary.

"Joseph Judge, 68, Writer & Editor. Joseph Judge, 68, who worked for National Geographic magazine from 1965 until retiring in 1990 as a senior associate editor, died of cancer April 20 at his home in Potomac.

After joining the magazine as a writer, he wrote articles on Ireland, Jerusalem, Hong Kong, Australia and South Africa. He also ran the rapids in the Grand Canyon for another story. In addition to writing, he held editorial posts and produced a record on the space program for the magazine.

In November 1986, National Geographic published the results of his five-year study to determine the location of Christopher Columbus's landing place in the New World. Mr. Judge concluded that the site was Samana Cay -- a small isle about 65 miles from the traditional location, Watling Island.

In addition to his work for National Geographic, he also published poetry and other historical works. These included a 1994 book about the famed Civil War march toward Washington by Confederate Gen. Jubal Early. Titled "Season of Fire: The Confederate Strike on Washington," it was a featured selection of the History Book Club.

Mr. Judge was born in Washington, the son of the great Washington Senators first baseman Joe Judge. He attended Gonzaga College High School and was a 1950 English graduate of Catholic University. The university alumni organization presented him with its distinguished service award in 1975, and the university awarded him an honorary doctorate in 1988.

He served in the Army during the Korean War.

Before joining National Geographic, he was a reporter with Life magazine in New York and a producer-director with WTOP-TV in Washington. From the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s, he worked for the Labor Department, where he became deputy information director and assistant to the secretary of labor and received meritorious and distinguished service awards.

Mr. Judge was a 1970 founder of the Potomac Conservation Foundation. His hobbies included archaeology and painting.

Survivors include his wife, Phyllis Mitchell Judge of Potomac; four children, Joseph Judge of Virginia Beach, Michael Judge of Washington, Alyson Frederick of Silver Spring and Mark Judge of Potomac; two sisters, Anita Judge of Washington and Dorothy McDonough of Potomac; a brother, John, of Rockville; and two grandchildren."

Mark Judge's mother is Phyllis Anne Mitchell b. August 9, 1930 in Boston, Massachusetts. Mark's siblings are Joseph Mitchell Judge b. 1957, Alyson Ann Judge Frederick b. 1962, and Michael Judge.

Mark Judge's paternal grandparents are Joseph "Joe" Isnatius Judge the famous baseball play born May 25, 1894 in New York, died March 11, 1963 in Washington, D.C. Below is his obituary.

"JOE JUDGE Judge, Baseball Great, Dies. Judge, a pint-sized giant of the Washington Senators' infield for 18 years is dead at 68. He suffered a fatal heart attack Monday while shoveling snow at his home. A Requiem High Mass will be offered Thursday morning. A near-flawless fielder and steady hitter, Judge played 18 of his 20 major league years with the Senators and was on the Nats' only two pennant winning teams in 1924 and 1925. Small for a first baseman 5-foot-8 and 155 pounds he led the American League in fielding of his position for nine straight years. Along with second baseman Bucky Harris, shortstop Roger Peckinpaugh and third baseman Ossie Bluege he was part of what Clark Griffith, the late Senators owner, called the finest fielding infield of all time. Judge hit more than .300 for 10 seasons here and ended with a life-time .298 average."

Mark Judge's paternal grandmother was Alma Anna Gauvreau born May 30, 1890 in Winooski, Vermont. Died 1988 in Washington, D.C.

Mark Judge's maternal grandfather was George Joseph Mitchell born February 19, 1894 in Boston, Massachusetts and died March 23, 1979 in Scituate, Massachusetts. He worked for the Submarine Signal Co in Boston, MA. Below is his obituary.

"MITCHELL - Of Scituate, Marcn 23. age 85, George J Sr., husband ot the lata Della Mitchell of 10 Orchard Rd. Fathar of George J Jr. of San Diego. Calif. Mrs Joseph (Phyllis) Judge of Potomac, Md and Mrs Patrick (Alice) Hurley of Tacoma. Wash. Also Survived by 11 grandchildren. Funeral home from The Sparrell Funeral Home, 1 Summer St , COHASSET. Monday, March 26, at 9 am followed by a Mass of Christian Burial in St Mary of the Nativity Church. Scituata Harbor at 10 am Funeral Homa calling hours. Sunday, 6-9 only. Interment St Marys Cemetery. Scituate Harbor. The Boston Globe, March 25, 1979."

Mark Judge's maternal grandmother was Alice Mary Ryan Mitchell born June 14, 1905, Boston, Massachusetts, died August 14, 1946, Egypt, Massachusetts. Below is her obituary.

"MITCHELL. In Egypt, Mass., Alice M. (Ryan), beloved wife of George J. Mitchell, formerly of Dorchester, at her residence, 8 Orchard road, Egypt, Mass. Solemn High Mass of Requiem in St. Mary of the Nativity Church, Scituate. Friday, Aug. 16, at 9 a. m. Interment private."

Below is Mark Judge's family tree. I have it one more generation back but it's not that relevant to Mark Judge. His family is mainly Irish and English with some French Canadians.

Mark's middle name "Gauvreau" is the last name of his French Canadian great great grandfather "Louis Gauvreau." It's odd that is his middle name as Louis Gauvreau abandoned his wife and two kids in 1891 in Vermont after the birth of their second child. She had to petition for divorce and won. In the newspaper she laid out that she was deserted. Gauvreau then went back to Canada and lived with his parents. In the census his wife Lena lied and said she was a widow. I assume she told her children that their father had died. There's no other way I can explain how he got deserting great great grandpa's last name as his middle name. Lena died 20 years before Mark was born. Maybe the name is a curse.

Below is divorce from the newspaper.

"PETITION FOR DIVORCE. - Lena Gauvreau vs. Lewis Gauvreau. Whereas, Lena Gauvreau of Essex, in the county of Chittenden, in the State of Vermont has this day filed in the office of the Clerk of the County Court, for said County her petition for a divorce against Lewis Gauvreau, formerly of said Essex, but now, without this State, setting forth in substance that she was on the 27th day of November, 1887, at Burlington, in said county, lawfully married to the said Lewis Gauvreau and that she and the said petitionee lived together as husband and wife at said Essex until on or about the 6th day of May, 1891, that the petitioner has resided in the county of Chittenden since her said marriage and has faithfully performed all the marriage obligations incumbent upon her; that on or about the 6th day of May, 1891, the said petitionee with out just cause or provocation deserted her and ever since continued such desertion. That two children have been born to them, the fruit of their marriage, Horace L., aged eleven years, and Anna A., aged nine years, now living with the petitioner, and praying the custody of said children be decreed to her. And praying that the bonds  of matrimony between her and the said Lewis Gauvreau be dissolved and that she be granted a bill of divorce. And It appearing that the said Lewis Gauvreau is without this State, and that no summons can be served on him: It is ordered, that the petitioner notify the petitionee or the pendancy of said petition and summon him to appear at the term of the County Court to be held at Burlington, within and for the County of Chittenden, on the first Wednesday after the first Tuesday of September 1899, on the first day thereof, and answer to the same, by causing the substance of said petition and this order to be published three weeks successively in the Burlington Weekly Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, in said County, the last publication to be at least six weeks previous to the commencement of said term. Dated at Burlington, in said County, this 3d day of June, 1899. - ORMAN P. RAY, Clerk. M. A. Bingham, Attorney. 135,1taw,3t." Transcription by Mary Cummins.

Mark Judge, Mark Gauvreau Judge, Brett Kavanaugh, Brett Michael Kavanaugh, Georgetown Prep, alcohol, drunk, drinking, sexual assault, mary cummins, father, mother, siblings, brother, sister, joseph ralh judge, writer, journalist, aa, alcoholics anonymous, birth date, criminal, court records, maryland, St Mary School, Catholic University of America, The Daily Caller, family tree, dna, ancestry, heritage, irish, english, french canadian
One thing I did notice was that his father was gone a lot to cover stories, report, do research for his books, giving classes, seminars...  Mark was also the youngest child. He appears to be the only child with major issues.

Below are some of his addresses.He's also lived in Potomac, MD.

1992. I think this is the family home. 11805 Hayfield CT, Rockville, MD, 20854.
1994-1995. 10508 Montrose Ave, Bethesda, Maryland, 20814.

He attended Georgetown Prepatory school graduating in 1983, The Catholic University of America graduating in 1990, St. Mary's School.

He's worked for The Daily Caller, Pumpkin Papers LLC and Real Clear Religion.

He wrote the follow books.

"Wasted: Tales of a GenX Drunk" 1997. This book is about what happened at Georgetown Prep though he uses some pseudo names. He brags about his horrible behavior drinking and partying. He blames everyone for his problems.

"God and Man at Georgetown Prep How I Became a Catholic Despite 20 Years of Catholic Schooling" 2005. Another book about Georgetown. He blames everyone for his problems again.

Now for some of his legal problems.

Driving on a suspended license.


He was driving a 2006 VW two door license tag 9FSJ35 registered in Maryland. He pleaded no contest. He's 5'9" 165 lbs white. He lived at 11805 Hayfield Ct, Potomac, MD 20854.

01L0F5P Judge, Mark Gauvreau 09/1964 Defendant Rockville District Court Traffic Closed 04/26/2013
01M0F5P Judge, Mark Gauvreau 09/1964 Defendant Rockville District Court Traffic Closed 04/26/2013

He has/had a state tax lien for $651.87 2002. He's using his mother's home address.

Docket Date: 04/11/2001 Docket Number: 1
Docket Description: NOTICE, LIEN OF JUDGMENT (SOM)
Docket Type: Docket Filed By: Plaintiff

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